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We found the place closed and for sale. Doesn't look loke it will re-open soon

Casa Estrella Wellness Center 21.04120, -101.26038

water works, two spigots just on the other side of the sidewalk where the parking is.

eastbound I10 - rest area 33.61836, -114.45242
Tsavo Touring

Great spot with awesome hosts. Super clean and adding more and more amenities. When we stayed there were quite a few people coming in every day. I’d definitely recommend emailing them before you drive up the road (especially if you have a large vehicle or one that’s not great on unpaved roads).

Highlights: incredible setting, awesome hikes, great kitchen area, fire pit, clean bathroom (nice composting toilets w/ sinks outside to wash up), garden and fruit trees onsite.

Things to consider: if you have an RV or van that rattles a lot prepare yourself for a long drive on a fairly bumpy dirt road. It’s not a bad road but I imagine it could be loud… or difficult/tight in larger vehicle (like a class c rv, Expedition Vehicle, etc). There is probably room for 10-14 rigs. But if you’re in something like a 170” sprinter (7M -23’ long) spaces are limited.

They now have a IG account:

Prices: $200 one person, $300 per couple, under age 10 are free

Rancho San Dionisio 23.55896, -109.86529

Awesome food. Very clean and nice place. Menu del dia 18 soles per person.

Palermo Restaurant -16.42168, -73.11376

A fuel station safe to pass a night with a big parking.

Auto Posto Novo Pedagio -22.71945, -43.68780

Good basic hotel, hot water, no AC needed. Secure parking, good staff. I paid 7000 pesos.

Hotel Refugio -45.89239, -67.53425

ATM on Main Street. Turn left off the main road into town onto the road along the malecon. Was open on Sunday with many people even though Maps said bank was closed.

ATM in BBVA 31.02367, -114.83340

Accepted card. Bathrooms outside. Need to put 5 pesos in the slot for the turnstile to open and let you in to use it.

Arco 31.11665, -114.90125

Good and very helpful mecanic! Recommanded!

Garage ennakhil 30.08268, -6.87150

indeed, beautiful scenic drive! also many spots to swim in the river with amazing views on the canyon.
On a Sunday many local families taking a bath

Beautiful Drive to Cuyin Manzano -40.69738, -71.24560

beautiful scenery with different spots to stay for the night. river is very clean.
many locals came by to take a bath or to take a walk.
you can hear the traffic at night though (quite a few trucks passing by)

Great Camping Spot by River Limay -40.80473, -71.11940

I think the location is off a bit. Appears to be a house or business at the spot. Went down the road about 0.25 miles and stayed at Wolf Creek trailhead parking lot. Few cars went pass overnight

Parking Lot 38.01128, -81.11023

Nice campsite, imho the only one in town that are good for campervans. Quite expensive though, 2500 ppn plus 300 per car. Managed very strict, with checkout times (10 am!) and daily changing codes for the showers. Bathrooms are clean, showers hot and unlimited. WiFi exists but is not usable as everywhere in El Chalten. The place is very busy at high season, but that's due to the lack of alternatives...

Camping El Relincho -49.32586, -72.88994

What a mess. We drove by, but didn't dare to check-in.

El Paredon -49.32949, -72.88251

we had to pay 280 (double wheel base) .......

Toll 21.96230, -105.12333

We were told that it was not in operation. Another RVer was told that it’s not available on the weekends. So, who knows?

TA Truck Stop 32.26954, -109.84680

Free camp near the river and the road, please respect the area and don’t leave any trash

Free Camp -47.01939, -72.83055

This border is open from 9am-8pm every day. The location is further down the road into Chile than what’s marked on iOverlander, which might be why people think it’s closed. Very quick and efficient.

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea -51.58615, -72.34808

Border is OPEN. Open every day from 9am-8pm.

Argentinean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea -51.57449, -72.35019

Very trashy and exposed. Not nice at all!

Laguna Arco Iris -51.62405, -69.20342

Good WiFi, password on entrance doors..............

Sanderson Library 30.14352, -102.39418
Jamie Z

Cheap accomodations. Paid Q60 for one person.

Room is clean, hot water, decent wifi, small desk and chair with a lamp. Also has a small gated lot for parking 100 meters away.

Hotel La Semilla 15.28622, -91.09357

we didn't stay here! there lives a guy in a bus.
he wanted 10.000 pesos.
it looked messy and we didnt trust it

Motorhome Parking -41.88295, -73.79018

parking ordinance according to the website (see photo i posted) is specifically ONLY for RVs and RV style vehicles. Car camping according to this ordinance is still 100% fine 🤣 Guess the rich folks in the houses opposite didnt take too kindly to people stopping overnight

any side pull off without signs posted 30.35502, -89.12374

Just a very muddy field for 500 pesos pn
We left.

Maya Bell Campground 17.48752, -92.03856

Typical big box parking lot. Stayed one night in our Class B with no issues. Close to main road so there is some road noise thru night. Good cell service.

Home Depot 30.24658, -92.01148

24/7 rest area, Auto, Semi Truck and RV parking. Covered picnic tables. Large rest area. Dog walk.

Arkansas Welcome Center at El Dorado 33.18485, -92.63424

hose to fill RV tanks, very lovely staff

Agua Purificada - Los Cerritos 23.35642, -110.16468

th price went up! we paid 605 today for a van with double wheel base

Checkpoint / locals asking for money 22.46061, -105.43315

in addition to our visit in November:
the "official" music in combination with those of the guest al the day over you hardly can stand.
The "motorhome area" is used as parking area for locals with their cars so you don't feel Like on s campground more like a parking lot 😁
As ist ist obviously the only one in Salta there is no chance to escape 😁
new price: 600pP + 1000 for camper für 1 night - nearly double the price we paid in November.

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81263, -65.41924

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