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Stayed just one night. Very peaceful and plenty other overnighters. You can pretty much park anywhere you want, so you decide how much privacy you want. Great free spot!

Cobb Camp Osceola National Forest 30.24608, -82.41232

Camping pequeño, con espacio para campers, mucha vegetación, flores y una bella huerta, adornada por 3 bellos y cariñosos gatos, baño limpio, agua tibia, quincho con luz para cargar artículos pequeños...muy buena Atención de parte de sus dueños, venden verduras frescas

Camping Girasole -44.05117, -72.43295

As previously described. Park was very full of every sort of RV when we arrived so we parked in what was essentially a field between a couple other campers. Quiet night.

Falcon County Park 26.56723, -99.12831

The location is now opposite of the below mentioned spot.
We experienced a very good boat trip and we were happy to see some finnwhales very close, others a bit far away. It was tremendous!
Later we saw sealions and birds on the island.

Orca Tourism -29.07755, -71.49206

Nice camp ground. Site 29 has enough open sky for starlink

Natchez Trace State Forest 35.79206, -88.27222

Big garage at the hotel. See picture for more information about the rooms.
We took a double room for 110 soles. Breakfast included. They bring it to your room from 8am. Shower has hot water.

Hotel El Muelle -7.40153, -79.57145

We visited the place but there is currently no flat ground on the beach and it's a bit smelly. We rather went to Santa Barbara, much nicer spot!!

Beach Camping Chaitén -42.89939, -72.72668

Same as description below! Super quiet at night, very low traffic.

Rest Stop 30.04402, -103.57185

We stopped here again on our way back north. It broke up our driving days nicely and we knew the place already. No sign coming from the South so we missed it and the GPS was trying to send us to Santa Rosalia to turn around and come back. We would have missed it entirely if we didn’t know about where it is located. This is a beautiful spot but the price at $300 pesos is a bit high for dry camping. That said the view is lovely and the camp is quiet for a good sleep.

RV Park San Lucas Cove 27.21880, -112.21347

very camping. such disperse. much BLM. wow.

Joshua tree blm North 34.17131, -116.23027

200 rand the night. Owners weren't there but we had a warm welcome. Very quiet place. Hot and clean shower + toilet. Nice place to stay and free wifi.

Croydon Cottage and Campsite -31.24822, 25.87943

I wish I read what this guy said earlier. Same for me no escort possible for voa. They deported me immediately. Go to Iridoko instead.

benin visa customs nigeria visa on arrival customs 6.37933, 2.70405

6000 pp per night to camp in rooftop tent. small playground, small kitchen, shared bathroom. pretty windy . wifi good. neat place, the host seems to be not so happy though and not so friendly.

La casa de el árbol 11.03069, -85.72342

Great, quiet spot off a dirt road. toilet, shower, water, cooking spot. We made friends with the local dogs. Small swimming pool was dirty but nice to dip our feet into. Fire pit and chairs were included as well.
Looks like some of the property is still under construction, they may have many more sites and amenities in the near future.
Some construction noise in the morning, but we were up at 6 so it did not bother us.


Camping Pura Vista CR 10.11615, -84.72979

We ALMOST stayed here, but luckily our car rental place steered us away saying it wasn't a good idea.

Public Picnic and Camping Área 9.92433, -84.71470

this place is not allowed it is a private place

estacionamiento close to the road -34.03102, -71.54882

doesn't exist anymore there is a big metal box

Pichimelu -34.38288, -72.01653

Charged us 15.000 for 2 big bags laundry. Does not have a dryer so you get it back wet when weather is cloudy/rainy as we had.

Residential Dominguita -43.97584, -72.40596

The road to Binga was horrible. It was like driving through a minefield, more potholes than road left.

This is a Total fuel station, they have petrol and diesel, payment in cash US$ only. No shop but they have some engine oil for sale as well.

Total Fuel Station -17.58850, 27.35840

One night here quiet while there closed loud when open long as your by the garden area no one cares get some Wi-Fi in the lot as well

Walmart 41.30344, -105.54146

They helped us with our Fiat Ducato Diesel after another mechanics store (Go! Automotriz) did a really bad job (wrong filter, wrong oil…). So Bosch Service replaced everything and showed and explained everything. Ah and it was really cheap (260€ for full service, oil, brakes…). They also can delete your Adblue/Def and DPF, if your car isnt too new.

Bosch Service 19.36205, -99.03578

Apologies, maps me took us to a side road which was locked as it’s understandably a route to drive to the top. The walk is just from some blokes house. Our accom suggested we bring 3000 for the two of us and say it was all we had as they thought it was unfair they charge for it. We did this and he was chill with it.

Mirador dorotea -51.68318, -72.43004

gravel pit next to the road, not visible from the road. Not special but perfect for a night before visiting punta tombo. go early in the morning and be alone with the penguins:) and check the stars at night, its beautifull.

RP42 - Close to entrance to Punta Tombo -43.96867, -65.41707

According to the sign:
Day use: $5 or free with America the Beautiful passes
Overnight camping: $7 and 50% discount for Senior or Access pass only
RV Hookup $18/day

Three Rivers Petroglyph Site 33.34505, -106.00850

Nice, quiet place. The park can still not be visited from here (the ranger says repairs). Entry to the park further west possible, see "Magallanes National Reserve"

Reserva Nacional Magallanes -53.14473, -70.98281

Place is chill. Plenty of other campers. There’s some cars and trailers that have clearly been here for months; even one with a warning (not a ticket) on it saying that it would be towed three months ago and it’s still there. Even spoke to another RV owner who said he’d been here for a week without problems. Community centre right across the street opens at 6 but is $25 for a day pass.

Big Sky Shopping Center Parking 45.25874, -111.30700

Very good place to stay. Good restaurant (kitchen close at 6PM). Kencho,the boss very friendly, his stuff, too. great view to volcano CONCEPCION. stayed 4 nights. Good music ar the restaurant and super cold Toña Cerveza (50C).

El Peru - Camping in Restaurant/Bar Parking Lot 11.46366, -85.56411

we stayed over the night and it was very nice. we parked our van inside of the picnic area, so we were hidden from the street and had some shadow in the morning. can recommend!

Pintados -20.62247, -69.63639

Runs in January. 60 for a Land Cruiser 100 with a roof tent.
There is a sign with a working time 6:00-11:30 and 12:30-18:00, but we were the first, together with a truck at 7:00.

Car Ferry Pantanal -19.25861, -57.23519

Nice mainly flat
Said no semi’s but one was parked in the lot
Rv spots in the back

Cracker Barrel 31.29734, -94.72949

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