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This was the only gas station that had Diesel and it was possible to pay with card; coming from Puerto Maldonado. We tried Thankfully, because there are no ATMs on this route.
It has very very clean toilets and agua potable. Great stop

Diesel, Visa, potable water, clean toilets @Interoceanica sur -13.64610, -71.37540
Because I turned right

I’m here mid April so not too busy, water still turned off but has electricity. I’m guessing it works, I didn’t plug in. And has a dump! That’s always a bonus before leaving. Lots of green for the dog and a river path.

Fairgrounds Park 43.98599, -75.92681

We found lots of places to park overnight on the street in this area near the Holiday Inn. We had a nice quiet night. The gutters in the street are a little bit low so we wound up propping ourselves up to stay level, but overall a great night, and we weren’t bothered! We are 29 foot long and had no issues. Just off the highway with easy access and in the neighbourhood of the fine arts museum.

Street parking 34.74161, -92.26402

Fine spot to stay for the night. The beach is not that special. Lots of rubbish around. Nice restaurants that let us use their toilet for free. Quiet and felt very safe

In front Milena Restaurant -4.93086, -80.69786

Basic Hotel with super big rooms. Good Wifi. we paid 200 Q for two beds.

Hotel Patzun Plaza 14.68151, -91.01477

Nice campground for staying at Cap Skirring and Kabrousse. All amenities in walking distance including beautiful beach. Sandrine and Antonio take care if Benoit is not on site. They are just the friendliest, helpful people and fun to hang out with.

Le Sénégaulois 12.37248, -16.72682

The Square is inaccessible to large motorhomes and closed for trucks !
We booked our taxi for the palkoyo here.
paid for 4Pers. 170sol for a 6 h Tour. Nice reliable taxi driver with clean good car. We can only recommend our driver. You can contact him at 984 244 291 and he will Pick you Up at your place.

Taxi to Rainbow mountain -14.10263, -71.43030

Beautiful, quiet county campground on Lake Lenape near May’s Landing, NJ, about 30 mins from Atlantic City. Only one other camper here on a warm April night. The west campground side allows 2 vehicles per site; no restrictions on campervans. No trailers permitted. East side is tent only. Sites are enormous and well-kept with fire rings and picnic tables. Almost every site is directly on lake.

Lake Lenape Park Campground 39.45993, -74.73876

Nice spot, two narrow roads. Tight turnaround. Good service in ATT. road noise is noticeable but not busy in a Sunday night and mon morning.

Wallowa Dirt road pull off 45.29297, -117.20065

In front of Motel 6, there is a big open (parking) spot with a historical marker. At this spot, trucks were sleeping overnight.
It will be noisy but at night there is not much traffic. Train horns can be heard throughout the city.
Laundromat can be used at Motel6, $2 30min, but don't expect too much.

Big parking Motel6 38.99270, -110.13971

Largest Supermercado in the city, much larger range than the Hiper Patagonico. Good selection of products like in other large Supermercado in the north. The price is average, but good offers.

Unimarc -45.57535, -72.07228

We drove from Mexico to Guatemala at around midday. The road block is still active. A bunch of locals stopped us and asked to search our bags and motorcycle, and see our passports. We asked if they were the police (they obviously were not), but they reiterated that they were instructed to check people and vehicles for “safety.”

We showed them copies of our passports which sufficed. We opened one backpack and they did a quick check and moved on to feeling the other bags. After a few minutes they said we could pass.

Roadblock 15.66563, -92.00246

Nous y sommes installés pour la nuit dans un super décor. Superbe plage en présence de nombreux locaux. demande 400 pesos et obtenu pour 300 pesos. Grand stationnement sur sable!

Tabasco Beach Parking 22.89122, -109.90066

We failed here after trying the 3 others balnearios marked on IOverlander. Ariel welcomed us and he didn't know how to price us because it's 30 pesos from 8am to 8pm and 40 for the night. Finally we agreed on 120 pesos for 2 people, arrival around 4pm, departure before 10am. The small space was full of people when we arrived even though it was Monday. Loud music from all sides. At 7pm everyone had left and peace settled. No Telcel reception, no showers. There are toilets. We washed in the river. Lots of dogs on site, but no problem with ours.

Balneario Isla de Maria 16.59687, -92.96292

Did not like the vibes here. Drunk people and loud music on Monday afternoon. The owners asked for 300 pesos to stay in our van (yes, so greedy, no misunderstanding as I speak spanish). We politely left.

Balneario Las Limas 16.60816, -92.98015

Was closed when we arrived. The lady from the balneario La Escondida (next to Eden) didn’t know since when they’re closed and the reasons).

Rancho "El Eden" balneario el TELECHI 16.59949, -92.96975

there was no fire pits and no signs where to park. There was a lot of trash and flies and we didn’t feel safe so we left.

Agua Caliente 33.22069, -112.74279

We went in to see because Eden was closed. Impossible to park, there were already 5 cars and what's more the land is sloping and in the sun. We went to the next balneario

Rancho "La escondida" 16.59955, -92.96878

Large rest area with plenty of of space for even big rigs. The highway noise was minimal so very quiet all night. We didn’t see the “no overnight parking” signs that others posted about. There are some covered picnic/bbq spots and few trees but very little shade.

1-2 bars AT&T service.

Rest Area 33.95356, -104.64052

As described. New owner has made huge improvements over the past 1+ yrs. Bathroom upgrades/improvements are in the works. Great stay! Currently offering discounted rates in off-season.

Cathi's Place RV Park 43.56836, -119.07927

Parked our van on the east side of this park with playground, water fountain, picnic tables, trash cans and GREEN grass for our dog! No bathrooms in park BUT three blocks west on E. Organ Ave was a public bathroom (was clean and opened at 8pm on a Monday) located behind RAD Retrocade.

Klein Park 32.31115, -106.77461

Cool spot, I'm here on a a Sunday evening and it's pretty wide open, a few cars and RVs here and there.

Fire Road 776 35.32779, -111.52260

We managed to get tickets via the tourist office in town. The lady working there, called her boss concerning the inability to pay online with foreign cards. She ended up making the payment for us, we paid her in cash.

Nice ranger working here, could answer all our questions. Showed us where to stay for the night for free (marked on iO, third lagoon)

Ingreso Parque Nacional Conguillio -38.77338, -71.63518

friendly locals confirmed that it was a safe and quiet place. we had the feeling to be welcome. obly recommended for fully self-contained rigs.

Plaza Chaqui -19.58824, -65.56125

Arrived here but the place is really small and not even aside the road but just on it. We passed, not really suitable for overlanding.

Overlooking the river -13.31200, -71.59814

Very helpful staff. Water at ground level. See photo.

Gas station 76 43.21297, -123.33565

this campground is wonderful!! it's free and we were alone . we will come back

Goodell Campground (NPS Campground) 48.67392, -121.26739

We could drive through the gate without any problems, they didn't even ask anything about identification and the like.
At the embassy of Iran, everything went equally smoothly. You have to go to the Allied bank to deposit the money (5 min walk - Rs 26250 urgent service), then you go back to the embassy where they get you the visa.

Diplomatic Enclave 33.71925, 73.10354

Level lot with fire ring. 3bars of AT&T. Prone to wind. Signs of deer.

Forest service fed land 35.92077, -111.76269

You can buy 20L garrafons here for 80 cordobas

Agua Roca 11.46183, -85.84760

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