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Delicious seafood restaurant run by the absolute sweetest abuela. Asked her about grocery stores in town and she gave us directions to a great one right down the street, even went so far as to describe what the store had/didn’t have in stock. $350 pesos for two entrees and two drinks.

Mariscos Daysi 28.85708, -112.01341

spot on Allen Toussaint Boulevard by an open late Taco Bell, i hav spent the night here a couple times

Allen Toussaint Blvd 30.02207, -90.06190

I came here specifically for the showers.

My god, they were cold.

Seems nice enough, but I want hot showers.

Mecca campground 33.49071, -115.90272

75 meters off the gravel road. Very little traffic. Easily accessible to all vehicles. Braai spot between the rocks. I parked the bus to create wind shelter

Quiet Corner -32.88052, 19.66387

Big old dirt quarry easily accessible during dry season (even 2WD if you have good clearance). Very quite and remote, only a few locals passed by, super friendly and welcoming. Absolutly nobody bothered us. Could be tricky to acess during the wet season, as the all ground is only dirt and dirt... Big rig friendly.

Dirt quarry 6.80620, -1.49725

Close to Liberia. Surfers from the Bureh beach surf club are sometimes here, when the waves are good.

You have to ride trought almost the whole town to reach the beach. Before you do that, ask the chief for permission. You will finde his house by asking the townpeople where to go.

Because we already new, that we would need to pay something for our „wildcamp" on the beach, we where already prepared.

There is even a guesthose somewhere in town for the ones without campingequipment. This we know from some NGO'S who are here some times on their days off.

For staying on the beach, you would need to pay 150 Le comunity fee and give some extra to the townchief (we gave him 10 Le and one of our cheep souvenirs). If you want to sleep on the beach, the townpeolpe would show you the way to the military check point, where you have again to present yourself. They are here for your security. Naturaly, they ask again for a present, but we gave them nothing.
All the procedere was quiet funny but intensiv.

At the end we stayd on a beautyfull beach with nobody arround during the evening and night. Is a nice stay before crossing the boarder.

Sullima beach 6.96643, -11.57858

Nice place, but a lot of trash. Gathered a large bag, but there is still plenty.

Lakeside 36.88281, 36.69929

We stayed only one night there, Djibril was very welcoming, coconuts included :-). Clean toilet, clean water, bucket shower. You can camp directly on the beach (clean).
We paid 3000cfa but price is not fixed.

Yacé Plage (Grâce Divine) 5.19717, -4.45407

Nice and clean rest stop right off of the highway. Plenty of road noise but it's good for a night.

SB Horse Cave Rest Area 37.23785, -85.92932

wifi is still working, average speed i felt

Free Wifi Hotspot -30.27975, -69.22827

cool place! one of the last options for cyclists to fill up water before you get to the other side

Cool place to camp by a stream -30.15526, -69.87106

infos for cyclists who want to do that pass:

i did it the last four days (la serena, chile - las flores, arg. ) and was surprised how challenging it was... on the chilean side the dirt road (starting at la laguna) is in quite good condition, sadly the uphill road is closed, so you have to take the really steep downhill road for the last 500 m altitude, be prepared to push if your bike is fully loaded

the road conditions on the argentinian side are worse (lots of washboard and loose gravel), but it is less steep and the gravel section is only about 30 km long

check the weather before attempting the pass, also in high summer there is often snow/hail and temperatures are generally around zero at the top

amazing views, strange ice-formations and lots of people greeting / supporting you - absolutely worth the hard work!

Paso Agua Negra -30.19287, -69.82618
Wendy & Graham

We confirm that the prices are good and the selection is good.

Fruteria -41.92641, -71.53438
Wendy & Graham

Clean spacious place. Many beauiful features. The common room was immaculate. Electric plug-in not functioning at site #2. 2500 per person plus 1000 for camper. 6000 pesos total. But it is quiet and you get away from the chaos of central El Bolson.

Portal Norte - El Bolsón -41.92635, -71.53438

It was a sunny day, so we picked this spot for a swim in the lake and a relaxing afternoon and evening. The spot has beautiful views, with lots of green and some snowy mountains far away. BUT véry windy at times. Although around 8pm it calmed down. Also visited by locals during the day (doing picnic/kayak etc), but after 9:30pm we didn’t see anyone anymore and it was a very quiet night. The morning also very quiet, almost no cars in the morning, while during the day I found it pretty busy. You are visible from the road but didn’t bother us. Movistar 3G, but didn’t really work. Worth a visit if you are looking for a night to sleep outside the city or enjoying a sunny day!

Laguna Cea -45.67171, -72.23345

Forgot to add some up to date pictures, so will add some. There are several leveled spots (3-4), depending on if you have a van or a car with high clearance. With our van we could stay at 3 from 4 spots. Entrance is possible for all vehicles, but big rigs might be a problem to park.

Laguna Cea -45.67171, -72.23345

Simple place as described. There is now a nightclub just in front of the Hostal, this is quite noisy. So not the night we had hoped for after 7 days of cycling.

Hostal Junin 0.81383, -77.71724

very good motorcycle mechanic specialist in honda motorcycles. service was great very helpful

Kando motorcycle -38.95142, -68.05944

We stayed one night. A man rode past in the evening and looked unhappy to find us here. The place looks like a construction site. We stayed for the night anyway and had no problems. We left at 9:30 the next morning and we didn't see any trucks! Very quiet for one night.

The orange bridge -46.11965, -72.55337

Photo extra added because I could not at first

Beautiful spot next to the sea 39.36758, 26.61654

This was an excellent stop. Would have stayed longer if we could, but will definitely come back again. Felt so quiet, safe and serene. The morning fog rolled in and the desert dew sweetened the air. Completely secluded and alone yet not far from the highway. No litter strewn about, just a couple neat piles of garbage. No spikey ground burs at our site either.

Desert view 24.72204, -111.53682

Lots of products but still very expensive: 11,000 Clp for sandwich bread, ham, cheese, an avocado and a tomato. Very good for emergency but it is better to stock up in Coyhaique.

Panaderia y carniceria -46.12190, -72.15706

We watched a perfect sunrise and dolphin swimming by this morning. This is a quiet private camp site - and yes, it looks like someone tried to burn their ex girlfriend’s clothing here.

Rocky Beach 27.39141, -112.32701

there are cottages and camping. Next to the ablution block there is a nice area with bench tables and an electric plug, good for hanging out and preparing food. Vodacom 4G is a bit patchy but if you move around it's ok. Price still $10pppn for camping. there is a restaurant with duck, rabbit, chicken for around TSh 20000 for 1kg portion. washing available but get the price list first because it is priced per item rather than per kg, which turns out expensive. There is also a rather nice children's playground.

Meserani Oasis Lodge & Campground -3.40574, 36.50958

Stayed a night. No problems. Convenient to stores, restaurants, Planet Fitness, etc. Big lot on North side (left most when facing store) seems to be for staff parking so park in one of the other two if you want a more secluded morning. Possible to get WiFi from the Hooters.

Bass Pro Parking Lot 32.46386, -86.39310

Café-style restaurant serving excellent pizzas, sandwiches and burgers. Vegetarian options are available, a bakery is attached. Clean bathrooms and fast wifi. Books too!

Don Federico -41.13171, -71.35727

Great spot to hang out with pets during the day, no bathrooms, just a big grassy park lined with willow trees, a basketball court & playground. Our cat liked climbing in the trees here and we let our dogs run off-leash since there were only a couple other people at the park. We stayed through dinner time here and then went to park for the night at Walmart.

Jeffery Thornton Park 32.95921, -115.55721

Great place to stop for a night of rest! just as described by others. Nice garden, clean bathrooms by the pool.

HOTEL MAYA REAL!!! 20.36135, -90.04152

We booked in here before our final push to the USA border crossing. It was such a pleasant place to catch up on some rest! $250 pesos for our truck/camper with water/electricity (two ppl, two dogs). Hugo was super easy to book with (speaks English) and Juan on-site is lovely (speaks Spanish). Bathrooms and pool were in great shape during our stay. Would definitely return to spend more time!

Bungalows Tropicana 23.78486, -97.76090

very nice area. WE stay here 1 day and 1 night. good night very quiet.
la place du village est toute mignonne. il ne faut pas être très large car les rues sont étroites. nous sommes restés 1 nuits, très tranquille. le foodtruck du soir sur la place est très bon.
je recommande

Zocalo of San Sebastián 20.52040, -104.77335

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