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Primitive camping at Brantley Lake State Park. 8$/day cash self-register or to the ranger when present. Spots on the shore of the lake with direct access to water. Dirt road, quite leveled. Low noise but still some. No service on site but free clean restrooms and showers at Limestome Campground not too far. 2 bars AT&T.

Brantley Lake-Primitive 32.55596, -104.38369
Track World Travel

Long- or Short time parking, overnight and shuttle service. Check it out on their website on Coordinates are entrance gate. Email fast responding Tasos on [email protected] in Greek, German or English. We parked our rig between quite a few other campervans for almost 6 months. Happy with this service so close to the airport.

Camper Stop Greece 37.89100, 23.88220

Closed on Sundays. Opened Monday to Friday 6:00 am to 8:30 pm. Saturday 8:30 am to 1:00. As per picture

Sevierville Community Center 35.86642, -83.55826

A nice place to stop on the way to Epupa.
This is a Vambo family house with lots of space to park your car and open your tent.
If you want they offer a room with bed for a very cheap price.
They are allso running a community kindergarten project.
When you come here you get an authentic experience of how it is to live in the village between the himbas an hereros.
I arrived here by luck and stayed for 4 days. They are a lovely christian family, very hospitalizing and probably the nicest people I met in my 2 months in Namibia.
when I stayed here they had a problem with the water so I used the traditional way of shower with a bucket and a jug.
0812248816 - Andreas

Namene family -17.42928, 13.27829

Beautiful spot on the beach
Great to watch the sunset
Quiet and peaceful
Visible from the road but no traffic at night

Near Muelle De Las Almas Beach -42.70030, -74.12430
Josué Sanches

Ótimo local pra pernoitar. Tranquilo com linda vista mas muuito vento.

Rampa Embarcaciones -46.53694, -71.72950

There’s a couple spigots around the parking lot that are close for a fill-up. Really nice waterfront walking trail!

Bayview Park 46.60236, -90.86387

No one was around this spot this morning at 7:30 a.m. Maybe it’s too early for them.

Toll Booth 22.76347, -105.65928

They could fill our Chilean 5kg bottle here!! Super fast, only took a minute. Also 320 Arg per kg. Somehow they only charged 2kg, while they filled at least 3kg. We weighed it ourselves and it was exactly full, so they did not overfill.

Oxigeno Patagonia -42.77612, -65.03993

Very nice and quiet place at the of the hills. You will find here a 360° view on the Grassland. Sunrise and sunset are so beautiful! The track to come here is easy. There are 2 level places, one is very easy (on the left), the 2nd one (on the right) is more bumpy. If you like to be alone, this is the perfect place! Enjoy! Bonus, there is a strong ATT signal.

Oglala National Grassland 42.91430, -103.85443

IT'S OPEN. It's closed from December15 to March 31 (see picture). I slept here last night with a 25' travel trailer. Was really quiet and I was alone here. The view is amazing.

Six Mile Canyon 35.47836, -108.46392

The most beautiful place we have stayed in Uruguay. It’s a farm with lot of animals, lovely dogs & extrem friendly owners! They also organized horses-tours to discover the place. We did it & it was amazing! Hot showers, Wi-Fi, 700 pesos pro night (2 people & 1 car). Thank you so much David & Nathaly, we had a wonderful time here! 💛

Miradores del Valle -31.21307, -55.89297

estación de gasolina que cuenta con tienda de autoservicio baños limpios y un buen lugar para descansar de manera segura

Scala, gas and food, buen lugar para dormir 31.22083, -116.16323

gated seasonanly to protect the roadbed
1800 TVA LAND for info

Palmer Junction TVA 36.35209, -83.73987

In just before dark and out in early morning, all cars leave ~30 minutes after dark, security camera but no posted signs. No cell service

Point Sal Trailhead 34.91255, -120.61912

Free street parking in a semi-residential area. Not very quiet at night because of nearby bars and the frequent passing of trains blaring their horns. Tons of stray cats.

Stray Cat Corner 29.96077, -90.03268

ATM no longer dispensing euros. You can only get MAD here.

ATM dispensing Euros 23.71389, -15.92806

The road leading to Fowler Trailhead has free parking on the east side of the street - no signs that prohibit overnight parking. We stayed here for two nights and it was a quiet, safe spot with no issues. Beautiful hiking around Eldorado Canyon, close to town, good cell service on this road.

Fowler Trailhead 39.93195, -105.27000

Quiet parking lot in the forrest at the start of several beautiful walks. No amenities, busy during the day but alone at night.

Altschloss parking 49.10683, 7.56111

Great spot that is mostly quiet! Multiple spots to choose from although some of them are pretty overgrown. The water is definitely not clean enough to swim in. Verizon reception ok but not good enough to work.

Ford Lake free camping on lake 37.82148, -99.92023

Great place, we camped by the lake , we almost had the whole place for ourself, we didn’t reserved prior to arrive , no one was there so we didn’t pay, but it was the low season

Hawthorn Bluff Campground 36.43167, -95.67539

Uma enorme verde (grama) de frente pro mar. Sem energia e água. Dormimos duas noites aqui e foram tranquilas. A primeira tinham outros dois motorhomes Uruguaios e eles sempre ficam aqui , disseram que podíamos dormir. A segunda noite estava muuuuuito vento.

Huge grass area with ocean view. Great spot , nice and quiet. We stayed 2 nights here. First day there was another 2 motorhomes from Uruguai and they said we could sleep here because they always stay here. Second night was veneers windy. No water or electricity.

Gramado à Beira Mar -34.65126, -54.14974

Beautiful campground with amazing view
Road has been improved, steep but no problem with our 2WD Mitsubishi L300

Camping Apahuen -42.67837, -73.52130

Great place for the night! It was me in a camper van and then a 5th wheel RV. Thank you Cracker Barrel!

Cracker Barrel 35.94624, -83.20646

next to the gas station there is a dead end rd. some trucks from the company parked there .I camouflaged with them.surprisingly quiet night!

down a quiet ally 6.15877, -75.60903

Iconic park on the cliffs, overlooking the city of Billings. Pit toilet available. Open til 10pm every day (no overnight parking). Free and worth a stop. Great place to watch the sunset or see the airplanes fly overhead.

Swords Rimrock Park 45.79922, -108.50778

come here to get my motorcycle rim repaired due to damage from a rock on the horrible roads here.

he made the rim strait again and welded the crack.
50 bls
pretty good job
the finish was a bit rough but solid 👌🏽
he let me file the weld and print it so it looked good after it was all finished

Welding -20.46788, -66.83487

Passamos duas noites excelentes. Chuveiro ótimo, banheiros limpos e wi-fi muito rápido. Pagamos o valor de 200 uyu por dia por RV.

We spent two excellent nights. Great shower, clean bathrooms and very fast wifi. We pay the amount of 200 uyu per day per RV.

Ancap Petrol Station -34.64622, -56.61576

Very nice place near to the entrance of Yosemite. Fits a lot of vans.
And for every piece of trash that you pick up, you get one karmapoint. ;)

Sandy Road 37.47351, -119.62848

Road still under construction. many stop for 15 to 20min wait each and 30km/h speed max.

Avoid closed road & road works 5.38704, -75.60156

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