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stayed here for 2 nights while exploring the great chaco canyon. there really isn’t a better national park campground! there are ruins and petroglyphs within a few steps of the campsites and amazing views all around.

there’s an rv dump station, public restrooms, fire pits, and a potable water faucet.

i visited in the winter and there were only 2 other campers- rare for a national park!

$20 per night or $10 with a national parks pass. no cell service but you can go back 1-2 miles on the dirt road for it.

made that crazy dirt road in my 22 foot motorhome so you can too! just be careful

Gallo Campground Chaco National Historic Monument 36.03670, -107.89023

Camping que está recién empezando a abrir, el lugar es hermoso, el camping es el patio de una casa muy lindo, sin embargo faltan instalaciones como mesas y sillas, y mejores instalaciones en el baño. La señora es muy amable y solo recibe a campistas tranquilos. Se encuentra desde la iglesia cruzando el puente Casa Blanca grande de dos pisos a mano izquierda. 5000 pesos por persona

Camping Casa Blanca -41.82698, -73.52803

Once again. Clean rooms with fridge, TV and fan at 200k incl. breakfast. Friendly staff, hot water, cold drinks.

Fresh Air Lodge -15.37995, 28.34218

Bicycle store and repair, seems better equipped than the other one in town. We bought a new chain.

Bicycle store 16.56531, 104.74907

we payed 10 $ pppn, for wifi you get a 2 GB voucher and you can get more, all for free

N1 Hotel -17.92568, 25.84002

A snake rescue and snake milking Centre. Here you can learn about East African snakes, their markings, habits and diets in fact you learn so much about snakes you need to write it all down. They milk the snakes Mon to Fri at 11am so you can see close up the process in detail. An entrance fee of 1000ks which could one day save someone's life as this goes towards antivenom, saving snakes and relocating them, you also get a very knowledgeable guide in that price too.
Open 10.00 to 11.30am and 14.00 to 16.30
call 0707 577 748 for emergency information and snake removal.

Watamu Snake Park -3.34459, 40.02916
Salivan adventures

large dusty area near the volcano
you can find it only on
search for "bolbolok mud volcano"
there is another volcano bigger than this one and it has better roads and entrie that you have to pay for
this one is out of site
2 men came in the morning ,we chatted a little then they leave
we stayed for one night
very quiet
beautiful sky with a lot of stars
there is a weack internet signal
suitable for 2WD

camp spot just near the volcano 25.50734, 59.99752
Wendy & Graham

This place is not suitable for big rigs as there are many low-hanging branches and tight turns. On a Sunday afternoon, it was full and noisy with lots of music. We parked at the entrance and walked through to try to find a place for our 3.2m high vehicle. It was not possible.

Camping El Festival -33.56440, -69.02235
Wendy & Graham

Beautiful place. Quiet except for nearby traffic noise. Room for about 6 tents/rigs. Grassy. Lots of shade beside pretty stream. Fast wifi. Tricky to find. No signage. The turn is off the main highway. Follow gravel road a few meters toward bridge and you will see the entrance at the end of the road to the left. 4500 pesos for two people and vehicle.

Camping La Araucaria -33.55725, -69.01568

Good spot for bbq and birdwatching, not so good for swimming. The actual spot is down the path around the rocks.

Good spot to see fossils 16.80419, 42.06631

Ghana Embassy in Liberville. didn't go there

Ghana Embassy of Liberville 0.41046, 9.43106

Posto com estacionamento ao lado, ótimo com pessoas bem atenciosas, bem iluminado, seguro, banheiro novo e muito limpo,nota 10, com Wi-Fi na conveniência 24h do mesmo

Posto Ipiranga -33.52908, -53.34948

They ask you for the ticket after you passed the gate, I think they sell the tickets twice or more. If you don't want to aid this, keep your ticket or pay by card- if possible

Victoria Falls Entrance Gate -17.92497, 25.84713

pulled in at 8:15 pm on Sunday, already dark, but still joggers around, lots of parking available. Locals told us it is a safe place with security 24/7, although we saw security only in the morning. But we felt safe anyway and had a quiet night, ducks and carpinchos all around. WiFi didn’t work.

Lago Municipal de Cascavel -24.96376, -53.43720
Explore Beyond Limit

MTC shop where you can buy a sim card. At the moment big queues everywhere for sim card registration, didn't want to wait, just adding the place.

MTC Telecom Shop for SIM -17.39577, 15.89092

Exact location is (4.1431093, 102.3773425)

Lots of friendly locals passed by and waved at us, smiling. One stoped to greet us and look at the Land Rover.

People are amazed that foreigners camp here, don’t be shy or scared.

U-mobile connexion is not that good tough. 35’ south of Taman N’égara south entrance.

Palm oil plantations 4.14326, 102.37731

we stayed here 5 days, because Jodhpur is so nice. The location… nah. 150 rupees per person. Garden is quiet nice, a few dogs there, but no problem with our dog. Good that you have the garden to walk the dog, cause the city is not nice for dogs. Thats the only good thing about that place… Rooms for toilet and/or shower are disgusting, Place is loud (train, street, people, partys,…) and alot of workers are running around your car 24/7. Staff is not the friendliest but ok. Does not speak english. Without a dog, we would not have stayed.

Hotel Ghoomar Camping 26.29002, 73.03374

Right across the entrance to Posada Media Luna, beautiful spot on the river.

Riverside across Posada Media Luna 9.35632, -82.58687

Good and fast service. Difficult to see its next to the mechanics place in the street market. Only 25 for one copy

Photocopy shop 6.35201, 2.39802

Still the same like that others wrote. Applied for the 1 month single entry visa. Was there on Monday 10:30 and she told me I could pick it up on Friday. Because of my african clothes I negotiated it to Thursday. Cost me 15000cfa I also updated the photo with the official price list and things you need to bring. Also applied for Laissez Passer for 3000 cfa and I needed to write a letter with all the car insights and when and where I want to enter and leave the country.

Ghana Embassy 6.35241, 2.39223

Very kind owners that have a basic store and Doña Anita cooks an excellent dinner. Breakfast was basic (bread, butter, milk, quesillo) but enough. Paid 5000 clp for each meal

El Encanto -44.74823, -72.21105

This is a wonderful place. Very shady, well maintained, run by a very nice family. paid 500pp for the night and 1000pp for the daytime. Pool ist huge and very clear water. you can buy in a small shop ice, empanadas and drinks, very affordable. Open Times at the Moment Thursday till sunday, was no Problem to stay untill monday. Highly recommended! ☀️

Terrazas de Caprize -33.68247, -69.02370
Des routes & nous

Very nice view but too much peoples asking for money and very insistants...

Jesus Christ Statue -14.94007, 13.51188

Another lovely couple of days at this special place

Nyore Hillside Retreat -0.67919, 30.44122

Nice place behind the dunes, where the houses begin. Between a "motel" and a wild field one street under the dune street. We stayed here 2 nights. No wind, no sand, no police. Here is just one place for a big camper.

In 2 minutes you can walk to a nice bar on the dunes right next to the ocean.

place near to the ocean -38.98786, -61.33006

asked and they said no problem and showed us where to park. large level lot very noisy all night. felt safe which was more important 🤔 great spot in a pinch for a night

Pemex 16.31007, -96.58715
Des routes & nous

They let us park and stay in the car park for 5000kwz and using shower (hot) and toilets of a room.

It's was free if we only use the car park and not the facilities. No toilets in the car park.

For a room it's 18000kwz.
They have a restaurant quite expensive.

They have a project to have a space for overlanders with camping ground. But in the late futur.

Unfortunately one more place where animals (crocodiles, snakes, turtles...) are in cages.

Kimbo do Soba -14.93417, 13.46983
Des routes & nous

We went on site but looks like a private house. No sign of anything and nobody around. We left.

In2angolaventures2 guesthouse -14.96298, 13.49098

Stayed here overnight no issues. Several other RV’s/vans stayed as well. No signs saying you can’t park overnight.

Walmart Supercenter 27.82839, -80.48055

Convenient travel stop along the highway that has gas, food, a fenced dog park area, showers, and allows overnight parking. I called ahead and confirmed and spent the night here last night. One thing to note is that it was pretty loud as it also serves as a truck stop.

Love’s Travel Stop 36.57954, -80.74008

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