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Clean and comfortable hotel as you enter Piedra Buena, with a pleasant lobby and dining room. Parking lot around the back, there’s no locked gate but it’s out of sight of the road. 4,000 (about $14 at current blue rates) for a single with private bathroom and a decent breakfast (toast, cornflakes, juice…) 5,000 for two and 6,000 for three. (Confusingly, there are two hosterias called El Alamo in town. They have the same owner. This one opens all year. The other one in the centre opens in the high season only, the lady here says.)

El Álamo Hostería -49.98201, -68.92243

Update: Got woken up by police at first light in the morning. They gave everyone in the industrial area a warning and we had to move on again. Friendly officer advised us to avoid this place for a while.

Ronson road industrial area 32.82904, -117.16055

0800 283 0381

SOS Usuário -22.99599, -46.51434

Was here for a couple of days when cycling up north through Namibia. I can really recommend this place! Gras on the campsites, clean Ablutions, very nice and helpful staff. Overall a great place to spend a few nights.
Payed 180 for one person and a tent per night.

Amanzi Trails River Camp -28.69967, 17.53283

Beautiful lodge/restaurant/museum owned by Baja legend Lynn Chenowth. Also has a fun bar above the dune buggy museum with shuffleboard! We were allowed to camp here for $25/night in our pop up camper.

Chenowth Legacy Lodge 30.83012, -114.70485

Nothing special, good for one night. Close to the Kuna-Mora Rd with constant truck traffic. Not ideal if you are in a tent. Disappointing to see so much trash.

BLM Land 43.45448, -116.14748

Big flat area, coming from Potosi just after the bridge on the right. easy to find. next to river for cleanup. Road is aside so we heard trucks during nights but very few. quite but not perfect hidden with the little bush.

Riverside -20.33487, -65.14198
David white

Woke up this morning and we were alone here. A bit of highway noise but not bad.

Rest stop 34.95313, -111.67281

Pleasant and quiet spot for an overnight stay.

Bennington Visitor Center 42.90438, -73.20373

It is not allowed to stay overnight anywhere in the park anymore. Two rangers came around 7pm and send us away.

Paracas NP - La Mina Beach -13.91010, -76.31741

You can drive anywhere, but overnight camping is not allowed anymore in the park.

Roads closed to tourists -13.89234, -76.31958

Just a gravel parking lot, pretty leveled. Just beside track so a little bit noisy but were able to sleep anyway.

Winslow Visitor’s Center 35.02545, -110.70387

Only open seasonally. Check reserve America website. Open May 19 to Oct 8, 2023

Indian Island Campground 40.92753, -72.63226

I don’t think this station is here anymore. I don’t see anything inside or outside the CVS.

Glacier water fill at CVS 36.14332, -115.26139

Prior to enter Ecuador you need to fill an online form found on google with “formulario viajero ecuador”

Ipiales, Colombia to Tulcan, Ecuador 0.81433, -77.66350

lost place train station. Very beautiful, much to see.

Myloi 37.55613, 22.71589

50¢/gallon or $2.50/5 gallons. Station to the left of the entrance of CVS.

Glacier at CVS 36.15948, -115.20664

Very nice place indeed, great vegetarian options. Lots of green, vegetable salad. All really fresh, a lot taken from the local garden. Friendly staff as well. Place to park the bicycles inside when you want to sit in the garden.

Sabores nobles -25.07629, -65.49694

sale of artesanal cheese . sweets. Cold cuts

Cheese Sale: Quesos Escuela granja -37.35138, -59.20150

This massive old abandoned campsite is now an aire by the lakeside with a beach
No facilities but plenty of flat spots (old pitches)

Abandoned campsite now aire by the lake 45.78043, 1.87179

Great little spot! Super hot showers :)

North Campground General Store 37.63214, -112.16537

one broken window now. better than outside

Refugio6(128km E of PorV) -53.32112, -68.81490

Otimo local para parar o motorhome. Sem facilidades.
Passamos aqui dois dias e uma noite, nao fomos incomodados. Necessita-se parquímetro que pode ser colocado online ou nos kioskos (conferir endereço nas fotos).
Tem wifi no centro de turismo.

Costanera -40.80980, -62.98632

Bought insurance here for a motorcycle. Few other shops visited first wouldn’t do insurance for foreigners. Price isn’t cheap (967.47Mad)/1 month.
Friendly staff.
Can be reach on whatsapp:0661 19 96 79

Allianz assurance california 33.53400, -7.61225

quiet place to camp. near the river or in the orchard. 1500 pesos pp now. electricity at the place, nice view, wifi at the reception. no cellphone coverage.

Camping Abuelo Daniel -42.55578, -71.58432

Spigot by the dump station. Over by the propane. Don’t use the one by the gas pumps (non potable). Can also dump hete ($10)

Loves Truck Stop Water Fill 35.25585, -80.98130

just to be clear, these are public outdoor beach showers that are obviously meant for rinsing off after the beach. men's and women's showers are visible from the parking lot and beach and openly facing eachother, so ain't no way you can be naked and properly clean yourself here. if you are particularly desperate for a shower I guess you could shower with your swimsuit on, but there's no changing stalls with doors/curtains or privacy or anything. toilets were closed today, maybe they are seasonal. really beautiful beach though!

Public Toilettes & Showers 34.40293, -119.69694

$10 to dump if you are from out of state. They only take check or card, no cash. You have to backup towards the dump station & it’s an open grate kind. It’s kind of gross and a pain but it did the trick.

Hampton public works department 42.92775, -70.82121

There is no overnight parking signs throughout the lot, however there were a lot of vans & class A RVs here overnight. Didn’t seem like anyone was enforcing the no overnight parking rule.

Walmart Supercenter 42.92972, -70.82726

Clean and well maintained machines. Here during the day and the area seems safe. Customers and lady running the place are nice. Bill changing machine as well as coin changer. Good if you only have a $20. Recommend

Sun City Laundromat 31.81156, -106.44366

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