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Estacionamento ao redor da praça com muitas vagas e sem árvores baixas ou com frutos. Praça bem movimentada, com quadras esportivas e cabine da Polícia. Bairro residencial tranquilo.
Passamos duas noites calmas e sem barulho.

Parking around the square with lots of spaces and no low trees or fruit. Busy square, with sports courts and police booth. Quiet residential neighborhood.
We spent two quiet and quiet nights.

Sonhando Acordado: Estacionamento no Parque Electrificadora 11.01349, -74.81413

we have been camping here for 3 days and the sheriff just came through today and told everyone that this area is closed for camping effective today. it will be closed for the next three years. everything near the bulldog canyon area will be closed. they said there is still camping further up the road toward tortilla flats

Apache Trail 33.48651, -111.46713

big Rocks full of Pelikan and other Birds in the ocean. beautiful place!

Mirador Calabocillos -35.33128, -72.43450

Este camping abre aproximadamente del 15 de diciembre hasta 5 de marzo, las 24 hs puedes ingresar (NO ABRE EN OTRA FECHA QUE NO SEA VERANO) excelente servicio, atención y comodidad, recomendable

Camping Punta Del Diablo -34.03527, -53.56856

Bike park, when you get bored of the beaches. Not quit easy to find. Road is great.

Bike park 23.04761, -109.71702

4x4 only!!! even if you can make it down you won't make it back up without 4wd, especially if you're loaded down at all. you'll either need someone to pull you, or you'll chew up the road. or both! i don't think it's fair to others to make the road even worse than it already is by spinning your tires or trying to hit the road at full speed to get enough momentum. not to mention pretty dangerous if you lock up your tires part way up and start sliding backwards. there are other ways for you to get here :) (see more below). i definitely would not attempt it in a 2wd van.

there is a lovely old man with his dog, Toby, who live at the beach. there's also a team of people involved in maintaining it. although this is a free spot, we left a tip and they were very grateful!

this is an absolutely incredible spot!! it's a great place for relaxing, hiking, paddle boarding, snorkelling, kayaking, etc.. it's a small sandy beach with water on both sides. lots of sailboats in the bay. if your vehicle can't make it here, you can camp just around the bay on the beach in front of the tiny town of Agua Verde, and at low tide you can walk north to this spot to explore the trails and do some snorkelling. it's about a 15 minute walk along the shoreline.

Puerta Agua Verde 25.52462, -111.07349

New price 150pp we didnt stay, lot of bus, probably tour of chichen itza and cenote

Yokdzonot Cenote 20.69219, -88.58200

Good spot!
Some people came to land with their car to listen to music but in the early evening there was no one left. At 10:30 p.m. we saw the police spinning around our van, we were in bed they didn't bother us, they left.
The ground is not straight but we managed to upgrade between the holes. I only recommend for small VR.
Very calm night, and the river is so beautiful!

Parque Recreativo El Naranjo 22.55528, -99.16953

Stayed here one night, busy during the night, some workers left at 4AM,
Safe but some regards of probably curiosity
Found a tap for water in the left side of the road, can find it easily

YT & IG : bobencavale

Parque Los Remedios 20.69219, -88.58201

we where there. but the gate was closed. seemed like no one was there, only a dog.
the place looked nice.

Camping los Ñires -46.15956, -72.26647

Argentina to Chile: Plan a lot of time for this border!

Overall, it took us 5,5 hrs on a Monday noon. It was the longest line we’ve ever seen at a border crossing in all of our travels and it seems to be „normal“ as our taxi driver in Mendoza already warned us it’ll take 5 hrs minimum.

The process itself once you make it to aduana is actually very efficiently designed, as you drive into a huge building where you can find 12 or 14 counters that serve you in a kind of drive-through style (like large US border crossings for example). The problem is just that there is way too much traffic for 12 counters (they were all open).

The traffic jam already started in front of the tunnel, and then the following 3 or 4 kilometers leading to the aduana building. The waiting from the tunnel took us about 4.5 hours until we entered the drive-in building, then standing in the counter line for about 30min. The actual aduana process itself took only 20 minutes.

We have a US plated car which was confusing for them, they usually serve Argentinian and Chilean plates so we had to ask twice to make them cancel our Argentinian TIP.

They will search your car very thoroughly with dogs that can sniff fresh produce. Better be honest and tell them upfront what you bring. They asked for fruits AND veggies, even took onions. Did not bother about our milk bottle.

Argentina - Chile (only) Border Crossing -32.84648, -70.11707

This is still a great option. They did not offer a room or water but you have to learn after traveling in Africa to demand your needs. There is a huge roofed space where you can pitch your tent, it has electricity and you can charge your stuff. You can ask for water in the bucket and wash in the backspace. It is behind the main road and very noisy all day/night.

Cathédrale Saint-Joseph 2.93743, 9.90790
Tucks' Truck

still a nice guy, but still no hose and no fitting to connect your own hose. it's useful to carry a small pump to take water out of the garafones.

San Bartolos 23.73798, -109.84662

The campground is closed for winter until may 20th 😑

Santa Cruz Lake, Overlook CG 35.95350, -105.92061

Closed on monday. Cabin & rv Cowboys and angel. Gate is close. Very disappointed at the end of a long day.

Cowboys & Angels RV & Cabins 30.22724, -99.41995

pudimos cargar a 5 bolivianos después de una negociación fácil y rápida. cargamos 40 litros en bidones y 25 directamente en el tanque.

Los Andes station -16.52755, -68.31198

pasamos aquí una semana. pagamos 20 bol por día , la señora nos dijo que nuestro vehículo era más grande y por eso no nos cobraba 15. el sitio no es nada del otro mundo pero es tranquilo y seguro. hay un grifo de agua y te dejan cargar el tanque. la puerta está cerrada pero hay que golpear.
para moverse a La Paz está muy bien comunicado, a 20 minutos andando del teleférico amarillo y plateado (conexión con el morado) y por la puerta pasan continuamente furgonetas que te llevan a todas las estaciones de los teleféricos por 1 bol. como a 10 minutos hay un supermercado. en la misma calle dirección hacia los teleféricos hay una lavandería que va por cesta, la cesta es bastante grande y lavado y secado cuesta 25 bol. Para nosotros fue una opción perfecta para no meter la furgoneta en La Paz.

Estacionamiento Feli -16.53228, -68.14948

Come here for lunch. Very good. 25bs for a plate. Owners are Brazilian so it's fresh and different to the standard Bolivian food.

Very friendly.

Highly recommend

Chinoly -16.37397, -60.96415

gas station was packed with cars no room to park so parked at gravel lot next to it.
locals said no problem to sleep over night

E. S. Aroma gas station -17.23339, -67.91587

If you are bikepacking they will not let you sleep here. It is a big station, loud, clean bathrooms, but mean manager ;)

Rudnick gas -26.18460, -48.91006

Do not go there if you do not have to. Horrible bathrooms with broken doors in women's bathroom.

Posto Buffon -26.18439, -48.90970

After a long drive across windy flat part of TX this spot is beautiful spot.

Sam Wahl boat ramp recreation area 33.04829, -101.08795
Angel on the road

Stopped here hoping to stay but the cashier says they no longer allow it. 😥

Murray Family Farms Big Red Barn 35.29460, -118.75367

Visit the park in nice area, parking is free around park and on side streets, just a basic park with walkways, benches, trash cans

New Basin Canal Park 30.00861, -90.11584

canilla con manguera naranja, no sabemos si es potable o no.

frente al posto -27.69449, -48.49006

Nice clean hostel. Lots of rooms.
Very tidy. Shower not so great. Little basic kitchen bit no fridge.

They sell cold beer and coke.

Paid 130bs for a room with 3 beds as where are 3 people travelling with motorcycles.

Was told a bed in a shared room was 60bs a night.

Nice out door garden and patio to chill under if raining.

Hostel Valle Grande -16.38426, -60.97050

no es gratis. ahora quieren cobrar 5000 pesos colombianos

laguna de la cocha 1.14015, -77.15389

Na frente do hotel possui uma edificação pública com banheiro, conversei com o segurança e consegui luz e água. Fiquei 2 dias com muita segurança e tranquilidade. Comporta qualquer tamanho de MH. Este local é em frente a portaria de entrada do hotel. Local com lago agradável para caminhar e bem arborizado. Pode-se utilizar o serviço das termas com preço a parte sem estar hospedado.

Grande Hotel Tauá Termas -19.64466, -46.94944

Muy lindo lugar, se puede pernoctar, vigilancia, parrillas, baños de 10, duchas ambos sexos, comidas, wiffi..agua y descarga de agua negras, todo de 10..

YPF -31.03267, -58.07403

great place! best option in town for a Nice hot Bath. does have wifi just ask for the password

hostel zulu -39.95397, -71.07183

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