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Perfect place, view on Aconcagua,lots of space, some privacy.
I discovered this too early in the day, otherwise I would have stayed.

Next to Access Cristo Rey -33.27498, -69.12769

We didn t fill there because our hose wasn t big enough and they only do garrafon. But price is now 20L for 25pesos

Purísima 21.03219, -101.25844

This place is closed. No agua purificada anymore.
There is another place a little higher on the road but it’s only garrafon. 16$ 20L

Agua Purificada 21.02114, -101.26528

dump station and water ( potable or not, i don't know). at the end of the parking right before the ramp. free!!!

welcome center alabama 32.83836, -85.19841

Normaly a good und big area. Unfurtunatelly very dirt and many glass trash. 1-2 bar AT&T.

Snyder Hill, West Side-Tucson, AZ 32.15791, -111.11483

We got very lucky and got here on oct 31 for their free shower deal until nov 1st!
Big clean showers. Friendly staff. Cool trucker lounge in case you want to do your laundry.

Irving - Showers 45.64937, -61.43832
DWQ Expeditions

Very nice place. Accommodation for all budgets. All clean and comfortable. Beautiful and relax garden and swimming pool. Just 2 minutes from the beach. The food/pizza is a must. The Italian owner is a very experienced overlander. Very friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Kokrobite. Gardens 5.49672, -0.36625

The Showers belong to the i Camp Campground.
Hot showers for $10
They also sell free range eggs!!! 😍

I put this as a new place for showers, as without having ‘Established Campgrounds’ in your filters turned on, you wouldn’t find them and there are no options for Showers between Spanish Forks and here

i Camp Showers 38.98829, -110.15413

A very friendly and young intelligent female vet who understood our odd situation and actually _listened_. The previous 2 places we tried were like talking to a wall, and we speak Spanish so that wasn’t the issue.

Health Certificate for two animals, one rabies shot, internal and external deparasitation for both was 18000 ARS

She’s also in contact with the elusive SENASA employee lol
She said if we have problems at the border to call and she’d help us out.
It’s better to contact her on whatsapp first to know availability 2966639011
Luckily she was free when we walked up

Veterinaria Huellas -50.33896, -72.26268

Nice surrounding. But not worth the stay. They charged us 35.000 for the entry and the 15 minute hike, guided by the totally unmotivated daughter. In the afternoon we took another short hike north of the property. When she found out about the second hike, she yelled and insulted us badly. We were not allowed to use the second trail, for whatever reason. They are friendly to xou as long as they earn money with you. We immediately left. 10.000 COP per person and night.

Puerta de Orión 2.51532, -72.70386

This place doesn’t get much love from iOverlanders, does it? But... It’s in the middle of nowhere, 100km to a town each way, and that’s 100km with nothing but guanacos. The food servings are huge - enough for two. The rooms are surprisingly comfortable and they’re clean, with a gas heater that they light when you go in, no questions asked. The water is piping hot. The wifi works. They have gasoline. There’s a procession of Ruta 40 travellers and truck drivers for entertainment.

Hotel Baja Caracoles -47.44429, -70.92667

we did the bigger tour for $250 per person.
first stop was at the crocodile farm after a 45min boat tour with öits of photo stops. lots of crocodiles, turtles and birds.
We spent 30min at the croc farm then went to the restaurant with bar and pool. the water was nice and cristal clear. the duration of the tour was
advertised for 2,5 hours. we spent 1hr at the restaurant and it took 3hrs in total.

La Tovara Crocodile Boats 21.53179, -105.24744

Night fell and there was nothing on Ruta del Sol southwards - until we came by this small restaurant, behind which we could park and spend the night on the way to Bogotá. We had dinner here, simple but freshly prepared. Very friendly ladies.

Sol de Verano Alojamiento Campestre 5.13984, -74.59146

Nice little spot. Wasn’t really expecting much, but it’s pretty neat. Couple spots with picnic tables and a bathroom. Popular birding area, so far just me and one other camping tonight. Lots of big ass mosquitos near the marsh. No fires allowed. Can stay 3 nights. Very peaceful with the sounds of birds in the background.

White Water Draw Wildlife Area 31.56084, -109.71878

As described. The bathroom and shower stalls are on the ground level. Walk past the tables/benches and you will see them. This is open for everyone 24/7.

Free beach showers 28.97168, -95.26154

Both dump station were Out was out of order

shell 35.26310, -116.08037

Checked this place out after hurricane Fiona. The gravel road is now washed out. See photos. Since it was the off season and everything was closed we parked behind the lighthouse museum instead.

Lighthouse - Cape Ray 47.62058, -59.30705

Stayed the night parked in front of the washrooms. it's a safe place to sleep though traffic and trucks can be noisy

washrooms are clean 5mxn to use

we didn't use it but was told showers available for 30mxn

Pemex 17.96836, -91.71128

They put up signs that this is now a few site. $20 day pass which starts November 1st. Ridiculous considering you can stay at Borrego Palm Canyon campground for $25 a day and you have everything you need. Ranger told me their are also going to start fees at Blair also.

Peg Leg 33.29311, -116.29757

Coin operated showers. They take credit cards at the coin machine that is now fixed in front of the bathrooms. $1 is 2 tokens. And time is 2 minutes per token.

Definitely better than a cold beach shower

Hot shower in campground, cold shower on beach 34.46085, -120.02615

Everything along this road is closed. No camping Sign posted at beginning of road w penalties.

FR 9571 34.79644, -111.91656

Dump station with water (potable or not, i don't know) at the end of truck parcking lot. Free!!!

Rest Area 32.50375, -85.61159

There are signs everywhere saying no overnight parking.

Planet Fitness 36.04115, -114.97785

CAUTION! It's not possible to cross this border from Chile to Argentina. You don't get your exit stamps and TIP Cancellation from Chile, because there are just employees from Argentina here. Nobody from Chile!

Paso Sico Border -23.87388, -67.15726

Vast parking lot for any size vehicle. If You are overnight parking on the casino lot (most semi trucks park at Esso station), You need to register at the casino reception desk—access to washrooms & wifi—restaurant serves breakfast, lunch & dinner (prices are typical casino norm), if You decide to park at Esso gas station, You don’t need to register (according to gas attendant)… the casino parking lot is quieter than the gas station parking lot—Trans-Canada HWY noise dissipates around 10pm and picks up again around 7am.

Stoney Nakoda Resort and Casino 51.10149, -115.01465

If you want to cross the border at Paso Sico from Chile to Argentina you need to cancel your TIP here! At the border of Paso Sico there is nobody around. There are just employees from Argentina.

Chilean Immigration and Customs for Hito Cajón -22.91074, -68.19373

While I was parked up in the main car park the evening before hiking to the falls, somebody came down to warn me it wasn't a safe place to leave a vehicle, with a history of break-ins (this despite the guy at the ticket booth insisting it was totally safe) - said the last victim was a cousin of the footballer Messi, and that he wasn't impressed! I had a peaceful night there but in the morning drove to the first building on the right, several hundred metres back from the parqueo, and they were happy to let me leave the van on their grounds, for a tip.

The hike was pleasant, but stressful in the muddy areas - and there weren't many areas that weren't muddy! Especially down in the valleys, it was better for the section on the ridge. Very grateful to the previous posters who talked about footwear - I was just about ok in hiking boots, but when I was trying to move faster on the way back I ended up in it to the ankle a couple of times. Trainers would have been inadequate, anything else a disaster! As it was a hike that the ticket office guy said should take about two hours return took me four..

I opted not to take a guide and had to ask directions a couple of times. Might have been nice to have one, but for anyone who doesn't want to take one (if you have a tight budget and have had to pay for parking in addition to the Q35 entry fee, for eg), I took some notes of areas where it's not immediately clear which way to go:

15°08′24.96″N 90°07′11.72″W - take the lower path that cuts down and left, over a little bridge across the stream, and then the path that curves round to the left through a separate narrow valley

15°08′24.48″N 90°07′24.37″W turn right up the steeper and what looks like the less muddy path - this section was treacherous though!

15°08′32.12″N 90°07′29.7″W turn right onto the bigger path

15°08′51.7″N 90°07′35.19″W Descent to the falls begins here, bear right and down

15°09′01.21″N 90°07′34.06″W left to the smaller waterfall, El Saltito (just a few minutes' detour - it's actually the top section of a much bigger waterfall but I don't think there's anywhere with a view of it all), right for the steeper descent to the main event. It's signposted. A few hundred metres down towards the big one is the toilet, with a flat space big enough for a tent nearby.

15°09′01.59″N 90°07′30.54″W cross the stream bed amd follow the path out the other side some 10m below

15°08′59.84″N 90°07′26.45″W end point

Cafeteria Chilasco 15.13196, -90.11666

CAUTION! You don't get your exit stamps and TIP Cancellation neither here nor in Paso Sico. Because there is nobody around!

Chilean Checkpoint -23.82551, -67.44193

Clean laundromat with plenty of machines. Parking out front and food next door to munch on while your clothes wash.

Suds City Laundromat 34.43588, -119.82300

40 sol single bedroom
big garage for free
no food no kitchen

Hotel Santorini -5.70843, -78.79894

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