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Nothing here today! Safe travels everyone!

police checkpoint 12.09807, -86.56408

Throw some zinc on your nose, grab a floppy hat, flowered shirt and head out for a day of childlike fun! We had the best time here! The park is really big, tickets are valid for 3 days. You could easily spend 2-3 days to cover everything. Generally we don’t like the idea of zoos, but considering the animals are rescued, they have a lot of space and stimulation, and many are just free roaming (zebras, ostriches, farm animals, etc) it was pretty well done. Tickets are kind of expensive, but just go for it. Dinosaur waterpark is for kids, the Adventura Aquatica park is pretty good with a big fake waterfall, but the Pangea park has big, legit slides. We went on a Monday even though Google said it was closed, it was not busy at all. You drive your own car through the huge property to the different mini-parks, which is awesome to bring your own food and drinks. So fun, check it out! Website will have up-to-date prices, but 24K to bring your car into the park, then ranges from 80-150K for adult tickets. Worth it for sure if you like to be silly and have fun, or if you have kids don’t miss it!

Hacienda Napoles 5.90127, -74.72404

Absolutely perfect for tenters and RVs. Great base camp to go to Caracol, or the many other attractions of the Region.

San Miguel Campground 17.02957, -88.97626

There’s a bigger police checkpoint here. They looked at us but didn’t stop us because they were sitting in the shade.

Police checkpoint 12.06671, -86.47757

They were completely out of propane. Driving a rig up to the full station will block-in 2-3 parked cars, if your RV tank fill is on the driver’s side near the front.

Buford Star Mart 35.61606, -119.65010

Nice 20 min hike. nice waterfall.
Entrance is donation based.
3 km dirt road doable with 2wd.

La Cascada -41.07305, -72.60692

Calm, save and large place for all cars, places in shadow but the Piste to the village is in bad condition, the last few hundred meters are very rough.
Toilets and shower are run down, no running water on the place, not clean, cow pats and goats on the place, people from the village don’t come in
We paid 5000 CFA for 2 person and car per night
They tried to impose a guide to the cascade and to take a meal, this was really annoying for us, so we changed the place after the first night, we went to Africa cascade in the village, clean and cheaper there

Campement Villageois '' Les Cascades de Dindéfelo'' 12.37905, -12.32383

very nice views!
no 4x4 or high clearance needed. the gravel road is in very good conditions.
In the tourism office they will tell you it's necessary a guide but there's no chance to get lost.

Balcon del Pissis -27.57154, -68.53230

Clean and host very friendly, paid 5000pp. not the best place, but in a good position to visit center.

Hostel de la Linda -24.79839, -65.41167

"Where Lifelong Memories &Adventure go camping!" Our Riverfront parking creates the ideal setting for your next unforgettable experience!
VernalRVResort has
(19 Premium Riverfront, 10 Premium, 28cStandard)

Vernal RV Resort 40.31677, -109.48298

Very nice place right next to the lake. We spent 2 nights there: one on the big flat ground without wind and the next evening between the trees, cos was really windy.

Los Antiguos Bush Camp -46.60289, -71.21367

Now you pay for the PULCARA TILCARA, and you gain entrance in botanical garden, the ruin is in a good shape, worth the visit!

Pukara de Tilcara -23.58600, -65.40406

We sleeped 2 nights here, and it's OK, but you can part at YPF too... doesn't have any restaurant anymore, now it's a store that's not open at night, so you can stay 😉

YPF -23.57230, -65.39685

Huge property. We camped right next to the bathrooms, in a huge open soccer field. We were the only ones camping. There was a summer camp taking place, so it was a little busy. Not too noisy by any means. It's really peaceful and not far from the highway. Cold showers were nice since it's hot and muggy here. It's dry season and it's still 52% humidity and 35*C or 95*F. There is s deep sink to wash clothes or dishes if you need to. The people here are very welcoming and kind. There are two phone numbers to call or you can honk and wait. Either one is ok. Great option since we don't really enjoy camping at gas stations and only try to do that as a last resort. They didn't ask for any payment, we gave $15 for three people for one night and they said it was more than sufficient. Definitely recommend staying here if you need to get off the road and are looking for a space to stretch out for a bit.

Campamento Evangelico La Buena Esperanza 8.20687, -81.17932

do not sleeped here, but took a shower, OK! hot water

Jama, YPF petrol station -23.23857, -67.01883

Crossed very fast, doesn't look nothing. just some jokes about my stuffed puppy dog lol!

Immigration + Customs Chile Argentina -23.23720, -67.02305

Worth visit, now it's 10.000pp, it's expensive, but everything here is, but the trails , toilets everything was in good shape and with nice views.

Entrance to 'Backyard to Valle de la Luna' -22.91797, -68.35284

The road is terrible, take out some air from your tires that could help, visiting the pools are great, swim is amazing. They just accept cash, no credit 😉

Lagunas Baltinache -23.19259, -68.51197

Passed very fast, no worries. Wen we arrived they are playing ping pong.

Hito Cajón Border crossing Chile-Bolivia -22.91665, -67.79778

Border crossed with nobody, very fast. Doesn't ask nothing. They are building a new place right on the side, in 30 days it's ready they said.

Border crossing Chile-Bolivia -22.88097, -67.79846

stayed here for a night and half the next day to get some work done. Nice spot off the road. when you cross the bridge turn right and head down to the open area. A lot less traffic and airboats there.

Boat ramp near Miami 25.69992, -80.44836

Apparently, one has to be lucky and get the right manager. The size of your rig may be a factor too. We have a class B. We spent about $50 gas and food, and I showed the manager my RV. She said to park on the Subway Restaurant side of the station. It was very loud and I didn’t know vehicles could make that many different sounds. The noise would bother some, but we slept well through it all. Left about 0700.

Pilot Travel Center 25.76044, -80.48041

Nice night and quite but very cold -14 celsius.

gas station Philips 66 36.88274, -106.58400

Excellent place to spend a few days. R$10 per person with water, electricity, bathrooms with shower, grill, sink to wash clothes and lake view.

Camping Municipal -20.38663, -51.34394

Very good place, very quiet and peaceful. Bathrooms very clean, hottest showers in Chiapas. Big kitchen and living room for all, you can meet the others in the evening beside the fireplace. Friendly and helpful staff. Good wifi. All in all it’s worth the price of 350 for 2 in a Van.

Rancho San Nicolas 16.73415, -92.62220

This is a great spot to see the confluence of the 2 rivers. When you drive here it does not look like much but keep going. Through the industrial area and the pot holed road to right at the end. When you get to the closed gate drive past on the left. There is a gentleman selling snacks. You will see 2 dilapidated building. You can park here and see the 2 rivers meeting. This may even be a great wild camping spot.

Great viewpoint of the confluence of the 2 rivers -3.11611, -59.90873

Nice drive. Thanks for the rec. If you’re adventurous and into this type of thing it’s a good choice. Especially if you’ve been pounding the pavement of the 40 and the 3.

I came from the south through the National Park, which is very worth the visit. Didn’t see any animals on the 12 but saw all the main fauna minus the cats while driving the park.

There is a cost of admission and that’s 60km of pampa that you still have to grind out leaving Pico Truncado. A 10 or 15km stretch of that is absolutely brutal. Other than that the drive is a well varied and generally a lot of fun and engaging. Some sections with particularly excellent landscapes. Around this point is one of them.

It’s no shortcut. If you like this kind of thing this is a good choice. If you don’t then avoid it.

RP12 nice landscape -47.34356, -68.51209

We arrived at 12:00 the guy are eating, takes an hour to appear, than stayed making jokes and speaking with other offices in front os us, more 30 minutes, just like nobody are waiting, than makes or papers in 10 minutes and let us in... We smile and pass...

Bolivian Customs - Aduana for Vehicles -22.83362, -67.77928

150bol pp, they have cambio here, if you forget to change in San Pedro, but it's the worst cotation... The tip is just change 350bols in Atacama (300 for park entrance, plus 50 for toll and the pools to swim) because it's much better change in Uyuni.

Andean Fauna National Reserve Ticket Office -22.83262, -67.77928

6 bol pp, really hot and clean! the water from the pool cycles fast, so it's really clean!

Aguas Termales de Polques -28.89207, -62.82324

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