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Driving eastbound, 17 km after Cambará do Sol tar road ends and a very bad section of gravel road starts for 25 km up to the Vale das Trutas. 10 km/h per hour with our 5 ton Iveco 4x4. There is a 10 km long construction site at the beginning of the bad stretch which causes delays on top. For us more than 4 hours for 40 km! Gravel continues up to São Joaquim.

Bad gravel road under construction causes delay -28.95428, -50.05471

Fantastic camping area all flag with roof and space for 8 tents under cover and many more outside. There is a great view of the beach across the road and amazing sunsets. The kitchen area is huge with a wood fire stove and everything you need including salt and oil. The bathrooms are spacious but quite basic with only cold water - but hot water if you wish to shower inside the main house. Anything else you might need the hosts are very friendly and happy to help.

Camping Cabañas Vista al Mar -42.01052, -72.71244

Super easy and fast, it was a friday afternoon (1pm), and there was no wait! We paid credit for the FMM, got our stamp, and a receipt.
Quick inspection of our van, but thats it!
Amazingly surprised!!!

Mexicali East 32.66982, -115.38867

Huge parking lot, pretty busy in the morning on a Saturday. A few other campers with us but it was a quiet night. We weren’t bothered and clean bathrooms inside!

Bass Pro Shops 26.05717, -80.16540
Manuel Lippert

Absolut disaster, don't go there if you have a choice. Unfriendly, corrupt, and much more.

Embassy of Ivory Coast (Monrovia) 6.28995, -10.77853

Big park with soccer, baseball and basketball field. Close to the highway, good after a long afternoon drive! Bunch of families and runners.. There is a parking lot in front of the agave field, nice sunset.

Unidad Deportiva Miahuatlan 16.35204, -96.60212

the hiking trails are alright, quite flat with a little bit of diversity, different from the other areas of Chiloe we hiked. The road into the park was 25km of horrible gravel road.

Laguna chaiguaco refugio and camping -43.12894, -74.00979

There is a club next store that played extremely loud music till 2 AM and you can literally hear every word from the parking lot. Just something to keep in mind, but I would definitely not recommend staying here unless you have really good noise, canceling headphones.

Cracker Barrel 28.46619, -81.30829

it's 80 a night for one person camping with tent and pool use

Balneário Cupido Aquático -29.46858, -51.87904

place is open and only $10/person and $7 permit right on the water. Great spot to crash for the night and drop a line in the water. Super cool rustic bar up the road as well called Jo's Bar & Grill.

Balmorhea Lake 30.96738, -103.71399

This place deserves more credit. It's still $8.75pp and Carlos showed us around and let us set up next to the pool in our rooftop tent. He also shared so much information on the wildlife. We got to see tapirs but couldn't spot the Croc in the pond, he must have felt shy! They have a huge dining room with WiFi and hot showers. A must visit if passing through

Tropical Education Center 17.36049, -88.54460

No overnight stays. The park closes at night and staying is not permitted.

Metropolitano de Quito -0.17780, -78.46720

No overnight stays. This park now closes at night and no one is allowed to stay.

Parque Metropolitano Mirador 4 -0.17706, -78.45924

Great spot. Awesome views, nice sites with fire rings and barely any road noise. I saw at least 6 other rigs in the area but it feels well spaced out.

Baylor Canyon Road BLM 32.34740, -106.61242

The road in as of January 2023 is rough at sections but entirely doable with a 2wd (in fact, most spots you likely won't even need high clearance, and if you can pick your path on the tough spots you'll be fine). If the road is wet, this could be a different story. At about 12 kms in (our trip tracker said 12.3km), there's a steep rough section where the road gets narrow, but we had no issues in our 2wd (rear locking differential) GMC Savana.
Our trip tracker said from the road to the campsite was just under 14kms. (27.6 on the trip odometer for both ways, so 13.8km each way).
The signage said 150 for camping but somehow this does not include entry, which is an additional 25 pesos per adult (20 per kid). So for a night we paid 200 pesos. You park next to a concrete BBQ area (wood BBQ), next to a tin roof palapa. The water was nice and hot. The large pools get filled in the morning with fresh hot water and slowly leak out all day. Two of the four pools were filled while we were there. We were able to soak until about 8:30 when the water in the pool started to get cool and low. They already had the tubs refilled with hot water by 8am when we went for a soak the next morning.
There are bathrooms with flush toilets, but the showers don't have knobs so we couldn't turn them on. We used the very hot river water by the campsite to wash ourselves instead.
There was no tienda or shop open while we were there, but perhaps in the busier season it's open. We were the only guests there at the time of our visit.
We were grateful for a nice soak, but as with many of these places in Mexico, we weren't expecting a well maintained campsite.
We'd definitely recommend if you're hunting for a nice hot soak.

Campo y aqua caliente 27.17542, -107.45409

Great little stop at a cafe that facilitates deaf people with a job. After practicing your Spanish you can practice your Colombian sign language too!

It's just a little foodtruck type cafe across the street from the church. They have some nice cakes and drinks.

Cafe Incluyente 4.86079, -75.61932

Amazing and quiet night on the beach!
3 other rigs at the same time. We used the coordinates below to find the right entry. 2x4
No problem!

By the sea 31.15393, -114.89198

I stumble on this spot trying to drive to the « tres virgenes » spot on the app it lead me to nowhere. I back track on this spot which doesn’t need 4WD. Great place to make a fire, sleep on hangout with a view on the 3 virgenes mountain

Middle of nowhere BCS 27.42215, -112.66039

In front of a water retention pond - quiet and discrete. LNT

Street Camping 47.37027, -122.02030

As described. Bathrooms without flush, otherwise nice. They have indoor and outdoor pools.

Termas de Jurasi -18.20996, -69.51085

The road is now fully paved, hurrah! Police stationed at a couple of points along it - when I asked about the general situation one of them suggested that it's still not a great idea to drive it at night, but during the day all is well!

Robberies 14.62722, -91.26695

We did the 15:00 Valpo Highlights tour (duration approx. 2,5 - 3 hrs). No booking was required. We were told to show up 10 min early at Plaza Sotomayor. The tour was excellent, because we got to see some of the most important places around the center, accompanied by relevant pieces of information. The guide was very motivated, knowledgeable and took good care of the whole group. Suggested tip for the "free" walking tour is btw 8.000-12.000 CLP p.p. For us it was absolutely worth it!

Tour 4 tips -33.03854, -71.62903

Still a wonderful place, with excellent food at fair prices, served by very friendly staff (in our case) at the beautiful terrace.

El Peral -33.04062, -71.62950
William Allen

very good sight nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Home Depot Oakland Park 26.16712, -80.16413

Great little campground with decently spread out sites. It's still free but that free comes with a cost, you will be greeted with the sounds of what sounds like a hundred hound dogs across the street and if you're into that, then you'll get lulled to sleep by that very same deafening sound. Clean flush toilet, portapotties, picnic tables, fire pits, and friendly camp host. It's a nice spot but just beware the sound of dogs barking in constant 24/7

West Tower Campsite Osceola NF 30.32263, -82.55867

This area is the end of the 60 mile beach in the National Seashore. We drove down hoping we would find a place to camp and we were a little worried because before this area, the beach gets very narrow. It does open up and there is plenty of room to camp on firm sand. Beautiful spot next to the Mansfield channel with lots of birds. We walked up the beach of the channel and saw several species of birds that we hadn't seen along the ocean. Would highly recommend this spot, we have a high clearance 4x4 van. We didn't need the clearance but did use the 4x4 because there are some areas of soft sand on the "road". It takes about 2.5 hours of driving to get here but the solitude is worth it. I have several bars of LTE and occasional 5G but nothing you could use for remote work. Pick up some trash bags at the visitors center and haul out what you can. Trash clean up is a constant battle between the wind, ocean currents and the beach goers who leave their broken items behind...

Padre Island National Seashore southern end 26.56512, -97.27662

The name "Spectacular Spot" for this place is very appropriate. We stayed here for one night, at the foot of Villa Rica volcano. Great view of the volcano to one side; great view of the lakes to the other side. We've been lucky enough to see a spill of very dense smoke and see the red glowing of lava reflected in the clouds. The access has some difficult stones for a 2wd vehicle. Easy for a 4wd though. There are two "senderos" departing from the spot, one around 200m long and another 4km long. No infrastructure. No water. There was some people around until the fall of the night. Around 22h there were only us there. Peaceful night. No wind (but I think we're lucky, since the spot is very exposed).

Spectacular Spot -39.37810, -71.94659

the dirt around the pavement has corroded away down at the bottom of the little pull in, ended up staying at the pull out a bit further up the road. still looks like a lovely spot. recon you need a lot of clearance to even be semi level though.

Riverside 39.99055, -123.79129

This place was great! Lots of RV’s. Quiet, safe and we woke up to the owls singing. We were one of 2 sprinter vans.

Harris Ranch Restaurant & Hotel 36.25265, -120.23929

Cool spot for a night! No problems staying, in fact you don't even have to pay unless you are hiking. Great views of the mountains from the carpark if you're not a big walker. We came from the Puebla side in our 22ft class C motorhome, it is manageable but prepare for a slow and very bumpy ride.

Paso de Cortes / Visitor Center 19.08639, -98.64638

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