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Great location. Maybe four other campers out here tonight. Room for many more. Started on the side closer to town but not sure if camping is still allowed over there. 3 bars with Verizon.

Indian Creek 43.24480, -111.10964

spent the next to the furniture store trucks. two semis spent the night with me. At 6AM the store employees showed up, had a long conversation with the trucks running. I would not recommend parking by the furniture store trucks....

Fond Lion 38.40745, -78.65108
Seth Wing

Joao (I might be misspelling his name) will coordinate with a local dhow captain and go with you on a boat trip of your choosing. I did a half day trip in the bay west of Tofo and he provided all the snorkeling equipment and some food and drink. We also did some spear fishing for his dinner. I believe it was around usd$25-$30 total for myself. The location I placed this at in iOverlander is the intersection closest to his house (-23.8552194, 35.5271921), I picked him up in my car here and we drove together to where the boat was (-23.7827882, 35.4809032). Parking was ample and appeared safe. I’m sure he can also meet you at the boat/beach too if you like. He’s a super nice guy and did everything he could to show me an authentic experience, which it very much is! This is a real fishing dhow with a local captain, so be prepared for that. I’m very happy I went on this trip with him, I feel it was a slice of Mozambique many do not get to see. 5/5

He’s only available over WhatsApp, he speaks good English, here is his number: +258 84 370 9659

Tour Guide for Dhow Boat Trips -23.85517, 35.52721

Safe Place to stay for one Night
Had nothing to pay. Refill our watertank

Grifo Guadalupe -14.09712, -71.43803

A lot of space for all kind of motorhomes.
Flat area

Grifo Guadalupe -14.09713, -71.43805

Great place for one night, beautiful view, peaceful… a little bit windy, but inside the car or VR that’s ok !
Pay attention, toilette is Closed until end of may.

Rest Area with nice view 45.58301, -70.17932

Perfect place, better in the other side from the road

Track To The Rock Formation 17.50590, 43.66344

The owner is so nice and helpful, he worked after the garage closed on our car to make sure he can fix the car the next day! We slept two nights in the garage :D they also have a waitingroom with netflix and co 😅 + showers on top the hole staff is really nice and they do good work for not toooo much! Can recommend this place 100%

Technomotors Ford 9.98981, -84.04215

More of a rest stop less of a park. Shady pull off next to the road. Garbage and port-a-john on site. Stopped for lunch but didn't see any signage discouraging overnight stops.

Sprucegrove Park 44.50030, -79.78919

Superbe halte , toilettes 24 hres, très propres. Table de picnic avec très belle vue sur le fleuve

Halte Municipale Deschambault 46.64020, -71.94781

Stayed here, the park is beautiful and no one bothered us. great spot

Lafayette Park 37.79217, -122.42897

I asked the lady inside the visitor center if overnight parking was allowed in town. She said others have parked in their lot before and there's no police in this community. It was perfect! There's a public bathroom right here, open all night with flush toilets, running water and 2 electric outlets. Very quiet all night. In a Sienna minivan.

Amana Colonies Visitor Center 41.80018, -91.86782

Gaz station with propane refilled for RV tank

29 Queensway W, Simcoe, Ontario

Petro-Canada 42.84604, -80.30905

park around back not on lot shared with olive garden

Tulalip Resort Casino RV parking lot 48.08778, -122.19043

Nice place with a lot of room for tents and even bigger rigs.
There is a lot of small trees, so shaded spots can be found.
Due to the elevation it is a bit cooler.

Two fire rings. No amenities or phone signal.
Accessible by one lane dirt road.
Went there with dual sport motorcycles but could be probably done with 2WD with higher clearance.

Designated camp area 33.88035, -106.21792

These folks were great! Please ask before using the water, let’s keep this friendly service going. Show some love and buy a six pack or something from the store if you aren’t grabbing gas.

VP Racing 35.19588, -111.65474

This is a dark sky park with campsites that have electric hookups. Water is available at the entrance to the park and throughout the park near the bathrooms. There are pit toilets throughout and one large bathroom with flush toilets and showers. There are several trails for hiking and river access for kayaking. The park office sells ice and firewood Thursday through Monday.

Middle Fork Forest Preserve 40.37631, -87.96262

Dormimos uma noite aqui antes de entrar em Bogotá. Um pouco de barulho de trânsito a noite, mas seguro. Posto muito bom e banheiros super limpos do complexo comercial atrás.

Terpel Fuel Station 4.63491, -74.44943

Joli mirador avec une balançoire face à l’océan. Le chemin d’accès est possible en moto tout terrain et quad. Impossible avec une voiture 4x4, trop étroit.

Mirador avec une balançoire -34.05993, -71.93926

Gate still closed, can’t get to campsites :(

Mount Bigelow 32.41614, -110.73201

Nice flat meadow with many trees near the city. No people there, very quiet during the night. Many places to stay. Turn right at the end of petrol station, take the dirty road. Suitable for all vehicles.

Nice meadow 55.00169, 61.11228

fresh water with husse at the back site of wooden kaffee

fresh water 54.94549, 59.98471

Still open. Landy and Land Cruiser parts.

LR parts -22.57856, 17.08631

@ ramp parking, no overnight parking not inforced. don't clearly be camping. allwase be waiting for a boat ;) ;)

North side of road or South side boat ramp 28.13618, -80.60518

Drove in from Springdale direction, through park entrance on main park road - 30(ish) minutes on HWY 9 from Springdale. Turn right on Poverty Road .5 mile down Poverty Road, take the first right turn, EXTREMELY rocky for about .5 - .75 of a mile, high clearance needed, no 4WD necessary, but be prepared to shake around. Turns into easier dirt road, drive another .3 - .5 miles and there is a spot to the right. See pics. Large homemade fire pit structure built, trees, private and quiet. Multiple secluded spots along this road and it’s worth the rocky trek. Beautiful star gazing and views.

Poverty Road 37.23726, -112.81892


Commercial Parking Lot 37.49366, -119.97386

Hello; Im Ovidio Jandres (Ovi) the owner of Nature Lodge, Punta Riel Cahuita.

For your reference, our Spot is Open to Travelers in Campers, or similar trucks, trailers and others.

Our Characteristic is to guarantee Security in orden to spend a serene Night and Can Rest as you deserve

The total area of our Hotel and sport is 1 Hectare (10.000mt2) compleaty Secure with principal Gate and Half hectare (5.000mts2) of forest.

Our final Price per Night is $25 usd. Per camper, truck or trailer…. (Including)
Parking area // Toilet // Bathroom // Fresh Water // Wifi // Pet Frendly // Basketboall Field & Fut5 // Pool // walking trails at forest.

Contamos con restaurante disponible.

Contact Us 00 (506) 8733 3719 // 00 (506) 70645309. (By whats app)


Hola, Soy Ovidio Jandres (Ovi) El propietario de Nature Lodge, Punta Riel, Cahuita.

Para tu referencia nuestro sitio está Abierto a Viajeros en Campers o camiones similares, remolques y otros.

Nuestra Característica es Garantizar seguridad con el fin de que pasen una noche serena y puedan descansar como se lo merecen.

El total de área de nuestro Hotel y sitio es de 1 Hectarea (10.000mts2) completamente seguros con un portón principal de entrada al sitio y media hectárea (5.000mts2) de bosque.

Nuestro precio final es de $25 usd por camper, camion o remolque…. (incluyendo)
Área de Parqueo // Servicio Sanitario // Ducha // Agua Fresca // Wifi // Aceptamos Mascotas // cancha de Basketboall & Fut5 // Piscina // senderos en nuestro bosque.

Contamos con restaurante disponible.

Contactanos 00 (506) 8733 3719 // 00 (506) 70645309. (Por Whats app)

Nature Lodge, Punta Riel Cahuita 9.68213, -82.81120

This is the address for Pixar Studios. I don’t know about the rest of the day, but at 3am when I got here the. HVAC tower was running its fans at a constant 65db. Too loud for me, so I found a spot a few blocks away.

Street Parking 37.83174, -122.28131

Great truck stop off 95 about 1 1/2 hours outside of DC. Clean showers and bathrooms. Office services and western union. A place specifically for cars to park and sleep. Denny’s on site if you like Denny’s. Solid place to camp or pit stop on your way to DC traveling north. Free Wi-Fi from parking lot thanks to Denny’s.

Flying J 37.93389, -77.47343

Asked permission from Walmart employee, she said ok if you park in the back, good night sleep but they passed around midnight to pick up the carts, otherwise all good

Walmart 39.21635, -75.57224

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