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Beautiful place, green and clean, well maintained. Ample, level parking space, also for big rigs. Hot showers, WiFi, electricity and potable water. Even a dump station available. Nice pool, restaurant serves good burgers and even better Caipirinhas :-) Most friendly staff.

Iguassu Eco Hostel -25.60900, -54.47983

Small but nice place. Nice hot, clean shower. paid 10k pesos pp.

Beach Camping with grass or sand -41.48991, -72.89203

Great spot to pull into when coming in late at night. Had plenty of cell phone service and felt safe. I was going westbound and stayed on the eastbound side because it had a nicer view. A little bit loud with all the trucks, but close by to a gas station.

Echo Damn Overlook 40.92432, -111.41149

Big space for all kind of Vehicles. Campground near by was too full for us and very small.
We paid 15 DIR and gut a ticket. Should be quite but when we arrive they had a marriage and very loud music 🥁🥁🥁coming from the town until 4:30 in the morning.
Anyway we wish all the best.

We saw max 10 campers on a place which offers space for 200.

Despite of the music it is a fantastic place and thanks to apple air pods we could sleep quite good 😀

Guardian Parking, Tafraoute 29.72355, -8.97956

Avoid! We stayed here for two nights in our tent. Dogs pissed on it on every corner and when we asked the owner very friendly if there would be anything that could be done, we were turened away very unfirendly. Not even an excuse or anything. And most probably it was even the owner’s dogs as we have seen no others on the premis. But worst we found the owner‘s rude responded. Additionally, the kitchen is poorly equipped (or even not equipped at all), and same for toilets. So if you want a stinly tent for 20 dollars, go for it. Otherwise, avoid! Only positive, the staff is nice but can‘t do much good with such owners.

Los Dos Pinos -50.33439, -72.26526

Fantastic place to stay with great hosts Linky and Johan. Excellent breakfast and comfortable room. Garage parking for motorcycles. Added bonus, if you love fishing just mention the word and Johan will have you on the beach in minutes! I scored a 1.3m shark...catch and release of course. Highly recommended.

Lientjies guest house -22.13890, 14.29713

Muy agradable lugar...
es sencillo y agradable.
Nosotras elegimos una habitación doble por 35dlls, fuimos 3 personas.
Fueron muy amables, pedimos comida pero no alcanzamos a llegar a tiempo.
Solo desayunamos, pero muy rico!
Es petfriendly, hay animalitos en el rancho.
Muy contentas por el descanso!

Casados Ranch camping and UMA 18.60034, -90.70100

Beautiful spot on a small paralel road to the main road. Little park along the water on the other side of the street which also has a public toilet. Feels like a very safe neighborhood, there is some street noise but it calms down during the night.

Free Street Parking Near Bayfront 27.33237, -82.54193

Awesome place to camp. Tons of sites along rhe dirt roads.

I camped right next to the dry lake which was cool but woke up to like 20 dirt bikes and ATVs buzzing around my campsite and revving their engines all morning which was really annoying. I won't camp right on the lake next time.

Good Verizon cell service.

Jean Roach Dry Lake Dispersed Camping 35.76888, -115.26048

Passamos a noite nesse terreno da prefeitura de livre uso, as margens do Rio Mampituba em nossa Zafira Motorhome! Fica aos fundos de uma loja de iscas e o proprietário fornece energia por uma taxa. Não há banheiro ou ponto de água próximo, más o local além de bonito é bem tranquilo e seguro!

Riverside -29.32709, -49.71810

Auberge au col, 250 dh demi pension, camping possible, Hassan tres gentille, douche 🙏

La Belle Vue 30.86090, -8.37681

perfect for a night in Nelson, very quiet on a Saturday night, wake up at 8:30 am with no one around. city centre at only 10 min walk. of course this spot is convenient only when you look to stay 1 night in the centre of Nelson, it is pretty obvious by looking at the map that you are not in a secluded place so there is nothing wrong with this spot, safe and quiet. I recommend !

Gravel Roadside 49.49284, -117.30187

zavora Lodge was closed, but now there are new owners and the place is open! called now Zavora Resort, can be found on facebook

Zavora Lodge Campsite -24.51618, 35.20034

close to hotel Argentino. no service but relatively quiet.

parking lot in front of sea -34.86204, -55.27925

after many long drive days it was nice to stretch our legs here. 8.4km through the loop. clockwise is definitely easier if you decide to drive. most of the drive is very easy buuuuut at around the last half a kilometer you have to go down and then back up a steep and narrow canyon that is pretty washed out and overgrown. this small section is pretty technical. very unique area. everything is sharp and pointy so watch your dogs going into the scrub.

Valle de Rocas -21.50905, -67.63060

This place is permanently closed.

ROP Visa Extension 22.56416, 56.45215

There are two Aduanas Bolivia. One is here together with Brazil Aduanas and the other is across the road from Imagration Bolivia.

This one here is open Sunday 8:30am to -9:00pm
The other one across from Bolivia Imagration is closed Sundays.

Aduana Bolivia -19.02783, -57.70797

How terrible dirty an ablution building can be without water, without flushing toilets. And no water on the campsite.

Khama Rhino Sanctuary Campground -22.25137, 26.72798

Dispersed camping in Crockett Natl Forest. Numerous options on the bluff and more down towards the Neches river on Overlook Spur 5111. Definitely used by hunters as well as campers and day use folks. No facilities but the vault toilet up on the bluff so bring your own (whatever you need to be comfortable). It’s clean, felt safe, and the Forest service roads were maintained and navigable (it was relatively dry when we came). Went on a nice little walk down to the Neches to check it out. Would come back again.

Neches Bluff Campground 31.56075, -95.15333

This place is permanently closed.

Laundry at Jumbo -29.91631, -71.25822

$3.69 a gallon. Will fill empty and semi-empty tanks. Super friendly staff.

Tractor Supply Co 37.29095, -80.08019

potable water available even during winter 👌

Dump Station and Potable Water 35.82823, -106.21066
Robert and Dawn

this campground is beautiful and runs by a great family. the grandmother started it nearly 60 years ago and they have added a pool lots of play equipment beautiful restrooms small living spaces. also, they cater to large groups such as churches and retreats adults and children.
I highly recommend Camp Maranatha.

Campestre Maranatha 24.09739, -110.38643

This place is permanently closed.

Land Rover Dealership 47.90907, 106.90337

Beach camping. if you are nervous of soft sand at all then come to this beach. Packed hard busy beach but room for everyone. We started looking for a free camping spot right down the other end in the national park. We stoped in at each beach along the way. Im not sure why but they all had soft sand. not for the faint of heart. anyway this beach is fantastic $12 pass required. Wind also isnt as bad as other parts of the island. Our dog is so happy to meet other dogs off leash too.

Beach road 1A 27.79677, -97.08134

Nice pull out on a ridge with views on both sides.

Forest camping 44.05326, -123.93123

This place is permanently closed.

Centro Cultura Terrena -20.23465, -56.37748

200 pesos to stay with no hookups. All other occupants are trailers, mostly snowbirds, lots of other folks from British Columbia. Staff spoke enough English to help me! Shower was HOT and I didn’t have to ask anyone or pay extra. After 5 days without showering… the best!

Marios tours / restaurant 27.98374, -114.01504

nice little park. Right outside of Aransas NWA. has electric and water hook ups which I didn't need. so it was a free stay. I called ahead to the after hours # listed at the entrance. has small concrete pads at sites. Nice boat ramps, fishing pier, and beach access just around the corner. has basic public flush toilets and sink at the pavilion.

Austwell Park 28.38978, -96.84650

Checked it out but didn’t stay-
Still 20Bob per person
No showers
No wifi

Alojamiento Barqito -20.93576, -66.22026

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