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Nice spot close to a small road between Dead Sea and Madaba.
Beautiful view over the valley to Palestine/Jerusalem.
The road to get there is maybe a bit too small for big rigs. Nobody around, but abandoned Bedouine Camp next.
H+ with STC

Gone Bedouine 31.74597, 35.70728

I parked one night on the square. It is a very central location and there are no signs restricting parking. However in my opinion the traffic noise and exhaust fumes were a bit much, and I moved on to Rancho La Mesa RV park.

Plaza Don Vasco de Quiroga 19.51334, -101.60851

The name is La Matera Slow Food.
Really tasty. We had Pad Thai. Only place for 4p inside.

La Madera Slow Food -46.62602, -72.67593
[email protected]

This time when we asked the attendant charged us $5 for water. It is hard to find water in this area in the winter so we paid.

Wash Me 48.99884, -123.82052

Lots of space, only a few other campers here. Opportunity for full sun, or shade from large live oaks. There is a sign expressly prohibiting pets, appears to be new. Not sure the reason as it's right on the edge of a subdivision. There are no fire rings but plenty of evidence of people having fires.

Pearl River Wildlife Management 30.30144, -89.70818

A little “market” shop that will have all your creature comforts you may have been missing whilst in Central America. We got excited about honey nut cheerios for breakfast for the first time in forever

Exito grocery store -20.46202, -66.82333

Tap with spring water on the Açude road. Next to St. Marcellin's College

spring water tap -22.96422, -43.27795

great dump and fill station. two stations with rince water then move forward to fill with clean water.

Malaquite CG Dump Station 27.43103, -97.29727

Great coffee and sweets, friendly staff. WiFi is good. Much better than at Olivia's... (not only WiFi but also the coffee ☕). I can recommend this place!

El Ba'r -50.33749, -72.26476

estacionamiento para todo tipo de vehiculo, sin árboles, poste de energia 220w y canilla individual. No había nadie para recibirnos, pero sí este contacto +55 51 9912-6013.
muy cerca del puente colgante y zona restaurantes.
big parking lot for all kinds of RVs. No shade, but individual 220w socket and water outlet. I guess you have to contact owner fist, there was no one there when we arrived and had to send whatsapp to.+55 51 9912-6013. close to restaurante area, quiet and safe

Estacionamento MotorHome -29.32760, -49.72042

I arrived at night and some of the lodges seem occupied. I found a spot to sleep but don't recommend this pace anymore. seems burnt (not an option anymore). Also beside there is a luxury area with a lot of dogs.

Eco Lodge 2.35127, 9.82312

super clean showers for $16 USD without a love's card.

Love's travel centre 37.61713, -104.75664

Muy buen lugar para una ducha. El baño tiene dos duchas que se pueden usar en simultáneo. y sin tiempo límite. Tiene inodoro y mijitorios. También sector de bachas. $250 por persona.
además hay área de parrillas. Lo único malo es que no hay agua potable. No dormimos ahí pero se ve bien para pasar la noche.

Axion -39.53667, -62.68033

lavanderia anexa a um posto que possui conveniência. Possui tomadas para carregar MH.

Laundromat in shopping mall -15.63436, -56.10642

Beautiful ranch in the middle of nature. Really quiet and lots of birds. Perfect to relax.

Google maps will show you 2 roads to get there. If you arrive from Puerto Vallarta you have to take the second road (carr. a chacala). The first (carr. argentina has no acces).

Cost 150 pesos per vehicle.

Rancho Primavera 20.34128, -105.35009

Fui por una ducha pero ya no ofrecen el servicio. se ve muy lindo para pasar la noche. hay pastillas y mesas cerca de la playa de estacionamiento.

Shell -39.51384, -62.67510

Trailhead camping. One picnic table and fire ring. Gorgeous lonely setting with 3bars 5G T-mobile. 4WD recommended. Take the 46 road at the old homestead.

Lava Flow Trailhead 32.75309, -112.20674

Excelente point para dormir en auto o motorhome. Dormimos varias noches. Cerca del centro pero silencioso, tranquilo y no concurrido. Al lado de un bracito del río.

General Suarez Road -39.95005, -71.07140

slept last night behind an 18 wheeler. quiet, no hassles.

Trivia Drive 34.98019, -92.07057

not a campground anymore. this is a fancy hotel with restaurant. they dont want camper anymore.

Maya Bell Campground 17.48780, -92.03777

Please be aware there is two lines and two Windows one is for entry and one is for exit of Brazil.

If unsure ask when you arrive. Because when I arrived the entry to Brazil line was huge and the exit was very small.

Only had to show passport and proof of vacine nothing else on line as of 15/01/2023

Immigration Brazil -19.02792, -57.70801

Clean water from river. Quiet. Not flat at all tho.

From spring -39.01966, -71.45832

Small shop with all the basics you need. Eggs, fresh bread, sausages, cans, rice etc. Kind owner. Store open even on Sunday. If she's not there you can ring the bell or wait for a bit and she will most likely show up.

Almacen Pto. Bertrand -47.01728, -72.82932

Supermarket in town, good spot to resupply. Well stocked for a small-ish town.

Supermarket -39.36227, -71.58498
Uncle Rich Explorers Club

Established campground Big Thicket Hideaway Campground & RV Park. Reservations at 409-550-6968

Big Thicket Hideaway Campground & RV Park 30.45836, -94.37826

The photos looked great, but the spot isn’t. It’s essentially a narrow dead end with no lake access. Did not stay

San Pedro Laguna Free Camp 21.21280, -104.72693

Still abandoned, still here. Lots of protection from wind and rain.

Abandoned Fillingstation -44.57219, -66.49760

Great place, a lot of space saw different rvs and trucks in the distance but nothing close to you. Accesible by a dit road.

BLM Land 36.42291, -114.60074

The last pump before you exit the rest area is awesome! Excellent water pressure. I backed out truck in and out 4 scepter containers on my truck bed and was able to use a standard length hose to reach. Filled 30 gallons before having to “pump” the faucet again. Easy peasy

Hwy 19 NB Rest Area 31.76637, -111.03479

Ficamos uma noite tranquila aqui. Wi-fi bom. Só tem um chuveiro (unissex) mas esquenta bem, 300 ARS por pessoa. Funcionários simpáticos.

We stayed a quiet night here. Wifi good. There is only one shower (unisex) but it gets hot, 300 ARS per person. Friendly staff.

YPF parking lot -48.74701, -70.26035

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