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Nice quiet camping spot in the hills. We stopped here on our way to Jeddah because we thought the area was beautiful. Coming from the Wabha Crater to Jeddah the road eventually leads you through a hilly region with lots of potential spots! After a bit of searching we found this one among the hills. We saw 2 cars pass on the gravel road about 100 meters away and we saw some sheep grazing on the hills. Very quiet and beautiful.

Stc had poor reception, sometimes just enough to send messages but not all the time. If you climb the hill you have 3G :)

Between hills 21.91971, 39.75692

Municipal park just outside the town, very big place next to a river. There's tables, firepits and electricity and chemicals toilet but only at the entrance of the park. Locals use this park a lot and camp here, they were all very nice and told us is absolutely fine to pitch our tent here. The place is massive so even if there's loud music playing you can find a quiet spot.

Parque Municipal Monte -34.48947, -55.55029

A good spot just in front of the beach, there are bathrooms and shower you can also buy food and drinks. Big space for big cars very secure! And also has hammocks for rent. Recomended.

Rosy’s Place 13.29080, -88.89171

Access to trails at the Rio Grande near Corrales & Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Not a ton of room for larger vehicles to turn around since the road in is cut by a canal, but there is some space at the end of the parking lot. It does fill up on weekends!

Occasional construction activity, can get busy with horseback riders & dog walkers etc, but it's a great spot to stretch your legs on the trails in the Rio Grande Bosque.

Of course, remember to leave it better than you found it :)

Siphon Beach 35.28120, -106.59901

a small place with 3 rooms to rent on second floor. very clean and new. Air conditioner works well. No hot water. 1000 pesos for my wife and two small children. The small restaurant next door is the nephew he can make the contact or call the number on the front

abraham & claudia's rooms 16.69116, -99.62802

Entered Saudi Arabia today without Evisa! According to the website -US, UK and EU passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival. So we went for it… Noone of the border guards knew about it and confusion was perfect. After some back and forward and showing / comparing the paragraph on the website in english/arabic we received our visa on arrival! :) cost 480SAR p.P.
Rest was perfectly organized, drive through border. Registration. We got insurance for our 12ton truck as private car -460SAR for 3 months.
All in all it took us around 1h 45mins for both sides together.

Durra border crossing Jordan/Saudi Arabia 28.87699, 34.83359

Space for everybody. you can hear and see the main coastroad, but not bad. It is just a parc with pathed aereas.

Near Beach Blvd 30.39346, -88.86890

Very nice spot ! A lot of people, but everyone is far enough. You can hear the train, but it does not wake you up 😊

American Girl Mine 32.82802, -114.81715

The price is now for one night, 2 persons and a campervan 30k
In january 2023

Camping y Cabañas Turismo El Huerto -29.95568, -71.30515

volvimos a pasar por la estación. los platos de comida están en 40 reales 1 persona, 65 reales 2 adultos y 1 niño. variados y sabrosos. la bebida accesible. hay agua caliente y cafe gratis. los baños impecables.

Posto BR Terra Nova ( Torres RS ) -28.44016, -48.81410

Stellar views of the lake and volcanos from Pasaj Cap campground. The staff are also very friendly - thanks to Diego and Santiago for making our stay comfortable. We never met Pierre, the owner, who was off site during the week we stayed. Pierre has invested in the property to make it comfortable, clean and safe. Most of the parking spots are not very level (it is built on the side of a cliff after all) so be prepared to substantially level your rig if you care about such things. The price has gone up in 2023 after remaining fixed at 75Q for the previous 10 years. Now it is 100Q per rig (to cover two people) + 30Q for each additional person. Showers were warm (not hot) when I used them. The place was full most of the time we were here so call ahead or text with Pierre to ensure that he has space for you before you drive all the way down the mountain and around the bend.

Pasaj Cap - Lago Atitlan 14.72269, -91.24902

Slept here one night 10pm to 8am. Got a $100 fine for “no commercial vehicles from 9pm to 6am”. Didn’t see any signs

Publix parking lot 25.98544, -80.13375

Update to last post about the fine …. It was in a sprinter van. Also it was a municipal ticket & they got the number plate wrong anyways! And double checked & there are no signs to be found

Publix parking lot 25.98588, -80.13022

Pernoitamos na praça de Paraíso do Sul. Cidade tranquila e segura com ruas largas. Os moradores são muito amáveis. Tem outras praças com mais sombras. Não procuramos se tem ponto de água, luz ou banheiros. Se você tiver autonomia, recomendo.
Pega 4G da Claro

Paraíso do Sul -29.73223, -53.17403

Still 100 pesos for round trip to island. In my opinion definitely worth the trip for the views and experience. Better to go earlier in the day to avoid long lines climbing the statue on top. I did not camp overnight at San Pedrito but it looks suitable.

Muelle San Pedrito 19.54578, -101.62262

beautiful point near the sea restaurant with local food..only 4x4 ...the 2x4 option is possible but you must walk app 600 meters..windy place but with shelters..

manquemapu. camping MIRAMAR.. -40.88791, -73.85473

stayed here
safe Place but it was a sat night and traffic till late at night and "party" at parking lot

Beachcamp. Just north of the military camp. -18.49214, -70.32796

Perfect spot! 70k/night for 2 people for a nice private room with washroom, hot shower and good wifi (90K on Saturdays). Street parking for cars, super safe on a short dead end road of hotels. Can be tricky to turn around, but it’s a short road, so you could also back up.

Hostel Rana 5.63304, -73.52577

We could paid with VISA debit. The 93 gasoline was 1.975 CHL per LITRE.

Wood Processing Plant -53.75959, -69.18978

the parking lot of the oxxo store open 24 hours, in the back part I spent the night, safe place, xon surveillance, some vehicle noise. free of charge.

parkin oxxo groceries 4.74770, -74.14494

$100MX to park a car. We just drove in to check it out. Seems like a great spot with a beautiful breeze, very tranquil. Looks like there are bathrooms. The road is open but one way and a little bumpy.

Definitely open for business though!

Luis Campground 17.83820, -101.76939

Very nice and safe place. It has two accesses, one with a small car and the other with a 4x4 only. it's good to get in touch with William beforehand to indicate the best way. (98) 98538-9240. It has water, electricity, disposal and swimming pool. It has breakfast option.

Lugar muito agradável e seguro. Tem dois acessos, um que passar carro pequeno e outro só com 4x4. é bom entrar em contato antes com o William para indicar o melhor caminho. (98) 98538-9240. Tem água, luz, descarte e piscina. Tem opção de café da manhã.

Pousada Portal da Amazônia Lençois -2.74028, -42.77725

When we arrived at the restaurant by bike, we asked where we could sleep with our tent. The family told us to go to the house in front of the waterfall or to put the tent under their sheltered terrace. We chose their terrace and had dinner and lunch in their restaurant (very good food). The family is really nice and helpful! There is a clean toilet but no shower. Good Wi-Fi available. The waterfall is 15min walk from the restaurant.

Rio Malo Cascada Restaurant -0.15391, -77.64199

Awesome sandwich restaurant, really cute garden area, great place to stop for lunch. The lamb tzatziki sandwich was out of this world.

Entrepan Gourmet Sandwiches! 5.65653, -73.51213

There’s also a nice restaurant at this place. Great and not expensive food. Had lunch here with my family. Shared 2 plates in 4 people. Nice stop.

Tambo Del Chaski -10.31728, -77.62068

Fills propane tanks. $10 for 11lb tank. Quick & easy

Big Minni Food Store 26.02398, -80.23309

Absolutely stunning place, leave the main track here -12.2543692, 13.6637641 Google Satellite will show you the track towards the spot clearly..... cliffs, shipwrecks, big rig friendly, lots of space, 130 m above the ocean, almost looks like a Picknick area but nobody was here on a Sunday and no trash at all, a little further following the main track there is a village next to a river flowing into the ocean, lagoon and palm trees included

Above the ocean Wild Camp -12.24788, 13.65125
A very long Honeymoon

Perfect! The beach is very long and if you have high clearance and are not too big you can drive until the end where even on a sunny weekend in high season there might be nobody (most people stay in the beginning of the beach). Gorgeous with Osorno view!

Small Wild Camp On Lake -41.12264, -73.02012

We stay two nights here. Very clean bathroom. we paid $600 pesos p.p. really nice price.

El Rincon -23.20103, -65.33943

we've been here about a week. $300 pesos per night total for the two of us. since the land dispute the exterior bathhouse is closed. they closed two dorm rooms and you can use the restroom in those instead. wifi and trash included. very sad to see how the property dispute is hurting the campground. cantina workers are super nice and the place is a gathering point for the community.

Scorpion Bay 26.24370, -112.47727

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