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Nous avons dormi 1 nuit sur le parking devant le musée. Calme la nuit, plat, wc (fermé la nuit).

parqueadero de las ruinas Ingapirca -2.54078, -78.87238

we haven't got Diesel here being foreigners.

YPFB -19.12522, -65.26270

Nice a quiet, there is a no dog sign and I did get in with my small dog, suppose it just depends who is on the gate. I was asked to make sure he was kept on the leash. Super friendly staff came and checked on me over the 4 days. I would defiantly stay here again

Parque El Tecuan 23.90395, -105.02432

Just behind cemetery. Fells safe and good for big cars.

Next to street 47.03424, 50.70389

Very nice and beautiful Guesthouse with private and semi-private rooms. Extremely friendly and helpful owners (Tanzanian and Swiss) who are happy to make you feel home.
Rooms from $20 to $25 pp including fantastic breakfast.
Nice lounges, good WiFi, green garden, bonfire and more. Big kitchen, filtered water, bicycle for rent and much more. The perfect place to relax and stay close by to the city of Moshi. Secure parking and possibility to camp there as well. There is a dog, a cat and turtle on the ground.
Best is: the guesthouse finance the NGO Kipepeo, so your money helps families in and around Moshi.
100% recommended.
Best is to send Simba a message before arrival: +255 763 110 283

Kiwavi Home Guesthouse -3.33397, 37.34885

Fat area. Nice view. Quite close to the road but I slept well enough. Rosana brings foods (pig with potatoes - chicharron) for 10 sl.

Rain protection.

Edu Z - @neverstophacking | España

Mirador -13.56642, -72.82104

A car wash for our 3m high van. They washed all the outside, including under, plus detailing the cabin, for C45k. They work 24 hours.

Full Car La 93 11.00348, -74.82744

Police here today stopped us and made a big stink about not having a front number plate. After a long time explaining we don't need 2 of them in Canada they let us go.

Checkpoint -44.05491, -70.57147

Excelente lugar, passamos a noite neste local. Tem banho, água e wi-fi. Bem seguro.

Posto BR São Marcos -28.34018, -49.03144

nice spot on the river that being transform into a lake. very beautiful and calm. buggys are passing by the day. nobody at night, no light, no facilities, amazing. on the road to come it's write Way Prohibited, but everyone take it road isn't closed

wild camping on the river -3.59593, -38.77827

Très bonne pression d’eau à la station P&S, avec nettoyeur haute pression au besoin.

Very good water pressure at the P&S station, with high pressure cleaner if necessary.

Water -2.21128, -78.84851
iNomads OnTour

That used to be... unfortunately it was flooded with classic campers. They had 20 clearly numbered pylons with them and reserved everything. The owner is OK with that.
It's also expensive. The showers and toilets are outdated and the food was bad last time too.

La Dune Auberge, a little north (see entry there) is definitely better for overlanders.

Camping Plage Sidi Ouassai 30.05543, -9.68913

We parked for 3 days in this parking lot. It says monthly users only but in fact anyone can park there. It was a great way to enjoy NYC.

Port Imperial Ferry 40.77789, -74.01020

AZ-GE: border isn’t closed, just not possible currently to enter AZ over land. I exited AZ to GE and was the only one. According to the reaction of the guards probably for quite a while. Van was briefly checked before the gate and one guard wanted a “present” but in the end the other convinced him to give up. Inside the van was checked again. the car customs took a while and the lady had to make multiple phone calls. I don’t know why though. Passport control was also relatively smooth.
Georgian side was super friendly. Vans go through truck lane and unfortunately the system randomly selects vehicle for xray. A guard drove with me to the scanner about 1km away and managed to put me in front of the line of trucks. He was super friendly and actually apologized for the procedure, but they had to do it. Afterwards we drove back, he collected my passport and handed it over and I was done.
All took about 1h.

Border Georgia/Azerbaijan 41.32829, 45.07606

Modern ATM where you can get USD. The fee for withdrawal is 5 USD...

ATM (cabs) -20.19266, 32.61970

little hotel with private accommodation and private bathroom. hot showers but the pressure is not very good. there is a lot of blanket, towels and a heater.
we have been sick and showed up last minute and all rooms were free. we were allowed to use the kitchen because we were sick and could not go out. the abuela is very nice !

Hospedaje MALUQUI -21.25864, -67.22317

Still here 9:00-13:00h Monday to Saturday

Though: Additional information: If you have time to wait 3-4 days, the papers cost 960 pesos. If you want them immediately = 31'000 pesos. So if you're spending time in the area anyway, you can save a lot of money. You need to have all vaccinations/parasite treatments up to date and a health certificate. You also need the owner's passport and the animal's microchip.

You will get a certification incl. a copy to return to Argentina within 60days.

Senasa -33.00886, -58.51664




La Casa Azul De Graciela -53.80023, -67.67292

Spent a very quiet night here, not bothered by anyone, even managed to sleep through the last ferry unloading.

Commuter Parking 49.67506, -116.87182

We spent a peaceful night here, the gas station is open 24 hours a day, just the convenience store and bathrooms that close at 10 pm and open at 6 am, but there is movement at the gas station all night. We were next to the convenience store and it was super quiet at night.

Passamos uma noite tranquila aqui, o posto é sim 24h, somente a loja de conveniência e banheiros que fecham às 22h e abrem às 6h, porém há movimento no posto toda a noite. Ficamos ao lado da loja de conveniência e foi super silenciosa a noite.

YPF San Rafael -34.65169, -68.37995

Very nice camping. It was closed but we could open the gate, it was not locked.
We only used electricity and payed 5000.

Camping San Fernando -27.33175, -66.89835

Stayed here last night. Felt safe, quiet, very well lit. Left around 1030am without issue.

Walmart 36.41366, -99.38139

What an amazing place, beautiful scenery, Danilo is so hospitable and of course we got to see Spectacle/ Andean bears!
Great set up at the viewing tower and Danilo has decent binoculars you can borrow to get a better view of the bears.
Certainly worth the cobbled drive to get to the fruit farm.
We parked in front of the guest house and were able to use the bathroom (shower and toilet). Danilo kindly gave us some peaches and avocados too!
There is decent wifi.
WhatsApp: +593 99-704-7847

Mirador del Oso Andino 0.30751, -77.94069
Les 2 vagabonds

we just asked to camp and they said no camping us authorised in the park.

on vient de demander pour camper et c'est interdit de dormir dans le parc

Cueva de los Manos -47.15620, -70.65759

parfait pour la vidange
l'eau est encore fermée pour l'hiver à la mi-avril.

Saint Hubert Municipal Garage, Boul Maricourt 6355 45.47841, -73.41303

Nice campsite, nice Baños incl showers, but no electricity (we‘ll change the button).

Perfect for getting in the park very early in the morning.

Before you can sleep here, you need to go to the ticket control at park entry (by the driving circle) and show your camping boleta (which you already bought at main entrance) to get your ,camping wrist band‘. Than you can camp here ;).

Tikal Campground 17.22499, -89.61028

Joel Jcar auto center que é mecânico de kombis, carros de passeio. Possue disponibilidade para ir até o local que o cliente está. Ressaltar que o Joel é um excelente mecânico e fica próximo a praia do futuro em fortaleza ceará texto Em português brasil e inglês
Oficina do Joel Jcar Auto Center é o seu destino confiável para cuidar das suas kombis e carros de passeio. Com um serviço excepcional e conveniência incomparável, Joel está sempre pronto para atender você onde quer que esteja. Com sede próxima à bela Praia do Futuro, em Fortaleza, Ceará, confie em Joel para manter seus veículos funcionando sem problemas, onde quer que você vá.

Joel Jcar Auto Center Workshop is your trusted destination for taking care of your kombis and passenger cars. With exceptional service and unmatched convenience, Joel is always ready to assist you wherever you are. Located near the beautiful Praia do Futuro in Fortaleza, Ceará, trust Joel to keep your vehicles running smoothly wherever you go.

att @kombicinebrasil

Jcar auto-center (85)98736-5037 -3.72853, -38.47143

Joel trocou o cabo de embreagem da nossa Kombi @kombicinebrasil

Jcar auto-center (85)98736-5037 -3.72846, -38.47140

Great flat spot at the intersection of 2 forest roads. Off the main forest road that brings you in so you’re farther away from other spots and people. Very quiet and serene. Level with a stone fire ring. A bit rocky to get here in places but no special clearance or 4th required (the ground was hard not sure about when it’s wet). About 12 minutes from Bryce park entrance! Had 2 bars on Verizon!

Henderson Peak Rd Wild camping 37.72082, -112.08798

Very nice laundromat! Clean, quiet, tons of machines. All washers are $6/load or $4/load. Dryers are huge and $1/20 minutes.

valley wash inn 49.09582, -116.50513

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