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As written above. Just off the main drag. Very good cell signal.

Municipal Parking 43.77081, -80.06328

Can fill RV tanks here. helpful staff, friendly.

Western Petroleum, Deer Lake 49.18743, -57.42084

Water available outside of the Husky station next to the air, on the side of the building and indicated by a sign.

Husky 49.03680, -119.47897

Nicely treed, large level sites. Beach, laundry, sani-dump

McLaren Campground 44.99035, -74.96841

There are signs that say No Overnight Parking

Walmart Cornwall 45.02533, -74.74386

This location provides public restrooms, showers, and laundry services.

Public Bathroom, Laundry, and Showers 24.56122, -81.80084
Tucks' Truck

Amazing little cafe with all fresh food and run by two friendly local ladies. The menu has lots of great stuff, from coffee & cake, to snacks and main meals. The cod fishcakes with salad and fries are delicious, fresh homemade. And the desserts are great too... the best lemon meringue pie we've had in a long time. Very reasonable prices for the quality. Highly recommend a visit here (only open in the summer season June to September).

Puffin Cafe 48.63259, -53.03782
Tucks' Truck

Yup, still good WiFi here................

Free Wifi - Catalina 48.51512, -53.07768

The police stop every vehicle and inform them they have been speeding with no proof. We stayed in our car, spoke some basic swahili with them and the officer wanted us to buy water for the police from the shop next door for 5000tsh. We feigned ignorance, showed them our bottle of water stating we don't need any and they waved us along.

Corrupt police -6.94945, 37.33710

Camped by a chalet so we could use the bathroom, the ablutions don't currently have hot water. 10usd pppn or 23000tsh. The Bush has been burnt back so it's not pretty. Warthogs were running around and we heard hyena in the evening. There was WiFi by the rooms and they offered their chef to cook for us. They also said we could use the electricity in the chalet to charge our phones if we needed to.

Mantis Lodge and Campsite -7.38750, 37.03055

They don't offer camping at all but seems like a nice quiet place.

Mama Pierina Annex and restaurant -6.82519, 37.67104

Very nice little Hotel with restaurant direct at the beach. They have beautiful clean rooms and bigger self catering chalets. Everything for a very fair price (depending to the season - we paid 3000 mzn for the room for 2 persons). The food at the restaurant is also nice.

Brisa Mar -21.56292, 35.22750

The water is brown! It looks scary.. but they say it’s potable and totally fine to drink. All showers and toilets also have brown water. Sites are full hookup, and they have coin Landry as well. 34$+ tax is their price. Nice waterfront sites…

Cluxewe Resort 50.61276, -127.16982

Cell service quite unstable on Verizon/Visible, we had a hard time trying to use it for work.

John Martin SWA 38.07810, -102.99720

Small place with 2 ways to get in. Narrow entrance with multiple pull over spots. Relatively flat. When driving towards port alberni it’s the first pull off on the left after the bridge from Wally creek

Kennedy River - TOP 49.23658, -125.35882

lugar tranquilo, apartado. pregunten por "el montecito" visitaron por la noche gente de la comuna y nos pidieron los datos y desearon buen descanso.
Nice and quiet, its alowed to stay here for one nigth may be more. people of the comuna is kind and helpful, Ask for them. the place is Knoun as "MONTECITO"

montecito -31.12531, -61.44248

Nice grassy spot next to the Saale tower and the Burgk Museum.
Toiletts (50 ct) and kiosk available.
Suits approx 8-10 Caravans.
Good mobile service

Saaleturm 51.44572, 12.35006

Would be an excellent campground if not for the generators running non stop. No quite hours designated, so people were firing them up as early as 7 and not turning them off until midnight.

Wooden Frog State Forest Campground 48.48134, -93.06390

Realmente! Lugar muito tranquilo.
Porém venha com o mínimo de estrutura, o local só dá pra parar seu carro e ter uma boa noite de sono. Só.

public park in front lake -20.61454, -46.05624

Camped here one night in our tent during bicycle tour. Was nice and quiet and sandy. Entered off of Ch. de l'Anse. In some areas somebody has been digging and removing sand, so be careful of loose sand areas if driving in. It looks like there may be some type of development or construction planned for this area, but there were no signs or equipment on site.

Forêt Grandes Bergeronnes 48.28230, -69.47099
Joerg and Simone

Nice big parking lot on the entrance to the park. Very quiet and calm. Arround a lot of agricultural. Perfekt place to start a day trip with the bikes to the beach or next town. The parkinglot is the whole week open, the park only on the weekend, so the restrooms only open while the park is open.

Bosco della Mesola 44.85655, 12.24387

Without a doubt the best bicycle mechanic in Nairobi! Amazing work done on my trek 520 bike. He has all the proper equipment, including even wheel truing with spoke pressure measurement.

Contact : +254726856609

bicycle mechanic Nick -1.30230, 36.82293

we have parked our van just besides the chapel. we have identified but not used a water tap in front of the chapel. wifi is available freely from the nearby parque das ovelhas but a bit slow because of the distance.

Capela São Pedro do Caminho das Pedras -29.17624, -51.43313

really nice tidy showers with plenty of hot water

Gateway RV Park 53.38924, -117.61398

All the other comments capture it really well. No one will you bother you. Very quiet. Not much within walking distance, unless you want to cross the highway and check out the big shopping plaza by foot. It's not scenic because it's just a giant office park, but it's pretty green and decently shady. There were about 20 RVs on our street where we stayed, most of them seemingly long term. And there's another street a few blocks away that's also filled with RVs (but closer to the highway so a little noisier) in case this street is full. We stayed 3 nights and on the last one we took our RV out for the evening and came back and had lost our spot. That's when we moved to Salado Drive a few blocks away. Great spot overall!

Roadside near Google Headquarter 37.42132, -122.08964

Very quiet, shady woodland spot. Beautiful view of the lake, especially at sunset. The sunshine through the trees was magical. The lake access was a bit flooded, no doubt because of the recent rain storms.

Fire pit and very level spot.

Super weak signal, one bar on and off.

Rossman Pond 42.59459, -74.52716

Very nice place, you can park 3m away from the river, lots of shade and benches, some locals were camping there as well and the night was very quiet

Comunal free campsite 43.93811, 21.36753

Drive up the hill next to the boatlaunch site. Looks sketchy but my caravan made it.
Off the highway, quiet, near water. You can fish, someone just catched a huge pike on the other site. Will establish firering. Other site is better for big rigs.

Boat launch site 45.98673, -81.91717

Nos permitió estacionar la combi en su casa y utilizar cocina y baño los 15 días que estuvimos en el taller. Desde un punto de vista mecánico no lo recomendamos ni repetiriamos. Sin experiencia en combis refrigeradas por agua cometió errores que tuvieron consecuencias importantes en el motor y la refrigeración de la combi. Al salir del taller nos quedamos descompuestas en la carretera a 40km y no respondió el telefono ni se responsabilizó de su trabajo. Tuvimos que volver a otro mecánico 100km después para reparar estos errores con doble coste de dinero y de tiempo.

He allowed us to park the van at his house and use the kitchen and bathroom the 15 days we were in the workshop. Apart from this, from the mechanical point of view, we would not recommend it or repeat the experience. Without experience in water-cooled combis he made mistakes that affected that had important consequences in our bus (excessive pressure of the oil filter that broke the oil cooler, accelerator in the inverted position ...) When we left the workshop we had to stop on the road 40km away and did not answer the phone and he didn't assumed the responsability of his work.

RC Volks Sports 30.54453, -115.93507

The vineyard is in a nice location and it is possible to stay here with your car.
Be warned the dinner and wine tasting is EXTREMELY expensive, not only for Georgia but for a western environment.
The manager *tried* to charge us 400 lari for two, which was just a pork kebab, salad and a few cheeses.

Ruispiri biodynamic vineyard 41.96433, 45.40054

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