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Very pretty view! Traffic stops around 8. We had a very quiet night.

Sunset + mountain views 36.74869, -119.09077

Got knocked on the window by a police officer. He told us that we can park here but sleeping in the vehicle overnight is not allowed by the city law. All of other camper suvs and pickups got kicked out too. Did spend some nights here before with no issue. Not sure if the police is going to check this spot regularly in the future.

public parking lot 40.61720, -111.78995

large and mostly flat area (viewpoint) on top of mountain. next to the sh 130 but quiet. there are a few places behind trees and bushes to hide. easy to enter with every car. we were told that it’s dangerous due to wild elephants and tigers. still hoping to see them;)

Viewpoint 15.80034, 74.17446

Reserved spot online, $33.50 total for one night. Nice and quiet, good reception, near the water, electric hookup worked great!

Buck Creek State Park 39.97059, -83.72720

$25 a night. quiet, easy place to stop for a rest.

Pinal County Fairgrounds 32.87447, -111.56998

This place is beautiful. It’s the Monument Valley of Namibia. The best sunset of my life.

Thank you to the original poster for the recommendation.

The road is fenced on either side so you can’t detour from the D-road more than a few meters. We were passed by agricultural employees in the morning, and we exchanged waves.

Nice off-road tracks and riverbeds to explore nearby.

Side track of D2743 -20.42597, 15.42382

Our favorite camping spot yet! Very quiet we stayed 5 nights and barley saw anyone during at night or when we woke up! Beach fires seem to be allowed. Room for 1 or 2 trucks and bluff beach is a nice walk. Recommend it here. No amenities and no service

Playa Bluff 9.39235, -82.24017
Kevin Taylor

Cost as described. Used 2 washing machines below the welcome sign, worked ok. Used 2 dryers in front (3rd and 4th) from door and ok as well.

Claudia Laundromat + Wifi 26.89128, -111.98415
Kevin Taylor

Not Free! Rosa was by before dark asking others for 200 pesos. We were out walking but a truck came by later (Thomas). Firm on 200 pesos for all spots on the beach. Terrible toilet and palapas falling apart! It’s a nice spot for 100 pesos but no luck.

Beach 26.63649, -111.82904

Nice place just besides de Takutu River.
Good shade, quiet but no facilities.
200m after the Police Station at your left side. There is a fence and a gate that always remains open.

Cashew Garden Park. 3.37358, -59.80641

This store has spare parts, tires, oil, general housing, tools, and many more items.
Talk to Anil, the owner and he will help you with your needs.
We recomend.

M&U General Store 3.37648, -59.80016

lovely owner and peacefull place. No problem to reach the place after a tainy day with a 2wd

Camping Vô Tárcio -31.41917, -51.20532

Cool place! More options to camp also down the road (with no wind protection).

Abandoned village -18.21022, -68.95471

On Stirling Road, 5min walk from camping. Great burger (250pesos) and filet mignon (340) comes with baked potato and grilled veggies

tentenpie 20.90704, -100.74912

Closed but there are others nearby: Pork Belly for BBQ, TenTenPie for burgers and steaks, Greek food cart on the corner, and Mar seafood - all along Stirling Road.

Thai Kitchen 20.90668, -100.74992

We were amazingly surprised by the wind shelter that offers this plaza.
We slept on the western part in front of an hostel, protected by a big building and some trees. It was really quiet at night (Sunday)
You can find bathrooms for emergency in Ñandu.

Plaza de Armas parking lot -51.72677, -72.50570

Take care!!! They sold me a SIM card and didn't register it in my name! After some days it stopped working and in the official shop of the provider they told me that it is now registered under a different name. There they needed my passport, visa number and even took fingerprints to register a new SIM card. So always make sure that the seller asks for your passport!

SIM card 24.15418, 51.55795

Camped here for two nights after major snow storm. Roads were mostly plowed, but you had to shovel your own campsite. Shovels available from campground check-in booth. Bathrooms were clean and heated.

Grand Canyon Mather Campground 36.05046, -112.11679

after a long time that we looked for a place to do are laundry (all the others are super expensive!!) found that nice place with nice people and nice prices.

price is 60K for 25 peaces.

+260979509090 muba (Akazi)

AKAZI LAUNDRY -15.43616, 28.30550

Very nice snd safe spot to spend the night. It has clean bathrooms.

Ancap - Gas Station -33.16946, -58.18128

Good spot that has river access. Perfect for swims on these hot summer days! Owner was really friendly, couple of rescue dogs but they’re chill. 1000 pp for the first night then 500 for nights afterwards if you mention iOverlander. Electricity points scattered around, no wifi but full 4G Claro signal. Bathrooms are a little run down but there’s running water so can’t complain! Only 15-20 min walk to supermarket and main plaza with markets.

Camping El Rustico -41.96944, -71.54290

Wide siding behind industrial. Trucks park here. There was also a class C motorhome and another van when I was here.

General Rd. 33.96805, -117.46070

Fomos muito bem recebidos pelo Gustavo, sua família e amigos. O camping possui proteção contra o vento, churrasqueira, água, banheiros e vista para um lago incrivelmente azul e diversos animais. Como o camping é na verdade um fazenda e nem sempre o Gustavo está lá, é recomendado que se mande mensagem no whatsapp para que ele possa recebê-lo, pois não tem sinal.
- Whatsapp: +54 9 2966 62-9312
- Instagram: @terosranch

Gustavo and his family were awesome hosts, we were very pleased to stay there. The camping is wind sheltered, with a barbecue grill, water, toilets, showers and a kitchen room. It has a beautiful view of the lake and also a lot of animals around, including a sheep.

As the camping is actually a "farm house" and Gustavo isn't always there, he recommends guests to text (Whatsapp) beforehand, so he can welcome you.

Gustavo's Whatsapp: +54 9 2966 629312
Instagram: @terosranch

Teros Ranch -46.60306, -71.21075
Fernando Quevedo

Looks like a dry riverbed, I just stop to spend the night here, a bit hidden from the road. Good to have high clearence, big stones on the way.

Side of the Ruta40 -38.50492, -70.29969

we loved staying at this beautiful and quiet lodge. were able to camp with the RTT at the parking but we could enjoy the view from the restaurant and got a free welcome drink. we even got breakfast for free as well as wifi. paid 74 000 Usch for two. also had shower and toilette available. the staff was really friendly as well.

Agandi Uganda Lodge -1.03504, 29.77536

Piscine naturelle dans une rivière où les locaux vont se baigner. C’est parfait pour nous rafraîchir lors des journées chaudes!

Natural swimming pool in a river where locals go to swim. It’s perfect to cool off on hot days!

Poza Larga 10.04835, -85.43120

Police allowed us to stay. We park next to the public bathrooms. 3 o 4 travelers also parking here.

San Martin Park -32.91023, -68.80918

A good quiet place, some locals in the evening. There is good Wi-Fi from the Radisson Hotel. A guard watches over the whole night.
We drove from there to Caye Caulker for two nights. We parked our van safely in the Radisson's private car park for 10 bz/night.

Parking Lot Next to Radisson Hotel 17.49317, -88.18107

This is a lovely restaurant with delicious local food. This place is a must stop if want to enjoy Afrikaans hospitality. There are fresh bread, confectionaries and many more.

Toeka se dae Restaurant and shop -24.91427, 28.35979

Between the Canyon and the street there is a big construction of NEOM. They told we can drive trough, but we didn’t try.

Grand Canyon of Saudi 28.06482, 35.92065

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