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There’s a sign in the truck/RV parking area that says No Overnight Camping.
However, myself and another RV parked overnight without issue. It’s a typical rest area with highway noise, but it’s well-kept and had a good night.

Superior Rest Stop 46.66630, -91.99915

This late in the year, there is no charge currently for parking. There is a cover over the kiosk with a sign that says free parking.

I only came for the day to walk along the board walk, but when I pulled in the morning, there were two vans that had condensation on their windows, so I assume they overnighted just fine.

The lot got a little busy during the day but considering the time of year, the noise wasn’t bad at all. I’m sure it’s a chaotic vibe during spring and summer seasons. Lake view is beautiful, sparkly and calm especially when the sun was at peak.

Waterfront trail is dog friendly! There are pup bag stations at some of the trailheads.

Northwest Iron Lot Public Parking 46.78041, -92.09183

I went to all moto shops in Luanda and compaired this is the best one. moast parts and way cheaper (for example tube here was 3k instead of 22k/25k in the other shops)
They speak english

Motorcycle parts store -8.81393, 13.25242

Really nice spot. Quiet, very few other people parked here. Port-a-potty isn’t the nicest ever but it had toilet paper. We weren’t bothered at all.

Community Center 35.64241, -105.99438

Nice spot. Pretty big open lot, there were a few other people parked, but it was still nice and quiet. Not far from the entrance of the park.

BLM Sacred White Shell Mountain 37.52698, -105.59381

As described I saw a military pick up patrolled at 10pm feel very safe for the night

Street Parking - Science Museum 31.85707, -116.62061

Awesome camping spot, easy access for smaller vehicles

Riverside Tours Loire. Wonderful spot 47.30366, 0.37399

Since 1982 the best “lomitos” and hamburgers in Rosario. Near Urquiza park.

El Special -32.95768, -60.62652

Nice pull through dump station near the exit of the welcome centre. There are faucets and drinking fountains around the loop, we asked and the water taps are potable water and you are welcome to fill your tanks.

Welcome Center, Alcorn County, Mississippi 34.91008, -88.54225

The road on the NF-47 is paved and in excellent condition. After this the road is unpaved and a little bit bumpy. Solid tires are recommended as there are many sharp rocks. Maybe not a good choice is you are staying just one night. Some service on Verizon. Amazing views. Quiet, no traffic. Thanks for posting!

BLM land outside Burns 43.60342, -119.20603

Great spot to park in town, there were two of us with shorty skoolies who stayed here overnight and no one bothered us. No signs anywhere, it's very unclear who this parking lot ever belongs to.

Rite-Aid Lower Parking 37.33136, -119.65176

Campsite in love location nice green lawns, but rains plenty.
Unfortunately amenities are in bad state of repair. Like toilet doors so jambed they are impossible to close.

Silver streams camp site -29.84463, 29.21560

It's also not possible to cross the border from Argentina to Chile. This border is closed!

Paso Sico Border -23.87415, -67.15639

Got gas, the store also does copies, perfect stop before the border. The attendant is super friendly, makes a good espresso

YPF -51.53640, -72.33410

a small gas station on the us side of the border as soon as you cross the bridge. they have a freeze proof spigot on the left side of the building. I asked to use it to full my water and they said sure. The fuel here was cheaper than its been in the rest of main by about 20 cents.

citgo station 45.19077, -67.28311

No longer free drinking water, they want $5. very unfriendly staff as well. Tried filling up a jug at the pay for water station at the front ($1.50 for 5 gallons), but it didn’t work and still authorised the charge. Decided to just use the hose then given we already paid for the water, but wouldn’t come here again

76 gas station with water and dumper 36.81251, -114.06634

Stayed here Halloween night. Big open gravel lot between baseball & basketball courts. Local police drove by once around 9pm & once at 8am. Seemed to just been checking the area. Very quiet & safe area. Keep it clean

Canton Rec Center 35.52481, -82.84561

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Vista Grande Overlook 35.77716, -105.81075

they just checked big sammy's... no one cared about us in our Mercedes Sprinter

La Concha Sinaloa 22.53411, -105.45199

Free camping for 14 days. No permit required. Hard packed sand. Pretty flat for the most part if you’re in an rv. There are trash barrels spread out and random portopotties. However, if you make the quick 2 mile trip south to Stahlman Park, there are 24/7 free restrooms and outdoor cold showers on the ground level pass the picnic tables. Cheers.

east of surfside beach (follets island) 28.99041, -95.23690

Dump station also at northbound side of rest area. Simple grate, no hookup. No potable or rise water.

Rest Area 32.49783, -85.61375

eau potable fermée pour la saison
pour ce qui est de vider les eau noir c'est encore ouvert

international friendship garden 48.38801, -89.26406

Needed a break from being on the road. Really nice and clean room and shower. Came out to $50 a night thru Expedia. Front desk was so nice. It’s pet friendly so there was an area for our pups. Staff even gave our dogs some treats :) Basic room with microwave and mini fridge. Wifi was average.

Motel West 43.49700, -112.06012

We loved that place! Beautiful campsites next to the Vineyards. New, clean and very fancy ablutions. Very fast Internet at the Reception. Very friendly owners. Walking Trail. Don’t Miss the wine tasting!

The Vineyard Rest Camp -19.63754, 17.46420

5$, hot showers in community center, stalls without doors or curtains

Indio Community Center 33.71540, -116.24328

Water still available November 1st.

Great to still be able to fill this late in the year. I don’t know if they will eventually shut it off for the year as things get cold.

Rowe Athletic Field stadium 44.34051, -72.76058

lugar legal com água e luz disponível
possui um comércio turístico que funciona das 16 às 20 horas
nos outros horários sem movimento!
o por do sol é incrível e o estacionamento amplo

Possui um ponto de energia próximo aos quiosques de cuscus ha uma torneira pública também

recomendo para abastecer água e recarregar as baterias
fiquei por 2 dias sem novidades!

Praia do Jacaré -7.04202, -34.85496
Nick Salgado

Open all year around.
Beutiful place and incredible views of the lake and mountains around.

Camping Hain -54.52568, -67.23295

Nice place, very quiet. No service but it's free. Most of the sites can accomodate big rigs.

Crystal Forest Campground 34.79255, -109.89105

Unfortunately it was impossible to join Brian by phone, email or WhatsApp. I don't know if his garage is still open, I don't have been on site.

British 4x4 Land Rover expert 39.72475, -104.79669

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