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Tucks' Truck

A local told us about this ground-water spring which he and other locals use to fill their drinking water tanks. Look for it on the right-side in the corner as you enter the parking area.

Fresh ground-water spring 46.44009, -61.11280

tipical Parilla place near the river. the road is about 1 km long, and you found many places to park. we spend a quiet night ,we hear only the song of frogs . i don t know how busy is this place in the summer or on weekends .

Parilla place -31.76976, -64.53694

Nice wild camp and free. Near the river Charente. WC Shower (ask for keys at clapoti restaurant) Free. Restaurant les clapotis 15june 15september open. Calm and quiet ! Nice

Rouffiac near the Charente river 45.69447, -0.49687

We like the place a lot. Great place to "get off the grid" while only 2km from the main road. Unfortunately, we both have Zoom calls today, so we'll be unable to work remotely from here.

Isaac Lake Crown Land 44.79669, -81.22314

stopped here to use the bathroom. as described nice little clean spot right off the highway. sat at a bench and did some creative writing

Seton Provincial Park 49.90227, -99.21575

Nice pull-off, though immediately off the road. Decent mobile reception, too. Two picnic tables, one trash can, and one porta-potty. Did I mention it's immediately off the road?

Grant Ferris Fishermans Park 44.50944, -81.34810

Hôte super gentil, merci encore! La toilette et la douche étaient super appréciés.

Fortement recommandé!

Chez moi - juste une nuit 45.61249, -72.94080

Self check in through the app. We were the only ones here! Nice clean bathrooms. Lots of turtles in the lake popping their heads up at us, and some big nasty spiders showed up after dark.

Lake greeson campground 34.24352, -93.80016

Sorry the location of this position is on this coordinator 44,0470978, 9,9498414

Wild camp for wickers on the beach 44.99381, 10.74744

Another option in that area (i forgot to enter this when i was there) is to put "Rocky Springs Trailhead" in your google map, once you get there, there is a beautiful overlook site about 1/8 mile west of the trailhead, just drive west down the road, you can't miss it, there are other spots on this road if that is taken.
Free dispersed camping. No cell. About 40 minutes on a dirt road sometimes washboard road.

Eagle Cap Wilderness 45.47312, -117.55793

Very clean.
Was able to do multiple loads at the same time.
Still 3$ the load to wash or to dry.

Sheppard's Laundromat 48.16836, -53.96490

Amazing place to stay. Great views, quiet neighbors, can even do a little hiking if you want. Good for any size vehicle. Some fire rings. Very popular but lots of room. 2 bars LTE T-Mobile

Conata Township 43.90509, -102.22957

With camping key card it is €20,- for two persons including electricity during low season. Starting from Sept 1st.

Camp Špik 46.48548, 13.83688

Currently closed due to Semaforo Rojo in the area.
They are not sure when it’s going to re-open.

Media Luna lake and river 21.86329, -100.03020

Media Luna lagoon is currently closed due to Semaforo Rojo.
They couldn’t tell us when it’s going to re-open. Check with some locals at the beginning of the road if you want to avoid 5km dirt road

Media Luna 21.86455, -100.03044

Not suitable for filling fresh tanks on vans/RV’s as spigot is not threaded.

Roadside Park 46.31011, -85.59061

Potable water is available just around the building. However a key is needed to open the valve.
Ask the cashier 0f the gaz station to open the potable water valve. No fee.

Clarenville Co-op / Shell 48.17260, -53.98329

On this dead end road it's wide enough in places to pull over and park. Treed on both sides with a bit of a rise that keeps the wind and highway noise down... The road hasn't been brushed back too wide so I wouldn't expect any large farm machinery to need to pass... at the very end of the road across the train tracks there is a firepit... light vehicles can get here as well small RV's but there's not really anywhere for a large RV or trailer to turn around...


Roadside 51.90804, -105.40465

We stayed here last night without issues. There are a couple of pull-offs. Saw a couple other vans at some of the other pull-offs when we left as well. Amazing view of the stars at night and an incredible view of the mountains and ocean in the morning.

Highway Pull-off 45.74479, -123.96081

nice place, you can also wash your car here, and apparently your dog as well. my name is Brandon so it was cool to be doing my laundry in Brandon Manitoba!

Glacier Wash inc 49.83545, -99.95997

This is an established campground at the southern end of the New River Gorge National Park. It is free and takes no reservations. There are bathrooms but no other amenities. It is flat and quiet except for the occasional train passing by.

Meadow Creek Campground 37.79884, -80.92098

Great little park. Garbages were empty, port a potty was clean. Well maintained.

River View Park Chapple 48.64208, -93.98416

Awesome park to explore while waiting for rush hour to pass, especially if you have a bike!

If you want to stay over night, street parking is abundant and in a nice quiet neighbourhood.

Parc Armand-Frappier 45.58196, -73.33272

Like others have posted, rustic site with gorgeous views and activities to explore by a very magical feeling lagoon. First come, first serve. We passed by here last week on our way up to Oregon but it was full. Crossed our fingers for our return and got lucky. The sign at the entrance said full but we drove all the way in. Glad we did. Met Dude, the camp host, (his actual name!) and he said the rangers always leave the campground “full” sign out bc it’s such a popular place! There are 26 sites for staying, I believe, plus some overflow parking without hook up, picnic table, or fire pit. Up to 7 night stay. Check out by 1 pm. Really stoked about getting to stay here. Seniors pay $22/night/vehicle. Totally worth the cost to have a small, pretty, and tidy campground to enjoy. Dog-friendly, must stay on leash. We chatted with Dude quite a bit during our two-night stay and he says he is a volunteer for the county. In other words, he doesn’t get paid much except for free rent. Please tip him if you feel he was helpful and friendly.

Big Lagoon Campground 41.16614, -124.12844

Very nice spot, right on the beach. Hope not having problems since sign says: Parking from 6:00AM to 11:00PM

Petawawa Point 45.90963, -77.25050

about 30 yards going south from the day use area on the right hand side are two large gravel turnouts there are no "no camping" signs here good river access and good access to the toilets

Grey Eagle day use 45.19291, -121.08224

Nice little stop. There is a dump that is free for campers or $15 for non campers. Potable water and water at the dump site to clean tanks. It is $15 a night now. The camp host was very nice and even gave us some firewood. When you exit the freeway the rest stop is under construction so it looks the off ramp is closed but they have signs pointing in the direction of the campground.

Quartz Flat Campground 47.08051, -114.76629

Looked a little sketchy at first but nice private showers. Bathroom and everything was very clean.

Moab 38.53370, -109.50655

Convenient access from the hi-way. Many RVs of all kinds on our arrival and a tenter on the grass. Advisable to use ear plugs for the night, some rigs are loud. Had a good night rest and ready for the next day.

Wal-Mart. Swift Current 50.30790, -107.77688

Definitely secluded, 1-party spot, but like others said, room for multiple vehicles. Gotta go back the way you came in to hit any trails as there’s no trail access. Good bit of land to find firewood, previous visitors left a few pieces, did the same myself. Looks like there was a camp shower set up just on the edge of the trees behind the fire pit, you’ll see a nice stone platform. Only problem was lots of mosquitoes for the chilly couple of days I was there, became unnerving to the point I left lol.

West Hill Rd, Finger Lakes Natl Forest 42.45387, -76.81552

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