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Reliable and quick! Arrived on a friday evening after being send away from another taller because he was to busy. Pato identified the problem very quickly and by chance had one of the parts we needed in stock (pretty rare part on the market, we were very lucky he had it!). Changed it right away. Very friendly guy that is willing to help. His atelier is also located on Google maps, but there is no sign on the street. It looked close when we arrived but make some noise and he will come out of his atelier.

Taller Pato -44.04833, -70.59612
We are Sane, Everyone Else is Crazy

We pulled just barely onto the beach in our 2wd Sprinter and had a pleasant night. We bought fresh blue crab from Meaux's Seafood in the village and had a crab boil on the beach. Watch out for the biting bugs.

Holly Beach 29.76970, -93.44940

Desert place with dunes! Gravel road go from main road to tis place!

Rub Al Khali 22.22630, 55.36270

very friendly
3 Bzd for a garafon (so 20 liters)
easy to park in front of

Zeta purified water 17.24248, -88.77908

Also, go to the tourist office in the main plaza. you can schedule a free tour of the museum and coffee warehouse where you can stand on a mountain of coffee. twice daily.

Casa de la cultura - museo del Sombrero 5.61228, -75.45884

Beautiful quiet night. Watched a Kingfisher hunt for fish and wildlife play out in the water. Horseflies like black, but we’re not bad if you wore some lighter clothing and covered your dark hair. They are better down by the water in some breeze. They are not any worse gear than anywhere in these parts during this time of year.

Playa Santa Barbara -42.85524, -72.79866

The road from Coban to here is perfect, every kind of car can do it.
You can let your van here while you go to semuc champey. It’s 30Q to park.
Then you can take a pickup to semuc from the parking lot. It’s 25Q one way. The entrance to the park is an other 50Q per person.
4G claro
IG: on.vagabonde

Nelson Tiul 15.57651, -89.98563

Robert can organize you any activity in Kenia and Tanzania!!!! Makes things easy.

If you want to climb Mt Kenia, best price ever, and best guide, porters and cook in the area, very profesional, very honest, very serious

We were recomended from a friend of us and was excelent!

Also organize Kilimanjaro climbing

Also transfers from/to airport

Also guided visities to all national parcs in Kenia

Also offer ,accommodation at a very competitive homestay offer in a secure serene location and easy to get to town just less than 1km walk.

Nice family, good meal, Rihab loves cooking!!

Campers, motorbikes, bikes welcome!

Also big rigs just in front of their place in a private compound with security! We were in a truck 8m long!

Not to miss it!

Robert phone +254 722 304062

ROBERT GATHU 0.00696, 37.09094
Nick Fisher

Nothing new to add, but wanted to add a post because Oscar and his family are so friendly and welcoming so I want to encourage more people to visit. We were there on 3 Kings Day, and Oscars family were celebrating with traditional cake which they shared with us. The beach is beautiful, as is the food (especially the garlic shrimp) and sunset. Highly recommend.

Restaurant and Camping Mary Mar 16.12311, -95.27918

Free WiFi networks in some shops like B&Q, SACO, ...

IKEA / B&Q / Panda Parking 24.65839, 46.78537

Es una estación de servicio de gasolina. Un lugar muy tranquilo y las personas muy amables, tienes acceso a baños y agua.

Ocampo Service Station -6.72768, -77.79905

great career with several possibilities around. easy access even without 4x4. no passage where we were we spent a very quiet night.

CAREER 7.72371, -8.40146

Nice back country place. Primitive. Our E250 XL handled the gravel roads just fine. Big circle fire pit toward the end of the road.

Tuskegee National Forest - Campsite #8 32.49935, -85.55903

Quiet and safe place, would come again . We slept here with no issue even though we didn’t visit marineland

Marineland parking 43.06647, -79.07509

Boat ramp and parking were plowed and several vehicles parked overnight. We paid $22/night at Anderson cove but will use this place for free next time we ski Snowbasin

beach camping 41.28113, -111.81963

I been staying on and off for months cozy quite phone service and nice park to walk in the AM

Overlook Park 45.54902, -122.68334

Still a bit complicated. The Colonia Express vessels (other terminal in BA, in Colonia UY is just one Terminal for both companies) are normaly smaller and not recommendable. We bought a ticket and we're informed 30minutes before departure that our Sprintervan only fit on the buquebus ferry (at UY side). At buquebus it's not safe, that your vehicle will fit. they have also different ferries. in the smaller vessels the max altitude seems to be around 3 Meters. Also the complete terminal (aduana at ARG side) is not really big rig friendly. Sometimes the terminal is supercrowded with long waiting lines, sometimes really calm. 1. buy Tickets (online or at the desk). 2. Show up around 2h before departure and park your car in the waiting line in front of the ferry. 3. Check-in at desk. 4. In UY cancel your TIP inside of the terminal. after passing the migration you cant go back to the aduana in the terminal bulding for canceling the tip (it's the oposite than on the BA Side) 5. Migration UY 6. Drivers go to the vehicle, passengers to the waiting hall. 7. Passenger and driver leave the ferry in the car at ARG side 8. Migration 9. Aduana ARG

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay to Buenos Aires, Argentina -34.47435, -57.84398

Beautiful spot- the waterfall is pretty magical and more to explore both up and down river. The price for camping/waterfall entrance is now 250 pesos per person- pricy for a family and not much in the way of camping facilities. You can use the toilets in the restaurant while it’s open and then there is a pit toilet (with no door) at the gate to the waterfall in off hours.

Rancho Ecologico Sol de Mayo 23.49929, -109.79031

Great place to camp in San Agustin, very close to El Parque Arqueológico. Wide spot to camp with your vehicle and your setup. Good food. Also you can use the showers of the bedrooms. We really enjoy our stay here.

Camping La Cumbre Del Macizo 1.88994, -76.28425
María Isabel

LABIO DEL INDIO espacio para disfrutar del río, asadores sin parrilla, mesas, bancos, iluminación, sombra, baños durante el día en casas de familia remunerados. Se puede pernoctar.

Rio y balneario -31.31535, -64.45240

o valor do veículo para casal 134,00 caso tenha pet tem um adicional de 12,00

Camping Clube do Brazil -23.21533, -44.71196

As previous comments have said, we were not asked to have a vaccine card. Omar was amazing and super nice and helpful when it came to recommendations on places to eat. After being on the beach for the last 3 weeks it was nice to take showers! It’s right in the middle of some great restaurants. Would stay here again! ($600/MXN a night)

East Cape Casas & RV Resort 23.68639, -109.69889

Not luxurious but a nice safe spot to spend one night while traveling through. We parked and set up our roof top tent around the back in the back corner of the property. There was some nice grass for dogs and even a horse. There was wifi at the hotel in Front. We paid $5USD to stay here on our month long journey to Nicaragua. It is parking lot camping but quieter than a gas station parking lot.

Country Hotel 22.51493, -98.12053

2 large gravel and paved pull offs from forest service road. Still can hear Hwy 40 but better than a nearby rest area. If you have a 4x4 there are more options up the hill after crossing the cool dam.

Pisgah Forest Parking 35.73417, -83.02524

spacious private campsites suitable for multiple tents or caravans. private good quality abultions. no electricity

Somabula Nature Reserve -25.70295, 28.51906

Dormi aqui uma noite. Fui muito bem recebido pelo Sérgio e o Romulo. Lugar bem tranquilo. Eles tem quartos mas dormi na kombi. Paguei dez reais pelo pernoite. Recomendo.

Tadeu Philippi -28.33793, -49.62921

Nice bluff camping with full hookup for 500 pesos a night. lots of permanent campers. Did not see any shower blocks. there is a central building that was a restaurant but not any longer as they can't find workers. now it has a pool table, ping ping table and lots of seating area. also a full stocked kitchen, but did not look used.
ok place for a couple of nights, though the spots are small and you are squeezed in like sardines. there is more open spots away from the beach in the hill.

Villa Marina 30.91626, -114.71473

This is a sweet little spot. Some traffic noise but other than that, perfect. Level, lots of room, nice view of the mountains!

Large parking lot next to permanently closed restaurant 32.02643, -110.71405

Very quiet place in good distance to the road. A good track leads in the direction.
4x4 not required, just go slow.
The only guest were camels and goats.

Camels and goats 17.25658, -13.81966

Addendum to my yesterdays entry:
there are also some good spots directly at the Senegal river some km further east.

In the bush 16.59648, -15.47074

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