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Rare place where you can fill your onboard RV propane tank from a pump in addition to getting propane canisters filled. Can also get gas and diesel fuel. There is also a car wash (watch height - about 9ft 6in) and vacuum. Intersection route 430 and TransCanada Highway.


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Propane fill in back of Premium Auto World/Western Petroleum gas station

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This location has many RV services. You can get gas and diesel, fill up on propare from a pump (not just cannisters) and they have a car wash (height about 9ft 6in - must be careful with high top Class Bs) and vacuum.

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Can fill RV tanks here. helpful staff, friendly.

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Here’s the address for the only place you can get auto or RV propane on this side of the island! 67 old Bonne Bay Road. Deer Lake.
We talked with a local van owner and he confirmed that none of the gas stations on this side of the rock have auto propane filling stations other than this place.
I included the address because I’m not sure if the GPS coordinates supplied by someone else are the correct ones for this particular station.
Follow the address, not the GPS coordinates.
They stop serving propane at dark.

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this place also has a vacuum and car wash as well.

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You can fill your propane in western petroleum. Intersection route 430 and TransCanada Highway

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