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Place is closed by big rocks in the road.

Under Corno Grande, close to Campo Imperatore 42.44827, 13.57326

Small bike shops with bibs, bike shorts, a nice arrangement of jerseys, sun glasses, buff-like neck warmers, bottles, and other bike parts.

They also have a few used and new bike for sale (specialized and local GW brand). Their mechanic is good.

Rotam bike shop and mechanic 5.79242, -75.78573

Beautiful museum full of very interesting art and ancient artifacts. The museum has different exhibits and the inside is gorgeous. Very colorful place! Entrance is 3,000 ($0.75 USD)

MAJA - Art and anthropology museum 5.79037, -75.78570

Well worth the drive. It’s haven! Great view and long rock beach.
Need 4WD : it’s hilly with huge potholes.
With our 19feet travel-trailer and pick-up (total 45 feet) it was manageable to turn around in the parking.

Atlantic Charter Monument 47.35313, -53.92608

Stationnement près de la plage. Vue sur les îles et le port. Plusieurs motorisés installés. Tente interdite.


Plage Monaghan Beach 50.20527, -66.30325

Asked the attendant and he told us we could not fill water here, directed us to the Roaring Fork Valley Coop. Ask at the fuel desk for the key at the Coop

City Market Fuel 39.40216, -107.22058

This is a hundred acres or so of grazing land in the BHNF. Turn off 385 onto Rockland Rd (539), a short way along to the right you'll see a turnoff that says "dead end". If you go through the gate (says cattle ahead and please close gate) there are endless spots to pull off the dirt and rock lane to camp. I didn't find any established sites, no fire rings but also no signs saying no camping. Yes there are plenty of cow pies but also plenty of solitude. I got to hear my first elk last night, could even hear him walking nearby. The cows are curious, be respectful and don't litter and please bury your waste, the ground is easy to dig holes in. There are farms surrounding the area but private property is clearly marked and fenced off. There is a faint Verizon signal but not usable, maybe if you have a booster it would be. Roads are easily traveled in any vehicle, I'm in a 30' skoolie. Beware of tree stumps when you pull off the road, there's lots of old ones hidden in the grass.

Off Rockland Rd 44.25408, -103.68150

View is great, but not level anywhere and too much traffic to be an overnight place.

Roadside Pullout Along Route 28 47.82025, -114.39172

Good place to stay. We payed 500 som for our car with rooftop tent and 200 som pp for breakfast. Laundry is 300 som.

Celestial Mountains Hostel 41.42914, 76.02164

Very peaceful lake site, beavers can be seen across the lake as well as one swim in front of us . Long road in a bit bumpy, lots of cattle guards. 14km in from Hwy. Private lands on both sides of the road in. Worth the effort.

Taltzen Lake 54.93037, -127.51593

$5 payable to the USDA for dump and potable water fill. clean and easy.

Smiley Creek Lodge 43.90767, -114.79618

Large bins to dump trash and segregated recycling. Accepts paper, cardboard, #1-5 plastic, and metal (aluminum, tin) cans. No glass recycling. Nice service!

Trash and recycle disposal bins 43.90742, -114.79595

Good, clean, free BLM campground. All gravel. Open area, each site has a picnic table, firepit, and shade cover. Boat ramp here also. River runs along campground but the banks are this deep sludgy mud that make it very unpleasant and messy to get to the water. Kind of feels like a day use picnic area. There's road noise but it quiets down at night. Zero cell service for any of the 3 carriers.

Deadmans Hole - free BLM campsite 44.34594, -114.26719

Beautiful lake with plenty of spots for small campers to stop, no signs saying you can’t stay I’ve stayed here and no problems.

Wast water 54.44056, -3.30456

Tables de picnic a disposition et accès à la rivière. Toilettes plutôt propres et fontaines à eau disponible. Nous avons été réveillé en pleine nuit par le train (3:30am...) mais sinon l'endroit est plutôt calme

Camping by Pioneer Park 50.67865, -120.32337

Super spot le long du lac. On peut entendre les loups le soir au coucher du soleil. L'endroit est très calme et il y a des emplacements avec tables de picnic et barbecue à disposition. Toilettes sèches sur place. L'accès est simple par une gravel road assez courte.

Crystal Lake Recreation Campground 51.45778, -120.75785

Large dirt pulloff of AZ 160 heading out of Tuba City. Pretty flat, but definitely not quiet.

Lots of gas stations close by in Tuba City

Highway Pulloff AZ 160 36.10014, -111.32484

Wonderful guy! Help me to fix my ford econoline. Cheap and really trustful! I’ve got his number and hi drove to me here. +1 (831) 854-8197

J.L 36.96385, -121.96207
Wendy & Graham

If you need excellent and urgent service for your RV or trailer, visit JS RV Service just off the Trans-Canada Hwy. Our 'trailer brake disconnection' warning had been flashing off and on for about 3 days. We thought it was a faulty connection, which we cleaned, but we decided we should check it out. Jeff at JS RV Services was amazing. He determined that the brake drums and magnets were badly worn. (We saw the evidence!) In spite of his busy operation (popular guy) he had us sorted in about two hours and we were back on the road again. We were highly impressed. He also offers a mobile service.

JS RV Services 49.97898, -110.61080

Awesome site, large and flat spaces, with fire pits at every place. Next to a beautiful and peaceful lake. Pit toilets. As said before no garbage here keep it clean !

Long gravel road, ok for old vans

Long Point Rec Site 50.01321, -125.55643

A small water fountain with potable water to fill your bottles

Water Fountain near Ucluelet Aquarium 48.94327, -125.54612

Many semi’s and several RVs parked overnight. No problem staying here.

Walmart Springville 40.15888, -111.64270

This spot is currently closed until at least 9/17/2021 due to fires. The road is blocked and locked.

BLM campground 41.29384, -120.87858

Such a peaceful place to pull into late afternoon. Unfortunately the peace gets a slight rumble to it when the semis start pulling in for overnights too. In the morning it's busy as can be with people coming for the overlook and trail. Second time visiting, and would never pass this up.

Painted Canyon Visitor Center 46.89487, -103.38206

There was a sheriff nearby so we asked him where to stay. He directed us to this dirt road area and said to park anywhere off the road. There were lots of other rvs but plenty of room to find a semi private spot. Most spots had a place for a campfire. It was very quiet on our weeknight stay.

Turquoise Lake 39.25799, -106.35919

Established and hardly used campground. It has five spots out of site from each other and each have a ring with a grill as well as covered tables to relax at.

One spot is larger than the others to host a large group and vehicles. Each spot has a level place for you to park and sleep in a vehicle. Not so many places to pitch a tent but I did find one for myself.

Pit toilet available and pretty clean due to lack of use but it is maintained, unlike the camp site areas. They are just a little over grown from lack of foot travel.

But it is free camping with a place to go.

Twin Springs Campground 42.26338, -112.76573

Dump station officially decommissioned but still there… do with that what you will.

Cabela's 37.72778, -97.21205

All provided info still valid today. Very nice drive this way though and the tunnel is neat to go through.

Tunnel Zion National Park 37.21433, -112.93994

What a great place, plenty of space, perfect for a short night before an early morning out to Zion. any size rig is doable here. Enjoy!

Kolob Terrace Rd spots on the river 37.23053, -113.15561

Overnight parking with access to the river for £0.50 6pm to 8am. £4 all day parking. A well used launch site for paddle boards and kayaks. Busy in summer 5am to 9pm, but quiet overnight. No height barrier but a height restriction of 2.1 and no camping/tents.

Dedham Mill Pond Car Park 51.96271, 0.99401

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