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The road to the trailhead was closed to the public.

Trailhead parking 41.31930, -122.30629

Spent the night, no problems. other RVs and trucks.

Walmart Gettysburg 39.84452, -77.20393

** VAN got STUCK $525 to get towed out ** please be careful if you camp here! My toyota sienna mini van got stuck in the sand and the nearest tow is 2hrs away so it was super expensive to get help! Not to
mention there is no cell service so i stood on the side of the road with a sign to wave down help. Local sheriff was super nice and said people get stuck here ALL the time! I would honestly just camp some where else and not risk it!

dunes for days 39.07411, -113.71991

Decent spot I’m a pinch. Not anywhere else close you can stay for free so we stayed. Little harbor town with some restaurants and things. Road noise that dies down after dark. We were in a RRT so very obvious that we were staying and no one bugged us. Actually had some nice chats too. Not the best view overall but did have a nice sunset.

Salmon Creek 38.32221, -123.03647

Park n ride parking lot near the river. Two RVs that look like they don’t move. A few locals stopped by late at night to blast music but nothing after 12. Not a great spot but will do in a pinch

Park n ride 48.47962, -122.24177

one meadow at roadside, one meadow 20 Meter further down to small town

meadow near 10 houses. 46.55045, 22.90026

Like the reviews say, beautiful overlook of the lake, so worth the drive through the mountains. if high schoolers come here to get drunk and hang out, you know it’s gonna be a cool spot to be at. Highly recommend for campers. no one bothered us!

Lake Casitas overlook 34.39312, -119.35419

quiet lot. no camping sign when you drive in is still there and I got a note on my bus in the morning stating I have 24 hours to move or be towed. I think its best to check in with managjj(and I iijiijjjii8i I ii8i8iiiiikkkkkkk8kikikkkik8kkkikij I ķ I>i8ikement before parking here.

Home Depot 42.50038, -70.92137

Passei a noite no local , fora o barulho dos caminhões tudo tranquilo .
Banho com chuveiro quente no valor de R$8,00 local para estacionar e preparar a minha refeição . Estou viajando em um carro comum portanto levo fogareiro mesa e cadeira e durmo dentro do carro.

Posto Amaral -22.99046, -45.47931

Beautiful park with a view Arisaig lighthouse. Plenty of picnic tables and pit toilets. Super quiet overnight, local dog walkers in a.m. Stayed overnight no issues. Big rigs might find it challenging with narrow roads and low branches.

Arisaig Provincinal Park 45.75608, -62.16868

Good open spot, took a long way to get here so pretty isolated. Small fire pit. Lots of cute birds

Lake Theobald 45.48048, -65.52406

Exactly as described. We have a high clearance, 2WD van and made it around the lake. Was spicy though and included some deep water crossings. We had the entire lake to ourselves.

Lake Enid 50.54880, -116.12127

Great spot. Thank you Dan. We set up in the afternoon & walked down to the Arkansas River Headwaters (approx 1 mile, moderately steep). Beautiful mountain scapes all around. We have a 25’ class C - it fit nicely, room for a few more.

Dan’s Land 38.65087, -106.07095

Decent campground
Has a solid view of the lake
Nothing legendary, no complaints

Burlington Bay Campground 47.02682, -91.66047

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 47.37532, -70.42487

Parc Roche à Caya 47.37532, -70.42487

I parked my car in the parking lot just in front of the Bayswater Beach Picnic park and had no problem. Not a lot of circulation during the night, can’t fit an RV or a trailer, just a car, SUV or a pick up truck. Amazing sunrise in the morning!

Bayswater beach picnic park 44.50142, -64.06722
Romar Morales

Gated off

Gravel Turnout 43.43718, -124.23666

Camping muito bom, com estrutra de banheiros e chuveiro quente. Lugar calmo e tranquilo para passar o dia e também pernoitar. Os proprietários do local são extremamente receptivos e você ainda pode comprar produtos da região em uma lojinha que eles montaram ou ainda consumir pastel e paçoca de pinhão feito na hora por eles! Uma delícia, não deixe de experimentar! O camping é R$30,00 por pessoa e se for somente visitar é R$20,00.

Abrigo 1500 -27.97024, -49.43773

A quiet campsite compared to the busy ones near the lakes. €26,- 2 pp no electricity. Walk from here to the gorge entrance is about 1 hour. Since it’s now one way it’s 30 minutes wak back to the campsite from the end of the gorge walk.

Kamp Perun 46.41887, 14.08869

Très, très bien même pour les gros VR. Eau potable séparée de celle servant à la vidange.

Cow Head 49.92755, -57.77284

Great little campsite with about 20 sites. It’s a long 3 mile dusty gravel road to the campground but well worth it. $16 a night. The toilets only. Sweet little river runs adjacent to most sites. Highly recommend.

Spire Rock Campground, Gallatin NF 45.44017, -111.19086

Just a parking lot next to arena. Nice places available to walk in the morning. There were port o potties available today

Delaney arena parking 48.38153, -89.28379

10 miles out of Tillamook. I had the whole place to myself. camped in very back of campground, very quiet.

Trask River County Campground 45.44300, -123.60935

Kameeldoring Campsite is the name.
Nice level sites with shade.
Private ablutions and hot water from a donkey boiler.
Power, water and flush toilets.

Camel Thorn Camping -28.62270, 20.35046

It is a good place to stay. The people are very friendly and you can rent canues for boating on the river beside the campground. I guess, that all sizes of campers fit there. Our is 3,30 m high and 7,30 m long.

Jaunzageri kempings 57.22866, 24.90523

Southwest of the island. But it has signs prohibiting overnight parking/camping.

Parc Roche à Caya 47.37532, -70.42487

This place has closed.

Bridge Bay Campground 44.53924, -110.43057

Large simple campground on the St Lawrence River. Huge rig friendly - we had no problem navigating and parking our 40’ rig with 36’ trailer! Water, septic and some sites had electrical service. Bike paths that go on forever right here so we did a lot of bike riding. Marina next door usually has shuttle service to Old Montreal. Some really great pedestrian/bike bridges nearby to allow you to cross the highway and go into the little downtown of Longueuil. If you’re biking take the big circular bike bridge a bit further down. Make sure to eat breakfast at Peché Matinal! Scrumptious and well worth the wait in line!

Not much here but we just needed a place to stay the night as we were gone all day. Highway noise didn’t bother us at all but worth mentioning that you can hear the highway.

Playgrounds for the kids just a few minutes walk away.

We were here on a long weekend (labor day) and the place was only half filled or even less so no one was parked anywhere around us so we had oodles of privacy. Some spots back onto the river with oh would be nice.

Our 76’ trailer fit in the pull through and still would have had room for an SUV to park behind us.

Potable water, dumping station - black and grey water.

Camping Sogerive 45.53778, -73.51658

free potable water
front of station by subway

Exxon subway 46.91228, -114.03530

Let us fill our water tank at no charge.

Chevron/Pappy's 34.92417, -120.41651

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