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Tried calling here but a local stopped by and told us it’s not safe. Armed robberies had been happening until in the area. He advised us to park closer to houses. We left and parked outside a little restaurant about 10km south.

Wild camping next to the river -10.52324, -77.75955

Campground as described below. Many eucalyptus trees, nice clean swimming pool, all facilities very clean but a lot of disorder alround the camping. Not signaled, not easy to find. You have to pass under a big portal where you will see trucks. Then 200 meters to a „reception“. 2 people with motorhome 10‘000.- per night.

Camping Los Acacios -34.61825, -70.99740
Martin and Amy (@eltruckito)

we got a flat tire and wanted to get it fixed. we have a truck camper and he told us that we are way too big for him to work on. Our rig is not that big :)

Repuestos Lubricantes -43.18620, -71.86807

This pool looked really amazing, very close to the lake, infinity border. But it edge is broken and the way to reach it is blocked. We asked some locals, and they told us this is was because a "fight" for the pool property between two villages.
Sad, because it seemed to be a very beautiful place, and there is still hot water in the pool.

Esta piscina parecia realmente incrível, muito perto do lago, com borda infinito. Mas a borda está quebrada e a estrada para chegar até ela está bloqueada. Perguntamos a alguns locais, e eles nos disseram que isso ocorreu por conta uma "briga" pela propriedade da piscina entre dois povoados. Triste, porque parecia ser um lugar muito bonito, e ainda há água quente na piscina.

Hot Springs -22.52074, -67.64565

After visiting the Hot spring, we came to this spot facing the lake. After sunset, there is soooo much wind that stopped around 10 pm and was a very calm and quiet night. Remember that we are more than 4,000 altitude and the night can be a little troubled if you are not acclimatized. Even in January, we got the temperature close to 0 at night.

Depois de visitar as Termas, viemos para esse lugar para o entardecer com vista para o lago. Depois do por do sol, há muuuuito vento, que parou por volta das 22h e foi uma noite muito tranquila e silenciosa. Lembre-se que estamos a mais de 4mil de altitude e a noite pode ser um pouco conturbada se você não estiver aclimatado. Mesmo em janeiro, pegamos temperatura próximo a 0 durante a noite.

Facing the lake with Flamingos -22.51489, -67.64230

Tienda with many small items, fruits, veggies, nuts, drinks, wine, and even an ice cream stand

Despensa Don Carlos -41.58036, -71.50139

Clean and quiet,24ft rv , spend one night , no problem.

Cracker Barrel 37.36175, -81.05352

Absolutely stunning place. Beautiful clean river with pools, drinking water. A lot of space to park.

Wildcamp -38.59280, -71.77141

Good coffee and delicious sweets. Nice seating indoor and outdoor. WiFi is as bad as everywhere in El Chalten.

Lo de Haydee -49.33162, -72.88679

Nice campsite in the woods, close to the viewpoint Las Torres. Basic, with a pit toilet. Water from the river Torre. Can't believe it's free, in Torres del Paine Nationalpark they charge you 50 $ for almost the same!

However be careful with your food, there are mice. Place it in the trees, they won't stop from bags, backpacks etc.

D'Agostini -49.33282, -72.98682
Journey Dog Training

Stayed here for the night after crossing from Costa Rica. Quiet, felt safe. Good food at the restaurant but the women’s showers are broken. Mens are in good shape for the truckers. I think I was charged 40c on top of my meal to park.

Rancho Ochomoguito 11.65880, -85.97267

As described well by other comments. Rattly drive, gorgeous views!!!

I came from Compostela on the 15D highway. I looked, and can confirm there is no direct access from that highway onto the volcano access road, so you must take the longer route on through the town of Jala, loop back and cross over the 15D. Google Maps was accurate.

I have a high roof Sprinter cargo van with low profile roof rack. I would personally prefer not to do this with anything taller or wider. Taller - because of branches, wider - because of already limited space for passing other vehicles coming the other way.

After the road levels out on top you pass a small building on the left of road then a road splits to the right, down to the picnic/camp area. I suggest to walk it first, it is steep and would be challenging to reverse up. There were some minor washouts beginning when I was here, but at this time they would be fine for vehicles that made it that far.

Ceboruco volcano campground 21.11686, -104.50149

A good place to laundry! 2.500 pesos per kilo. Clothes clean and with a good smell!! Recommend!

Servicio de Lavandería Rucalaf -20.25052, -70.13081

As described but a couple different pairs of locals showed up throughout the night and were talking loudly and playing music. It was a Friday and you can't blame them for enjoying the spot, but just FIY if you (like me) are a light sleeper.

Ocean View 25.99731, -111.33832

Muy hermoso lugar. me gustaría haber quedado más noches pero ya no tenía agua suficiente. Es encantador!!!

Cyclists Paradise By Lake -40.92443, -71.43626

Un lugar espectacular para recorrer el parque nacional. Vista privilegiada del Cotopaxi. 3 dolares por persona por noche. Se puede hacer fuego pero hay que traer la madera de afuera o comprar al camping.
Baños limpios. Ningun enchufe en todo el lugar.
El trato de los cuidadores es malo o nulo. Solo aparecen para cobrar.
Hay que hacer reserva y de hecho piden una transferencia bancaria, lo cuál siendo extranjeros es imposible.
El ingreso al parque es hasta las 15 o 16 hs. Nosotros llegamos mas tarde pero como habiamos avisado nos dejaron ingresar.
Dejo el telelefono de Marco para la reserva +5930998475936
Ingresar por el lado sur del parque ya que casi no tiene ripio.
Hay wifi aunque no quieren darlo.

La Rinconada -0.67830, -78.55417

Parking au centre du village tranquille et sur. Les Wc étaient fermés, la prises sur le poteau au fond du parking fonctionne. Pas de wifi.

Mamiña - central parking -20.07216, -69.21765

El mejor taller para autos antiguos. Mauricio, su dueño es un apasionado y tiene un trato increible para los viajeros. Nos resolvió un tema de arranque de nuestra L300 en muy poco tiempo.

GS Custom Garage -0.50851, -78.57475

Nice parking next to the beach in a quite place at 100 m from the main road.

Parking next to the Beach -34.87027, -72.15143

The restaurant here seems to be closed / for sale so we decided to stay a bit closer to the main road, next to the church. We could even use the clean toilets of the restaurant / family next door. Very kind people and quiet night!

Near cascada del amor, restaurant parking 0.00945, -78.89847

Grassy space above the river and large weir - very scenic! Shady trees and a couple of picnic tables but that's it (so please don't add to litter/loo paper on edges!) Not huge but a reasonable amount of room.

Bonshaw Weir -28.98630, 151.27550
Jamie Z

Crossing Mexico to Guatemala. Simple and straightforward.

Stopped at the customs office in Mexico. The official had me park my motorcycle in the vehicle inpsection station. I went inside and gave the guy my import papers. A few minutes later he came outside, checked the VIN, took a couple of photographs, and then we went back inside. He did some stuff on his computer, then handed me a couple of papers explaining that it was my proof of the vehicle leaving Mexico and that my deposit would be returned to my credit card in a few days.

He directed me to the immigration office next door. I had to wait behind one other person. Then I gave my passport to the lady. She stamped it and I left. Very quick and easy.

In Guatemala, I stopped at the immigration office first. Gave the guy my passport. He stamped it and directed me to the SAT office a few meters away. He also gave me a form to fill out to turn in to the SAT office. The guy at the SAT building asked me to park my motorcycle in front of the building.

At the counter he asked for my passport, drivers license, vehicle title, and my exit papers from Mexico. He made copies and handed everything back to me. A few minutes later he gave me a form to sign, and then directed me to an office directly next door where I had to pay Q160 and get a receipt. I brought this back. A few more minutes waiting and a couple more forms to sign. One guy came out and looked at my bike, but it was not a close inspection, probably just double-check the VIN.

I was given a sticker, but the worker told me I could keep it in my passport.

Note, there was no fumigation required.

Guatemala Migracion 15.64359, -91.98516

Super awesome location! Pure nature and gigantic waves hitting on the rocks! In the morning a guy came buy and told us on perfect English that his uncles are the fisherman there and its a really peaceful place. He also gave us some fruits from his garden 👍. We stayed 2 nights.

Beach 19.76718, -105.32988
We are Sane, Everyone Else is Crazy

Ferry just reopened. You can check the status here:

We took our long, hightop Sprinter across no problem. Costs $1.

Cameron Ferry 29.80386, -93.34907

Es un hermoso lugar, acogedor, las habitaciones grandes, el baño súper amplio y moderno.. atendidos por sus propios dueños! Mas que recomendado

Posada Mayer -48.46900, -72.55913

great place. abandoned campsite. we couldnt find anyone to ask. but there was no fence so we decided to just camp here. in the weekends the locals come here to enjoy the beach, play soccer, have bbq, etc. we stayed here on a Friday. after an hour or so, an old man came walking toward us. we thougt we had to pay and asked him if it is oke to stay here for the night. that was no problem. we talked for a while (in Spanish) amd offerd him some wine. he enjoyed talking and after he left some other people came to talk to us. after 15 minutes the old man came back with a basket full of seafruit. mossels, something called mapisol? he prepared it for us to enjoy. it was delicious! we had a good time here and could sleep here very well.

Abandoned Campground -41.77110, -73.34665

Perfect dessert BLM spot 10 minutes from Carlsbad. We didn’t try the hill spot but this was an easy bumpy dirt road in our 2WD Transit. Wide open, fire ring, no one else, Starlink heaven

blm near whites city 32.17423, -104.32980

La place est accessible l’hiver, mais il n’y a pas beaucoup de place ( 2 van ) et très proche de la route

Rest area? 48.46363, -79.04439

Sand parking area right along the beach. Pulled up here for sunset, made dinner and ended up spending the night. No signs prohibiting overnight parking. No one bothered me.

Laguna Beach 30.23806, -85.92141
Eltjo van wijk

Nice campsite near the N7. We payd 300r for the 2 of us with a car. Clean abblutions and swimmingpool. Shops nearby.

Citrus Creek -32.59408, 19.01015

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