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It is an area behind the city hall with barbecues, tables, benches, shade. There are water points and electricity available. We stopped there for lunch, I don't know if it's allowed to stay overnight.

Rest Area -40.05085, -70.07397

Arrived late at night, beautiful views and quiet. There are several other spots before the park gate.

Roadside Beach Camping -26.25349, -70.64508

Wonderful surprise to get that kind of quality food in this town. Restaurant seemed to be closed when we arrived (Friday night at 730) but opened up for us when we rang the bell. Cook is third generation Italian and puts its own twist on recipes, has wealth of information on area and beyond.

CLUB SOCIAL DE CHAÑARAL -26.34771, -70.62128

Flat area is no longer accessible due to gravel at side of road. We stayed a few hundred meters further down, was almost flat there.

Last Chance -27.07452, -69.38945
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Closed. New hours. Don’t count on this resource. See photo.

Library -53.29568, -70.37169
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

We arrived on a Friday night. Backed up to the berm/trench. It was peaceful and perfect. The next morning a truck arrived and parked right next to us. They carried their camping gear over the berm and set up camp between the two. Then a few hours later another truck arrived, and drove right around the berms and set up a camp down the way. No one bothered us, but we definitely weren’t alone.
Tip- if you park here, turn around so you can drive out even if others arrive. (actually you should always do that)

Bahía Inútil -53.45578, -70.11550
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

This would require some risky driving around the berms and trenches that have been created. Perhaps someone doesn’t want campers there. It is still possible, but would need 4x4 and a low center of gravity rig to get there. Could be used by motos, bikes, foot traffic.

Bahia Inutil -53.45597, -70.12419

Home of a lovely Costa Rican family with two kids and some nice dogs. Also a place where they rent their rancho for private events. Place for several vans, big rigs would also fit and there is also a small grassy area for tents. They charge 3000 colones pp/pn.
It's a private place, so please text Keren (only Spanish) some time in advance via whatsapp (+506 8445 2925).

Casa de una familia maravillosa con dos hijos y algunos perros muy amables. También un lugar donde alquilan el rancho para eventos privados. Hay lugar para varios vans/big rigs y también tiendas. Cobran 3000 colones por noche/persona.
Es un lugar privado, por eso por favór contácte a Keren un poco antes por whatsapp (+506 8445 2925).

Rancho Guadalupe 10.27449, -85.57543

Es el último camping del PN Lanín, tiene mucho espacio abierto, es muy bueno que ya tenés el parque entero visto, como para decidir que vas hacer por acá. sin embargo, el final del camino es un poco intenso, con algunos pozos, lo que hace moverse mucho el vehículo, en nuestro caso, un motorhome Sprinter, recomiendo cuidado. no pasó nada, al fin, llegamos al camping, que es hermoso. muy cerca hay un sendero para la cascada El Saltillo. pagamos 1000 AR$ por adulto, 200 AR$ por la ducha y 300 AR$ por acceso a internet. lento, pero sirve, dado que no hay señal en ningún lado del parque. lo único molesto es que al fin de la tarde algunos adolescentes empiezan a dar vueltas con un cuadriciclo. un poco peligroso para niños y animales circulando (además de los de crianza del camping, algunas personas traen sus mascotas), y ruidoso. así mismo, recomendable.

Mari Mariche camping -39.71323, -71.54492

Victor é um ótimo anfitrião! O lugar é muito bem cuidado. Não tem facilidades, mas os restaurantes em volta oferecem. Seguro. Recomendo.

Refugio de Victor -13.71320, -76.21971

Arrived at night and made what I thought was a wrong turn according to my GPS, but there are tons of options out here. Parked a ways from some other campers in a section clearly marked “14 Day BLM Camping”, near a fire ring someone else made before. A few ATVs have passed, otherwise very peaceful.

Mitchell Mine Road 33.64998, -114.14758

Lugar incrível! Fomos no verão, então estava chovendo bastante, mas ainda sim tivemos uma noite super agradável! É um wildcamping, então não tem energia, eletricidade e água potável… mas a cachoeira fica pertinho (não pode entrar, o risco de afogamento é muito grande). A estrada não é muito boa, temos uma pajero, mas não usamos o 4x4. Valeu muito a pena!!

Complexo Fumaça-Carrancas MG -21.47203, -44.68192

stayed one night (7-7) no problem, it was quiet, didn't use or check out the bathroom or dump

12 hour RV parking 43.51374, -114.30511

Large camping site with access for tents, small camper vans, and overlanders. Front side of the property faces the river and hosts day trippers as well as overnight campers. Back side of the property has fewer spots (so fewer sites), is away from the hustle but requires a trek to get to the bathrooms.
Bathrooms were clean, showers only run from 18:00-21:00 (heated by fires). Some water taps, parrillas, and electrical outlets throughout site, plus a game room (pool, ping pong), covered quinchos, and small store/restaurant. Separate area with sinks to wash clothes and others to clean dishes. The river access is easy and beautiful and the owner/manager spoke English fluently. Easy place to spend a few days. It was expensive (compared to most places in Argentina); $1,500 for tent, $1,800 for adults, $700 for kids.

Camping Tannenwald -31.92710, -64.60326

We stayed here one night with two motorbikes and a tent, it was quiet and felt safe, barely anyone driving through that road
If you want to avoid camping in the sand there is a Municipal camping (which looked free but we didn't use it) just down the road in the village

Lagoa dos Barros -29.98390, -50.38599

Came here to find “No Overnight Parking” signs *everywhere*. Couldn’t find a security patrolling the lot so I asked the Planet Fitness employee. He said the police have been checking the lot regularly and to park at our own. After a 7 hour drive we were not down with a 4 am window knock so we left.

Planet Fitness parking lot 36.04101, -114.97765

Great place to stay. No facilities. No problem during the night. There is a river to fill a bottle of water if you have a filter. Thank you for the spot.

grassy site near park entrance -50.39658, -72.72996

180 p.p
The place is great, very beautifull, clean toilet and hot shower. Free wifi. Quite expensive but it worth.

Semonkong Lodge -29.84367, 28.04367

We tried to get there after it rained and gave up, the way was steep and slippery we also got told that one of the bridges is washed away…

Wildcamp by the lake -1.92784, 29.32410

We spent a night there. Some loud music from some people but not until to late ! Good for a night !

Lago Las Torres -44.79831, -72.20230

Just to be clear, the info in the primary description is WRONG & itsnotaslowcar is correct. YOU MUST NOT BYPASS THE FIRST BUILDING and get your exit stamps before moving to the next building for entry. Took us 2hrs 45 as we bypassed the first building but skipped the line second time round.

Carretera Austral- Monte Aymond -52.14181, -69.52010

Lovely, scenic drive on the C51 to this very pleasant campsite. We received a warm welcome, grassy site with amazing views, basic ablution block but great shower with very hot water and western flushing toilet. The site had a large overlanding tour staying and another overlanding couple and it felt lovely and buzzy, not too crowded or noisy at all. Very peaceful overnight. We didn't use the restaurant but it looked nice. This was a stopover for us but could happily have stayed longer to do a walk down into the valley. 700ksh pppn

Lelin Overland Campsite 0.63536, 35.52506

we enter en Bolivia from Corumba this day and come directly here. Nice place to spend a few days. It is not the right time to take a hot bath, but in the morning and at night it was very pleasant. We stayed 2 nights. We were almost always alone in this part of the river. In the evening some local came to take a bath. Quiet nights. Lot of Mosquitos in the evening

Hot River free camp -18.45537, -59.51040

Boat tour now 280 MXN pP, official price for all. We came in the afternoon and booked a tour for the next morning at 10 am. But it starts at 11, because they are waiting for a full boat.
Overnight stay in the parking lot costs now 100 extra, for using bathroom you have additional costs.

Boat Launch Parking 16.70916, -93.02381

We got an oil change for our Sprinter, did it at his buddy's house after work hours. Left their place at almost 10pm! Felt safe though, nice people.
Reliable, worked on error codes too. Not sure about where the garage is really as we were given his number by another sprinter specialist.
If you wanted to contact directly, Eduardo, Lalo Mendoza +52 443 252 3170
Got the whole oil change + filters+ labour for less than 6,000 pesos.

Catrami Mercedes Sprinter 19.67698, -101.22735

Established camp site just outside Maltahohe - gravel road 1.9 km after the end of the black top. 5-7 sites with potable water, braii, benches table and shades. Clean ablutions with hot showers. Light but no power to sites.
We paid 100 per night per person in Jan 2023.

The old bridge -24.85011, 16.95409

Basic campside, friendly owner. Cold shower, picknick tables, baño inside, plenty of space. We paid 10.000 for two persons and tent. Also sells some basic products and offers some cooked meals(But we didn’t use these, so don’t know what and how). Can’t miss the big wooden sign next to the Street.

Camping without name -47.41457, -72.72913

Beautiful location at the river. You can swim, explore the cave and hike in the djungle. Very friendly owner. Clean restrooms, quiet and peaceful. We highly recommend!

Balneario 15.86713, -90.09501

Uruguay Argentina Chile and Brazil car insurance. price of cake. Walter is cool paid 2100 Argentina for 1 month

Federacion Patronal Seguros -33.00795, -58.51533
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Best showers in Argentina since quite some km’s. Superclean, hot and with pressure. Facilities are so good that this campsite shouldn’t be free, but somehow it is…
We didnt have to register to open the banos because there we’re already people there.
There is a steep gravel entrance to the campsite(too steep for us) , so we used the steep concrete one. The path is pretty bumpy, so with a low car it will be a bit of a search for a good path

Plaza, Cerro Sombrero -52.77637, -69.29123

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