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Lugar tranquilo, posto 24h, seguro e aceitam passar a noite tranquilamente. Perto da cidade.

Great spot. They allow you to stay overnight without problems. Near Mendoza city.

YPF -32.92744, -68.82130

A nice and quiet flat place not far from the main road. If you don't like to stay in Villa Mar and need a rest from the laguna route this is the place to go. With approx 4000 meter you can sleep well. Can be very windy so not for tents.

Next to the Laguna -21.62499, -67.51578
La communauté du VR

1 very quiet night in a residential street near to the beach 5 min walking.

Near Akumal place 20.38667, -87.32362

As described, but without the german shepherd and with more overnight groups (motorcyclists and 5 guys in a car), so more crowded than a formal camping. But view is beautiful and lake is nice for a swim.

Lago Las Torres -44.79831, -72.20230

Stayed here for the second time in four months, and it will be the last. the convenience of a Walmart and gym is lovely, but ALL NIGHT people drove around the lot/surrounding roads blaring their crappy bass-y music, revving the "cool" exhaust on their Honda civics, and generally acting like huge pieces of trash.

earplugs were not enough.

Walmart/ Anytime Fitness 26.70895, -80.15042

We asked at the office if we can empty our portable toilet and it was no problem at all. Very friendly people.

Planta de tratamiento de aguas servidas -51.74177, -72.49397

Ruins on the Kamina Funkstation. a big radio tower build in 1914. Some foundations and boilers and generators left. Nice calm place to vist. Seems to be somewhat maintained. No entrance fee.

some interesting links:

Kamina Funkstation 7.50555, 1.17045

Street parking in between buildings in commercial area. Surprisingly quiet at night considering the location. There's a sign for "2 hours parking between 7am and 6pm" which make it possible to stay at the same spot until 9am. Adjacent streets have pay parking from 8am to 6pm and is FREE on Sunday.

The area felt secure, new developments on the rising, upscale boutique and such. Lots of young people running at night. No one bothered us, except for the trash removal truck early in the am. Enjoy!

Street parking 29.44426, -98.47942

Very quiet, next to the beach, can see the water from my rv window.
No "no overnight sign" cops drove through parking lot but didn't say a thing.
Very safe

16th Street Beachside Parking 30.28756, -81.39121

Can spend the night on the perimeter of a large central park in this nice town. Very quiet overnight on a Tuesday. Some good restaurants around. and of course Feijoa treats. We drove into town and parked with a truck camper with no issues.

Parque Prinipal 5.74565, -73.00310

Here you can fill up water. Looks like a fuel station. Next auto electrician.

Healthy water 20.44830, 44.85149

Motorhome spot beside the river, fishing allowed.

Motorhome spot -38.96346, -71.34946

According to the Snowmass Village Parking website, this lot and the upper portion of lot #5 (just below lot #6) are the only numbered village lots where non-permitted residents can park during ski season. From 7am to 7pm they are limited to 1 hour parking; there are no restrictions overnight. In summer the lots are all available. Flat, 3 bars TMobile 5G, and the 5am snowplow cleared the lot without plowing me in!

Snowmass Village Lot 6 39.20757, -106.95472

Excellent place to stay in Tupiza. Safe and quiet, beautiful view of the mountains and starry sky at night. Mario is an amazing person. We paid 20bs p.p and stay overnight on parking, hot shower.

Excelente local para ficar em Tupiza. Seguro e tranquilo, linda vista das montanhas e céu estrelado a noite. Mario é uma pessoa incrível. Pagamos 20 bolivianos por pessoa e passamos a noite no estacionamento. Chuveiro quente.

La Casa del Baron -21.43807, -65.71425

Manolo was a terrific guide and his house is an excellent base for climbing Pacaya. On his recommendation, we started hiking at 4:30am. Not only were we the first and only people on the mountain at that early hour, but we were able to see lava glowing in the darkness from the neighboring erupting El Fuego volcano, which was a bonus! We paid 50Q to park overnight, 100Q/person entry fee to enter the park and 300Q for Manolo’s guide fee. Manolo speaks some English, but his Spanish is very easy to understand as he speaks very slowly and clearly to explain the mountains, the natural history and flora and fauna. 👍🏼👍🏼

Parqueo @Manolos House 14.40163, -90.61435

Stayed for the night after arriving late from the ferry. Very quiet even though the place is next to the road.

Boat Ramp -42.91143, -72.71834

Just to keep in mind, his neighbor does laundry!

Camping La Fueguina -42.44127, -73.77015

All you need and close to center. 45 USD for a double incl decent breakfast. Secure parking. Friendly staff.

Hotel Yanuncay -2.89631, -78.99954

Great place for a relaxing stop and to get repairs done, either on the campground or next to one of the Cabañas. Hans is great in organizing help of any sort, mechanics, carpenters, polyester work, etc.

Just be aware that one guy who comes to help with body repairs / polyester named Wilson Michilena (referred by Hans) is an unreliable rip off. If you want your work finished in a quality and timely manner, find someone else!

Finca Sommerwind 0.38019, -78.08843

excellent spot for a night. relatively quiet. safe. no problem.

Pemex gas station 19.88679, -101.50861

Nice place to stay. Good free wifi, Clean shower and toilets. Quiet, and good restaurant and bar.

25 000 TZS pppn or 20 USD.

Mwanza Yacht Club -2.52935, 32.89421

très content de cet arrêt! une petite place tranquille ou se reposer, à 30 min à pied du centre. piscine grande et propre. il faut négocier le terrain plat ;) personnel super. je regrette pas, il donne la clef d'une chambre pour la douche et les toilettes

Playa Azul Catemaco 18.42967, -95.09069

Nice place to have a cheap meal with parking lot. They have a dairy menu with cheap options like chicken, chips and salad for 3$/3.500kwa. Nice guy running the restaurant and also the lady in the bar service.
They also have toilets.

Framinoz Bar & Grill -14.07823, 34.91834

Great place. During day busy at the beach, near evening also coming and going if people but at night quiet place.

Parking in front of the beach -41.87767, -73.88528

Typical hardware store with propane and hardware to fix your vehicle.

Morgan's Ace Hardware 34.11760, -84.50812

Coordenadas ERRADAS aqui não tem posto de gasolina.

Praia do Frade -23.56382, -45.21780

Gorgeous scenery road goes nearly to San Javier. There are turnouts for horse trailers and camping in the first few miles. Some with shady mesquite trees. I was on a bicycle so I didn't go all the way up the road but I will come back later!

Oasis Primer Agua Road 25.94640, -111.40669

increíble camping libre con mucho espacio. vista de ambos lagos villarino y falcker. vinimos por una noche y nos quedamos una semana. No sé pierdan de ver a los conejos por la noche ! mucho viento a veces! no hay señal.

Lago Villarino -40.62357, -71.70545

increíble lugar con playa. Los baños un asco las duchas inundadas el agua puede salir fría y las canillas están rotas. 5 mil pesos argentinos por persona. es recomendable ir al camping libre de enfrente. tiene proveeduría muy cara. se llena de adolescentes con música fuerte imposiblw descansar.

Camping Falkner -40.64786, -71.70558

Muchos autos estacionados.. lleno de gente. hermoso lugar pero ya no es tan tranquilo como antes. camping libre.

Bahia Guadaparque Camping Libre -40.66354, -71.70235

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