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Small cute plaza with parking on one side. Police station on the plaza and they said it was fine to spend the night. Small little town with the basics. There is a waterfall we can see from town but could not figure out how to get to it. We spent a Sat night here, was quiet except for the church bells at 4:30am for 30 minutes. We are in a truck camper and had no issues with the streets. Probably would not enter town with anything bigger.  Would stay again, but prob not on a Sat night due to bells on top of us.

Plaza 5.94602, -73.34544

Plenty of space available.
Tranquille sur pavage, pour petites installations de 23' et moins.
Quiet on paving, for small rigs of 23' and less.

Galveston Island Ferry Parking 29.32772, -94.77222

Really nice park with lots of trees and well kept. The parking spaces are plentiful and easy to access. The wifi was password protected unfortunately. Stayed a Sat night and tons of late night parties were happening so it was quite loud but in a happy way 👍. No washrooms. Great reception.

Plaza de Armas across from Municipal Building -53.29509, -70.36853

We did not stay the night but it would not be a problem. Parking 200rps for a Van. A lot of rubbish and begging children but probably not at night.

Tip: There is the Palace/Fort to see and the big Mosque next to it. You only have to pay entrance for the Palace/Fort. The Mosque is huge and entrance is free of charge. You can also reach it when you pass the ticket cashier for the palace on the left.

Fatipur Sikri parking 27.09919, 77.67318

wonderful waterfall with No path to it. Just climb upstream until you reach IT. its amazing! i saw chimpanzes in the way there.

unknown waterfall 12.03479, -12.42144

the prices are low, both to have dinner or to full the fuel. It's a good place to rest. we spent the night there. the toilets were dirty at night, but clean in the morning.

Posto Rosso -28.44016, -48.81410

Ótima parada para quem quer ficar perto de Puerto Rio Tranquilo. Chegamos no local e achamos que estava fechado, mas falaram para abrir o portão e chamar pela dona Patrícia. Senhora querida, um pouco envergonhada, mas que nos recebeu super bem! Iríamos ficar no camping, mas acabamos ficando na cabana. Cama gostosa, banho bem quente, pia com água quente e fogão a lenha. Uma delícia de lugar! O Irmao da dona Patrícia faz passeios pelas capelas de mármore, vale uma conversa para quem tem interesse. Acabamos ficando mais do que um dia para fazer a caminhada até o lado Leones.. lindo passeio!

Los Coigues -46.76691, -72.82246

Posto simple para pasar la noche. Baños limpios con ducha ppr R$5. Restaurante. clave Wifi caxuxavip

Posto Rede Caxuxa -18.27546, -45.89475

Passamos um sábado de sol e estava lotado. Praticamente não havia lugar pra estacionar. A noite ficou tranquilo e dormimos bem . Local é muito bonito. Muito vento e poucas árvores pra proteger o carro do vento mas tem alguns lugares muitos bons pra dormir. É um point de Kite Surf

Baiano Kite Point -22.88914, -42.22825

the place is beautiful, feels far away from houses or towns, in a stony landscape.
to get there you'll definitely need a high clearance, there are a lot of stones and the last 50 meters.
be careful when you use, it tries to send you to a place at the other side of the river! when you see the sign "camping pitril" you have to turn left and cross the small bridge.

Hidden gem next to river -38.88028, -71.53734

Indeed very beautiful. Clean river, nice forest, lots of animals. Very good place for tents. With our Van (Delica) we managed to get through the trees to the flat spots. Not good for big rigs. Mobile data is only available a few km south.

The cattle farming that was mentioned in the previous post is 1km downstream. The place itself is surrounded by forest, so I don't see the problem.

Someone decided to despose of an entire glass door, other than that the spot is very clean.

Riverside campsite -44.92553, -72.16867

Very friendly family who let you stay for free in front of the hostel and you can use the toilets (cold) shower and open WiFi. Ate a very nice breakfast here before we left. Free coffee and water all day. Recommend

Dantayaco Ecotourism 1.09596, -76.63060

Water spigot located between pump one and two

Racetrack 26.68170, -80.23079

Ah, tem lareira também, que ajudou bastante no conforto e não dá pra deixar de falar da limpeza! 100%

Los Coigues -46.79119, -72.81318

un endroit génial entouré de végétation. super clean.

pour 200$peso tu est au calme et dans un environnement génial.

La Aldea del Buen Vivir 19.47842, -96.95739

Nice area to wildcamp - lots of spots between the trees and hills. Locals come here to picnic and hang out.
There are loads of side roads leading into the hills that you can explore and it's easy to find many different spots to camp - just pick one you like :)
Stc 3G

Moon Valley Wildcamp 22.04230, 39.48377

We spent one night in the park in high season, free parking. We slept here the weekend, no problem 😉. It is next to the tourist information office. There is drinking water in the park.


Dormimos una noche en la plaza, fue de sábado para domingo, ningún problema, todo ok. Ruidos típicos de dormir en una plaza. Frénanos en el estacionamiento que está al frente de información turística, es gratis. Hay una canilla atrás de la oficina de turismo, el agua es potable.

Pucón plaza. -39.27845, -71.97712

Nice quiet camping spot in the hills. We stopped here on our way to Jeddah because we thought the area was beautiful. Coming from the Wabha Crater to Jeddah the road eventually leads you through a hilly region with lots of potential spots! After a bit of searching we found this one among the hills. We saw 2 cars pass on the gravel road about 100 meters away and we saw some sheep grazing on the hills. Very quiet and beautiful.

Stc had poor reception, sometimes just enough to send messages but not all the time. If you climb the hill you have 3G :)

Between hills 21.91971, 39.75692

Municipal park just outside the town, very big place next to a river. There's tables, firepits and electricity and chemicals toilet but only at the entrance of the park. Locals use this park a lot and camp here, they were all very nice and told us is absolutely fine to pitch our tent here. The place is massive so even if there's loud music playing you can find a quiet spot.

Parque Municipal Monte -34.48947, -55.55029

A good spot just in front of the beach, there are bathrooms and shower you can also buy food and drinks. Big space for big cars very secure! And also has hammocks for rent. Recomended.

Rosy’s Place 13.29080, -88.89171

Access to trails at the Rio Grande near Corrales & Bernalillo, New Mexico.

Not a ton of room for larger vehicles to turn around since the road in is cut by a canal, but there is some space at the end of the parking lot. It does fill up on weekends!

Occasional construction activity, can get busy with horseback riders & dog walkers etc, but it's a great spot to stretch your legs on the trails in the Rio Grande Bosque.

Of course, remember to leave it better than you found it :)

Siphon Beach 35.28120, -106.59901

a small place with 3 rooms to rent on second floor. very clean and new. Air conditioner works well. No hot water. 1000 pesos for my wife and two small children. The small restaurant next door is the nephew he can make the contact or call the number on the front

abraham & claudia's rooms 16.69116, -99.62802

Entered Saudi Arabia today without Evisa! According to the website -US, UK and EU passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival. So we went for it… Noone of the border guards knew about it and confusion was perfect. After some back and forward and showing / comparing the paragraph on the website in english/arabic we received our visa on arrival! :) cost 480SAR p.P.
Rest was perfectly organized, drive through border. Registration. We got insurance for our 12ton truck as private car -460SAR for 3 months.
All in all it took us around 1h 45mins for both sides together.

Durra border crossing Jordan/Saudi Arabia 28.87699, 34.83359

Space for everybody. you can hear and see the main coastroad, but not bad. It is just a parc with pathed aereas.

Near Beach Blvd 30.39346, -88.86890

Very nice spot ! A lot of people, but everyone is far enough. You can hear the train, but it does not wake you up 😊

American Girl Mine 32.82802, -114.81715

The price is now for one night, 2 persons and a campervan 30k
In january 2023

Camping y Cabañas Turismo El Huerto -29.95568, -71.30515

volvimos a pasar por la estación. los platos de comida están en 40 reales 1 persona, 65 reales 2 adultos y 1 niño. variados y sabrosos. la bebida accesible. hay agua caliente y cafe gratis. los baños impecables.

Posto BR Terra Nova ( Torres RS ) -28.44016, -48.81410

Stellar views of the lake and volcanos from Pasaj Cap campground. The staff are also very friendly - thanks to Diego and Santiago for making our stay comfortable. We never met Pierre, the owner, who was off site during the week we stayed. Pierre has invested in the property to make it comfortable, clean and safe. Most of the parking spots are not very level (it is built on the side of a cliff after all) so be prepared to substantially level your rig if you care about such things. The price has gone up in 2023 after remaining fixed at 75Q for the previous 10 years. Now it is 100Q per rig (to cover two people) + 30Q for each additional person. Showers were warm (not hot) when I used them. The place was full most of the time we were here so call ahead or text with Pierre to ensure that he has space for you before you drive all the way down the mountain and around the bend.

Pasaj Cap - Lago Atitlan 14.72269, -91.24902

Slept here one night 10pm to 8am. Got a $100 fine for “no commercial vehicles from 9pm to 6am”. Didn’t see any signs

Publix parking lot 25.98544, -80.13375

Update to last post about the fine …. It was in a sprinter van. Also it was a municipal ticket & they got the number plate wrong anyways! And double checked & there are no signs to be found

Publix parking lot 25.98588, -80.13022

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