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We really liked this place , there’s a lot of spots to choose from and it’s not crowded. I felt really immersed into nature. The views are nice. The one thing we didn’t like about it is the grass- my dog if he stepped in it his paws were covered in burs so I’d watch out for that if you bring your dog. If they stay on the main paths/roads they’ll be fine. 1-2 bars Verizon 5G for me but it changes depending on where you park.

Pipeline BLM 32.37689, -111.38902

Small parking lot kind of out in the middle of nowhere. there's a really nice hike you could take and I recommend it around this time of year because there's beautiful flowers down in the valley. there's a porta potty and decent enough Verizon signal.

Merwin Nature Preserve North Entrance 40.66905, -88.88894

Wonderfull park and campground. We stayed in a semi-developed site, no hookups, but nice covered table/bench area. Wild donkeys 🫏 walk around, so funny 😁 .
We mountainbiked a couple of beatifull trails. We'll worth it.

Desert Tortoises Campground 33.85976, -112.30694

First KOA location. Super nice, we'll staffed, clean and convenient.

Billings Holiday KOA 45.76025, -108.48087

Clean bathrooms, quiet, plenty of parking.

Middle Spunk Rest Area 45.60408, -94.47620
Jon Doe

Nice flat parking lot, park as far away from the store as you can, or behind it. Decent cell reception, and mostly quiet. Smells like cow manure

Loves Dodge City 37.74499, -99.98011

We camped here on a sunday afternoon. Lots of locals until dawn. At night a couple showed up for 2 hours. They did not bother us. There is some trash and some sand flies. It is good spot for a night.

River Beach -3.40796, -79.15155

As described. Few trucks today. They told us we could park in a shaded place between trees. Nice staff.

Posto Ipiranga -9.75294, -66.61201

Two Clean dump stations with drinking water fill next to the campsite. It was $10, paid at the entrance, since I was not staying there night.

Carpinteria State Beach Dump Station 34.39205, -119.51988

it is possible to park in the parking of the hotel, a place close and safe

Hotel Tidikelt 27.19907, 2.48902

The homestead is a very nice stay between Rundu und Ruacana. The people are very friendly and offered us a tasty dinner under the stars.
We made the homestead tour and it was a great experience. The guides were very competent and showed/taught us a lot. We recommend it, because it is well spent money which helps the community.

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge -17.74182, 16.14199

Ficamos novamente aqui na praça 5, onde ficamos anteriormente, não tivemos qualquer problema, foi bem tranquilo. O local fica próximo da entrada para a praia, também a alguns poucos quarteirões da entrada para a parte de calçadão onde há vários bares e restaurantes. Não há nenhum recurso, fora o sinal de internet aberta.
O local para estacionar são apenas vagas individuais, então se você quer apenas ficar estacionado sem "acampar" (abrir toldo, etc), esse local foi muito bom, na nossa experiência.

Square Five -8.50903, -35.00218

Best place to have a nice grilled fish in Luanda.

Peixe do Cabo -8.77824, 13.24282

pretty quiet place. few permanent rv residents here but just park side they aren't. it's pretty quiet after midnight. one night stay and no issues. great place for the dogs before bed. lots of space to run and play ball or Frisbee. bath rooms are ok but I'd rather use the porta potties there instead.

Kenton Park 45.58327, -122.68909
Pronto vamos

Estacionamento público e possui água. Energia não tem mais.
Aos finais de semana é mais movimentado e de semana é bem tranquilo.

São José da Coroa Grande -8.89798, -35.14473

Nice place! Be aware that at 29.680836, 51.776298 you take a right run. You can’t access this place of you follow the left road.

wild camping between oaks 29.65511, 51.78562

there's a fence up around the shelter now. the cul-de-sac is paved, and you enter it from the highway on the first road north from the coordinates. only one overhead light. little highway and train sound. no signage anywhere. i parked on the grass beside the fence, using some trees as cover from the nearby residences.

Point of Interest Lot 51.13820, -120.12376

Just at the entrance of the village, clean room, 10000pp for normal room. no WIFI, pool available, close tho minimarquet, hot shower. the price for a cabaña 50000 clp.

El Renacer Cabañas Hospedaje -29.29145, -71.30560

Perfect little set up just off the highway, set up before the train tracks to the right

Glade Across the Tracks 49.69103, -92.52887

Very peaceful place. We stayed 3 nights, and I guess it’s very safe.
Two guys take care of the parking, they told us that it costs 10 soles per day, I talked and they left it for 5 soles per day in secret (?!?)

I recommend the Resto Bar Fusión Latino restaurant for anyone who wants to eat seafood and other foods. It is 3 blocks from the seafront. Half the price of the restaurants on the waterfront and so delicious!

Lugar muito tranquilo. Ficamos 3 noites, e achamos bem seguro.
Dois rapazes cuidam do estacionamento, nos falaram que é pago por dia 10 soles, conversei e deixaram por 5 soles por dia.

Recomendo o restaurante Resto Bar Fusión Latino para quem quiser comer frutos do mar e outras comidas. Fica 3 quadras da beira mar. Metade do preço dos restaurantes que ficam na orla e muitoo gostoso!

La Playa -13.83506, -76.25266
Kombi Colibrí

Accommodation with several rooms and a flat parking. The place is simple but very nice, very clean, you have everything you need to feel comfortable.

Delfina and her husband are very helpful people. They can also help you organise tours.

Price doble room: 60'000 $
Price diner per Person: 15'000$

Telephone number: +57 318 571 9103

La Riviera - Posada Campestre 6.06432, -73.81981

There are trees but hardly any green. Very noisy, in between highway and noisy factory. There are foodstalls. Maybe ok for one night

Green Parking Lot 28.46270, 36.51833

Simple rooms with fan and private bath for 13000 CFA. Quiet area near one of the only shops that is consistently open to buy water and drinks. This hotel may be one of only two options in town: most lised on Googlemaps are closed. There are few options for prepared meals in Bolama but a woman living near this hotel can make food if informed beforehand. You have to ask around to find her.

Residencial Ga Muria 11.57840, -15.47564

Free water lane 7. Just follow lane 7 because the employees didn’t know they had water 😂Lots of place to move the RV around. Would recommend !

Maverik Gas Station 36.08498, -115.22604

Spot in the center of a village with fresh, clean drinking water.

Drinking water/water refill 38.75726, 33.86688
Blue Sky Adventures

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 45.83765, -95.34557

Rest Stop 45.83763, -95.34507
Manuel K

Open 8am to 8pm. I got 7 days.
As a foreigner, as soon as you enter Sikkim you need the inner line permit (ILP). Valid for areas (see picture). In Gangtok you can get the protected area permit (PAP) for some more areas. But most border places are off limits for foreigners.

Inner line permit office 27.17743, 88.52180

Well managed campsite, with private ablution, electricity, wifi, waterhole for both thirsty campers and animals

Senyati Safari Camp -17.87254, 25.23573

Great stop, no one bothered us but can be a little noisy, not bad at all though.

Linda Mar 37.59371, -122.50430

Next to the techno’s place (“el ático”), open on all saturday’s night.
No noise of road, no annoying neighboors and no wind!
It’s really next to the club so if you want to go partiing and then sleeping it’s the place!

Calle tranquila -33.00818, -68.91805

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