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Serena Dryden

It is 3 miles in on a sand road.. good condition in most areas since it was dry. We got our class b van in there very easily. The area is nice and fairly clean for free camping. However there is definitely some folks living here permanently.. they were all nice and kept to themselves. There are quite a few off leash dogs as well. Of the 10 ish groups here I think us and 1 other were traveling and all the others appear to live here. They are all nice and everything but there is enough people scattered everywhere here to make it not very private even in January.. I couldn’t imagine summer. Good AT&T service and flushing toilets. The bathroom is rough I won’t lie. Overall it was a quiet stay.

Barrington County Park 31.47185, -81.60720

after we searched for a place to camp I. the night, we spent the night at the ypf - no water there... in the morning we went to this place to get a great shower and a nice toilet. can recommend it!

Camping LizGrey -29.32214, -68.22797

one of the best camping spots i had in south america, really cool!

before the bridge i cycled on the path along the river (upstream), there are a few nice spots for a tent and entries into the river... many locals (swimming, barbecueing,...), so i chose the first spot right next to the tree on the left, flat and good ground... could wash myself and my clothes in the river

this place is such a relief in this heat!

Rio Jachal -30.40134, -68.68155

Pretty view of 29 palms, 1 mile of sandy road, wash board but pretty packed. Made it in my short skoolie, but stopped early to a pull off to the left with a fire ring. At least 4 other vans passed me late into the night. Quiet & super close to Joshua tree.

Private BLM Camp off dead end road outside Joshua Tree 34.09774, -116.01940

Still a good place, beautiful view, almost No other people. Water is really cold and we saw a otter

ground near river -43.66323, -72.32833

Nice place for a night (or more). The gates were open, baños were closed. Busy while friday evening but very quite at night. We didn't pay anything.

Laguna Zapoco -16.13278, -62.04194

Good for a night. Noisy but safe place

Bien pour la nuit. Bruyant mais on est en sécurité.

WALMART - West Orange Supercenter 30.09124, -93.76388

Nice place to stay. Friendly owner.
Paid 80.000 COP for a basic double room for 2 persons, no AC but there is a fan. Shared bathroom.
Breakfast for 8.000 COP per person is optional.
Motorcycle could be parked inside.

Hostal Rolled 3.21745, -75.21637

amazing place !
the old acienda is marvellus.
Alicia, the owner, is very sweet end kindfull.
she propose us to see the house and to take à breakfast in the beautifull garden.
shower whith preasur, hot and clean.
little forest in the backyard.
Alicia speak spanish, english and french.
I recommende this place

Hacienda de Guapamacátaro 19.71108, -100.46492

We stay 1 night here. No much noise.

On a dormi une nuit ici. Pad trop de bruit

Walmart 29.78285, -95.80236

Endroit déneiger, bien pour dormir en voiture.
Quelques tables accessible(enneigé)
L’endroit est a une intersection de rue et a proximité de maison donc plus ou moins tranquille comme endroit.
Aucun problème pour y avoir passé la nuit

Parc National Monts-Valin 48.45599, -70.92616

Estacionamento publico. R$ 2.15 p/hora.
Das 08h as 00h.
Local seguro, bem localizado ao lado do centro histórico

Public parking. -23.21669, -44.71274

As mentioned before, small shop to get the basics at a reasonable price. I got water and tecate there for camping at playa el coyote.

Tienda 26.72573, -111.91079

Easy road, very big spots and we where lucky with a beautiful sunset. There is a little bit of highway noise but not too much. Very good spot if you want to discover the south part of YT.

Joshua Tree South BLM 33.67432, -115.80851

We zijn hier geweest voor olie verversen. Je wordt geacht zelf het oliefilter mee te brengen. Deze kun je kopen bij Recasur. Verder moet je aangeven welke en hoeveel olie voor je auto is voorgeschreven. Het personeel is vakbekwaam en vriendelijk. De chef spreek redelijk Engels. Hij kan de gangbare auto’s met de computer uitlezen en resetten.

Automotriz Natales -51.73120, -72.50192

There are signs for RV parking on e you're in the main parking lot for the casino. No signs stating you can't park overnight. We stayed one night, the parking lot was well lit and pretty empty. There were a couple other vans and two motorhomes with their slides out.

The casino gas station had really cheap diesel, too! We paid $3.69/gallon with a credit card.

Highly recommend this spot for an overnight stay!

Seven Feathers Casino Parking 42.93638, -123.28314

Stayed for one night when I couldn't get up the hill in my FWD promaster because of the snow and ice. Not very flat but works well if road conditions aren't good

Bailey canyon, roadside 32.97573, -105.75602

After staying the night we cannot recommend this place if you have an RV. We were told $350 ($250 for us two and $100 for our 8 month old…) per night. Then, after we started using the electricity we were then told it was $50 more per night, but not good enough for aircon. There is 0 shade. Our baby couldn’t sleep as it was a tin can in 30 degree heat. Our elderly dog got so hot he ate sand & had to go to the vet with sand impaction. On the way out we wanted water (and had to fight him for it). Went up the road to the RV park to ask to use their dump. No issues at all. Super friendly, lovely people. Paid $100 to use. They had shade, electric, swimming pool, hot water showers…and all for less than Don Tacos. So upset we didn’t stay there as it would have been a different experience altogether.

I think Don taco seems to have lost his way. Got really tight with supplies (also, 18 tents packed in to the brim). Seems to be just about being stingy and making money?

Maybe campers say differently.

Overlander beach camp Don Taco 15.69041, -96.23703

Got here fairly early. Right around noon or just before. Worked out perfect for the hot springs right now, but you just need to check the tide table. I am solo on a motorcycle and I was only charged 200p including camping. I did talk to others in cars (multiple people) and they were being charged 600p. Maybe the lady liked me idk, but I'll take a win for once.

Actually fairly busy now tonight. About 9 or 10 vehicles for camping. Lots of Americans. Seems safe so far.

Ran to the store for like 10 minutes, come back, and some random guy is picking up (taking) items I left unattended on the table! (I was the only person there at this time). Maybe he thought I left and abandoned it, but seriously annoying. I resolved it and he handed me back my stuff. Had I timed it wrong I would have lost my stuff... Don't leave stuff laying around I guess in MX.

As far as timing goes on the hot springs, some think the tide is too low, well it can be too high as well and completely flood the lower pools and it never reaches the upper pools that are scalding. I'm no expert, but I suggest maybe coming a few hours before high tide. The cold water will start to mix with the lower pools and it works great.

I have a telcel SIM and it doesn't even work here, bit of a black hole unless you have SAT. Some wifi networks visible, but it wasn't mentioned and I assume they are private. I didn't bother to ask. Only Spanish spoken, the lady was very nice though and we laughed at our language barriers.

Near as I can tell the restaurant is not open (at least at this time, and wasn't all day or evening).

Puertecitos 30.34985, -114.63935

make sure you look on each side of the road, it’s tucked beside a building. Closed when we went by.

Empresa sin Nombre 19.33201, -96.76556

Cute water station. 5 pesos for 20 litres. I don’t believe they have a hose, but based on the angle of the street you could pull up your rig and fill up if you have your own hose and attachment..

Water Station 19.33023, -96.76015

We slept one night here. We arrived late and left early in the morning. the night was very quiet and silent.

Church parking lot -41.80204, -72.71877

Class B van, 1 night just fine. No problems. Only vehicle here staying over night. Jan 6, 2023

Walmart 38.20064, -83.48023

i tried to camp at the snow bowl sites but they were covered in a few feet of snow.. this is one of the only free camp spots in town in the winter.

i called beforehand to make sure i could stay the night and he said yes, for one night. i told him i had a 22ft motorhome and he told me to park with the semis in the back. the lot is huge and the trucks are loud but i couldn’t hear anything with earplugs! freezing up there rn..

Little America Flagstaff 35.19096, -111.61916
The Flyway Effect

Great spot to stay for a night. The parking lot is MASSIVE and wraps all the way around the building. There were plenty of other cars parked for the night. We arrived around 11:00pm on a Friday night and there was plenty of space.

The highway does run along the length of one side of the building and it’s pretty loud at all hours so we would recommend parking away from it.

We didn’t see any homeless. No security. No issues.

Bass Pro 34.11380, -117.52737

Seems very clean. Wanted 10.000sp. Bargained for 8.000.

Nubian Hotel of Waha 21.80295, 31.34964

Les commentaires précédents reste d’actualité. Les cars s’arrêtent jour et nuit pour une pause pipi en laissant tourner le moteur. Il vaut mieux se mettre à l’écart des places de parc dédiées aux bus et vans.

Parador9 -32.59504, -62.47473
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang

Just as described, a peaceful and quiet place to pass the night. We were joined by a couple of other vans, and we all parked along the perimeter in the garden center side.

Fredericksburg Walmart 30.25594, -98.85062

Nice location to re-energize. We had a nice hike to the beautiful high spot. the river stream is calming

Riverside Paradise -25.54850, 28.56750

At the tourist center they told us that the camping place (6000 pesos and not good) in town is full, but we can park for free at this tolerated camping space. Lots of dogs on the beach, which was good for us and our four-legged friend, we were here on the weekend and had loud music and lots of traffic till the early morning hours. Right on the beach and beautiful. There is potable water up the road about 1km in the front yard of a house (blue hose).

Beach parking -42.57660, -64.27594

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