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Not far from the highway so didn’t expect it to be as quiet as it was. Huge park with plenty of flat surfaces. Called and left our info as previous reviews stated. Very easy. Appreciate the nice free spot. Very quiet- only the sound of frogs! 5g on verizon. Bathrooms available were pretty basic but flush toilets that were clean. Perfect spot for a night passing through. Woke in the morning to a few couples/families out walking the park. Still very peaceful and calm and close to nearby service stations, grocery, & fast food if need services.

Stowell County Park 29.81132, -94.38025

Lovely spot. strongly recommend for a longer break. Amenities are great, wifi actually works even in campsite. Toilet is fine and a high pressure warm water shower. feels great! Food and drinks are sold too. Laundry facility, all good.

El Vagamundo Camping Antigua 14.54578, -90.72903

Out side of the bathroom there is a water fountain. The bad of the water fountain has a spot to easily fill a 5-6 gallon jug.

Water fountain - Public park/bathroom 44.05947, -121.31912

Town park, large amount of parking. Spaces are relatively short but not a problem for a 21 ft Class B. Restrooms are clean. ATT service = 3 bars with good hotspot capabilities. Worked for a day here, no issues. Cops rolled by and didn’t stop.

Little Mulberry Park 34.05408, -83.89079

beautiful views in all directions. much more windy than on valley floor. 10+ pullout of various sizes and views. some cell reception (verizon). again... we are here during the week and there hardly anyone here. I imagine thw weekends would be much more crowded

Caliente Mountain Road 35.13110, -119.85227

Parking with a nice older lady that manages the lot. We parked overnight for 150 pesos, 50pp and 50 for the van. Toilets included and they have a cold shower that you can use. Very clean!

From this place you can actually walk down the river without having to take a guide with you. We started hiking at about 17:00 and nobody stopped us. Just go down to the river and cross it so you are on the left hand side. Then, just follow the path up to the Puente de Dios.

The hike was very easy and we didn't get wet. We literally saw someone with a prosthetic leg and crutches do it. Might be different in the rainy season though.

Puente de Dios Parking 21.19602, -99.60607

We did not camp here, but it looks like a beautiful spot! There are still some low hanging branches so your van can be too high.

We did the walk to see axelotls, which was really cool. The walk is about 2,5 km and goes steeply down and more gradually up, so it's doable within an hour and a half (axelotl watching time not included). We saw a lot of axelotls in the little pond as well as in the river.

The walk costs 100p per person, which they use to conserve this area and the highly endangered axelotls.

Axolotl Camp - El Cedral 21.14179, -99.64064

Called ahead to verify overnight parking is permitted & was told it didn't matter where I parked in the lot. I parked in the back on the side nearest the hotel & had a good night's rest. Staff was very friendly.

St Joseph Cracker Barrel 39.77399, -94.79513

Seems like a decent stop for the night. Three dedicated RV spots, but we're smaller so fit into a regular spot. We opted for the south west corner near the field and Hampton Inn. The whole rear lot was empty aside from one car, one RV, at 7:00 pm. One more RV arrived around 9.

Cracker Barrel 36.46636, -86.68024

there is a faucet with water at the end of the station, the flow is slow, but free water is free water

Free - Gasocentro gas station 21.15491, -100.94454

Nice quiet place. Really only room for one party. Outhouse in good shape. Site is not very level. Good cell service. Road is being worked on, but still pretty bumpy and steep. Mosquitos are already here.

Mud Lake West Recreation Site 52.13270, -119.24683

Amazing spot! Was here with two other cars. A little foggy in the morning, but overall an amazing spot to see the sunset. Lots of areas of the road blocked off because of road breakage. Would recommend to drive during the daytime and go slow!!

Gibraltar Rd 34.46765, -119.66904

Quite a few vehicles parked up over night but very quiet and felt safe. Good cell reception, free Wifi and restrooms in the Walmart

Walmart Supercenter 32.36106, -106.74487

Full maintenance and repairs, parts. Great service. Speaks English

Mercedes Service Centre 41.89283, 44.71318
Ted M

The GPS coordinate is a quarter mile away from where the cemetery is shown on maps.
Going by the maps, the road to cemetery is now closed off by a gate with a big no-trespassing sign.
I didn't go back to the GPS coordinate that was given to see if there was a place to stay there...

By the cemetery 36.41019, -120.99680

As always the YPF staff let my camp behind the station. Wifi, restaurant and clean toilets.

YPF -30.88826, -62.98647

Clean room and comfortable bed but presence of a big cockroach... We had to ask 3 times in the space of 2 hours for the water to be turned on, which is annoying. The shower drain is clogged.
Only one power outlet to charge our devices and no WiFi.
The air conditioning works well.
The breakfast is bland, not even an omelette.
No garage but you can park in front of the hotel in a secure way because a guard watches all night.
Unfriendly staff, except the guard.
13500 kwz for a double room, breakfast included.
Overall ok for a one night stay.

Pensao Nelsal -15.19065, 12.15351

Like everyone else said it’s just street side parking. There was a lot of room, no one bothered.
And there was definitely traffic in the morning but it didn’t really bother me

Madrona Park 47.61320, -122.28130

It is closed, security on the path to the spot

Dashbashi Canyon 41.59512, 44.12446

Very well maintained campsite. Clean toilets, showers, well equipped outside kitchen, braai, fire pits. Camp spots look like they usually have prepitched tents to rent out, but when we arrived there were none. For us no problem because we had our own tent. It would also explain the 35 usd the (nice !) guy asked at first for one night (2 people, no car). We paid 15. The sitting area (shelter) also has a nice fireplace the guy (Joseph) lit especially for us.

Nyamazi Greens -18.50118, 32.62770

great little campground connected to a county park. right on a lake with options to hook up or not. picnic tables and fire rings at each site. great star gazing! very quiet and peaceful. $20 for one night without hook up, picked a spot and then friendly camp attendant just came and took cash and gave me a receipt.

Chapman County Park 44.96558, -90.94273

It’s now called Casa Edward/ Cervecería James Hotel & Spa Xilitla. 200 pesos per person and if you want to use the shower, you have to pay extra now. We didn’t shower so not sure how much more. There are no hook ups other than the one in the restroom located in the parking lot. Starlink gets obstructed cause of all the plants. Telcel is slow. The amenities are not available for campers as per the receptionist, only for the guests at the hotel. The security guard was nice though. And it felt safe.

James hôtel &spa 21.39491, -98.99522

This place is beautiful but the road to go is unpaved and very steep : carefully for non-4x4 vans or RVs. Entrance to the place costs 20Q per car (see photo)

Laguna Ayarza 14.40387, -90.09867

Nice and safe place to sleep. Shower is free. Bathroon clean

Posto Faisão -15.80974, -41.37899

Very nice campground quiet and down by the water. We were able to spend a very spontaneous night here.
Only unserviced sites for RVs available tent sites too. Bathroom with free hot showers too. No dump station but ability to fill up water tank
For RV we paid $45+tx for one night

Norse Cove Campground 44.77580, -62.78011

We tried to find this camp by following signs off the main road. No evidence it exists; there's a track with a sign reading "Campsite" and an arrow but after more than 500m the track turns into open bushland. We drove around for a while only finding small huts with nobody around and left.

Maako Rest Camp -19.44785, 23.85755

atrás da prefeitura tem um estacionamento com câmeras, passamos uma noite tranquila.

Prefeitura Balneário Pinhal -30.25715, -50.23935

The 37 km track through the park is a delight, but you need 4x4. This part of the park is thick woodland, so you won't see much except trees. The campsite is a grassy area next to the Kafue River. It is not especially attractive. The views of the river are limited but very pleasant. The toilets and showers are immaculate and there is always hot water. The staff are very friendly and helpful and make a fire in the evening for each site. Otherwise there are no facilities. You are on your own. I paid US$30 SADC rate. The tap water is from the river, but I think it is safe.

Saba Safari Campsite -14.76807, 26.12695

Very simple entry into Brazil. Park and follow the signs to immigration/aduana! The toll booths accept card if you to not have Raels.

Brazilian Customs/Migration at Chui -33.67256, -53.44382

Nice hot clean showers and bathrooms. To use the showers just ask for keys in the store, free of charge.

Posto parada de caminhão -25.77303, -49.12144

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