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2 months ago
1578.1 masl


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Several spigots, but they are all turned off.

Update June 2022: Water available. (Probably seasonal.)


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Water working today with no problem and could attach a hose too

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Filled up with water at the first spigot on the left as soon as you pull into the “car” side of the lot.

Had no issues!

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Tried to get water but all the ones accessible had the handles removed or at least I couldn’t get water to come out

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There are two spigots on the parking lot. Beautiful rest area and clean restroom.

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The water spigots are on and water is flowing as of today. I topped off my water tank.

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I only filled water bottles, not my tank, but the flow seemed more than adequate at the spigot I tried.

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There is a spigot with threads, but the water is turned off.

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No water available today?!?! May be a temporary situation, no-one around to ask.

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Has ATT service. Noticed a water spigot with garden hose thread about thirty feet from the road. Not turned on as of this date.

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There are drinking fountains and a water tap. Very little water, maybe half a gallon per minute. No hose will fit on tap. Forget filling a RV water tank. We filled our water tank at Meteor Crater RV park 2mls west for $5.-/25gallons

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Le robinet est beaucoup trop éloigné pour se brancher directement. L’eau est non potable.

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You can take water. FREE

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