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Lugar muy lindo y tranquilo para pernoctar sin ningún problema. baños. agua..todo muy iluminado..

Playa los Sauces -31.40834, -58.01295

Wonderful place and nice people. We couldn’t fit through the main gate so they unlocked the gate by the fútbol pitch. Flat, safe, clean. Recommended.

Quinta mendoza -2.48141, -78.16559

Established campground with 14 sites (4 tent only). Fire grates, picnic tables, pit toilet. Can probably fit 20ft RV in some sites. No water or trash service. Decent ATT and Verizon service.

Free to camp, but need to purchase a $9 CO Parks/Wildlife day pass or have an annual CPW pass. Sign at CG entrance says reservation only, but we were the only ones here in winter and without a reso- no problem.

Little snow this winter and all sites are accessible, however we've stayed here before in winter with a lot more snow on the ground and had been roughly plowed to access a couple of sites.

Railroad Bridge CG 38.92335, -106.17011

Farm that offers room services and a place to camp on the shores of a lake, food service all day, amenities for campers and guests. Super quiet and safe. Plenty of space, busy on weekdays.

Lago burituzal grosso 3.38206, -59.85850

very quiet place next to the river, safe (locals told us there was no problem staying here at night) and pretty hidden from the road. we didn't like the places around the border so we find our own.

water is clean, no facilities of course. easy to find and to reach. you have to drive under the bridge, so I'm not sure that it fit big rigs (no problem with a 3m high camper), but you can try.

to get there, coming from the border, go to the dirt road on the right side of the bridge. go down the road and turn under the bridge to cross it. keep following the path and you will find a flat area of grass, you are there !

very poor signal signal with Claro.

by the Riverside 13.02035, -86.88477

Filled our almost empty 20lb propane bottle for $150.
The person in front of us had their 50lb bottle filled, so they can do multiple sizes.
They accept cash and card.
We parked outside and carried our bottle in, but there would be space for large rigs to come in and pull through to the propane pump.

Super Gas. De Los Altos 20.51930, -102.32619

Paramos para fazer almoço. Local tranquilo e com vista linda!!

Riverside -47.72493, -73.17507

Flat grassy area with a few brick bbq/food prep areas. There was one garbage can that appeared to have been emptied by the wildlife and birds, so it’s probably best to pack out your garbage.
Other than lots of garbage around it was quiet and safe.

Presa State Park 20.51801, -102.36973

Drove by on our way to the established (and free) campground.
This place is beautiful to watch fishermen but is busy with locals fishing. We’re not sure how they would feel about people camping in their parking spot and recommend the campsite further down the road.

Ayotlán 20.52474, -102.36840

Friendly guy who lets you change your Chilean lipigas bottle.

Price: 13.000 for 5kg

Lipigas exchange -39.65711, -72.94704

Very basic truckstop with basic toilet just usable. You can park undercover of the old petrol station. This was the best option in this little town. Safe and not to much noise. Trucks start early in the morning.

Posto Araguaney Ipianga -2.95834, -45.66396

Pretty place to camp with perfect view on Popocatepetl for observing the eruption early in the morning. Very nice owners, restaurant is open only on weekends but tourist are always wellcome. Also cabanas availlable.

Restaurant Fuego del Tierra 18.95807, -98.47675

Nice place to rest in the middle of the mountains and on the way into or back from Canon de Uhcho. Nice swimming pool and green area. Definitely not a backpackers place, but not too expensive. Payed USD 79 for a quadruple room. Desauyno included. Good restaurant.

Lá Confianza Hotel -12.91354, -76.10066

Super nice employees. We could also fill our LPG (Auto-Propane, fixed tank).

Woodland ACE HARDWARE 30.31338, -84.24788

At a small plaza at a new neighbourhood there are several big bins / waste trolley’s hidden in a wooden structure, separating the waste. It’s recycled by: Glass, cans, carton, plastic bottles and plastic. Very clear and clean.

Recycle bins -47.25154, -72.56151

Really REALLY slow border but friendly. The guy how checked our car´s documents asked for monney (2000 FCFA). We just denied and left the border. Welcome to Togo !

Border Ghana into Togo 6.80284, 0.58070

This place is listed on Google but it felt more like entering someone’s private residence/property so we didn’t explore to see where to fill up.

1km SOUTH of Ayotlán 20.50696, -102.32479

Entrance guard post to Uruk. Asked to camp and soldiers let me stay in a spare room instead. They're super sweet and gave me food also. They have a water tank and basic squat toilet.

Beware that if coming from Nasiriyah, the route Google Maps gives to Uruk is weird offroad for a while, and was a muddy mess today after all the rain. I think the main road enters from the north.

Entrance to Uruk is 25000... maybe.

Uruk 31.32124, 45.62474

free wifi in the main square 5mb each way

free -26.78333, -56.94426

Definitely not the quietest cracker barrel. Garbage truck came at 4 am, you could hear it unloading bins from all the businesses for about 45 mins. Then as stated you could hear the train horn very often from 4 am onward only a few blocks away. But it works in a pinch when there are not many options in the town. There was 11+ of us this nice plus a couple car campers so I moved closed to the strip mall (opens at nine) before cracker barrel opened (7 am) so we didn't crowd out the cracker barrel customers.

Cracker Barrel 30.18822, -85.65283

Great spot for several rigs including large. Entrance very tight S curve. Just made it with our 38 ft with toad. Recommend approaching from the west. Easier on the way out. This is a waste disposal evaporation pond so some sulfur type smell but nothing crazy. Amazing sunsets! Not far from White Sands NP.

Raptor Lake (Holloman Lake Entrance) 32.80765, -106.12250
Avi Baram

No sign of BLM or 14 days limit.
Great view of Cibola wildlife refugee.
A lot of flat spaces with fire pit.
Have two bars of T Mobil.

Misha Hill 33.36365, -114.66017

There are signs posted, No overnight truck or RV parking. Wifi signal is pretty in lot.

Walmart Benson 31.96953, -110.31420

In a year, nothing has changed. The lodgings are spacious enough, nice cooking area, and the price is still 35,000CLP. There's a full bed (matrimonial) and a twin bed. The owner is great and had a secure, covered garage for our bicycles. I strongly recommend this place for anyone comin' through!

alojamiento café Alba -45.17297, -72.14557

Ideal for a stopover on the malawi or Zambia route. About 300m east of the malawi turning. Clean rooms with toilet & shower from 35,000, restaurant clean but I would stick to the veggie option, stocked bar but only wine & soft drinks, no beer. Secure parking with gate and electric fence.

Browmar Hotel -8.89897, 33.54597

Does not appear to be open at this location. There is a hotel but closed at the moment

MKULU Hotel -8.86198, 33.62920

Dormimos una noche aquí, en una plazoleta con juegos infantiles. Se trata del parking de los empleados de la escuela pero son las vacaciones de verano así que no molestamos a nadie.

Frente a una escuela -33.55448, -70.86554

For cyclists, it's not as fearsome as you might have heard - the gradients aren't terrible apart from a section in the 7th km. The surface is rubbish though, all big loose rocks, sand and bumpy tarmac. Personally I found it easier to push most of it, most of the time you're going at 4-5kph either way, and even when it was easily rideable you'd have to stop after 50m and push again. Once you get to the little waterfalls after about 8km, reward yourself with a refreshing splash because the worst is over. After that it's almost all rideable and a lot easier for the last 2km. Took me 2h15 from the turnoff to MF.

Turn-off to Livingstonia -10.58633, 34.13448

Stayed here no issues with truck and travel trailer. Felt relatively safe

Walmart 30.04273, -89.96076

Looks like just a few guards but saw 2 different checkpoints on either end of this point. Was driving North so didn’t experience either check.

Southbound Military Checkpoint 16.83030, -99.75123

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