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Great spot! Lots of trucks, as noted, so felt comfy in our truck camper. Fairly quiet, flat spot (woo!), close to lots of essentials. Well lit and cozy.

San Valiente Apartments 33.56933, -112.10685

Still here and delivering as listed! Refilled our truck camper for free

76 Gas Station 33.56933, -112.10684

Awesome little spot away from town. Soft dirt that is maintained. Good for tenting, car camping, or small camper vans. The owner was really chill and had a great vision for the place! It has two or three spots to stay. At night it’s very quite with the exception of vehicles going by randomly on the nearby road. Creature noises and cowbells in the distance we’re cool! There is fermented goods available too! Two dogs on site who are friendly with people. Composting toilet which is “open concept” with some trees for privacy but it’s cool to do business in nature! Three spots total I believe. We went for a walk which was nice, there’s an amazing sunset view overlooking the valley and ocean. Would stay again as a break from the beach scene.

Rancho Pacifico Baja 24.28507, -110.33193

Visa in the same day if kindly asked. Woman very helpful . Very expansive , but they gave me 6 months / multiple entry. I paid 150k CFA.
Documents required on previous comment.

Cameroon Embassy 5.33844, -3.94990

We drove here to wait for the ferry back to the mainland (saw the other spot during a stroll along the beach). There are plenty spots along this beach, which is good for swimming too. No 4x4 needed for this one. Good cell reception.

Waiting for the ferry 16.71860, 42.18094

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Palm oil plantations 4.14327, 102.37732

clean toilets, hot showers for only 300 pesos per person the very best option in town there is another one charging 500 in a tinny litle bath room and not só clean

banheiros limpos, chuveiro de água quente 300 pesos por pessoa a melhor opção da cidade, tem outro lugar disponível mas cobra 500 super super pequeno apesar dos comentários falarem que e grande e não e muito limpo!

Hostel Zulu -39.95419, -71.07127
Gordo Rad

No issues... Parked near lawn and garden. Actually pretty quiet.

Walmart outside San Diego 32.74046, -117.05341

road a little bumpy but no problem getting our little sedan down to the bridge. set up hammocks between trees. some trash around but river is beautiful and great to swim in. some people walking and riding motorbikes by but they were either friendly or just ignored us. great spot

Rio 9.18068, -73.57195

location of pin is now accurate. Walter was very helpful and friendly in person buuuuut we forwarded our information via WhatsApp with 6 hours notice and a agreed upon appointment and when we arrived he was 35 minutes late, had not even started the process, and requested the paperwork in person anyways. so that's all kind of annoying. charged us 100 each for our 2 dogs for the health certificate...

Veterinaria La Mascota -19.57984, -65.75075

Stayed one night in the off season. Barely any traffic or anyone else around. Pulled in at 6:30pm and there were two cars in the lot but no one around. Quiet night’s stay. Would stay again. Sign says no camping but nothing at all that specifies no overnight parking. The other outer bank rest area on manteo specifically says no overnight parking, so I think here it is fine and allowed.

Outer Banks Visitors Center 36.09776, -75.71514

Place is a bit bashed up, dilapidated and grubby. It’s definitely seen better days, but if you’re taking the beach / gravel detour from rio verde to punta arenas at least its a shelter from the wind should you need it.

Old refugio -52.94049, -71.16596

Place is beautifull, well taken care, toilets are ok, good for some nights.

Camping Municipal Anquincila -28.74987, -65.54666

Camped at this place, asked for permission as there was permanently a guard. I liked it, but it's just next to the road, noisy from cars and a bell every half hour. Also lots of people and music until 11 pm and some until 1 am, but all nice and friendly. In the morning people came to clean place and cut vegetation, very well maintained. Free WiFi is available.

Playground -24.95846, -65.48842

Excellent pizzas to eat there or to take away.
Súper recommended!!

Pizzería Shalom -29.32182, -68.22788

This is a very pretty and calm spot but in this period it’s swarmed with mosquitoes so be prepared. Not many people when we were here and mainly just people coming to fish or for a quick walk.
We saw people coming and going with motos and cars at other lakes too, I think Bolivians just like to drive around in the evening 🤷‍♀️

Laguna Isirere Camp -14.99652, -65.64057

Not sure this exists anymore- wall built in front of it.

Atlantic Hotel and Suits 6.43303, 3.41683

Nice spot, very quiet. The road was snowy and easy to drive because almost flat. GPS navigation with both OSMAND and Google maps was erratic

Cebolla Mesa Campground 36.64074, -105.68918

Nice quiet Hotel . big rooms with electricity, Aircon, warm Water and good Matrace. 250000 gfa one night.

Hotel Saala relais 11.30801, -12.33123

Prices for 2023: 104,16 MXN for the Nacional Park and 90 MXN for the Ruinas.

Palenque Entrance: Tickets for NP and ruins 17.48808, -92.04106

Spent one night here, it was 1000 Argentine pesos per person. Slept well and felt safe. We did find out in the morning the hot showers are only open from 18:00 to 00:30. A nice worker opened them up for us to take cold showers though.

Camping Sindicato Petróleo y Gas -33.04971, -68.94002
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos apenas 1 dia de pernoite aqui, queríamos agradecer os donos. Que Deus os abençoe.

Sinal da claro e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1 ano morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

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barraca da lua -4.52063, -37.70833
Kevin Taylor

It is not self serve. Leave your laundry with them. I did not try it.

Laundry machines! 24.15493, -110.24674

Still a nice calm place next to the old RN40 but there are nearly no cars driving by. Slept behind the trees with our rooftent, had some wind but was well coverd. Nice for the night and really peaceful.

next to the Rio Chico -48.40972, -70.54340

Nice area. 2bars on ATT “5G”. Only person here and cleaner than most sites I’ve come across.

Corn Springs Pictographs 33.62566, -115.32660

1000 pesos for 3kg,perhaps on the same day finished😇

LaveRap -32.88789, -68.84311

Dormimos nesse ponto mas do outro lado da praça, em frente a academia.
A academia funciona até tarde e é movimentada. Nos sentimos seguros e tivemos uma noite tranquila.
O wifi da praça realmente não funciona, e o sinal de 3G/4G é bem instável durante os dias de chuva.

Plaza Benito Juárez 2.44048, -76.61212
Des routes & nous

Trying to get there but to many villages and childrens asking for money... So we left.

Off Main Road -15.58202, 14.07779
Des routes & nous

Seems a little village now and front they are growing veggies so not possible to park. Maybe for a tent or some travelers by bikes but not with a car.

Camp in traditional house -15.62999, 14.05802
Des routes & nous

Looks like a village is near the place has there where quite lot of people hanging around, so not quiet anymore. As we wanted privacy we did not stay but if you do not mind you can probably ask and stay around.

Next to green waterhole -15.30586, 13.85884

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