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Nice fields with power lines. Easy access for 2wd. Some traffic but not bad. Well taken care of

army Corp of engineers sturgeon bay 44.80515, -87.33030

Beautiful spot, especially with the fall foliage! The site is not very level.
Prepare for lots of tourists stopping to take pics and walking all around your rig like you’re not even there. :)
Verizon LTE, was able to get work done just fine.

Overlooking the bridge (a beautiful pull off) 61.49169, -144.01914

Amazing spot. Full of deer and can’t beat the view. Little bit of a 4x4 trail getting up, if you’re coming from Ouray. But we loved it!

Portland 38.01554, -107.65371

Day use area has a water spigot at the parking lot. Also restrooms with running water.

Viento State Park 45.69780, -121.66806

Water spigot in day use area parking lot. Also has decent sprint and Verizon service, toilets with running water, garbage and recycling.

Day use area Viento State Park 45.69784, -121.66798

Free dump station with rinse hose and trash can.

Holiday Travel Plaza 46.72520, -92.21965

Crowed as heck. Not the best lol cool view but too many people.

Lime Creek Road 37.65437, -107.80354

This is not a free dump! Dumping is 5 USD

County park/camp ground 47.67546, -120.20745

Closed. This place is not a site. Private land.

near silverton San juan road 21 37.81988, -107.62172

Only for tent and rent bungalow. Very nice spot.
Hot shower.
Good owners
Perfect !

Alice Guesthouse 16.99909, -89.70004

We crossed the border today as well in three hours ☺️
It was on the middle of the day and easy. The only difference to the comments before is that the Zambian side is doing a proper Covid Test now. It was a bit weird, that we got a certificate after the testing which allowed us to proceed. No result, no follow up. nothing. We don't care.
Robert was there and caught us there. We made very clear that we did not want his help and after the third time or so he accepted his fate 😜
Everybody was very helpful and showed us the next step. You can do it 👍

Immigration Tanzania / Zambia & Carnet & Taxes Zambia -9.31640, 32.76316

485 Rue P. H. Desrosiers, Joliette, QC J6E 6H2

Situé devant le bâtiment, identifié par un petit poteau

Édifice Maurice Levesque Garage Municipale 46.00315, -73.45439

Previous descriptions are accurate. I stayed here one night and no one else was there. Plenty of room for my camper van. If the spots were full it would be hard to turn around I think.

Nice nature spot with cell service 48.07056, -124.00966

shell gas station with diesel and petrol

shell gas station -24.37758, 23.57634

Great little free campground. Quiet and really rice sites. Pit toilet however no cell service at all.

Berryman Campground. Free. 37.92746, -91.06246

Very nice place! Many “camp site”. Fish camp (5 minutes) was closed but a lot of salmons was there jumping in the waterfalls!

Ghost campground 56.03036, -129.16191

Fish camp was closed but a lot of salmon was there jumping in the waterfalls! VERRY NICE

Lax An Zox Fish Camp 56.02321, -129.15414

Place has been taken over by cows. Full of poo. Drive a bit past it and there are big open grassy spots. Will add a wildcamp location.

Annette's Camp -18.27860, 20.72941

Nice Place to pitch a tent or park a car
Possible to set up a hammock in nearby trees
No roof in case of bad weather

Old fort 44.21227, 7.13420

The parking lot has been renovated and is levelled. We paid 50 reais to stay one night with access to water and toilets.
To use the pool it is necessary to consume at the restaurant.

Manzua Hotel - Estacionamento -3.34496, -39.14341

Spectacular place. Old fort and few tables with benches. Nobody here, only the dog from the near farm came to check us.
Gravel road, with tight turns and step hill. Be aware with standard European RV (alkoven).
Vans, 4x4 and normal cars should not have a problem. Fort is closed, but from outside is also worth to see.

Forte Leone 45.99900, 11.68890

This is an Amtrak commuter rail station. There is a very large parking lot and a separate overflow lot. Lots of cars left overnight here, so one more is inconspicuous. Also this lot provides trailhead parking for a bike trail & running/walking path, so there is a lot of coming & going because of that. The trains are very quiet as they come & go. I parked in the corner farthest from the entrance & farthest from the station. It was really quiet & felt very safe. This place was suggested to me by a local after my plans to stay at Point Judith were derailed by the surfing crowds coming in for the “hurricane swell”. Since there is a train station here, I imagine there might be public toilets, but I did not use them. I had 3 bars on my T-Mobile cell service.

Kingstation Railway Station 41.48279, -71.56177

A nice hill top location with fabulous views, on a working farm.
Caravans, smaller motor homes , Campers and tents. Could be a bit exposed during storms but there are various sections sheltered by hedges.
powerful showers, two good dish washing positions. We will definitely be coming back this way again.
The site is in the Exmoor national park.

Halse Farm Campsite 51.09784, -3.57980

Direct near to ab bend behind the guardrail. Great view. The other place on the gravel field is closed by big rocks in the road. You also can park at the mountain station, but there you are normally not alone.

Best View near to the mountain station 42.44756, 13.56197

Place is closed by big rocks in the road.

Under Corno Grande, close to Campo Imperatore 42.44827, 13.57326

Small bike shops with bibs, bike shorts, a nice arrangement of jerseys, sun glasses, buff-like neck warmers, bottles, and other bike parts.

They also have a few used and new bike for sale (specialized and local GW brand). Their mechanic is good.

Rotam bike shop and mechanic 5.79242, -75.78573

Beautiful museum full of very interesting art and ancient artifacts. The museum has different exhibits and the inside is gorgeous. Very colorful place! Entrance is 3,000 ($0.75 USD)

MAJA - Art and anthropology museum 5.79037, -75.78570

Well worth the drive. It’s haven! Great view and long rock beach.
Need 4WD : it’s hilly with huge potholes.
With our 19feet travel-trailer and pick-up (total 45 feet) it was manageable to turn around in the parking.

Atlantic Charter Monument 47.35313, -53.92608

Stationnement près de la plage. Vue sur les îles et le port. Plusieurs motorisés installés. Tente interdite.


Plage Monaghan Beach 50.20527, -66.30325

Asked the attendant and he told us we could not fill water here, directed us to the Roaring Fork Valley Coop. Ask at the fuel desk for the key at the Coop

City Market Fuel 39.40216, -107.22058

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