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Parking où il est autorisé de stationner la nuit.

Parking parc Mohammed 5 33.52613, -5.11227

Driving northward from Maputo it got dark and we saw these fields. During the night no one disturbed us but there were a lot of mosquitoes. In the morning a lot of people came to work on the fields.

In the fields -25.32444, 32.83826

Fountain in a village alley. Non-potable. Adaptable hose for filling tanks. Good flow

Katarkol 52.94578, 70.41681

Ferry Bissau-Bubaque leaves at 9:30 Fridays

Ferry Bissau - Enxude 11.85918, -15.57510

Great spot next to the lake. Very natural and peaceful. You can easily observe several families of marmots.

Katarkol spot 52.95882, 70.43444

did not ask permission (Giant is one of 9 tenants in the strip mall). did not see any signs. lot is flat and well lit at night. spent the night in my motorhome without incident. was the only one from 11PM until 5AM (garbage truck woke me). felt safe and would stay again. strong Verizon signal. no wi-fi.

Giant Grocery Store 39.83924, -77.20606

Very nice place to stay with all kind of amenities.
Local muito bom, com boa estrutura para camping.

Mira Estrela -19.91651, -50.08405

overnight car park back facing Ashley store under trees to cover back side of car ,wifi good from Ashley,well lit another overnight car sleeper same area. woke up 5am dumpster driving nearby,some highway noise. well lit spot lots Ikea roomstogo .

ikea parking 33.09401, -96.81848

Slept in the parking lot, but also a free campground here! Sandy beach 🌱 very quiet

Free camping near beach 34.00597, 133.05064

Embassy has now moved. Updated to N 6.37369, E 2.41466. It’s temporarily in a small single story unmarked building with reflective glass at the crossroads. It will move to the big building opposite when it’s refurbished.

Visa for UK citizen. 65k and 15k super express (same day) processing, got receipts for both. The guy there was really friendly and spoke some English. Needed passport & copy, photo, was able to WhatsApp him my hotel booking which they printed there. Asked if I wanted it while I wait, as opposed to coming back in the afternoon. So threw in 5k extra which he gave to the person behind the counter who was doing it. Very easy and friendly encounter, took about an hour.

Embassy Congo Brazaville 6.37368, 2.41469

Levi was great - we had developed a hole in the power steering hose on our Landy driving the Binga road and limped to his shop. He had the exact hose and had it fitted within 30 minutes, gave us a great price and we were back on the road with some game drive recommendations for Vic Falls NP.

Looks like he deals with most of the game drive vehicles in the area; Toyota's, Land Rovers and everything in-between and also does vehicle restorations.

would highly recommend

Levis Workshop -17.92576, 25.83993
Registro de Viagem

🇧🇷 Local tranquilo de se passar a noite, os guardas da ROMU deixam os carros deles aqui. Único local que encontramos que o estacionamento não é cobrado. Ficamos 2 semanas. Não tem energia, mas tem torneira de água na base da ROMU e Wi-Fi na bibliografia municipal que tem em frente ao estacionamento. A noite tem pouco iluminação, mas ainda assim nos pareceu seguro.

🇺🇸 Quiet place to spend the night, ROMU guards leave their cars here. The only place we found where parking is free. We stayed 2 weeks. There is no power, but there is a water tap at the ROMU base and Wi-Fi in the municipal library in front of the parking lot. There is a little lighting at night, but it still felt safe to us.

🇦🇷 Lugar tranquilo para pasar la noche, los guardias de la ROMU dejan aquí sus autos. El único lugar que encontramos donde el aparcamiento es gratuito. Nos quedamos 2 semanas. No hay luz, pero hay grifo de agua en la base de ROMU y wifi en la biblioteca municipal frente al estacionamiento. Hay un poco de iluminación por la noche, pero aún así nos pareció seguro.

Estacionamento de Frente a Base Operacional da ROMU -22.76245, -41.88942

We extended the custom paper for our motorcycles here for another 10 days. It was done in 10 minutes and we didn't have to pay anything.

Custom 37.49288, 71.52431

Pasamos 2 noches acá muy tranquilo y seguro. Tiene un gran espacio para vehículos y cuenta con duchas y baños. Cargamos agua al motorhome.

POSTO BR -3.17853, -52.18427

Dormimos en Posto Amigao, es de las mejores gasolineras que estuvimos, tiene un espacio muy grande para estar, es seguro, pocos camiones, agua, duchas y baños. Gente muy amable, pero por sobre todo tranquilo.

BR posto na BR 230 -3.12469, -51.73860

I confirm this is Hospedaje Marujita and the Google maps position in correct! We've been asked for 65 soles for two people with private bathroom.
The WiFi is working but it's not great. There is a big secure parking space in the back, no height restriction. The room was simple but ok and seemed clean, the shower was bad, cold and terrible flow but ok for a night or two.
The owner is a nice lady

Hospedaje Ocoña -16.43515, -73.10751

Très propre et moderne, 8 dollars la grosse machine à laver, 1 dollars les 16 minutes pour sécher.

Your Laundromat 29.38612, -100.91472

We stayed here almost a month ago and since cracker barrel has signs all over their parking lot asking people not to overnight park (even though people keep doing it anyway), we decided to come back here. There is one other rig here, and it is super quiet, just like last time. Still no "no overnight parking" signs. Hopefully, we can keep this place and not ruin it like cracker barrel. 🤞🤞

Tiguex Park 35.09593, -106.66660

looking one night near Boothbay and found this spot. Real hidden, but still there are houses and farms around so stay quiet and roll in there at dusk.

Pleasant Bay 43.91805, -69.60080
Sofias Adventures

Bridge is fixed now so you can pass no problem :)

Broken bridge -9.67549, 14.42419

have rooms and places for rigs. very nice setting. near the principal road.

Caravan Park -20.01391, 31.56085

Slept here a short night. Came after midnight. To the south was some work going on with a truck idling at a high rpm. Also this place is very lit.
The next morning, I woke up from streetwork. Definitely not the best night.

Boulder park 35.97842, -114.83476

DHL Express drop off point. Shipping internationally cash or mobile payment only - they accept $USD.

DHL Express 33.66876, 72.99714

posto de combustível, lanchonete e conveniência com banheiros e chuveiros

posto e parada de caminhoneiros -20.73415, -46.57648

Rules changed. Pay $30.00 up front and get reimbursed if you accumulated 50 points in gambling. Need to be a member with players club kf the casino. Staff ate friendly when asked how to get refunded

Three Rivers Casino at Florence 43.97900, -124.08729

came from colombia in lancha around the darien. the people at this insurance office are really bad. they told me they could not do one month insurance only. 2 months min. i knew 1 month was possible so i insisted but then they said i had to go aduana first. its the opposite, insurance then aduana. so i went to another Fedpa office and they did everything super fast for one month, no questions. i'd say go to another one.

Fedpa Los Pueblos 9.04604, -79.45334

This place is really nice. It has around 20 sites. The lower (nearer the water) sites are not great for parking due to mud at this time. A DEC Ranger Police came by. He said the site was going to be consolidated down to less sites in the future. So there may be less spots in the future. The camping is free at this time. For up to 3 nights- or 4 days. On permit you can stay up to 14 days. You can only get one permit per year for this site. You can still get a permit at other sites for the 14 days. No amenities. There are small stores in town 15 minutes away.

walter f pratt forest,old keenan rd, brasher falls,ny (free) 44.83445, -74.67423
She Defender

International Medical Centre (IMC) is a private medical facility with about 17 branches across Uganda.

A doctors’ consultation cost me UGX 35,000 (Approx. $10) at the time of visit. They have dental services, Ultrasound, general surgery and Laboratory services. They also have a pharmacy where you can re-stock most of your medication.
They also have a variety of insurance covers with a limited international coverage. Ask in advance to know if you are covered.

My experience with them was great. They welcomed me warmly and directed me on a step by step basis of where to go next. The Soroti beach contacts are; +256 393 000 265.

International Medical Centre (IMC) 1.71532, 33.62192

A great place, very peaceful under the shady oaks. Stayed up along the road towards the levee so I could watch the little alligators float in there. Interesting fortress, she ships floating by, and a little 1km quad trail to walk along the rivers edge is indeed very entertaining 😀. No-see-ums and biting flies are definitely out. Good cell service.

Fort Jackson Park 29.35939, -89.45246

Nice nap Location. could see the people in the houses calling the police as it is a rail workplace.

Lakeside 45.54878, -63.55012

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