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No showers available. Can sleep here though. Banos available. Police checkpoint.

Police Station -24.68181, -65.77213

Great spot. Many different spots on the river that are perfect for a quiet nights sleep. Stayed here 2 nights as it was such a nice place to walk around.

Michipicoten canoe route 47.92180, -84.80733

Signs posted no overnight allowed. I did the lot by Mel’s diner and got a permit from the police station with no issues.

Vista Point 38.36481, -120.78724
Jack's Tracks

Wide area with camp rings, clean out houses. Very sandy wash to cross. No problem with and without 4WD.

Utahraptor State Park- Dalton Wells Rd 38.71218, -109.70022

Everyone in this Hostelito is pretty friendly. 100ppp to stay in front and use all the facilities of the place. Also dog friendly even if there is no dog there. We could fill our water tank as well.

Hostalito. the Mexican Hostel 21.15472, -86.82809

Beautiful campground with several dispersed spots, most with picnic table and fire pit. There are walk in (50 to 100 feet walk) sites as well as horse camping sites. Road in campground is in good condition with pretty new gravel. Large frisbee golf course borders campground to east. River runs along southern edge. Verizon 1-bar LTE on east side. WeBoost made it a very usable 3 bars. Starlink works too - most sites have good openings to sky.

Teanaway Campground 47.25591, -120.88901

At this location is the aduana office. Very hard to find and a very strange place. Its inside the enclosure around the train tracks. You have to enter through the opening in the gate.

Only necessary if you are there with a vehicle. They didn’t really check anything about the vehicles.

Aduana office -17.59434, -69.44865

um local limpo, posto fecha às 22h lojas até às 20h mais estacionamento pode usar, não procurei saber sobre água e luz. banheiro tem, wi-fi liberado na lavanderia que por sinal vale super a pena. vamos dormir com um bus de 7metros

posto Shell com várias lojas e restaurantes -23.03212, -46.98679

Spent 6 nights here, felt really safe. There’s people walking around the park, kids playing, skating all day until late night (like 2 am), so it’s a bit noisy but not at all a problem for us. There’s a grocery, a church and some restaurants around the park.

Parque el Aleman 20.99160, -89.60204

Best spot around!!
Estuvimos 4 noches y súper tranquilo, la policía pasó y no nos dijo nada. estábamos muy cerca de un hotel 4 estrellas que tenía música en vivo por la noche. y pegados a la playa que no podes meterte pero es hermoso dormir al lado del mar.
lo super recomendamos. Nos gustó mucho más la zona de Punta Zicatela que Pierto

Free beach camping 15.84245, -97.04934

Wooden shelter with a roof and 3 picnic tables.
It is brand new. Right next to eurovelo 6.
Ideal for eating in the dry when it rains. 100m before there is a water reservoir (or even a house to fill water bottles)

shelter with tables on the EV6 46.31570, 18.92275

160kw ppn and I camped next to the lake. wood provided free to make fire. it was really peaceful next to the lake. there are 4 dogs that are super friendly. owners weren't there when I stayed. I enjoyed my stay

Rob & Claire - Rusco Farm -17.13990, 26.34700

Went to these mechanics to fix a stock plastic skid plate that broke after I hit a low flying bird. One of their mechanics was really helpful and drove with me to a few other places to look for a replacement plate. Ultimately he took me to another mechanic who works with plastic and repaired the skid plate - later they installed the repaired skid plate, all of it for 30bobs. It wasn't a difficult job but they have definitely been most helpful!

Taller mecánico Churqui -14.43705, -67.51774

This is the parking lot for The Ghost and Mavik Lakes Trailhead. No problem sleeping here, very quiet. There is a donation boxe and guest book to sign if you want by the maps. Met locals who were very happy to chat and give tips on which trails to do. Would go again :)

Trail Head Dryden 49.80962, -92.68415

Perhaps it’s not yet high season but we just paid $26 for 2 people unpowered ( same as others 5 days ago). Great spot- good value.

Capricorn Holiday Park -24.86276, 113.70265

We ate and camped here in a tent while cycling touring. Food was good & cheap ($11 for 2x asados with fresh lemonade) and they kindly agreed to let us pitch our tent down by the river free of charge. We arrived late and left early. There is a small toilet & shower block by the restaurant. Everything you need, nothing you don't!

Restaurant Yolmar’s 9.00038, -82.25682

National forest dispersed camp site, free for up to 7 days. Quiet day and night, abondant fire wood, dirt road access. 2 bars T-Mobile and Verizon.

Prescott National Forest 34.48601, -112.48380

Great place to stop to fill up water and let the doggos run around while doing so.
The spigot is in the dog park right under the Bee's Marketplace sign and has good pressure. Visibly marked "potable" water so no guessing if it's ok.

Bee’s Marketplace Dog Park 36.97300, -112.97655
Holly and Jason

Beautiful campground by the creek with an abundance of song birds and magnificent cottonwood trees. Would definitely pay the price to stay here again since dispersed camping is no longer permitted throughout the Sedona region. Welcoming staff and friendly guests made it all that more enjoyable. Encountered some neighborhood critters at the campsite… a skunk, a scorpion, and a fox!

Lo Lo Mai Springs Resort 34.77614, -111.90110

Passamos 3 noites nesse lugar. É muito tranquilo e silencioso. Alguns moradores locais passaram e nos trataram muito bem, inclusive indicando lugares para pescar :) No entanto, na terceira noite, uma mulher apareceu muito descontrolada, sem se identificar e disse que não podemos “acampar” lá. Explicamos que não estávamos acampando, não estávamos na Praia, e sim no estacionamento, mas ela não nos deu ouvidos e foi muito rude. Pedimos para ela chamar a polícia, que se alguma autoridade nos dissesse que não poderíamos dormir lá, iríamos embora. Ela se negou e disse que a polícia não faz a lei, que ela é quem manda na cidade e que não queriam turistas estrangeiros ali. Para evitar maiores aborrecimentos, fomos embora, até Puerto Lopes, que é tão bom quanto :)

We spent 3 nights in this place. It's very peaceful and quiet. Some locals passed by and treated us very well, including pointing out places to fish :) However, on the third night, a woman showed up very out of control, without identifying herself and said that we can't “camp” there. We explained that we weren't camping, we weren't on the beach, we were in the parking lot, but she didn't listen to us and was very rude. We asked her to call the police, that if any authority told us that we couldn't sleep there, we would leave. She refused and said that the police do not make the law, that she is in charge of the city and that they did not want foreign tourists there. To avoid further hassles, we left for Puerto Lopes, which is just as good :)

Beach - Olón -1.79948, -80.75931

Tengan cuidado ⚠️ El camping municipal de La Poma, es gratuito! Tanto la oficina de turismo como el municipio informan que nadie te puede cobrar nada.
Explico esto porque el día que llegamos (super tarde y cansados de pedalear) se nos acercó la mujer que trabaja de limpieza y nos vino a cobrar $1000 por persona, un disparate... que si no nos teníamos que ir. No nos quedó otra que pagarle pero al otro día avisamos en turismo y súper avergonzados por la situación nos devolvieron la plata porque nadie te puede cobrar. Anda a saber a cuantos turistas habrán estafado con esa boludes de cobrar entrada o "pago voluntario". Los empleados tiene sueldo municipal, no te pueden venir a cobrar nada extra.
Lo más triste es que nos quedamos dos días y al segundo volvió a hacer lo mismo de querer cobrarnos, obviamente la mande a la mierda...

La Poma municipal camping -24.72308, -66.20325

I stayed here with no problem. I access the waterfront trail in he evening and the morning, no one else ever parked near me. It is three spots in the back of Target, super random but quiet and lit and with a camera so it didn't feel sketchy.

Waterfront Trail behind Target 40.80545, -124.14280

We stayed one night 2p and motorhome and paid ARS 3,000.
Hot showers only in evening. Clean toilets. Sites with electricity, BBQ and table. Security. Safe place.

Camping Municipal Cachi -25.12265, -66.16717

As of May 2023 - $15 hot shower includes two towels and face towel. Clean.

LeerJack Gas Station 36.92602, -90.76131

Small & big dog park areas. Downtown along Black River and railroad tracks. Well maintained.

Downtown Dog Park Poplar Bluff 36.75453, -90.39182

after several years it's still a really good place ! We slept here 2 nights, it was quite with a good view on the city and cerro rico !
The best way is not easy to find because there are a lot of dirt roads.
That's why a 4wd is highly recommended even without rain

Lakeside Camping with Lamas -19.60693, -65.73335

Great place to set up a tent. Not very quiet since you are next to the road on a switch back but school has covered area with an amazing view. Not many other places to wildcamp when cycling this road.

Villagarzon #10 1.08468, -76.71041

Loved this place! Great view for sunset, we were closest to the road and road noise didn’t bother me. A little windy but not much dirt to be picked up and blown around, since most surface area in the area is grounded by shrubs. It’s tents-only, had picnic tables, fire pits, clean bathrooms. $20/night and first come first serve. Check out is noon.

Cowboy Campground 38.56194, -109.79556

its surrounded by a lot of stores/shops but it stayed pretty quiet. i parked near the back/side area. no one bothered me.

Lowe's Home Improvement 38.90122, -104.81876

I live right by there. Montreal parking is confusing but this is free parking in the summer (watch out for the street cleaning times, there's 1hr a week u can't park)
there will occasionally be parties/a brass band practicing(Tuesdays, fun to watch)/people practicing skateboarding right by you. some houseless people sleep under the bridge too
it's safe but it might not be quiet!
there's water fountains in the summer
right now is construction which is noisy but there's still space to park

Rosemont 45.52935, -73.60142

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