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Gas station with potable water spigot with threads on side of building. Sign stating potable.

Haines Tesoro 59.23565, -135.46470

Did not like this place. Had to walk so far just to have a shower to find out there’s only one shower and there’s a lineup. The electricity went out a few times, and it wasn’t even rainy season. They put manure on the fields beside us which attract 1 000,000,000 flies. What is the residences dogs both barks all night for the six nights we were there so off we went.

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 19.53411, -101.61018

Really great views. Go down to the bridge if river is full. Wasn’t bothered at all

Bridge near wapta falls 51.21062, -116.62650

small pull off next to the river on old hwy 89.

off old 89 37.61526, -112.46059

Nice parking place at the end of a dirt road. Quit and a lot of trees.

Kiste 59.22290, 9.84047

Quiet little place off a quiet street. Had a few cars pull over to the lookout in the evening but no one bothered us. No no overnight parking signs.

Irish mountain scenic lookout 44.64312, -80.66416

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It is a public car park close to the calm and safe beach. Police and firefighters pass by all the time. We spent three nights with no problems.

Cabo Branco Beach -7.13095, -34.82221

a lovely cave in which you can swim in crystal clear cool waters $10 is overpriced but we enjoyed the place all to ourselves

Cuza Cave -6.30351, 39.53376

Yes! Wonderful camping! We came to stay two nights, and we stayed five.
Still 5usd per person per night. Full kitchen, hot bathrooms (sometimes it got cold), water and electricity.
The only inconvenience was that the owner made us change places with the car to water the grass - that we know that it is not always an easy task when talking about roof tent 😅 Watch out for insects: we found spiders and scorpions around here.

Sim! Camping maravilhoso! Viemos para ficar duas noites, e ficamos cinco. Ainda 5usd por pessoa por noite. Cozinha completa, banheiros quentes (por vezes esfriava), água e eletricidade. O único inconveniente foi que a dona nos fazia trocar de lugar com o carro para regar a grama - que sabemos que nem sempre é uma tarefa fácil quando se fala se barraca de teto 😅
Cuidado com insetos: encontramos aranhas e escorpiões por aqui.

Abby's Hideaway -1.39802, -78.44838

This is street parking next to a beautiful little park with lush grass and picnic tables. Our 38 ft Skoolie and car had plenty of room. Needed blocks to level passenger side as the street slopes downward towards the side walk. Didn’t hear the train horns at night.

This town has everything you need from coffee shops, restaurants, laundry, etc. Make sure to walk around and explore a little.

Tehachapi Central Park 35.12872, -118.44344

When I arrived in the evening, I was told, that it is not allowed anymore to stay there overnight. They told me different reasons:

- I am traveling alone (the rooms are only for families)
- Other foreign guests made some trouble

I had the feeling, the people bishop, monks and employees were cold and repellent to me. In the end a local showed me around the place and invited me to his house nearby

Mar Mattei monastery 36.48992, 43.44300

grand stationnement pour plusieurs véhicules.
A notre arrivée il y avait un VR déjà installé.

super tranquille même si directement sur la rue.
belle place avec table à pic-nic. beau sentier à découvrir.

Cooper Marsh natural reserve 45.11605, -74.51813

The best place to stay close to the canyonlands national park and dead horse valley. Big flat rocks to easy park with amazing view and there is completely silent! Sandy road but ok for ford transit without 4x4 but with a good driver ;) Very weak t-mobile and Verizon services. Enough place for 3 cars, and after a few minutes drive there is another place for one car (in the first place was one car, so we stayed in the second one because we wanted to have more privacy). Really good spot, we stayed for 2 nights.

Big Flat, Canyonlands 38.52416, -109.75705

Agree with others. Nice place to stop for the night. Clean bathrooms, plenty of room, felt safe. Room for large RVs. Lots of green space for walking dogs, too.

Beaumont rest area 37.66335, -96.51043

There is a water spigot next to pump number 1. Doesn’t say if it’s potable water or not but it is free to use.

7/11 Gas station 40.64617, -111.88848

Administrative building with several services, including Etilasat sim card and package. Virgin Mobile may be cheaper, but you have to go further.

Closed from Friday 12am to Monday 7:30am

Etisalat SIM with original passport, but only with long pants! 24.06168, 51.76229

Plenty of space and choice... High tide, but it's possible to find deep, fish-filled waters with a ten-minute walk.

Just "WOW" 24.11545, 52.52050

Pull out on right side of road, just past the gate. great view of the Harrison Lake below. Did not stay here, but saw it as we drove by. Wish we would have known about it before we paid for a site at one of the established campgrounds on the busy weekend.

Logging Road 49.46879, -121.75686

Local visitors during the day (6 cars) even on a autumn rainy saturday. We spent 2 very relaxing nights

Camp at Lago Paloma -45.87622, -72.07047

Beautiful views, lots of camping spaces and plenty to explore. Definitely worth the long drive up the gravel.

Aishihik Lake 61.19687, -136.99907

Flat spot at the river bank. Quiet after 23:00. Not far from a big sports area with public toilettes, open from 7:00 to 22:00. Restaurant 500m away. 30min. walk to City center.

At river Mureş 46.56183, 24.56910

peaceful and quiet, some cars coming and going with people leaving and going to the river though, which was a bit off because the night was freezing.

asked at the RCAFA if its ok to stay on the parking lot by the river. they said they didn't know but probably nobody would mind as long as I stayed with the vehicle.

Lamoureux park 45.01183, -74.73344

Wake Station in the middle of the town , located on an Island,
there is nothing only the river , the cool wakeboard community,
no Toilet , no Water , under trees very beautiful

Riga Wake 56.93478, 24.11295

Good place to boondock. Dump station works, non potable water for dump rinsing works. However, the potable water was not working. I inquired of a QPP officer, who suggested that was common, it not working, the QPP officer suggested I find a Fire Station. I did and the Fire Chief was very helpful.

Le parc des Pionniers 48.85348, -67.53514

Nice small campground with electric and water hookups.

Ellis Lakeside Campground 38.93959, -99.55582

Very quiet place! Walmart open until 11 pm! There is also a Shaws (grocery store) in the same parking lot! Plenty of grass for dogs (by a nice river).

Walmart Littleton 44.30353, -71.79988

Nice and clean rest area and good area for pet walking

Belvedere Rest Stop Eastbound 43.84286, -101.24880

This Place is Amazing for my coffee and Cookies , also crumbs get snatched up by my breakfast companions

Exquosito Cafe 24.09822, -110.38719

We stayed overnight at the campsite. Marco and his son Alejandro were super attentive and sweet. The site is under construction, but already has a bathroom and shower and a communal kitchen. Undoubtedly the best camping in Costa Rica.

Camping La Fortuna San Carlos 10.47597, -84.63737

Nice free camping spot with a donation box. Water park hasn’t opened yet but still nice for overnight. The bathroom was open still. Water electric dump. Good att service and nice park for walking the dogs. Place was pretty full but still quiet

Streeter Park 40.87355, -98.00291

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