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Campsite with barbecue tables, many spots and cabanas. Mid week in high season on a rainy day there were just 2 families with us.
Toilets dirty, showers ok. Not the tidiest campsite but nice. We got stuck with the car because of a lot if rain, but we also got a lot of help from the friendly owner and other guests.
2persons in a tent with car was 1800peso

Unknown -45.56134, -69.05613

Nice spot, a bit crowded but friendly people. Not much bushes or trees for privacy in case you have to pee outside but definetely worth to stay for a few nights. We even saw three dolphins and seals. Supermercado en restaurants near by.

Grassy spot near stream -44.32657, -72.56872

Great spot. Clean, wifi available, restrooms, plenty of seating and charging options. Decent sized parking lot for bigger vehicles (our promaster fit just fine). Quarters or app patment for machines. 10/10

Laundry Today 30.39576, -88.76032

We camped facing the ocean in class A RV. 28' + towing cargo trailer. No problem for our rig. Could use some garbage cleanup. Fish tacos at El Catus and Pina Colada good. Was quiet.

Santa Rosalillita Fishing Village 28.66721, -114.23810

Still as previously described. Go up the 4x4 tracks into the hills, you can find a spot hidden from the road. There was already a small fireplace when we got there. 3G signal works pretty well. We saw signs for hyenas on the road, so make sure to keep rubbish in your car!

hidden in the mountains -21.83824, 14.08084

recargamos 5kg y nos costó 23 soles. importante que tengas tus acoples si la entrada de tu cilindro de gas es diferente

Caxagasa -7.17371, -78.49300

great spot, no facilities, we were there with 3 other campers. not much shelter for the wind.

Grassy Site near Park Entrance -50.39658, -72.72996

Ce lieu nous a été signalé par un local qui y vient méditer… On le comprend! Suivre le chemin principal et à une bifurcation prendre à droite selon le panneau Sur la crête dégagée des bancs face au Cerro Champaqui.

Point de vue -31.94577, -64.81033

I second everything the landcruiser guy said. came with our lifted 4runner did get it stuck for a sec coming in, the road gets real skinny by the fence, and I didn't pull off with enough umph, aired down to 20 psi and cruised the rest of the way stopping just after the final dune, kinda between 2 dunes, 75 ft ish from high tide mark. might be able to fit 2 smaller rigs, but yes the sand is soft so all the recovery stuff definitely a good idea. One jeep drive by on the beach, no one else in site

Before punta final free 29.73966, -114.32307

$10 RV dump fee for drinking water. the first clerk I talked to didn't know water was available but his boss did.

Dump station and propane also available

Love's 34.65318, -106.79349

We took the chance to call the reception from the gate of the dam , albeit there was a sign” resort closed for a private gathering” - which was our luck. We were the only camper’s and stayed at the campsite named “ mailards heaven” with our Landcruiser with rooftop tent. We enjoyed a perfect view to the lake, had direct access for a cool dip into the lake and the complete silence.
The place is amazing when no one, or few people are there.

Lake Oanob Resort -23.32405, 17.01526

We filled two U.S. propane tanks here with propane. We brought along an adaptor that the ferretería Della Piane in Guernica (near Buenos Aires)made for us. They were very helpful and friendly, and even offered to put the bottles back into the trucks for us.

Extra-Gas (Fill Bottles) -38.74403, -62.29873

Right name is la Herradura. We came from Puerto Natales and found this incredible shop where you find excellent cheese (incl. French cheese like Morbier, brie and Roquefort). They also have the baguette bread and the wine fitting with it.
Further they are well sorted with ham, salamis, saucissons, olives, nuts, dried fruits, seeds, couscous (which we couldn't find in supermarkets) etc...and this to very reasonable prices and they are super friendly. You just have to take a little time with you as the little shop is quite crowded.

La Herradora -50.33898, -72.27607

4 dedicated parking spaces available overnight for self-contained RV. (no trailer)
Authorized by the city of Sorel-Tracy.
No services, but picnic tables by the Richelieu river.
Tennis court nearby (in summer)
Downtown Sorel-Tracy is walking distance across the bridge.

Parc des Bateaux-Blancs 46.04004, -73.11884
MAC Journey

Loved this spot. It is a bit limited for options for large, heavy fifth wheels but we foumd a spot at the end of the turn around. best spot there. plenty of spots for smaller rigs on the side.

Playa Miramar - Northern edge of Cabo Pulmo 23.49650, -109.46628

Lugar super tranquilo pra passar a noite, dormimos dentro do carro e nosso amigo em uma barraca de teto, chegamos em torno de 22hs, os cachorros vem lhe visitar pela manhã, super dóceis e tranquilos.

Little gravel road. -45.48221, -72.26127

It’s a public swimming pool with showers.
Showers are ok, I guess, better than on the Campground.
It’s $7 for a day pass, which you have to buy to use the showers.
Opening times according to the Schedule (see in picture)

Carpinteria Swimmingpool 34.39611, -119.51616

A nice quiet place to sleep. We stayed one night and had no issues. Close to restaurants and shops!

Fiesta Mall Parking 33.39134, -111.85873

We didn’t have to even ask!
At the park entrance they asked if we would stay for the night and offered the spot right next to the entrance gate (on the outside). Safe, as there’s security all night and perfect to vist the volcano park as a stop between Leon and Granada.

Entrada al Volcan Masaya 12.01293, -86.14216
María Isabel

Estación de servicios Malena. wifi en shop restaurante. Sanitarios muy buenos con duchas agua caliente x 100.
Lugar para pernoctar en carpa, motorhome o casa rodante. además de deptos.

Malena Restaurant (fuel station) -33.48643, -64.41867

Nice restaurant behind the gas station. Good food and very reasonable prices.

DATE EL GUSTO 2 -49.29606, -67.78313

We had planned to stay at a spot a little closer to the Mexico-Guatemala border but the road was blocked. So we backed tracked to this little gem. Felix and his family were so welcoming and allowed us to stay with our roof top tent for free. They sell fresh cheese here and it is Amazing, so even if your not staying pick up some cheese as you pass by (there is a sign at the side of the road). We were allowed to use the washroom.

Rancho Las Cruces 15.92139, -91.99140

Quit place paved parking lot with trails great for dog walking. No amenities onsite but a lot local.

Holstein Lake Denville NJ 40.88086, -74.50554

I found water over in the horse area near the bathrooms. In and to the right.

Brandi Fenton Memorial Park 32.27275, -110.92088

Nice place! Owners and team are very helpful, friendly people. Family athmosphere, good food...

Bab-Sahara, Atar, Mauritania 20.51916, -13.06198

Small hotel/hostel with private and shared rooms including dorms. All seem to have shared bathroom with super hot showers. Clean and well located and a lovely old building. We paid MX550 for a two bed room.

Cielito de Maria 22.77495, -102.57190

We stayed here 4 nights. The toilets in the bus station closes for cleaning with the last bus At 09:00 PM. Reopens at 07:00

There is water at the car park, electricity and a dumping station. Not much space and it can be very crowded.

Rodoviaria El Chalten -49.33312, -72.88268

Jorge a fait un excellent travail, j’avais fais un trou dans le derrière de mon classe c. Il est venu voir l’état de mon véhicule et m’a fait un prix très raisonnable. Il a fait le travail dans le délais qu’il avait dit. Très satisfait

Califas body work and paint 24.15627, -110.31044

Parked my Ford Econoline under a light near where the RVs were parked and slept from 8 AM to 4 PM without any issues. There is noise from the adjacent Road and Interstate, but it was fine for a heavy sleeper such as myself.

Cracker Barrel 37.82496, -92.14492
sonny jadun

I stayed here from Dec 7-11, 2022. Most of the Dream Cabo San Lucas resort day workers and vendors park here. it's not crowded and very quiet area. local fishermen come here and fish. My son and daughter in law were on vacation and staying at Dreams. I would get a US $100 pass and visit them from 9:00-6;00 pm. The night pass is US $120 from 5 -11 pm. You can get the pass at the front desk or tell the security guys that you need to go to the front desk to get the pass. A couple of days ago, I parked right in the sandy area. Only park if the locals are parking here. You will need 4x4 to get on sand. you can park against Dreams fence. if you come during the day, this area may be taken by workers. No 4x4 is needed here. On the beach, you can access Dreams Internet if you have a password. My children provided that.
Used inflatable kayak to get in Ocean, getting in a piece of cake. disembarking is very, very difficult. I was not expected in wave disembarking, so kayak capsized. Life vest saved me. long rope tied to kayak and local fisherman help me save the kayak. Big under current here. Only experienced kayaker. Do not take phones or other stuff. it can get washed away if you fall.

Desert Park Natural Reserve 22.97535, -109.77561

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