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Iowa state park equestrian campground. $13 and good in a pinch and especially if the normal campground is full.

Waubonsie State Equestrian Campground 40.68406, -95.67974

Good location that is close to the city. It is fairly quiet at night with lots of parking. There were about 10 other RVs with us.

Walmart 46.78329, -71.34873

Es un lugar al lado del caño de agua cristalina que pasa sobre una laja de piedra, se puede bañar, para pernoctar o pasar la noche hay que tener cuidado en invierno o con lluvia pueden haber crecientes, lugar tranquilo, camino a las cascadas telares de cristal.

Caño Cristalina 3.32808, -74.01990

Nice spot at the river, some noise from the road, but invisible. Good for campfire.

Bush camp near Molid 47.56331, 25.73049

Stayed here on the Saturday night of Labor Day weekend. One other vehicle was also here. Very quiet spot during the night. Well lighted. Large motorhomes can easily fit here.

Two public bathrooms nearby: one is in the building at the SW corner of North St. and Healdsburg Ave.; the other, which appears to be open all night, is in the building located next to the walkway which goes from Healdsburg Plaza to Parking Lot A.

About four bars of Verizon signal but it was only about 5Mbps down and slower than that up. However, I would stay here again if passing through.

Healdsburg quiet spot 38.61232, -122.87495

still 15$. a guy comes and collects the money.
the road is doable but so rough.

Marquart Lake 50.07984, -120.64075

Nice quiet parking area at park, stayed one night in van no issues. Full cell service ATT

Shackford Head State Park 44.90541, -67.01241

Exactly as described. Checked into the office. They were super friendly. It was $33 for the night and had access to all amenities. WiFi was decent. Cell service was hit and miss with AT&T. A lot of light so bring your shades if you want to sleep in the dark.

Cannon Beach RV resort 45.88905, -123.95527

This was such an amazing camp spot! We even saw a freakin rainbow.

Hurkett Cove 48.84031, -88.48881

Locked gate at the turnoff from 110 probably due to logging activity - the area behind the gate has recently been clear cut.

The "Discover Pass required" sign is still there, so likely not permanent closure.

Shooting pit on DNR land 47.91689, -124.51746

Locked gate at the turnoff from 110 probably due to logging activity - the area behind the gate has recently been clear cut.

The "Discover Pass required" sign is still there, so likely not permanent closure

Shooting pit alternative 47.91567, -124.52217

Melhor posto que já ficamos! No espaço caminhoneiro tem tomadas liberadas, água e lavanderia. banheiro muito limpo! melhor que muitos campings por aí

Posto Federal Caaporã -7.49170, -34.98168

Arrived at 10pm. At 10:30 got a knock for a "Code Enforcement Officer" who said I couldn't stay there. He did not have a uniform. Just a high-viz jacket.

Charlottetown 46.25015, -63.12056

Palenque is a small town with an interesting history. Take a tourguide to get to know more about it. They will aproach you when you step on the main square of the village. Be aware, you have to negotiate about almost everything in this village and the tourguides can be a bit pushy.
Also the villagers love loud music all day and evening long, it is literally everywhere, so bring earplugs if you want to sleep.

A tourguide brought us to a hotel with small, semi-airconditioned rooms for a negotiated price of 50.000. High entry restriction, so only cars can go inside the hotel gate. It is a white building with a green gate just before the main square.

Hospedaje 10.10456, -75.19983

Once again we picked this location but stayed in a different spot. Very quiet, not a lot of bugs out this time. A little busier this time too. The rock hills were fun to play on. We found a site big enough for three vehicles and three tents. The closer you can find camping to Gunnison the better your service is. 5G and two bars of signal at this site. Just be prepared for some wind because you are out in the open. Still one of our favorite camp spots because of service and convenience to Gunnison for gas and groceries. Very quiet spot once the sun started to set.

Hartmann Rocks 38.50653, -106.96052

Stone fire ring already at this site. It’s off of Imogene Pass/Camp Bird. Nice quiet spot, big enough for four rigs and four tents. Not a lot of wind. No cell service, but a nice place to stop and continue Imogene Pass the next day. Lots of trees, no bugs, pretty chilly, but you get to see some deer. Overall, a very nice spot.

Imogene Pass Camp 37.94820, -107.72500

As others, great park/camp and entry fee is min $10 plus $10 Camp - a steal! Not that busy, I’m arriving late afternoon of Sat on Labor Day weekend and still spots. Wildlife great plus birding along causeway looks awesome. Great place to bike and hike w stunning views even through smoke haze (moderate AQ).

Bridger Bay Campground, Antelope Island State Park 41.04081, -112.25740
Landcruising Adventure

Just of the main gravel road. A small forested area with a clean river running through. Ample space to park. You can cross (4x4) the river and have an even nicer spot.

Shaded river camp 41.57287, 70.69927

We filled our van takes 45 liters was 30 pesos. They have a hose with no attachment on end so be sure you are prepared.

Planta Purificado 27.96745, -114.04861

200 peso for off beach. Clean bathrooms and showers. Wifi at the restaurant is decent. We were able to upload a YouTube video no problems, and the food was good. We parked close to the restaurant so we could use the Wifi but they turn it off at night. Just park and they will come around the next morning to gather fees. I asked the man who came around oboist their Wifi and he told me it was only at the restaurant. The water front sites are a higher fee. Would stay here again.

RV Park San Lucas Cove 27.21915, -112.21340

Nice place on the riverside. Little noice from the highway.

Rhein River 47.76826, 7.53437

Très belle découverte! Nous y avons couché 2 nuits car nous allions pêcher dans la réserve située qu’à quelques kilomètres! Très tranquille, toilettes chimiques hyper propres.
Effectivement, la seule interdiction 🚫 nous permettant d’utiliser ce super spot est de ne pas faire de feu! Facile à comprendre et à appliquer!

Pourtant, nos voisins d’un soir ont fait tout le contraire! Tellement fâchant que je les ai pris en photo! Je présume que ces personnes ont trouvé ce merveilleux endroit grâce à Overlander! C’est grâce à des personnes comme celles-ci que de beaux endroits nous sont maintenant interdits! Trop fâchant! Si vous voyez ce Westfalia, dites vous que ces personnes ne sont pas respectueuses des règles et de la nature!

Rest Area 46.95998, -72.20712
Tucks' Truck

Not a bad place for a peaceful night stop, easy access off the TCH. Quite a few trees stop you getting a great view of the lake, but you can get through if you want access to the water.

Butts Pond 48.81875, -54.29009
Billie Whizz travels

Men and women hair cut here. All female staff, the owner is Elizabeth, Panamanian, speaks a little English

Luminit beauty salon hair dresser 8.95335, -79.55613

Nice place by the river for 30$ a night. Hot shower, toilet. Small bar near.

Base Plein Aire de la Chaudière 46.37469, -70.92871
Jonathon Giuffria

Well maintained gravel road leading up to the site. Think this secret is out, though. Went over Labor Day weekend and there were giant trailers and vans galore. Because it's Forest Service land, it's also multi-use, so expect dirt bikes and other mechanized noise makers.

If you can come here when visitation is low, you'll find an amazing place. Come here during prime time camping, well, don't expect it to be any less noisy than anywhere else reachable by car.

Saddle Mountain Remote Site 36.31891, -111.99925

Trail to come in is as described in earlier comment. With a lower SUV, less of an issue. Lot is good for 2 SUV and a few more on the track coming in. Noise and smell from a mill on the USA side of the river.

Grass spot by river 47.35928, -68.31505

very quiet. good for dogs since there is non potable water. decent toilets. 1 bar Verizon 4g. I might post up and watch the birds at the water troughs at dusk already an amazing variety. large sites for any sized vehicle.

Horse Camp - Free Camping up to 14 days 44.27460, -121.61768

Walmart parking lot. No signs for overnight parking. A bit noisy at night with racing cars. Quieted down around midnight. 5 or 6 other vans parked overnight.

Walmart 48.18235, -103.62929

Average tasting bread, cost $10 a loaf. Was very disappointed.

Swiss Bakery 52.83470, -119.26082

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