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Nomad N Rad

Hours of operation:
Monday-Thursday 6 am - 8 pm
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm
Sunday- 10 am- 4 pm

El Pueblo Activity Center 32.16100, -110.96874

Little bit of snow this end of October, beautiful views, sleeping inside the car. 10/10 will return for more amazing winter sunset views.

Wild Utah 41.41120, -111.52577

Water spigot next to door on fire station also clean drinking water dispensing station on the right side of the parking lot

South Santee Germantown Fire 33.16230, -79.41275

2 campsites at the end of Jordan Lake Rd. Also a boat landing. Great place to camp and fish. It is not busy and is quiet. Trash can located nearby to dispose of trash.

Jordan Lake Landing 33.86533, -79.24984

Nice beautiful campground. Beware of the insane amount of mosquitoes. I couldn’t really enjoy it due to the swarms of large mosquitos. Slept overnight but next morning left as fast as possible due to getting bit so many times

Santee Coastal Reserve - DNR Campground 33.15466, -79.36749

This is a Love's but with RV Hookups. This location has water, sewer and electric.
I don't remember the cost but you setup your reservations through

Love's RV parking 38.24515, -86.35822

Ample parking for cars, vans, SUV’s & RV’s—groceries, washrooms, restaurants +, Cdn. Tire & Staples all within walking distance—fuel less then 5-minutes away… parked adjacent to golf course, closer to Mark’s store (less traffic & noise).

Walmart Moose Jaw 50.40993, -105.52351

when out of options it's a safe place park for the night.
parked in parking space between pemex and Mega Super
there is a lot of traffic noise through the night

free pemex 20.09114, -98.75435

nice big, flat parking area at a public boat ramp. fishermen were here during the day, but quiet and deserted at night. not much here but trash cans, a kaibo and a shade structure. lovely view of the lake, amazing sunset, coyotes howling in the distance, and lots of mosquitoes. stopped at the place down the highway next to the bridge, but that spot was full of trash so we moved on.

Hubbard creek lake boat ramp & parking 32.76869, -99.07129

Easy spot to get to with 2WD and beautiful! Some spots are more difficult to get level, but still possible. We talked to a ranger who came by and they said you can stay for 14 days and they were really nice! We sadly had to leave this beautiful spot because the Verizon reception was not good enough to work.

Roberts Bluff 38.92216, -92.98076

Big dirt pull out area/ parking lot, with no amenities, but quiet!

Blm north side Snyder Hill Tucson Az 32.15876, -111.11128

see photo taken on Oct. 29, 2022
parked adjacent golf course, closer to Marks store

Walmart Moose Jaw 50.40992, -105.52351

On road with heavy traffic. Side road has many homeless vehicles.

Home Depot 37.30291, -121.86627

Free camping in petrol station, nice workers, good free wifi connection, cafe on site (papas fritas, salchichas, etc)

Petroecuador -2.46429, -79.00966

The door to bathrooms is locked and sign stating it is closed. Must only be open seasonally.

Route 132 48.09594, -65.06989

First the good news: Its open, the price for a room is R3,000, it has safe parking, friendly management, its located just opposite the police station and has bearable wifi
The not so good news: Room only semiclean. No bedsheet between you and the blanket so bring your own or your sleeping bag. Squat toilet. Noise from the street and the alley that faces to your room, bring ear plugs if you are noise sensitive.
I had a long day driving from Gilgit at the KKH (Babusar Pass was closed) with a lot of road works and waiting time so I was just happy to find a place that was open before it got dark.
Funny with abuse of names. In Pakistan I stayed on a Hilton, a Holiday Inn and now on a Marriott, nothing to do with the real chains but no one seems to care.

Besham Marriot Palace 34.91736, 72.87239

Safe and silent place to spend nights and days. Good 4G signal and bathrooms just outside the cemetery.

Street camping near the cemetery 19.92067, -103.02065
Nomad N Rad

There is a spigot with potable water. You will need a hose if you are filling up your RV tank.

SB Highway 10 Rest área 31.77134, -111.03385

looks like it'll be a decent stealth spot!
edit!! got kicked out by a cop at 1 am "parks close at 11pm"

Lake Overholser 35.50604, -97.69336

Best restaurant in town, good meat and vegetarian dishes, price quality the best, we enjoyed big time!! Nice service and sooooo delicious

Best restaurant in town - Apu Pitusiray -13.25805, -72.26502

The road to the camping is narrow. So is the gate with a maximum height of 2.95. Our Sprinter is higher so we left. The place is for sure secure and the staff very friendly.

Camping dos Sargentos -27.43529, -48.51915
Pickleball Nomad

Very large lot just off the highway. A few cars and some trucks parked over night, but plenty of space between so quiet and private enough. Exxon station no longer takes gas buddy but Love’s across the road does.

Petro Service Station Parking Lot (Finger Lakes Wine Tour) 42.96429, -76.84579

theres a telephone signal tower thingy, behind it you find a ton of spots where you can pitch a tent. nobody around.

bicycle only wildcamp 31.13886, -9.70347

Mom and pop, old fashion truck stop open 24 hours with a large parking lot, bathrooms, showers for a fee, and a deli that’s open 24 hours as well. Called and asked permission to stay overnight in our camper van and got permission from the young guy working the counter and reconfirmed with him in person upon our arrival. Parked along side of lot to not take up a prime space up front for customers or the big trucker/ RV spots at the back. When we arrived, there was one RV and a couple of truckers already there seemingly set up for the night.

Route 11 Truck Stop 44.98039, -73.45996

as the location opposite the road ist definitely signed as private we stayed overnight at the small track leading to the former bridge as it was already getting dark.
little traffic trough the night.

Hwy 7. Rio Michimahuida -43.10659, -72.45401

Nice and clean spot for a night. Before the bridge "Puente Limones" when you arrive to San Ramon (on the left side). There are monkeys and aras !

Un spot simpa et propre pour une nuit. L'accès est avant le pont "Puente Limones" sur la gauche quand vous venez de San Ramon.
Il y a quelques singes et aras.

Jungle monkey riverbank hideout -16.49517, -62.70078

another abandoned village but this one isn't full of trash. great shelter for the strong wind. no one came bothering.

Abandoned village -19.04787, -68.92783
Nomad N Rad

We had a quiet night here. The bathrooms are clean but there’s no mirrors so if men need to shave then bring one in!
There’s warm water in the sinks and a potable water tap close to the parking area to fill your RV. You have to pull up hard on the tap to get it to shut off again. Please conserve water!

Rest Area I-10 31.77153, -111.03373

Agree w/last review this is not super big rig friendly but we managed to make it work by backing in our 40ft fifth wheel (towed by a 20ft truck). Water is turned off.

Walt Haring Sno-park 43.22655, -121.79698

Next to the old stone wall. Road is pretty washed out after the last storm. It is passable but I had to take it slow. Lots of graffiti and a little bit of trash. Beautiful views and good cell service.

Old Mt. Graham Overlook 32.69255, -109.77833

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