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5$coin dump station
Free water garbage bin
Two ways access
Nice facility

Rathtrevor Beach Provincial Park 49.31744, -124.27203

great pull off area. quiet, far enough from lake Havasu to not be crowded. I got here after dark and it was easy to find a nice spot to back my van into.

Havasu Heights BLM 14-day camping 34.66350, -114.30764
Idiot on Wheels

Very nice hotel with private parking for motorcycles and a couple of cars inside the courtyard.

Hotel Antiguo Vapor 21.01868, -101.25691

What a stunning wild camping spot. Cattle grazing by, birds singing in the trees and 30-50 hippos in the water. Crocodiles are also in the lake near the shore but far enough from camp. I wouldn't go close to the water towards the evening as the hippos come out of the water.

We loved the place so much that we stayed 2 nights. Just watch out if it rains. The ground will get very muddy. One of the old sites has still an even concrete place which might be better for rainy days.

The road in is a bit rough over rocks and through a small riverbed but that one only flows in the rain. We followed directions to this place. The tracks are marked on the app.

Great fireplace with a view of this end of the lake.

Very few locals walked by in the distance on their way to go fishing.

We saw fireflies in the evening.

Mlibizi (Kariba Lake) -17.95099, 27.07802

Spent 4 nights here. Beautiful, clean, helpful staff. Electricity, ablutions, flat camping - all good. Perfect starting point for trails. ZAR 130 pppn for a roof top tent with electricity.

Mahai Camp Site @ Royal Natal -28.65899, 29.03284

Parking gratuit sans services très populaires auprès des Camping Car. Il y en a 30 autour de moi présentèrent. Vue sur la forteresse et lever et coucher de soleil au rendez-vous. A ne pas manquer. Pour vidanger votre réservoir vous pouvez aller à un camping à 8 km d'ici qui ne vous charge que 1 Euro pour utiliser l'eau 2 minutes. Pour 3 Euros vous faites l'affaire et pouvez vous déplacer à votre guise.

Parking Fortaleza Sagres 37.00464, -8.94550

Parc with swimmingpools and you can camp where ever you want.
100$ per person and pets are not allowed (we could stay with dog on leash, because she missed it when we asked and we already paid...).
It's quiet and good to stay to visit the ruins, one woman speaks good english. It's okay but not welcoming like other places we were till now.
Perhaps it was because of our dog - but she was quiet a bit rough when she saw the dog and didn't believe us we asked her just before...

Balneario El Rincon 20.68892, -103.84146

“ the police woke me up”

Next to ball field and bar 38.06180, -122.69869

Ignore the „closed“ sign, just drive up to the entrance and they will open the gate for you.

What an amazing place, right at the river. Very friendly and nice owners Arturo and his partner, very welcoming. Arturo showed us around his large property and gave us a bag full of freshly collected fruits. 20$ per RV.

La Isleta 8.21814, -81.74131

This place is permanently closed.

Laguna Colorada -22.21278, -67.79913

Water tap and bathroom with cold showers free (aporte voluntario). Families spending time in the river on day. Clean bathrooms, considering that there is a lot of people using it

Rio Bueno Municipal -40.32957, -72.96057

Perfect spot on the beach. Free. Amazing locals. Just in front of Canadian owners house. Quiet. If you have a boat or jetski, launch can be made on the beach.

Dirt road out of Riversdale village 16.68936, -88.31020

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -50.31519, -72.25460

Guarderia Canina Charly -50.32569, -72.23851

Nice County campground. Shaded picnic table and grill. Porta John’s scattered around. Pets are welcome. $10

Pinal County Park 32.83964, -112.11106

No overnight parking allowed

North Vegas 36.33590, -115.28708

excelente muy amplio para pasar la noche. lugar de camioneros

Posto Setta -6.56069, -35.13770

Great for shower!!! Increíble la ducha! Súper cómodo, sale agua caliente.

Graal Baleia -28.09632, -48.70743

the place is not alowed to enter with campers. Bikes and walkers can enter.

Waterfall and Campsite -38.51697, -71.83550

no overnighting

Whitesbog Historic Site 39.96313, -74.48015

Spent 4 night camping here !! The place is really beautiful by the river and very quiet at night. Step drive down but easily possible without 4x4. It was quite clean but around the woods and bushes people leave all their toilet paper around. Keep it clean :) !

Riverside -54.75280, -68.19716

Posto Shell 24 horas
Abastecemos com Diesel, completamos a nossa caixa de água e pernoitamos, sentimos seguro neste local, fica 63 km de Aparecida.

Estation Shell -23.13421, -45.74840

Showered twice in the past week ! Men’s showers are nice. Not private though, 3 showers close together. Shower was really hot with good pressure. Did not have to pay anything and the clerk was very nice !

YPF station -54.75275, -68.19719

I paid 4000 peso per night (1person with 1 bike). Simply for the price I do not recommend, but I had no choice since the other place was full

Mendoza - Parque Suizo -32.85515, -68.89684

Zona de acampe gratis a un lado de la estación de servicio Shell, hay parcelas con árboles y sombra, parrilleros. No hay conexión a electricidad .

Station shell Atlantico -40.71044, -65.00018

Pousada que aceita motorhome. Espaço com grama, galera gente boa :) Vende ótima pizza a noite. 50pp. Banheiros poderiam ser mais limpos e não tem cozinha.

Pousada Pataxó -16.79834, -39.15105
Douglas Smith

Easily accessible water spigot is on the West side of the main building, directly in front of a parking spot.

7-11 Gas Station 28.18517, -82.43832

Comfortable campground, beach shower with warm water and the lodge shower free of sand. Safe and secure (watch out for the coconuts up in the trees). 8 bucks for the night, breakfast included, water around the building and power as well. My cord was too short but the hammocks are close enough for my devices. 9 dogs, all friendly.

Hostal Cañaveral 0.21671, -80.03029

Small spot for one car next to the road (almost no traffic) with nice view over the cliffs. No beach access. It looks like its the only place having good 4G with Omantel.

Beyond fazayeh beach, with good 4G 16.81919, 53.69493

The ticket office is behind Starbucks, brightly coloured in blue & purple & tucked away in the corner! Like a previous comment said you can only buy ticket on day of departure.

ASDP ferry office in Labuan Bajo -8.49129, 119.87602

There is a small flat spot to park with incredible views. It is close to the road but there is not much traffic in the night. Easy accessible, but not hidden from the road. Internet connection is okay. There is a viewpoint with picnic area and public bathroom 10 minutes uphill from here

Mountain Camping with beautiful view 17.22133, 43.09882

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