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Very nice, clean spot, very friendly guy. Only one other group of locals, who left at 9pm.
Paid 5K pesos pp. Bought fresh bread in the morning 1.5k pesos. River is very beautiful, nice for a shallow swim.

Camping Aguas Claras de Victoria -38.30998, -72.40086

Really good place to not miss if you are tired (just like us) of african cuisine. They is everything you want : french cuisine mostly but other stuff like burger or pizza, really well made. Even veggy burger available with tasty french fries. Everything is fresh and made on order so it takes a while but it is worth it, it is delicious. Plan at least 2 hours for the all experience. Good German beers. Prices are really decent, 3500 CFA for a pork stew with fries, for example. The owner Jan is an eccentric character how speaks multiples languages, Dutch, English, French and German. Nice guy. Nice food. Nice place.

Le Bon Vivant 6.91745, 0.62833

Reaaaaaaallly slow place. Dont come here if you are in a hurry.
They also ripped me off : I paid 3000 CFA for 2 giga, my friend next to me paid 2000 for 2 giga. No explaination, just "you didnt order the same offer". Just ask for the price list before you paid anything, people here are not honest and dont seem to know their job. The woman also told me that I didnt buy enough data because Togolese Gigas were different than European Gigas... Best joke ever.

Togocel 7.01026, 0.62948

A place to avoid. We went there because we knew a friend how lived nearby the lake on top of the mountains. We didnt give a rat about that waterfall (how dare they call that a waterfall anyway... ) but we had to go through the gate to go to our friend´s place. They made us pay ! No way to take the road without paying ! Huge rip off. They asked 2500 CFA each... we paid 1500 after rough negociations. A lot of yelling going on, the "village gangsters" at the gate are super agressive and the money goes all in their pockets. Difficult to keep it calm there.

Cascade de Kpime 7.00844, 0.64598

Scammer at the crossroads! There is a gentleman set up at the corner of the shortcut. He has the official gendarme halte signs on the ground but is not wearing the standard green uniform. He speaks great English and was very friendly. Asked us for a fiche and our COVID cards. He then offered to call his friend at the Diama border to check on the situation for us. He put us on the phone with his friend who said that before we proceed to Diama, we had to drive 40 km down the main road to Rossi to get an authorization document from an office a few km from the border. When we asked more about the office he was vague and said we would see a sign. He agreed that the Diama crossing was better and suggested that we just get the authorization then proceed along the river road to Diama, bypassing Rossi. This would have been a big detour for us. We started off down the road to Rossi to the "office" but as we thought about it too many things felt off. We turned around, waved at the gentleman at the crossroads as we drove back by and proceeded along the shortcut road. Obviously no such authorization exists. We expect the intention was to get it close to Rossi where we would have been given another story about why we should now cross there.

Shortcut to Diama 16.79017, -16.09886

Standard Cracker Barrel. Called and asked permission to stay in our camper van and was told it was okay. The lot in the back isn’t the most level, but we were able to find a nice level spot for our camper van. There are also rv designated spots. Some slight road noises but nothing crazy. All in all had a nice stay. Would stay again.

Cracker Barrel 36.02506, -78.95539

Spot relax. Toujours ouvert contrairement à un commentaire pas rapport.

P2 Montagne Noire 46.25094, -74.24479

amazing place paceful and beautiful, big colony of sea elephants

Playa Isla Escondida -43.77267, -65.73424

whats an amazing experience! thousands of pinguins and baby pinguins, for me one of the beautiful experiences of my life. I love animals and pinguins are my favorites♥️

Reserva Provincial Punta Tombo -43.79280, -65.75750

We tried all the spots, mentioned in iOverlander, lots of them have been completely crowded. This one here is very easy accessible, totally uncrowded, but offers the best sunset view of the Jebel Shams Canyon, as it's basically at its end. When some locals came by, every one has been very friendly and didn't disturb us.
This spot is also perfect for sunrise and nightsky photography as well.
Mobile worked too.

Jabel Shams 23.21770, 57.20497

Street was too bad. I know gravel roads but this one is really awful.

Reserva Nacional Magallanes -53.14473, -70.98281

now it is a parking lot for the construction company. would be good for a night maybe but we went a bit more south right After Puerto cisnes crossing

Mirador/ Parking at Waterfall -44.64266, -72.44158

you Can go down to the river, where it IS not so flat but beautiful view. you can swim, fish, etc. recommended!

huge parking -44.66978, -72.44662

here you could exchange your argentina gas bottle (10kgs). not cheap for argentina (+/-10$) but not a lot of possibilities around. in el chalten, there were nowhere to exchange it and in El Calafate, the guy didn't want to exchange Ypf bottles (the white ones). So this place was helpful for us.

Corralon el Rural -48.74632, -70.26427
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Not really a spot for a rig to park overnight. Appears to be a make out dead-end street. Maybe could put up a tent….. but doubt it would be quiet or wind free. This may have been ideal before, but barricades have been set up.

Ex-Alfonsin -54.79354, -68.25067
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Meh- just another bakery. Take out pizzas. A few baked sweets. Lots of breads. Sandwiches. Drinks. Same as nearly every panadería.

Panadería La Vienesa -54.79252, -68.27026
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This is a former prison which has been turned into multiple museums. Each wing of the prison is different and every cell contains info. Two floors with stairs
Really a lot of stuff.
Prison Museum
Antarctica Expeditions Museum
Old Ushuaia Museum
Indigenous Peoples (may be temp exhibit)
Marine Art Collection.
Art Gallery
Kiosk selling the basics
Gift shops. Post office

Admission may be costly, but you get a lot of bang for your buck. AND you can get stamped to return two more times. We could not finish it in one visit.
Parking for any size rig. Lockers for rent.
Check Google for open hours
Jan 23 - $6200argpesos pp

Museum of the Old Prison Ushuaia -54.80310, -68.29759
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This is an indoor mall. Many shops, including outdoor wear and shoes. Grocery store. Food court. Unreliable wifi. Charging station in food court now. Work out facility (may have showers). Video game zone. Cinema. Parking for any size rig.

Paseo del fuego + La Anonima -54.79909, -68.27859

Only option between El Chalten and GGregores. Expensive gas (1700ars)
Shower possible (200 Ars !!) but dirty and not working properly. Better option in El Chalten.

Tres Lagos -49.60305, -71.47890

Nice place to camp. Quiet. Saw some other tourist at the end of the day and in the morning after 9.30. We didn’t slept well: extremely strong winds that twirled around the rich formations and let us bounce in our rooftoptent.

Rock Formations -21.71741, -67.52775

Lugar super tranquilo, você pode tomar banho de mar e de rio ao mesmo tempo! É um povoado bem pequeno, mas com estrutura de restaurantes e mercadinho. Sinal de celular não pega, mas você consegue Wi-Fi com as barracas da praia. O banheiro do Centro Comercial Cultural fica aberto, mas não tem ducha. Encontramos uma ducha na barraca Boca da Barra. Aproveite o por do sol no mangue, é lindo!

Barra do Itariri -11.96569, -37.61750

We had to pay 100c for the vehicule to enter.
They give a receipt

Centro turistico Laguna de apoyo 11.94557, -86.04735

we came from Uganda side and had mostly tar road and the last few kilometers are nearly finished but very good gravel road as well. from Sipi Falls it took as about 2 hours to the boarder. also on kenya side everything was tar road. we had our east africa visa and some cash for the road tax (40 usd or about 5000 ksh) and so it was the easiest boarder ever. it took us less than one hour to cross.

Suam 1.21612, 34.73259

Good place, small but clean and comfortable rooms. There is a restaurant on site that opened especially for us in the evening. Gated and secure parking. Staff are lovely and friendly. We paid 135,000 Colombian pesos for a room with breakfast included ($29USD at todays exchange rate).

Inaoska 5.79734, -72.97407

Petrol station with restaurant and a bus station behind. Clean bathrooms, paid showers. It's not possible to stay overnight here.

Graal Grande Parada Norte -26.77877, -48.68371

Sandy path hide with trees for cyclist in from of waterfall

50 meters from the road -46.50151, -73.07457

Multiple boondocking locations along the gravel road. No amenities, just lots of space for dry camping. A few other campers scattered around. No signs. Possibly future development?

E Quail Trail Street 33.67171, -114.18444

we where here for 1 night. 7000 pppn.
WiFi is terrible, only at the building, if you are lucky.
you can ask for breakfast, it's 4000 pp. it includes a lot of Homemade bread, jam/jelly and 2 scrambled eggs (pp) and coffee and tea.
camping spots are ok for vans not really for tents, it's very rocky and not flat. there are 3 huts where you can put your tent in.
there are chickens and turkeys walking around and a few dogs who kept on barking at night. so we didn't slept very good.
the showers are clean and hot.

Herência Ventisquero -44.47612, -72.57433

totally adequate. we rolled in in our 30' RV around dusk, bought a few things at Target, had dinner at the sushi place across the parking lot, and stayed the night. we tried to stay low-key (no generator, minimal lights) and no one disturbed us. we left around 7:45am.

Target Parking Lot 38.34786, -122.72079

Came her in 2019 and did the WW rafting trip which was excellent.
This time we did the mellow Rio Espolon rafting which was an absolute pleasure. Sun shining helps but also swam in the river as it was soooo warm. Fab-u-lous. Staff are great and lady on reception/front of house speaks excellent English (Georgia?). Paid 40,000 CLP pp for. 1.5 hrs trip. Well worth it.

Bochinche Expediciones -43.18509, -71.86624

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