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Excellent internet and unlimited free parking. We found a great spot on street parking. It was really slow all night. Lots of coffee shops around. No facilities but I am sure you could hang out around here for several days without issue. We were filling contained so our success was due part my stealth I’m sure.

Historic Downtown Aiken 33.56235, -81.72018

nice pull off. good cell service, reasonable quiet being only 100 yards from the road.

Crestwood 46.80306, -96.79468

Station de vidange, pas d’eau. Au bout de la rue du Parc industriel.

Municipal dumping station 46.06121, -70.54490

Muy lindo y tranquilo lugar. Un paisaje bello y acompañado de un monton de pavos reales. Dormimos en el estacionamiento sin problemas.

Termas de Ayuí -31.25641, -57.95675

Entrance to the walking path. Natural walk to a high point of the hil, rocky trail. Special shoes make it easier. You can park here and start walking up.

Entrada a la ruta que lleva al Mirador La roca. Parquea aquí y comienzas la caminata por camino rocoso, en temporada de lluvias hay lodo, zapatos especiales facilitan la subida. Se prometen grandes vistas.

Mirador La Roca Entrance 16.69983, -92.63568

Top of the hill. We brought our food for a rocky picnic. Nice views of San Cristobal and the surroundings, in the middle of the week no one around. You can start walking from Don Lauro red tori (we walked out from his entrance) although you can drive a bit more high to the other spot marked on iOverlander and start walking up following the red arrows and once you make it to the “Corazon de la montaña “ (a 30 min walk) there’s different trails up to different spots. Not hard, but with a stick and good trail shoes it may get easier. Of course bring water this is a hike.

Mirador la roca 16.69804, -92.63788

As previously described, nice views, very quiet, stone fire pit. We were the only people there. night sky was incredible. Was concerned that it would be muddy as there was significant rainfall the night before but both the road there and the two track back to the campsites were very drivable in a 2wd minivan.

alternate to red rock canyon 37.76823, -112.33680

Pretty big parking lot with trees right next to a lake. Quite busy, because there’s a restaurant and a bus stop. We came late and left early. Perfect for one night!

Parking at lake 49.62815, 10.95212

this is a nice rather hidden spot for wild camping for BIKERS/CYCLISTS on the bike path from Bolzano to Trento. there are 2 tables and you hear the river.

I heard no noise after about 21h and I woke up at 8am, and there were a few road cyclists whizzing by. no one stopped to ask/bother. there is a light on the whole night across the river. I'm a female traveling alone by bike and this was a great spot for me. it was about 15⁰ at night, a bit humid. no tent, just a good sleeping bag and a mat.


on bike path, behind tables 46.45883, 11.30172

Great spot with an amazing view of the lake on one side and the mountains on the other. Short drive down a forest road, 4WD not necessary for the first few pull offs but we scouted further down and had to go into 4L to get back up some steep sandy spots.

The spot is visible for a short moment by someone driving down the highway but it’s pretty hidden otherwise.

Pull out 37.92291, -119.04282

Good spot! stayed overnight. parking lot is protected from wind. Lots of friendly locals and fishermen coming and going. the property has been bought by the jardins and , according to a local, is not open year round.

Near Jardin de Métis 48.63013, -68.13090

we slept there for 2 nights. butiful beach downstair.
A résident didn't really appreciate that we use the parking and call the police. The police came to check 1h later and than when he saw that we were 2 ladies from QC Who coming for hiking and we were just there for sleeping, he told use good night.
The first night it had other camper and the second one we were alone.

Altamont Beach 49.33797, -123.19768

En este lugar existen baños públicos en muy buenas condiciones y una llave de agua potable para rellenar bidones o botellas.

Plaza de Santo Domingo -38.89808, -73.25644

parking area (on payment but cheap) and little bar right on the beach. Vans and caravans welcome, some spot for tents right on the beach.

Cala Lunga Location Missing!

official free campside and picknick place. 300 Meter away from campground, hotel and Restaurant.

Hwy 705A 45.67690, 23.16440

A park in a residential area (outskirts of town). There is a small lake and covered picnic tables.

Bosque Redondo Park 34.43131, -104.21267

A ton of mosquitos. In a residential area so you get local traffic. Good place to stay for a night. The park had several visitors in the evening but everything was calm at night. Only one class A RV stayed the same night I did.

Bosque Redondo Park 34.43131, -104.21267

There’s no overnight parking allowed here. We were (very nicely) approached by security and told to leave. They suggested we park at the casino.

Agawa Canyon Train Parking 46.51670, -84.34981

Grassy and shady spots. Small pool. On the Lake side that is easy to visit. Hiking around.
If you want to hear some old songs like Hotel California just listen ore make your own music!

Les Grebes du Lac de Macenay 47.87086, 4.40402

It’s a chill place. Some local traffic until about 11pm. Was an RV there also

Lookout Heights Place 46.30980, -79.46814

Beautiful spot as described, accessible with 2wd car. Totally quiet at night and nice views of the river.

Sandilands on the River 49.61633, -95.98256

One of our most favorite free spots, ever! A grizzly scared away a few campers here which left us virtually alone for the first 4 or 5 days. Stayed another 5 days or so. This place is AWESOME! There were very few mosquitoes while we were here. Lots of yellow jackets and dragonflies. The loons were calling the first few days here, and we saw frogs and non-poisonous snakes, too. Such a peaceful, beautiful place!

Hidden Lake 47.14287, -113.57065

One of the best free spots we’ve ever experienced! Very few people after a grizzly sighting scared a few campers off. We had great cell reception, and were able to work. Stayed about 10 days. Couldn’t get enough of the loons, dragonflies, frogs and non-poisonous snakes. The early-morning fog on the lake was breathtaking. Such a beautiful, peaceful place to be! This will be hard to beat! Oh, and the pit toilet was cleaned every week at least once!

Hidden Lake 47.14286, -113.57065

Large quiet clean lakeside campsite. 2trucks with 25 ft trailers. Didn’t even have to unpin. Great place.

Large space by lake / grand espace sur le lac 47.32706, -76.91472

There is a “No overnight parking” sign but we had no problems staying just one night. Quiet enough to sleep through even if it is off the 101. Great cell service for both ATT&T and Verizon. Perfect just for rest, nothing more.

Large, flat pull-off 44.12041, -124.12466

great location with solid rock and gravel road. there are some dips in the road but not too bad. There were 3 RVs parked and plenty of room for all of us. This shoreline is smooth flat Rock with plenty of wood for a little fire in the evening.

Port au Choix 50.67218, -57.31867

Rua super tranquila com linda vista para o mar e nascer do Sol espetacular! Existe uma fonte de água mineral gratuita na igrejinha bem próxima (rua ao lado). Estacionamos defronte a colônia dos pescadores z11 Beberibe, porém a rua é pequena e sem saída permitindo parada em qualquer ponto com tranquilidade.

Praia de Morro Branco (Morro Branco Beach) -4.15488, -38.11012

Awesome sunset view. Quiet most of the time. Near a highway, but not traveled much at night. Surrounded by interesting landscape.

Side road off of 95 42.82235, -117.67677
Megan Runkel

Great rest stop, lots of cars and trucks parked overnight, felt safe as a single female in a locked van.

Bitter Creek Rest Stop 41.64197, -108.53101

Arrived at 11:45 pm. The campground was closed so parked at a parking spot next to the entrance of campground path.

Horseshoe Lake State Park 38.69431, -90.07505

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