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exchanged my last OMR against SAD before crossing. Rate was good.

money exchange 22.31937, 56.52139

not possible to get the visa without a residence permit. spoke to the ambassador and there was no way around it. otherwise the requirements seem easy. best option seems to be getting it in your home country if possible.

Nigerian Embassy 6.35029, 2.39917

We don't know if we found the 'caves' and we did not see any leopards BUT the area is great for wild camping!

If you take the small asphalt road to the right you will drive by a small temple. From here you kan continue on a dirt track. After a short time you get to a point where a track leads up over a boulder. If you have 4x4 take this track and follow it around the big 'boulder-rock-hill'. Here you reach a level area with good camping under the rock-hill. Maybe the 'cave place' since there are holes in some of the upper boulders.

If you have 2x2 you do not have the same options but probalby still a good area to find a spot for sleeping.

Leopard sighting 25.25638, 73.47061

Buen lugar para hacer una parada, wifi rápido, un poco de música por el food truck por la noche pero cerró pronto.

Dead end to the river -49.98577, -68.90911

Excelente local para passar a noite, tranquilo, duchas $200 pesos, banheiro limpo.

YPF -23.58122, -65.39623

Huge wooded camping. Lots of eletric points. Clean bathroom. Safe and quiet on weekdays. There should be more water taps, it is necessary to supply the RV at the entrance. Nice atention.

Camp Quinta Belen -37.34749, -59.17379

We were just parked inside when a police woman came to us to say big rigs or buses are not allowed anymore. I said we would pay 2 spots if necessary because our rv is 7.5 meters. She said is not allowed, was a new rule.
Then we LEFT TO ANOTHER PARKING LOT, at the back of this parking. It’s a public parking lot with a taxi company inside. But need to pay 15mxn per hour.
People were very friendly and we felt safe and night was quite.

Estacionamiento público a metros del zócalo 20.68921, -88.20028

Public parking lot at the city center.
They charge 15 per hour.
I feel it worth it because is quite, half block from main plaza and we felt safe.

Public Parking lot paid in the city center 20.68921, -88.20027

Nice spot on the malecon with view of the lagoon. Lots of birds. Very noisy with very loud different mexican music and it wasn’t on weekend but it’s free! Families and friends gather here. It was quiet at night. Water spigot on site.

Malecón of Corona 20.40900, -103.66837

Now known as Sedayu Green Ventures.

We paid RM25 to park our Landy here and sleep in the rooftop tents.
Access to river and toilets included.

Easy going owner : Mrs Ika. +60 17-343 2861

Sedayu Green Ventures 3.30396, 101.73606

really nice and calm place, we stayed 2 nights for free. for visiting the nice Canyon with pools they expect a little money 😀
the bridge you have to path unser is only about 3m high!

Sitio Pozo Verde Municipalidad Hualfin -27.21696, -66.83341

For a truck : entry as minibus 100 TL.
Wc on parking cost 5TL, Wc inside site free.
Entry for archeological site + terrace 250 TL per pax.

Ephesus Historic site car park 37.94427, 27.34227

Not issuing DRC visaa. They tell me to get it at the border! They said if I fly I can get a one month visa on arrival or at the land border a 1 or 3 month visa. I don't think that's true but that's what they said....

Ambassade De La Republique Democratique Du Congo 6.35756, 2.39435

Beautiful, clean park, lots of hiking, close to Walmart. I think the electric, water sites are not overpriced at $35 but the dry sites are at $25. Very hard to get into in the winter unless you check the website all the time for cancellations. 2-3 Tmobile bars

Catalina State Park 32.42544, -110.92557

estacionamento de asfalto ao lado donposto petrofurt e em frente ao ginasio municipal.. local quieto apos as 22hrs e tranquilo.. nos informamos no posto e falaram ser seguro.. sem estrutura mas no posto tem banheiros e chuveiro frio no banheiro feminino. tem internet aberta da pastelaria

Estacionamento ginasio ao lado petrofurt -14.71883, -56.32781

Be sure about your vehicule hight. Colonia Express seems to be max 2.1m, they refused our Van of 2.25m with a refund. So we bought it directly in the terminal at the Buquebus (they do not have low hight limit) office at quite the same price, but you can pay with Argentina Pesos, so in the end it's cheaper !

Customs and immigration (ferry to/from Argentina) -34.47435, -57.84398

The last couple of times, we parked our 28’ RV without incident in the parking lot just outside the park.

Parking Lot 31.58431, -97.15087

Small ferry to reach the west bank. Paid 2000sdp (me and my bike), but you could bargain.

Ferry 19.52418, 30.41103
CF Engineering Namibia

Namibia's one stop overlander shop offering a wide range of products and services for overlander owners. We manufacture new camper units for 4x4 cars and trucks and also do repairs and modifications on existing campers. Our services include bullbars, towbars, roofracks, ladders, mechanical, electrical, auto glass, suspension, drawer systems, extra fuel tanks, dual battery systems, spotlights, solar, aircon, plumbing, canvas covers, upholstery, body work, resprays, touch-ups, mild steel welding, stainless steel welding and aluminium welding.

CF Engineering -22.62599, 17.08244

Really nice little campground! Each car or tent has their own rectangular plot with a little fire pit, grill and bench. They only have space for 2 or 3 small/medium campers, more spaces for tents and 3 little wood cabins. The driveway in is kind of steep and narrow to get in (see picture). Bathrooms are awesome and actual hot showers (lower the flow to make it hotter)! The owners were super nice, speak some English and responsive on Instagram when I asked if they had space. 20k pp, 7k for firewood.

Tacama Camping 5.77171, -73.15192

Puerto Murta's central square in front of the playground. It is illuminated at night. Few cars circulate here. We spent a very peaceful night.

Puerto Murta Plaza -46.45860, -72.67188

Large strip mall parking lot. Saw a few RVs and a tent set up in the large, mostly empty parking area off to the side, next to Ross Dress For Less (close to Luther Rd). Probably good for a night, but the nearby Walmart may be better.

Side of Ross Dress For Less 40.16266, -122.23153

Great spot for Cyclists 40km from Bariloche

Río Limay -40.91889, -71.03154

very interesting place, original, restored building with priceless statues made by Guaraní artists, saved from the former Jesuit church which does not exist any more. It is really worth the GS 10.000 GS per person. And don’t forget to bring some bananas - the local howler monkey family at the central plaza opposite the museum does not accept money :-)

Museo Diocesano de Artes Jesuiticas Santa Maria de Fe -26.78246, -56.94411

Musa is an excellent English speaking guide. He is very knowledgable about St Louis and birds! Highly recommend. We went for 2 days to Djoudj National park with him as well as doing a tour around St Louis. Best guide we have had in West Africa. +221 77 642 40 97

Musa- excellent guide 16.02587, -16.50364

Friendly hotel with lots of space to park our camper in the back. The staff was very kind! There is a little minisuper and a restaurant (open until 11:00pm) attached. The showers are hot, working AC, pet friendly. The desk is also open 24 hours and there is free coffee. We got a king bed for $500MX.

Great spot to stop!

Hotel Costa Dorada 16.46969, -98.40439

We parked our van here to go hiking to Laguna Canicura. There are not much parking places in front of the entrance (only for 3~4 cars on the road side) and was full so we parked here, a little far from the entrance but flat and easy to walk. Very quiet at night with not many bugs. We stayed for 1 night. Good Entel signal.

Just some flat open space before going hiking to Laguna Canicura -37.77019, -71.71519

Artisanal bread. Integral and semi integral and cookies and muffins. Aso make good coffee

El obrador bakery -51.72716, -72.50490

Lugar reto e tranquilo para passar a noite antes da fronteira.

Flat and calm area before the border.

Chilean aduana -38.64573, -71.08396

Very nice campspot with views of the lake. Very secluded and beautiful surroundings. There are spots for any type of car.

wildcamp next to the lake -39.77647, -72.12284

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