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Very nice and quiet beach. 30000 per night for a van.

Playaca Beach Club 11.26134, -74.19722

No overnight parking permitted. We checked with customer service and they said it wasn’t allowed.

Walmart 42.76696, -78.12694

Free Overnight parking allowed. Right next to the I-70. Signs say 24 hour limit. Certain times of certain days not allowed to allow for snow removal in the winter. We didn’t stay overnight but we stopped and took a e hour nap from about 2 pm to 5 pm. There were plenty of parking spaces available and it was quiet. I’d feel comfortable staying the night when passing through.

Kayak overnight lot 39.57514, -106.11124

The pier was washed out two years ago and the park is still closed for repairs. Locals say the police are strict about enforcement. The town is beautiful though, wild deer are everywhere and you can park on nearby streets.

Fred Stone Park 26.56835, -97.42940

Very nice area. No amenities except for the views.

Arrived early in the day and picked our location to enjoy the sunset.

Quiet location with plenty of room for boondocking or overnighting. Recommended…

Baja Area, Buffalo Gap National Grassland 43.71189, -102.09913

Not too shabby for a Walmart. Large parking lot and spot to take animals

Walmart 47.70279, -117.03067

This place is permanently closed.

Front of Walmart 39.60921, -119.21765

This place is permanently closed.

Walmart 42.48730, -90.73426
Science education and more

Northbound: Your basic CA rest stop. Water. Restrooms that aren't beautiful, but usually not too bad.

8 hours in 24 hours max.

'No camping' sign, but I think this is just for tents.

Dunnigan Highway rest area, northbound 38.89148, -121.97738

Asked the gas attendant if laundry services were available he said they were no longer offering them.

Husky travel center 51.31210, -116.97098

Nice place at the Lake Kariba, not really prepared for camping but they made it happen. We camped on a grassy spot and could use electricity and shower of a nearby chalet. No wood. KWH 120,- pppn. Good place for a stayover.

Lake View Lodge -17.27019, 27.46557

Just confirming that there is a “no overnight parking” sign right as you enter the parking lot.

Cracker Barrel 38.31567, -104.62500

Great secluded campsites along the river. Only one UTV and 1 cars passed through out the day. Zero Verizon service.

Burnt Rossman State Forest 42.52804, -74.51400

2 cars passed throughout my night, quiet with a nice stream next to it. Plenty of hiking trails around.

Duck’s Pond - Burnt Rossman State Forest 42.52805, -74.51398

Situated on a quiet, no-through lane in the West Sussex village of Angmering. A traditional English Pub offering a variety of Home-Cooked Food, along with a great selection of Real Ales. Campers and Moho's can stay overnight in the Car Park, just call first and eat at the Pub.

The Spotted Cow Pub 50.82835, -0.47414


Cascading river *offroad* 41.49133, 2.13428

A hotel/hostel with the pool
Prices are cheap
Rooms are clean and has aircon
U can bring pet
The pool is nice
I came with my dogs
The owner anuar is friendly person.
There is place to park your 4x4 or van or car.

The village with the pool 6.29873, 99.72417

Wide gravel area 50m from the road.

Bad: rubbish, mild road noise and locals who come and play music at night sometimes

Good: amazing view over the valley, and walking distance from the white travertines. Fresh breeze. Hot air balloons in the morning sometimes.

View Point Camping 37.92607, 29.11327

Sept 2021
The place was inaccessible due to road works

Hayrat 37.01600, 29.91389

As described below!

nice wide and almost flat area, where more than 3 cars can fit.

Brave women lifting logs passing in the morning.

nice hiking trails to the forest with huge trees.

cell phone reception

Ntchisi Forest Wild Camp Spot -13.58869, 33.91338

There are some good places to spend a night or some time.
Left there is a sitting bench with roof and fire places.
Right quieter places.

Bakhtrioni Castle with 3 churches 42.05249, 45.24420

The place is now called Barn Motel. The bar is very loud you can literally not sit there becayno conversation is in possible.

Skyview lodge -15.35888, 28.44365
Miss Daisy

This is a community attraction for a Bigodi wetland tour. Monkeys, birds and antelops. Guided tour for 25$ pp. Ask for Rodger + 256 783506705

KAFRED 0.40681, 30.40721

On both sides of the road, there are dirt roads, ok for a motorbike or bicycle, not sure about a car. A sunny location, lots of birds singing in the morning, when I was passing it.

Roadside place in forest 47.65289, 2.05334

Fuelling station, with cafes, free showers, toilets and WiFi.

BP Station - free WiFi and showers 47.09062, 1.84488

Fred has a very nice little hostel with several rooms. A room for 3 people cost like 20€. He speaks German and English. They are super helpful organising trips around Albania. It’s especially good if you travel by motorbike, since you can park save just next to your room. Small 4x4 should also fit inside the premises. For bigger campervans I wouldn’t really recommend it, since the access road is quite narrow. But anyhow - another guest had his Nissan Patrol parked just in front of the hostel. City center just 5 minutes walk away.

Eco Garden Hostel (motorbike friendly) 42.06396, 19.51546

Relaxed place in the forest, with lake, ducks and turtles. Wifi available. There are already a few campervans where you can stay, in case you‘re traveling without car. Jogi is always happy when people visit and even stay a bit longer to leave some joy.

Jogis Farm 37.26909, -8.65555

Day or night parking near downtown !
We plan to bike around Granville island and found this parking lot , next to false creek/ Granville Island by high end condos, $18 for till 6 am , option for 2 days parking too! We did see parking patron stuff, he said we are ok to park our motorhome there, as long as it fits in the spot. Small spot tho we managed to fit our 22 feet Adventurer motor home, there are few commercial trucks and one other motorhome there too!

Vancouver downtown parking 49.26636, -123.12555

Place moved to -22.116769, 14.28068.
Food is good as always 👍🏼.

Fishy Corner -22.11676, 14.28071

One of the best campgrounds we have been. Next to the water/ beach, picnic shelter/table by the beach, lots privacy, Huge site, clean washer room, few first come first serve spots but mid Sep there are lots spots available !! Shower are closed due to Covid ! Just take an empty spot, the park patrol will come and collect the fee, but CASH only tho. Only community fire pit , no fire pit at each site! Still Love it!!

Porpoise Provincial Park 49.50596, -123.75075

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