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Wendy & Graham

Lots of space for parking. We checked with the management and it is free to stay overnight. Wifi available.

YPF Gas Station (ACA) -38.88978, -70.03752

Unfortunately they no longer fill bottles here.

Lipigas Osorno -40.57646, -73.09861

Some back and forth info here. Recent visit has signs clearly indicating camping is allowed Friday through Sunday. Back gate is not open to vehicles that we could tell through the weekend so walk-in camping is the thing here. Or parking in the lot. Nice area with small trees and some shade. River close.

Coon Bluff Recreation Site 33.54665, -111.64476

They offer camping with tent 50000 GF or room 250000 GF. Shower was ok, bathroom clean. I did not test the Restaurant.

Hotel Tata 11.31243, -12.29148

Very nice coffee place with amazing coffee, chocolate caliente (very thick and chocolaty, not too sweet, really good! big portion) and tasty cakes, cookies & co. We didn't expect to find a place like this here! :)

Fenn Coffee -45.40664, -72.69723

Had some lovely fish for lunch here. Simple but delicious. Most of the dishes here are a main+side (salmon, merluza, puyes) - they also had crab chupe (kind of like chowder). Prices range from 12000 to 22000 CLP.

El Volcán Restaurant -42.91456, -72.70956

At first they didn’t let us fill the US propane tank. But then after we beg the security guy he cold the manager and they finally let us fill the tank! 20 liters for 20usd.
Good luck!

Tropigas 9.14435, -79.62192

We paid 35000 CLP for a campsite for three people. The previous reviews are pretty much accurate.

Yelcho En La Patagonia -43.21982, -72.43461

No problem filling our Mexican gas tank in here.

Dura Gas 3.24787, -76.52645

Visitors center, closed on Tuesdays.
Get info before driving there (I arrived on a Tuesday)
No cell phone coverage.

Sao Joao Falls -25.07775, -50.99291

Don't let the name fool you! This is authentic Mexican food at its best. Unassuming from the street, it's super cute, comfortable and welcoming inside. You can get a smaller meal of three tacos or quesadillas from 120 to 180 pesos, or larger traditional dishes including chicken, fish, carne, seafood. Some of the best quality in Los Barriles, and super friendly service. Highly recommended for lunch or dinner!

California Bar and Grill 23.67957, -109.70131

Absolutely stunning views of the Superstition mountains. There are several sites on the way to this pin, and larger rigs should note that the road does get a bit tougher the further you go. Get the permit and enjoy this spectacular site. It gets busy in the winter, but there's room for everyone. Great Verizon signal.

Peralta Trails 33.36569, -111.39625

just a paved parking lot of this apartment complex. no frills but good location. I don't think the bathroom was THAT bad, but was very simple that is shared with other rooms on this floor. dog friendly, but there isn't anywhere for them to potty on grass/dirt here, or within 3 square blocks of here. only charged us 50 for 1 night. friendly owner. very quiet at night. we were not offered showers, nor did I ask, and the bathroom that was shown to us did not have one.

Residencial Tarija Camping -19.58452, -65.75568

I am travelling by foot and was walking with a friend when we were given a police escort through this area organised by some locals in Guachené who were worried about our safe passage.

You’ll see on google maps “PRECAUCION (Hurtos a mano armada ) Pandillas” -> CAUTION (Armed robberies) Gangs.

This isn’t guerrilla activity, however it is serious.

The police were with us along the PanAm from the southern most entry to the northern most entry of the town (visible on my map image) and we were specifically told to stay out of the town, and not to use the back roads but rather stay on the PanAm.

If you’re travelling through by bike or vehicle, do not stop in or along the parameter of the town and you should be ok.

The police were comfortable with us continuing alone after point B on the map.

The people from the town of Guachené where really warm and welcome but advised it’s better for travellers to stay in Caloto when heading south toward Silvia, or along the PanAm outside of the Puerto Tejada area.

Puerto Tejada and surrounding area 3.21742, -76.41402

such friendly and honnest mecanich. We recommand 100%. He told you when you better dont have to do the work but also can provide you pieces to to do the works in Argentina where the working rate are so much cheaper.

Taller Jose Vidal e Hijos S.A. (Spec: Mercedes & Gearboxes) -34.87049, -56.16888

just checking in to confirm potable water. only 23ppm on the TDS tester. that's almost bottled water clean! nice big sink to wash clothes and tons of lines to hang it all up. another thing worth noting is that the hosts don't live here. they live just around the corner. she comes by a couple of times a day clean up and his workshop is here, but I think it's best to reach out first or be prepared to wait as they combined might spend 3 hours a day here. dog friendly.

Camping Alberto and Felicidad -19.04300, -65.25499

This place is comfortable for cooking. It’s very quite to rest. During this period 2023 they’re making repairs on the road so this place it’s perfect to stay for a while.

Parking for cooking /to rest -39.64606, -72.33184

great mellow spot with a pit toilet and miles of well maintained trails. mostly local mountain bikers coming and going. big open parking great for solar and getting level. there is 1 fire pit and clearly official camping spot which was occupied when I arrived. really friendly people. plenty of room to have your own space. I woke to lots of hunters shooting this morning. they cleared out by noon. still wear orange when hiking or biking.

Bethel Trailhead 30.60138, -88.94475

Free Parking on East Drive, enjoy the park, trails for walking/biking

East Drive 29.92364, -90.12693

Stopped here as there is a boil water advisory currently in Freeport. Only a water fill station to fill up water containers/jugs - NOT compatible with a hose or rv set up (that we could figure out anyways).

Water display 28.95399, -95.36009

buen posto para pernoctar. El baño de mujeres es feo pero tiene ducha libre. El baño de hombre es hermoso pero hay que pagar la ducha o cargar combustible. wifi libre.

Posto Jenipapo Salinas - BR Petrobras -16.14191, -42.30164

muy buen punto para pernoctar y comer. Muy buen precio y la comida deliciosa. Ducha caliente R$6. Los funcionarios muy amables.

Posto Salinas -16.19269, -42.34267

Very friendly guards that don't speak English. They gave me food and let me sleep inside one of the rooms rather than camping (helpful as it was super windy). Safe to park motorcycle inside the gate. Easy to arrange boat tours, it was 30k for two hours without negotiation. They automatically call Ahmed to come once they see foreigners.

Marshes - Martyrs Monument in Chabaish 30.97948, 47.04261

You can camp outside the park but beware of mosquitoes during summer. It’s closed to the road so you can hear the traffic at night. There is free wifi available and clean bathrooms inside the park. The Park is really worth visiting, no pets allowed though

Parque Nacional Sierra de las Quijadas - Don Pilar -32.47309, -66.96168

10.000 per adult, kids free

nice shelter to cook in and hang a hammock

right on the beach

Las Toninas Camping -44.44620, -72.59540

Campground in the mountains with a view of the Pacific. Calm, safe and beautiful. 15 minute drive to the ocean. Very friendly staff that will take you for a jungle horse ride and make you tacos or burgers if you ask.

Lots of animals like turkeys, bunnies and goats.

Great spot!

Altavista Camping 21.08310, -105.17048

Completely wrong location and wrong county. Please delete.

KTM Namibia 22.53663, 17.07698

Completely wrong location and wrong county. Please delete.

OmaruRoux Auto Body Works 21.42070, 15.95240

Completely wrong location and wrong county. Please delete.

Train to Zuerate 20.90223, 17.05857

Another option of safe street parking near Jack Brown park, also marked as a street parking in iOverlander. Stayed two nights and days in a row without moving, and nobody bothered us. A few passer-by walking their dogs or jogging, and very few cars, even on early working morning days. Do quiet!

Street parking near park and industrial streets 49.89763, -119.49813

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