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Very nice campsite, clean and well maintained. You have toilet paper and hot water. The cheaper we do 1000 Ars for two persons and the van. We recommend

Camping la Cordillera -42.20852, -71.41442

thanks for sharing this place. it's definitely a great place and worth to visit. you can see whales very close to the beach and lot of information in the visitor center.

Projeto Franca Austral - Visitor Center -28.33137, -48.70996

Beautiful free camping area just at the border of the wildlife refuge where you can see wild bison. About 10 or more camp sites, most at the water's edge with fire rings, picnic tables and pit toilets. Definitely worth a stay.

McPherson State Fishing Lake 38.48384, -97.46535

NC Azimut 270 : very beautiful stretch of beaches, magical sand dunes

Orense -38.80602, -59.72770

There's a tap, 7 meters away from the street with potable water. Very low flow, but it's free. It took us 30 minutes to fill our 150 liter tank.

Plaza Colón Water Fountain -33.01434, -58.50454

parking lot for hiking on bruce trail. quiet but not very level. nice hike in forest with small creeks.

Bruce Trail Hiking lot 44.14836, -80.11809

we were stopped here on a Saturday at noon by two police officers. they checked all of our paperwork, drivers licenses, passports, made sure our driving lights were on, fire extinguisher and triangles. all were fine. until they mentioned, and I forget what they called it, a technical inspection of the vehicle. I have heard of this scam before and know that it doesn't apply to tourists and their vehicles. so I explained my case as best I could with my limited Spanish and he wrote us a 1000s ticket anyways. as I was walking away back to the car the other officer who hadn't spoke much up to this point ran up to me and asked for a "propina" to "make the trouble go away" . I only had 70s in my pocket and offered that. he took the money and tore up my copy of the ticket and the duplicate from the ticket book. I have never heard of these bribes going this far before, so I'm kind of mad I didn't call the bluff, but I'm happy it only cost me 18 bucks...

corrupt police -10.11852, -77.28832

Needs to be reviewed. Camping is open till 30 October. 20 Euro per person and extra price for shower.

CC31 Vík í Mýrdal 1/6 to 30/10 63.41748, -19.01380
The Kombi Chronicles

Adding this because sometimes a good one is hard to find. High height limit, friendly and accommodating. Did an incredibly thorough job of washing the desert off our car including doing underneath properly. Snacks/drinks and toilets on site too.

Very good car wash! 2.94197, -75.29004

Great place! Beautiful setting next to a little dam/lake. Nice hot showers. Price is 300 R per site.

Jonkersdam Camp -26.86828, 29.17291

we attempted to stay here but this place is way to exposed and uneven to want to stay the night so we moved on. it's in the middle of a turn on a very steep downhill and I'm sure the engine brakes from the buses and trucks would be quite annoying.

incawaqanqa free camping -10.15733, -77.31733

we had planned on staying at a pin just north of here but found it closed. pulled off at the lower section of the road up to this town. very wide road here and flat. great views. even a porta potty that was pristine. not fully out of sight from the highway and a few cars going up/down to the town, but otherwise pretty quiet. no size restrictions. there is a canal next to the site that had pretty clean looking water, but we didn't try to drink. for bikers, you could go up a little further where the road turns and the canal continues. grassy over here and possible to get out of sight of both roads.

road to Uranyacu -10.03387, -77.13616

all of the same birds from Laguna Tapara, and many more! we spent a couple of hours counting 23 different species. many of them endemic species to these high alpine Andean lakes.

Laguna Conococha birds -10.11914, -77.28356

duas noites tranquilas mas no final de semana fica cheio e com muita caixa de som ligada. o próprio restaurante do file do grilo tem aquela paredes de som e coloca música muito alta. um vento muito forte tb. fora isso lugar muito bonito com águas quentes

PRAIA DO BOSQUE -18.77295, -39.74867

nice lodge with 4 double rooms, very friendly landlady. We paid 65000 breakfast included. She also serves dinner and drinks. Quiet place in the woods. 4G via Entel and Wom.

La Colmena eco lodge -41.24538, -72.56625

up and coming nano brewery. they opened it in the summer of 2021 as a way to pass time during the shut down of COVID. only 3 styles, from bottles only when we were there. a sweet stout, a quinoa red ale, and a pale ale. all pretty good. 10s each or a 6 pack for 55. lots of space. dog friendly. they had a huge parking lot that I should have asked if we could camp in, but didn't think of it until after we left. they were very friendly, I'm pretty sure they would have said yes.

Ucuchá cerveza artesanal brewery -9.30567, -77.61258

Adjacent to the Ultramar, but accessible only via bridge street. Fills RV tanks. The site is a drive through, was a little tight for our 30ft class C but doable.

Tantramar Propane 45.89413, -64.35151

Be sure to have insurance before crossing this checkpoint, they charged us 1500 cordobas for not having it.

Police asking for insurance 11.29241, -85.68158

Grand stationnement tout prêt des pistes cyclables et vue superbe devant le lac

Saint Donat, Parc des Pionniers 46.25312, -74.24047

As described. Looks like it is a solid spot. Ended up not staying because the sand spurs were too rough on my pup’s paws.

free parking near museum road 66 35.16921, -103.74211

Checked in on Thursday October 27th for 2 nights.
Thursday night and Friday provided A nice quiet spot in the heart of the city, which is basically a parking lot with water, sketchy 30 amp electricity and sewer.

Unfortunately a party was booked Friday night in the park directly behind the trailer park. The guest were all using the RV lot for parking. It did not feel very secure.

The Boom box and pounding bass beat music started at 10:30. When we complained to management, they sent Security over to tell us the party was legit and would only last 3 hours. They offered that we could move to park somewhere on their property away from the party. We pulled up the jacks, pulled in the slides, and moved to a quiet section of the resort. Slept like a log!!

Be sure to ask if there are any parties booked in. The park behind the RV lot!!

Hotel Imperial del Norte 25.45629, -100.98519

Lugar muito acolhedor. R$ 50,00 por MH. Telefone 65 99808-5071.

Estancia Karimã -15.63167, -56.12746

Rose house at street corner. Perfect carefull service. Outstanding :-)

Rapilav -29.14873, -67.51953

Come early to get a spot; it fills up through the night. RVs/campers $40 Tent/van/vehicle $25. Beautiful rustic little campground. Flushing toilet and shower available. Water/sewage/electric.

Sweetwater Lake Campground 33.62504, -80.90116
Francine the Travel Machine

End of about 80 km of ripio heading south, or start of the madness if you are heading north. Took us about 3 hours in our truck camper.

Ripio for 80 km -36.57219, -69.82846

Amazing place… windy yes, but the toilets on the beach are very clean, campsites really nice too. No electricity. We were there with a big rig and manage our way through up to the sites easy. Lots of big rabbits, sun warming up in the morning. If you want a shower, you need to put a fire at the back of the toilets and you will get some not too cold stream after an hour of fire. Really cool place in such a harsh environment…

Free Campsites at National Park -46.59829, -71.40192

Amazing place… windy yes, but the toilets on the beach are very clean, campsites really nice too. No electricity. We were there with a big rig and manage our way through up to the sites easy. Lots of big rabbits, sun warming up in the morning. If you want a shower, you need to put a fire at the back of the toilets and you will get some not too cold stream after an hour of fire. Really cool place in such a harsh environment…
Gate was closed at the road but we managed to pass it as not key locked.

Parque Nacional Patagonia : Portal La Ascensión -46.59825, -71.40189

It's a national park, we were woken up by a NPS ranger saying that its not allowed to sleep in NP. We only got a warning as its not clear that you enter a national park.

Backbone Trail Parking 34.08544, -118.86229

gas station along the valley road. Didn't have any signal, was relieved to find this one. Has a mini market also

petroechador -1.88151, -78.90617

nice and clean place. a little noisy because of near cachoeiras. few camp places, with shadow all day long. the shared place "galpón comunitario" has a kitchen (with SOME things such as pans and calderas), running water and bathrooms. 50Rs per person

Parque das Cascatas -29.08161, -50.62947

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