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This place is in wrong location - it is located at 23.44955, -110.22188

Brake and clutch RAYSA 23.44955, -110.22188

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -13.63573, -71.48203

Roadside camp -13.63573, -71.48203

We came up here by scooter taxi for lunch only. We are very glad we did not attempt the road up. After the rains this season the road is in a terrible state. Def not for big rigs. A Land Cruiser ambulance passed us going down so that is doable. Switchback roads. There is another road from Livingstonia. But saying all this it’s def a place to visit. There are many tourists snd very popular. Lunch was lovely. Vegetarian. The bike taxi drivers are brilliant!

The Mushroom Farm -10.58592, 34.13402

Stayed 4 nights in a 22' C Class RV with no issues. Mexico is loud and this place is no exception because of loud vehicles, music and people yelling friendly greetings at each other. The park has grass and is partially cleaned daily. It felt safe, there is partial shade during the early part of the day and it's quiet at night after 11pm. My dogs loved it and it's close to everything. because the free wifi sucks so bad, I recommend Santos Pecados Restaurant for blazing fast wifi and good food. Two lavanderias on the block.

Parque Los Pinos 23.45065, -110.22519

No Camping Sign

Rest Area 48.69027, -92.99688

This place is permanently closed.

Fremont River South Shore 38.27559, -111.08762
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

I wasn't able to find this place.

IVECO Aurelia -34.58768, -58.42853

Good spot for dump and water fill. only $15. must have tag number and have them unlock it. it's on the back of the stor by the car wash.

Express Fuel dump station & potable water 38.67865, -120.91526

The road is narrow, steep and two-way. It is not recommended for large vehicles.

Scandinavian forest 32.10023, 35.83464

This place is permanently closed.

Yosemite Park 37.67847, -119.76700

Nice place, just 10 minutes from Carson City. Some highway noise, nights are quiet. No reservations, first come first served, but sign says reservations coming soon. A few sites have partial shade, most don't have shade. Some sites have shaded picnic tables. Clean and tidy campground. Rangers and hosts make the rounds. Loop A, full hook ups. Loop B no utilities. Water spigots can be found along the loop road. Mid-May and both loops are packed full. There was one space left in Loop B when I arrived at noon. Noisy neighbors, loud music, but they settled down eventually. Quiet hours 10p-7a. Sites are clean and mostly level. There are bugs, lots of them. Bath houses with unisex push button shower located in Loop A and B. Shower was hot/cold, not consistent. All bathrooms are unisex. Dump station is closed. Dumpsters and trash cans are located at entrance and near the bath houses. Verizon LTE 3 bars. Beautiful scenery. The day camp area is spectacular. There's a beach area and the lake water is nice and cool, refreshing. Birder's paradise, bring binoculars. I would definitely stay here again.

Lake Washoe State Park 39.24578, -119.76062

great dispersed camping on wild horse road. just outside the main entrance to gobblin Valley sp. great slot canyon hike on wild horse rd. zero cell (verizon) but wifi available at gv vistor center

Wild Horse Spot 1 of 6 38.57808, -110.70748

Ficamos de segunda à sexta aqui, foi muito tranquilo!
Algumas atualizações importantes:
- O balneário está fechado na segunda e terça-feira, mas, é possível entrar para acampar se falar com a administração (Instagram).
- Os quiosques são para aluguel, nos foi informado que poderiam ser usados caso estivesse vazio para energia e água, más o senhor que aluga os quiosques pediu que não usássemos a área. Tem outros pontos de energia e água fora dos quiosques (perto do banheiro).
- Tem wifi más não usamos, vivo e tim pegam bem.
- Repelente é indispensável!

Balneario Por Do Sol -17.56097, -54.75470

L'accès pour l'eau et la vidange est bloqué avec affiche mentionnant : fermé temporairement.

Canadian Tire 51.45953, -112.70572

No overnight Camping allowed anywhere at Cabelas

Cabela’s 43.60190, -70.37192

exelente estacion de servicio!!, ducha caliente..todo, , buena atención!!

Shell -32.44680, -64.40549

Nobody‘s here. And it’s pretty windy -> no mosquitos. We slept on the upper level. Even though we have a good 4WD the lower level looks like some people got stuck pretty bad. We decided to stay on the upper level right next to the road.

Nice place near Whitehorse 61.14725, -135.36579

23$ / night plus taxes, not many people around, nice campground in the mountains

Bogart park campground 33.98630, -116.95390

Fermer temporairement

Rest Area 35.03121, -116.46999

A pleasant, clean, safe place for a rest. Clean bathrooms with flush toilets, cold running water, soap, and air hand dryers.
Enjoyable walking path with informative signs about the pollinators. Beautiful mountains in the background.
Also has a large, grass-covered pet area, vending machines, trash receptacles, and covered picnic tables.
I slept here. The highway noise became white noise after a while. Truck side (closer to highway)and car side parking. I parked on the car side in my 27’ motor home, since the truck side was full when I arrived.

Rest Area Northbound 41.46719, -112.05338

27 sites, 10 are first come only, other 17 are reservable.

Big Creek Campground 46.73447, -121.96755

Trying to post pictures again. Third times a charm?

Rest Area Northbound 41.46717, -112.05339

They ended up playing very loud music late into the night. I don't know how dirty the other lodge is in comparison, but I would not come here without good earplugs.

Central Hotel 5.36985, 36.99958

As reviewed, forest service rd 4146, but not quite as far in as the last poster, but a flatter spot. Open and close gate, be aware of the rain forecast cause it could get muddy. Road was a little rutted to this point. Above the posters' location just below the creek you see on the map, the road gets pretty rough. Great for the night
Got no T-Mobile

Off dirt road in National Forest 38.33368, -109.22236

Great wee spot. Well sign posted to get too. Cash only (accept usd). Very basic facilities- flush toilets, cold showers and braii pits. Camp sites nice and shady. Chalet beds are single size. 150pula pp. good to support a wee local family.

Moae campsites -18.17602, 24.35680

Loves travel stop exit 144, has RV dump station for 10 bucks

Love's Truck Stop 29.31780, -98.60709
Adam Gott

One of the nicer rest areas that I have seen. One can park a bit of a distance from the freeway but then you are near the semi parking which is a little loud but still better than next to the highway. I was going to stay at the Walmart in Cookeville but there were lots of loud cars going through the parking lot.

Rest Area 36.14084, -85.80604
Vivendo Estradas

Graal de Uberaba, tem varios estacionamrntos, dormimos no Estacionamento de caminhoneiros...possui um restaurante na frente para uso dos caminhoneiros, com banho quente sem tempo limite por 6,00 reais.

Graal Antares fuel station -19.76374, -47.97488

This place is permanently closed.

St Martin's Sea Cave 45.35873, -65.52514

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 48.96783, 89.96834

Skytel Sim card 48.96783, 89.96834

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