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Bring your ear plugs so the compression breaks aren’t a thing. :) Also watch out for the entrance; there’s a nice dip our 25ft shuttle bus bottomed out on pretty good and dented the tail pipe. We had some morning fog so I’ll leave it to others to show you the epic view and I’ll post a picture of the terrain/dip on the way in. Cheers from our big green bus Pregnant Drangonfly. (I don’t know what to name her yet. ;)

Ocean overlooking cliff 42.22051, -124.37473

Came in very late, was a very nice place. Looked like there was a lot to do but it was just a stopover for us.

Pokagon state park 41.67663, -84.99852

5$ dump station located in the campground. There was no one at the entrance so we just drove through, there are signs for the sani dump. There’s a machine where you can pay (coins only!). Clean and easy. With drinking water (free)

Goldstream campground 48.46255, -123.55986

Call ahead but they do allow overnight parking for a night. Very quiet spot on top of the hill. We park at the farthest point on the northwest side.

Cabela's 38.31454, -81.71817

Nice clean laundromat with free WiFi. Medium load $6.75. Very large load costs $8.

Soapy Jane’s Laundry 40.19669, -105.10112

Spent the night. Sunset was awesome. Quiet place. No other campers. Make sure to leave no trace so this place can stay free for others.

Pancake Bay - Lake Superior 47.05809, -84.76210

Filled up water by the info building 20L for $1

Dump station Blind river 46.18492, -82.93350

Great spot! we have a pop-up truck camper. We found a perfect site further up the road towards the falls next to the water outflow.

Frog Falls 50.89676, -118.48461

Good spot. Great Verizon service. Plenty of room with midsize truck and RTT. Don’t know how well a large rig will be. Other poster was correct, there is a large man made dirt barrier blocking full access to the rest of the spot. There is a fire pit before the barrier so I assume that people know about this spot. No one came by all night or in the morning. Probably good for an overnight area, not much more. No amenities. Road will be passable for mid clearance vehicles. Further up the road from that area gets needing more clearance.

Caribou Pond Rd Logging pulloff 45.05888, -70.35492

As described. Bathrooms and picnic area, too.

Ouray Rotary Park 38.04426, -107.68115

Pemex gas station they let you stay over night for free with gas purchase very convenient but a bit noise military Marines security 24 hrs we feel safe and left early the next day.

Pemex gas station 19.32036, -99.11366

Exact description; used it this morning. Free

Grand Forks recreation centre 49.02738, -118.46130

estacionamento para a cachoeira da fumacinha. O seu Mário é super gente boa. tem um bar bem simples com um super caldo de cana. tem internet e banheiro. um ótimo preço em 2021 20 reais.

casa do Mário (Marão) -13.29410, -41.24257

no camping signs posted (for the trailhead). you can tent camp along the trail past the private property. theres lots of free spots further along the river though

Gold Bug Hot-spring trailhead 44.89822, -113.95692

Funky hours right now due to employee shortage. The pools were closed when we came, we were really just desperate for a shower. The family bathrooms in the lobby area had hot showers and the nice girl at the desk didn’t charge us to use them. So thankful!

Showers - Cedar City Aquatic Center 37.66084, -113.08895

State of Maine rest stop on state hwy 11, 1.4 miles north of Wallagrass, ME. Overnight parking allowed at all Maine rest stops.

Rest Stop - Soldier Pond 47.14914, -68.58974

very very friendly owners, really helpful and so nice. full of advices

20€/person, cheapest in the area

Spiridoula Hotel 39.97523, 20.66240

They have wifi now. I paid 15s. It’s a nice place

Only hostal of the town -15.51414, -69.34787

Free fresh water on the side of the building/
Eau fraîche gratuite sur le côté du bâtiment.

Caledon Village Place 43.85932, -79.99323

the owner is so awesome, he makes everything so you have the best time ever

super good music as well, spent the evening shazaming

really cool bar, super decoration good House music. name : Chevalier 39.67013, 20.85815

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 46.02218, -73.42945

Parc Chauveau 46.83578, -71.33861

there’s about 9 official spots with a table and grill but there are other pull offs leading up to the end point that small to large rigs could pull into.
helpful to have toilets, boat ramp is accessible but also right in the middle of sites.

1-2 bars Verizon but 3-4 AT&T service and I stayed at one of the first established sites. Enough to stay and get work done ! Beautiful views of sunrise and sunset

Ocean Lake 43.17695, -108.61637

Shop for Purified Water, easy to park in front. Friendly people, filled our own containers as well, Q9 per garrafon.

Pura Cora (Purified Water) 14.79781, -91.26652

Very nice! Surrounded by trees. There’s a little paved trail with an outlook. :)

Lorain Rest Area W. Bound 41.40427, -82.33638

small parking lot with view of falls. has covered picknik area. no toilet. not very good cell service. no "no overnight" signs.

gravel road road on the way in can have lots of water after heavy rain.

Waterfall Parking Lot 47.95917, -84.82801

Following the long and pretty steep road to the water you come upon a large gravel lot with picnic benches and a misquito netted gazebo, a boat launch, and a small beach onto the Churchill River. Mostly quiet, except for river noises and quite buggy. But a very nice spot!

Churchill Falls Generating Station 53.51605, -63.98252

Easy on off from the main road. Same thing as everyone has said !

Dog Park 43.52743, -109.61301

as described. parking is allowed for 24h during winter and 12h the rest of the year, but this does seem to be reinforced.

Parking Municipal Verdun 45.45661, -73.56303

paid 52$ as only 3 services are available. However, it is a quiet place nearby a lake that can be fished.

Dutch Lake Resort 51.65191, -120.06162

Dispersed site on NF land, clearly marked. Entered the area off of Argyle Rd. Some maps say NF Rd 682 and others said Song Dog Rd. This specific spot is off of a well- worn grass/dirt vehicle path (right) and at the crest of the hill. Two bars Verizon LTE.

NF road 682 43.51009, -103.54808

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