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Quiet, very few people here tonight. Almost no service for Mint mobile.

Bennington Visitor Center 42.90449, -73.20391

Just your typical truck stop. There's decent reception here (4 bars Verizon), which is why we stopped. It's not fancy, but the lot is large and relatively level.

Ranch Hand Trail Stop 42.35753, -111.30254

Spent the night here it was 10.00 very quiet.

Marathon Truck Stop 26.48133, -80.65142

Lugar tranquilo. Tivemos uma noite muito tranquila, mesmo sendo um sábado.

É um estacionamento na rotonda.

Não tem facilidades.

Internet Entel funciona bem e tem wifi do Posto Copec


Caleta Tortel -47.79577, -73.53099

if you REALLY like being alone this is your place.
you drive 8.9 miles up south Oatman road, a dirt road that will take you 25 minutes, I averaged 15 MPH.
the road is pretty navigable if you go slow. but as said on another location, don't do it when rain is coming.
the only bad rocky section is right in front of where I camped, it goes for another 100 feet then looks like it smoothes out again after that, then your in farmland

South Oatman road 32.98511, -113.15090

Inn really close to the entrance of the of park. Several rooms with airco and shower. no wifi. price 200.000 for room for 2 persons.

posada Turística La Rodada -26.10006, -56.84318

easy access great view some rustic benches around a fire pit

Myra forest service road 49.83675, -119.34169

There are some flat spaces to place tents between the rocks next to the parking lot. hidden enough.

To access this you need to pass between some concrete blocks just before the parking lot.
You will see a flat space without stones, in a glade, but there are other places, smaller and closer to the water.
The only issue with this place is that there are several beer cans on the ground, indicating that some people also use it to get used to hang out.

Tiny place for a tent -39.27669, -72.22371

Unmarked spur roads. Easy to miss. Surprising amount of people given the remote location. No TMobile. Basic BLM camp with concrete tables and fire rings.

Willow Creek Hot Springs Campground 42.27610, -118.26515

Endroit sécurisé, sanitaires moyen, parc sale!beaucoup de poubelles partout. En bord de route un peu bruyant surtout lorsqu’ils organisent des événements 🫣 50000 guaranis la nuit. Le wifi est très compliqué d’accès mais cet endroit peu être une roue de secours pour ne pas être en pleine rue ou laisser son véhicule pour aller dans le centre.

Club Social Akaray -25.52808, -54.62806

Superbe village, les gens sympas, tranquille et avec des singes aimables qui vivent sur la place. Nous avons de l’eau au robinet de l’école à côté de l’hôtel.wifi sur la place en journée.

Plaza en Santa María de Fe -26.78328, -56.94358

Superbe endroit😍 parc, piscine super agréable, électricité, eau.le personnel est très aimable 70000 la nuit. Très tranquille. Pour les gros camion l’accès se fait dans la petite rue à l’arrière du complexe. Endroit à recommander 👍

Encanto Rural Camping&Hotel -27.03560, -55.58829

We went up to Monte Binga in one day. It was quite a hike, and it was also for our guide the first time. The landscape and the view are incredible. It's totally worth it for a visit. If you are thinking of sneaking past the base camp, I would recommend it. There are many rangers in this area and when they see you without a guide, you will have a problem.

Park entrance fee is still 10 USD pP, guide 5 USD pP

Chimanimani National Park -19.78865, 32.99392

Spent few nights here with other vans. Amazing spot! Locals are really friendly. Few people around during the day, quiet at night. Nice restaurants and shower spot at the village close by.

Beachside 23.64801, -106.80473

Stayed 1 night. Levelled spot in the back on concrete. Coming from the jungle, it’s really cold here. Kind staff that lives here. Music from 6am to 8pm but it was not too loud. Bitel signal

small petrol station -13.58413, -70.98444

When we arrived there were no other campers, so we went in, had some food and asked if we could stay. No problem! They even have big parking lots for RVs behind the building.
Later two more rigs joined us.
The night was relatively dark and quiet, no one bothered us.
They have no wifi for their customers.
Looks like there is something like a stripclub nearby. We felt safe anyways.

Cracker Barrel 39.19074, -81.53104

Ótimo lugar para ficar estamos no 3º dia lugar são seguro e tranquilo, ha chuveiros e com certeza possibilidade de conseguir agua para encher a caixA, mas preferimos continuar tomando banho noa choveiros pois à noite e bem tranquilo e de boa para tomar banho com sabonete e tudo mais. Aqui é um estacionamento público e não há cobrança, bem de frente ao mar achei top. @canaleunaosoudaqui no youtube e instagran, pode chamar lá se precisar de Ajuda.

Great place to stay, we are on the 3rd day, the place is safe and quiet, there are showers and certainly the possibility of getting water to fill the tank, but we prefer to continue showering in the rain showers as at night it is very quiet and good for showering with soap and everything else. This is a public parking lot and there is no charge, right in front of the sea I thought it was great. @canaleunaosoudaqui on YouTube and Instagram, you can call there if you need help.

Parking Lot by the Beach -7.28400, -34.79996

I’m touring cycling the country. I normally look for a wild camping spot. Here, in this park, the municipality has a cortesy room/shelter with carpets where you can sleep overnight. Very basic but good enough if outside is raining. Ask permission to the security guard. Friendly guy.

Belkıs mesire alanı 37.04665, 37.87315

several RVs here. relatively quiet but the road behind the CB does have a fair amount of traffic.

Cracker Barrel 31.44879, -83.52860

the place was quite ok. during the day a lot of traffic because of the nearby road. pretty quiet at night.

Comanche Trail Campground 32.21289, -101.47526

It's true that some parts of this road to Curacautín are quite bumpy for a 2WD and steep at the same time.

steep hill, not possible in 2WD -38.64275, -71.77785

Quiet place next to the river. Nice landscape. Clean. Weak Claro signal. Absolutely no noise during the night.

Just by the riverside -15.69103, -70.64968

A place in the wild close to season lake (lake is created from melting snow). Road is bumpy and is required to have AWD. In spring a high FWD can reach the site with caution. There are walking trails for enthusiasts of walking in nature. No signal reception.

Season lake 37.98107, 22.42557

Beautiful overlook on a looped road right off the Natchez Trace Parkway. Was quiet with occasional dogs barking in the valley below. As mentioned, there's a bathroom a short drive down the road. Trash can and a picnic table available. Sunrise over the valley was amazing!

Water Valley Overlook 35.74544, -87.20132

Clean, friendly, easy. Safe stop. Would recommend.

Loves Travel Stop 39.16845, -122.14391

I stayed 2 nights camping in tents with a friend, all seemed good until it got dark. The owner, Victor, made a lot of noise late in the night, and the second night got worse, he got very drunk and started yelling at 4am next to our tents "let's go party", then he even shaked my tent strongly insisting on it. I would have felt really insecure if I was travelling along, as he just went for my tent and not the one from my friend (male).

El lugar parece agradable, estuve 2 noches acampada con 1 amigo.
La primera noche el dueño hizo bastante ruido cerca de nuestras tiendas, pero fue mucho peor la segunda noche. El dueño, Victor, se emborrachó mucho, estuvo haciendo mucho ruido bastante rato más tarde de medianoche y a las 4am empezó a gritar a nuestras tiendas "vamonos de fiesta!!". Llegó incluso a sacudir mi tienda bastante fuerte hasta que salió mi amigo a confrontarlo.
No me hubiera sentido nada segura estando sola, y creo que su actitud fue precisamente de ir a molestar y acosar a la chica que había en su hospedaje.

Killa Wasi Campspot -2.20802, -78.85312

We drove in right before sunset on a Sunday evening! we have a truck camper, so we were looking for a place to stay. We drove by signs and read signs that said we would have to pay $10. Unfortunately there is no website, so be sure to bring $10 cash! Trust me it’s worth it for the views, hiking, and peace and quiet.

Ya-Gub-Weh-Tuh Trailhead 37.08308, -119.55407

Good night. Only some cars in the night.

RN40 Access to the Cueva de las Manos -47.41602, -70.93365

An amazing place to camp. Thank you for posting it. To get there as said, good 4x4 skills necessary. Easier from the village in the north., but the road is narrow, too. In the morning we saw chinchillas and eagles in the rocks.

Down in the Canyon -22.24754, -67.34981

Good place for a night or two, everything seems clean. Wanted 60 soles for a matrimonial, talked them down to 50. WiFi with good download and bad upload speeds. Staff very nice, they’ll let you use the kitchen, stove, pots etc. Hot water only from 7pm on.
There is a bigger-ish tienda downstairs with better prices than the nicer looking Tienda Antay.

Hotel Tambo del Inca -10.47355, -76.99251

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