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A praia é linda, vi placa indicando borracheiro na entrada da comunidade, dois mercadinho e uma loja de material de construção e algumas pousadas. Se quer sossego não venha na época do festival Universo Paralelo que é numa fazenda ao lado. Fomos 10 dias depois acho que este foi o motivo de estar com tanto moscas.

Praia de Pratigi -13.71782, -38.98923

Ficamos aqui no estacionamento da rua por dois dias. Local muito tranquilo. No final da rua tem uma ducha e torneira com água doce.
No hotel em frente pode se negociar banheiro por R$10,00 o dia, ou ficar no estacionamento dele por R$50,00 o equipamento, com direito a água, luz, hi-fi, e banheiro.

Beach Parking -6.36644, -35.00362

just as described by others. it is very windy here today, we will not stay here again.

Facing Giant Rock on the beach 30.71161, -114.70891

Great place in the area of the Yaxha ruins. As described it‘s fee for visitors of the ruins. Quit and peaceful besides the lake with lovely sunset. 👍

Yaxha 17.06712, -89.40039

Like others stated easy to miss. GPS had the entrance about 800 feet before the road. Missed it and had to turn around. Nice little place is pretty close to the highway. Good for one night. Stayed on a Tuesday night. Got there around 6:30pm and left around 7:30am. No issues.

Georgia Camping Area (Goose Road Camp) 33.02989, -83.79132

Pernoitamos 01 noite e pagamos 250 pesos com direito a Ducha. @naestradacomleao / MT BRASIL

Gasolinera ancap el 66 -34.55937, -56.74535

Speed a night here, very quiet and safe, we have seen 2 crocodilo in the water. Free

IG & YT bob en cavale

Ojo de aqua 21.59642, -88.14556
Snow & Curt

Perfect after a long day of getting to the border! cell service was good for us here

ACA San Sebastian -53.29932, -68.45600

Now they want 9000 pesos p/p, and in a boat with 40 total passengers. Thanks but no thanks.

Penguin Tours -41.92971, -74.03386

big place to park side visitors information, next to the YPF station, free water on the place, bathroom and shower on the gas station, there's a shop with a delicious torta fritas

Visitor Information Centre -38.53952, -70.36654

Camping places were full so he offered a cabana. the camping places looked good for a spot close to the city with a roof and an picknicktable at each spot. The cabana was very dirty, it looked like it hasn't been cleaned for the past year, would not recommend.

El Ciervo Camping y Cabanas -41.48667, -72.97318

NO OVERNIGHT PARKING. Signs everywhere. We ask the security guy just for one night. it was a definite NO

Walmart 28.44039, -81.47645

Big rig friendly, 2 dog parks, cheap 24hr laundry, playground, easy pull thru spots, $28/night full hookup, hot showers, awesome staff, train comes by a couple times a day but a nice view of the mountains

A Deming Roadrunner R V Park 32.26949, -107.72839

This place worked out well to park overnight while in the city. Traffic quieted down late. Right on the multi use path and across the street from Trader Joe's. There is a trash can.

Rillito River Park Parking Lot 32.28338, -110.94358

They filled our european bottle with our adapter from their big bottle. Very friendly and helpful owner! We paid 400 ARG per kg in January 2023. They do what they can, to get your bottle/tank filled.

FDS Gases -38.92488, -67.97242

Beautiful forest with incredible view of Mt St Helens, about a 40 minute drive down a forest road. Road is paved and somewhat maintained, but in winter, fallen trees, potholes and debris make it a 1 lane road so definitely drive slowly. This specific spot was snowed in in January, couldn’t access it in a van but saw a Jeep drive right though it🤷‍♀️ Once again friends there is unfortunately no garbage fairy! Pack it out!!

Mount Saint Helens National Volcanic Monument 46.14787, -122.30047

they get credit cards and they have diesel ⛽️

Chintheche -11.81447, 34.18290

no one was there.. maybe stop..
we drove with no issue at all..

Corrupt Road Block -11.67042, 34.24210

Great little roadside cafe/restaurant. They serve food here (Fish, Chicken, & egg etc) coffee, & tea. Right on the beach so the scenery is beautiful, & they've got little open & covered huts on the beach you can relax in as you gaze at the beautiful beach & ocean!

Tanjung Kolisia Cafe -8.53367, 122.07951

Road under construction. You need to drive next to the road. Rain destroy the tracks, lot of truck, no indication. You need to drive slowly, like 20-25 km per hours max under 200km. After it's a new asphalt road it's better.

If you can, take another road for the moment.

difficult road, bad condition -4.53117, 30.15146
A sudden leap into boondocking

Another walmart that is gracious enough to allow overnight parking. This is not a supercenter but a nice walmart with a pharmacy in a very quiet part of town. The parking area is not huge but there were multiple big rigs and one other class C the night I stayed. By 9:30 p.m. the lot was pretty much cleared but was very crowded during the day. Please try to arrive later in the evening when not so many people are shopping if you plan to stay as I could see people complaining about the amount of parking areas taken up and some rigs making it difficult to navigate the narrow lanes in the parking lot.

Wal-Mart 33.05391, -89.56632

Really nice place, we camped just a bit east from the mentioned spot, at a small bay with space for 1 vehicle (the road is on Google maps). But there are a lot of spaces here, some directly at sea, some a bit more inlands. Also grass there to pitch a tent. Be careful, there might be snakes, we saw one on the first evening. It was very calm and quiet when we were there in January, on weekdays. Good for making a hike as well. The road leading to it from the northeast (8 km gravel) was good and most of the time spacious, just some washed away sections but nothing bad.

Beach camp 36.99873, 27.65036

Second last gas station before the border to Saudi Arabia.
Last station is unverified, but directly at the border. They have kinda "gas-boxes" there, where you probably might need to have some kind of card.
So this is the last one, which is verified, working and has a small super market.
We had to wait 1hour for Diesel though, due to shortage.

Shabitah 22.68287, 53.34598

Cooled water at small waterfront park. I think it‘s drinking water. Little playground for kids is there too and some fitness gears. Suitable to fill up bottles and small canisters.

Playground with Fitnessstation and Drinkwater 26.29952, 50.22502

Lovely stopover outside Mbeya, they have camping for 13usd pppn

Good food, wifi and clean ablutions - also great amenities with a tennis court and swimming pool. The team was all very helpful in recommendations onwards.

Lunji Coffee Farm -8.87121, 33.35709

Slept here for 2 nights, lots of fast traffic from 06:00 even though this is a 1 block street. They are picking up trash on Wed + Thu morning at 7:00. During the day we moved to Hugh Taylor Birch Park. 6$ per day. One parking is walking distance to the Dog beach. The other is close to the canal

Fort Lauderdale 26.12447, -80.12779

Super lugar ! Entramos al espacio cerca a la casa, con una Hilux Toyota y una carpa techo. Súper cómodo, la cocina esta en la casa y es independiente para los que acampan. Hay un baño muy limpio y 3 perritos muy amigables. Es fácil tomar un taxi desde aquí, 2 a 3 dolares el taxi al centro o se puede caminar. Perfecto para corta o largas estadías. Maria muy amable y atenta. Humberto tiene mucha info que compartir. También tienen cabañas por $15 por persona, acampar es $5 por persona.

Cabañas Yanuncay -2.90585, -79.02802

Stayed four nights since it was raining for most of our stay. fantastic value. very friendly staff, Kevin is super helpful. we enjoyed the walk to town and around the golf course. still 5 dollar pppn.

Hillside Sports Club -18.95715, 32.67041

Very quick and easy border crossing.
Botswana side to stamp out done in 2-5mins. no queue for us during lunchtime and low season.

Zimbabwe side also easy without a queue but we did not know you have to do the TIP online beforehand. A guy was helping us to do it on the spot on his laptop and charged 10 US$. Save the money and fill in the form online beforehand.
Other than that we paid 50 US$ for all the car fees (road tax, Tip and vehicle insurance).
I wanted to get a multiple entry visa but they only had single and double entry visa (45$).
They requested our vaccinations but accepted one shot of Johnson&Johnson.

Just a heads up. After entering Zim, after 500 meters is a poor roadblock with police. They check what you have but the guy made no effort going through our stuff after seeing how packed our vehicle was. Got then waved through.

Kazungula Border Post (Botswana-Zimbabwe) -17.81500, 25.26582

Excelente lugar para passar a noite. É um estacionamento público que fica ao lado de um Beach Club onde os funcionários são muito simpáticos, nos deixaram usar o banheiro, tomar banho e pegar água potável gelada da cozinha. Contudo, há umas pessoas que ficam "cobrando" estacionamento, mas é não é obrigatório por ser un local público, pode contribuir se quiser, mas não se sinta na obrigação.
Durante o dia há muitos carros, portanto nal é um local qie dá para abrir o toldo e ficar como em um camping, mas dá para permanecer tranquilamente e a noite é super seguro, pois tem um segurança que fica fazendo a ronda do Clube, que também é super gente fina!
Ao final da praia tem um rio que é muito bom de tomar banho e um outro beach club que toca música e tem uma sombra de coqueiro maravilhosa!
Tem lixeira na entrada na praia, tente não deixar lixo pra trás para que possamos continuar sendo bem recebidos!

Praia dos Nativos -16.58692, -39.08943

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