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Parked our van on the east side of this park with playground, water fountain, picnic tables, trash cans and GREEN grass for our dog! No bathrooms in park BUT three blocks west on E. Organ Ave was a public bathroom (was clean and opened at 8pm on a Monday) located behind RAD Retrocade.

Klein Park 32.31115, -106.77461

Cool spot, I'm here on a a Sunday evening and it's pretty wide open, a few cars and RVs here and there.

Fire Road 776 35.32779, -111.52260

We managed to get tickets via the tourist office in town. The lady working there, called her boss concerning the inability to pay online with foreign cards. She ended up making the payment for us, we paid her in cash.

Nice ranger working here, could answer all our questions. Showed us where to stay for the night for free (marked on iO, third lagoon)

Ingreso Parque Nacional Conguillio -38.77338, -71.63518

friendly locals confirmed that it was a safe and quiet place. we had the feeling to be welcome. obly recommended for fully self-contained rigs.

Plaza Chaqui -19.58824, -65.56125

Arrived here but the place is really small and not even aside the road but just on it. We passed, not really suitable for overlanding.

Overlooking the river -13.31200, -71.59814

Very helpful staff. Water at ground level. See photo.

Gas station 76 43.21297, -123.33565

this campground is wonderful!! it's free and we were alone . we will come back

Goodell Campground (NPS Campground) 48.67392, -121.26739

We could drive through the gate without any problems, they didn't even ask anything about identification and the like.
At the embassy of Iran, everything went equally smoothly. You have to go to the Allied bank to deposit the money (5 min walk - Rs 26250 urgent service), then you go back to the embassy where they get you the visa.

Diplomatic Enclave 33.71925, 73.10354

Level lot with fire ring. 3bars of AT&T. Prone to wind. Signs of deer.

Forest service fed land 35.92077, -111.76269

You can buy 20L garrafons here for 80 cordobas

Agua Roca 11.46183, -85.84760

Great spot! Stayed here for a couple weeks with a tent. Went to work on delivery to the town and left the tent at the spot everyday, nothing happened. The only problem is the strong wind sometimes.

Long Canyon hike trail head 33.95375, -116.45152

Stayed at this spot for a week in Prius, no issues. No “no overnight parking signs”, pit toilets, dumpster, hiking trail, very peaceful.

There is a camping in the other side of the road, there are showers and potable water.

Cougar Trailhead parking 34.26399, -116.91100

Good spot, stayed here for one night. It’s dead end road, no buildings around, just fields.

Street parking 32.81734, -115.56573

Stayed here for a couple nights in Prius. Good spot, no issues, other RVs and vans stayed here too. Close to the highway, but we didn’t hear any noise

Cracker Barrel 34.72849, -112.00708

Good spot, very dark parking lot, stayed for 2 nights, had no issues.

Mesa Public Parking 34.72848, -112.00708

Not super comfortable, but decent. Lights are too bright. Security car is driving all the time, but doesn’t seem to be checking cars. Slept here in Prius for 2 nights, had no issues. Other vans and cars parked here too. Also one big RV.

Thomas & 40th St 33.48012, -111.99909

Great spot to stay overnight in Phoenix. Other vans and RVs stay here. Quiet, peaceful.

Cracker Barrel 34.72847, -112.00708
Elyse Leblanc

Great facilities (attached laundromat too) and beautiful spot to kill some time waiting for your laundry. There’s a restaurant too but didn’t try it. Seemed popular though. Espresso Bar/Market will exchange for loonies. Friendly staff!

Maple Bay Marina 48.79483, -123.60228

Very nice place

I got myself a room the size of a flat for 6000

Cheap room at 4000 available too

Lovely staff that cook me chicken and rice for 5000
And breakfast as well

Transit Camp 7.49812, 11.35830

Free dump station, happy days! You need a hose for the rinse water though.

Maverick new, with Dump Station 36.19438, -115.14233

ATM taking Visa (and Mastercard). The Maximum amount I was able to withdrawal was 600.000 GNF. I didn’t shows any fees.

Vista Bank ATM Boke 10.93239, -14.29363

Thank you to the two other check-ins for recommending this hostal. We only just arrived, but it's exactly what we needed after a brutal day of driving. The proprietor is wonderful, the room is large, and the entire place is clean and welcoming. The showers were wonderfully hot with strong water precious and dinner was delicious and a mountain of food. We paid 100bos each for a private room with en suite and 30bos each for dinner. And there was wifi which was unexpected and a great perk. Well worth it! Abraham, the proprietor, could not have been more friendly.

HOSTAL QUISSAL -20.66005, -67.60979

Garage Workshop on Industrial Estate. The owner , Yasin , speaks English. Excellent Mechanic. He responded instantly to our message for help. He sorted the problem out at a very fair price. Very recommended. Great guy to work with, knows his stuff. his work bay has a restriction of about 3 meters high, but he can accommodate bigger rigs and work them on the front of the workshop.
His whatsapp number is +90 543 978 10 10. His name is Yasin.

Toprak Garage Carringo Service 39.59814, 26.95917

Beautiful place! As you all said, very welcoming and clean. Saïd and his family, especially his nephew Karim took very good care! Welcome tea, showing us all the area and facilities! They grow a lot of fresh stuff at the farm - basil, minte, dattels, koriand! Tasty!
Absolutely recommend and will come back for sure!

Camping à la ferme TANSIFT 30.68339, -6.47270
La Canopée Family

Establishment that washes, dries and folds your laundry per kg (the only one we found in Jaipur) for 100 rps/kg for everything except undergarment which are 10 rps / pieces to add. Excluding tax (18%). Pick up and delivery included.
Our laundry was delivered in less than 24h on a Sunday morning during a Holliday festival : very kind people.
Whatsapp Contact : +91 6350 280 969

Washouse drycleaning and laundry service 26.93027, 75.81287

Clean garage and Lots of expertise. Herman is very helpfull and friendly

Afric Auto Plus 6.17579, 1.28187

Next to the Asia Cell shop.
Several ATM accepting Visa card. Most of them with a fee of 10.000 dinar. The ATM of 'Trade Bank of Iraq' did not charge any fee for cash withdrawal.

ATM Visa 33.26433, 44.35202

As stated, this road is tarred and very scenic, leading all the way to Livingstonia. After rains, there were some landslides though, so good to check current condition in the rainy season.
Note if you go to the Mushroom Farm: The last 3-4km between Livingstonia and Mushroom Farm are not tarred. After it rained, the road had deteriorated a lot and it was super slippery. I struggled with my motorcycle. Probably fine though if it is dry and/or you are a confident off-road rider.

Beautiful road to Livingstonia -10.88527, 34.04578

We arrived here at midday and spent the afternoon watching birds and warthogs. Close to the road, so trucks can see you. Some cars even pass in front of you, searching for a better way, but all extremely friendly.
Around sunset it gets awful with all the mosquitoes, but until then we enjoyed the spot. 😂

Lake Shaka 16.42512, -16.32688

MedinAssurance: employees are super nice, but only speak basic French. The owner of the agency is also owning next door’s luxury supermarket (with even deep frozen stuff!) and he speaks decent French and also some English.

Car insurance broker „MedinAssurance“ 17.17221, -16.04672

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