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This is definitely a popular trucker spot. I parked in the back with about 60 other semis. Coming and going and idling engines make earplugs a must. Otherwise a good/safe spot.

Alabama Welcome Center 30.47618, -88.38672

This is now a pedestrian bridge and is blocked off. Unfortunately, google maps hasn’t learned that and tried to send us across it.

Bridge Closure -45.57782, -72.07924

Hiper Patagónico is the closest you’re going to get to a real hipermercado. It’s a good size, but not a real hipermercado. You should find pretty much anything you need. The parking lot is a good size and will fit big rigs.

Hiper Patagónico -45.58230, -72.05368

15k (and initially he wanted 20k) for a double room with no hot water, no water pressure, AC broken, replacement fan had the wrong plug for the socket, nothing worked properly, and in the morning there was no power or water. Staff are unhelpful. The nice lakeside setting is now taken up with a water treatment plant under construction. I suspect there are much better places to stay in Karonga.

Club Marina -9.93413, 33.94385

Excelente parada para motorhomes. Não passamos a noite, mas paramos para fazer um café da manhã, tomamos banho (gratuitos e banheiros limpos), enchemos nossa garrafa de água e há espaço de sobra para dormir, pareceu ser seguro. Além disso há um restaurante onde a comida estava cheirando muito bem!

Shell -18.40505, -39.93781

Highly recommend this place. We had lunch here. Very good pizza and the chicken burger was also delicious.
Not as expensive as the other touristic restaurants in town. Pizza was 7USD, Burger 6USD.
Paying by card is possible and the exchange rate was good.

Pariah State -17.92610, 25.83711

Parador sobre la ruta a unos metros de la entrada de Villa El Chocon, con sombra y reparo. Tienen baños abiertos hasta las 23hs.
Super tranquilo para dormir.

PARADOR EL CHOCON -39.24880, -68.80152

Restaurant, coffee, snacks and camping. Very friendly guy.

Kilometro_200, Ruta 7 -46.46764, -72.72083
Pedal Eat Enjoy Repeat

New restaurant that has coffee (French press), snacks, meals and also offers camping. Very friendly guy, trying to improve his business.

Kilometro 200 -46.46759, -72.72076

Very calm, we did not hear the fishermen in the morning, at 7 am they were already there. They are very friendly! The spot is not very beautiful now everything has burned I added a photo.

Lake Side 19.53948, -98.17726

Beautiful campground not far from Windhoek. We paid 150pppn. Wish we could’ve stayed longer. Owners are incredibly nice and helpful. Even a pool available.

Would definitely recommend this place!

Monteiro Campsite -22.70085, 17.08068

Local tranquilo, sem comércio próximo, salvo um restaurante. O centro comercial fica a uns 2 quilômetros.

posto 6 -26.47376, -48.61181

A nice quiet place to sleep. We stayed one night and had no issues. One other van was here as well. There was a cop parked on the other side of the mall parking lot but they didn't do anything.

Fiesta Mall Parking 33.39128, -111.85872

Stayed one night in our Class B with no issues. Huge retail area with gas, food and groceries. Can seem a little busy with traffic but not terrible. Good cell service

Planet fitness 29.58267, -95.38843

Great view, clean toilets and showers (very tight though) Family who runs the place (restaurant and campsite/ cabanas) not very friendly or welcoming.
Can be very muddy when rains. We got stuck and besides the parking guy (who we asked to help) nobody came out to help.
Paid 25.000 for 2 persons and the van.

Laberinto El Cusco 3.23380, -75.16905

Yum! Had a melty cheesy sandwich, tres leches and another little desert and everything was great and super quick! Perfect lunch stop!

Caseteja 6.11991, -73.36667

We just had lunch here but it would be a good overnight stop also unless the wind blows very hard. Beautiful views. About 100m off the road and parked behind trees so not visible from the road. I’m sure it’s quiet at night as this is not a busy road at night.. just check for wind conditions

Off the road to Torres del Paine -51.29034, -72.85043

Here we found a better service and a better price for issuing our dog's health certificate! Doctor Maria Juliana, in addition to being very competent, is also very kind and patient she helped us to understand all the procedures to travel to Panama with our dog, which is a bit complicated! Especially regarding the dates since in Colombia the certificate can not be issued before 5 days of the travel date!

It was COP 150.000 for the consult

Veterinario Dr Freckles 10.39798, -75.55775

We pay for lavado auto servicio and put in the car for use. Se the imagens to understand. 1.700 pesos. +/- 100 litros. The labors said not problem. Press the option 5 Nós paramos no auto service de lavar carro, mas não vamos. Usamos a água para encher um pouco nossa caixa d’água. O pessoal do posto disse que não tinha problema.

Inside shell auto lavado auto servico -18.44967, -70.29455

Scattered section with lots of deep potholes. You can drive it but expect average speed to drop. Some sections are freshly fixed but the the pothole party starts again suddenly. Be careful.

Pothole Party on the BR 222 and BR316 -3.52190, -45.63326

Cheap and quality gas belongs to the natives it seems. PrePay cash inside and they give u some discount. I didn't expect it but it just happened. They got a marketplace as well. Cool people.
Would love to support them again.

Conoco Gas station 34.60922, -111.91087

Just want to let others know I got robbed here. Seems like a local dude roaming around. He had a gun and was very keen on showing it, luckily I came out fine. I had the best time asking locals to camp in their yard thru Belize, Guatemala, and Mexico. I told the locals just down the road and they said I should have asked to stay with them. Bike touring in this area is amazing, just maybe not wildcamping, who knows. Stay safe out there friends.

White Utility building. Motorbike/bicycle/walkers only 16.79264, -96.35695

We did not stay here but when we called they informed us they now have a 1 dog limit and they must be under 25 pounds. Not pet friendly anymore from the sounds of it.

Pecan Grove RV Park 30.26198, -97.76056

Machine didn't accept money and looks like it hasn't been used in a while.

Water Vendor 30.44337, -85.04138

Nous avons passé la nuit dans l'herbe à côté du restaurant, le restaurant ferme à 8h donc très calme, nous avons mangé au restaurant c'était bon et pas si cher.

We spent the night in the grass next to the restaurant, the restaurant closes at 8am so very quiet, we ate in the restaurant it was good and not that expensive.

Hode’s Place 17.16217, -89.06971

Water still on in January
Right next to a park.

Willingdon Gravel Lot 49.84559, -124.52993

Beautiful sunset. Night was quiet, although there seemed to be an awful lot of vehicles with no mufflers all evening and morning. I was the only one there overnight and wasn't bothered.

Sea Walk South Harbour Parking 49.83191, -124.52839

Stayed almost 4 weeks at Pasajcap. Just a perfect place for camping and to explore lago Atitlan. Thanks to Pierres hospitality see you next time.

Pasaj Cap - Lago Atitlan 14.72320, -91.24986

BEWARE: Make sure to communicate with the owner how long you’re staying and how much you’ve paid!

We stayed for two nights and paid 20000 colones for two persons upfront on arrival.
When we wanted to leave the owner insisted that we still had to pay. We told him it’s already done and then he still wanted 10000 colones.
We got one of the surf guys involved to translate but he still didn’t want to accept our point.
At the end he got quite rude and said karma will find a way to come back to us.
We left with a sad feeling as we otherwise had really enjoyed our time there.
The owner is really helpful and friendly but doesn’t speak any English. So communication is difficult.
Maybe he should hand out receipts or get organised as it was quite busy when we were there.

Overall it’s a nice place right on the beach. It’s a challenge to get a rig larger than 7 meters and higher than 3 meters Inside. We just made it around the tight entrance corner as well as the palm trees and low hanging power lines.
It was quite packed with about 6 other tents and cars staying there.
Toilets and showers are really basic and don’t get cleaned properly. Wifi wasn’t working while we were there. There are power points all over the place but no lights in the washrooms.
The water is potable and there are several spigots all over the place.
The owner keeps the ground clean all day and is always there and really helpful. His dogs are super cute too.
The beach is right in front with fun waves as well as a surf rental. A short walk will take you into town with lots of restaurants and shops.
We would definitely stay here again but make sure to communicate about the payment first.

Camping los Cocos 9.88131, -85.52461
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui por 4 dias, o lugar é um estacionamento público próximo a praia, na entrada do estacionamento tem um portal, carro muito alto não entra, porém tem um estacionamento bem em frente que dá pra ficar ônibus, nosso amigo ficou estacionamento lá.
Aqui, não tem comércio, qndo vir já vem abastecido, tem chuveiro na orla que dá para abastecer as caixas caso vá ficar dias, neste ponto que fiquei aqui o dono do quiosque de surf me ofereceu energia a noite.
A praia em bem bonita com quiosque e mesas. Aqui na orla tem várias lanchonetes e restaurantes.
Dizem que aos finais de semana tem sons, porém dependendo do lugar que você estacionar é super de boa.
Aqui é um lugar para ficar vários dias a polícia e guarda municipal passa sempre e também segundo os moradores é bem seguro.

No último dia descobrimos, que este local bem na ponta da praia alguns dias. da semana eles usam pra teste de som, usam a tomada do quiosque do surf.

Sinal da claro pega 3g, da Vivo 4g pega bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1 ano morando no Motorhome

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Amar e viajar sm

Grande Estacionamento em Macau -5.09058, -36.63832

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