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Basic market.
Good if you need last minute things for supper.
The clerk did not even say hi.

Prez Market 30.34076, -114.64481

Blocked off old road as described. Multiple people camping. In fact camping along entire stretch of road at beach for at least a mile. Despite wild camping being banned in Hawaii it happens everywhere and authorities don’t seem to care.

Roadside 20.61456, -156.35212

Spigot is on the side of the building near the restroom. Asked to use it and filled up no problem.

Murphy gas station - water 32.30285, -90.88924

Camped out at the fire ring closer to the highway. Super windy so we opted to sleep in the car rather than our rooftop tent. One other mom van around but no one bothered us. Beautiful sunrise and rocky beach area.

playa negrito 30.30239, -114.64971

really nice place! the tacos are delicous and the people are so friendly. the owner speaks english! easy parking for every kind of rig. a must visit if you pass by!

Taquería El ChilanGo 20.82963, -103.72136

Just GORGEOUS spot! Made it to gosh coordinates now issues in our Toyota Tacoma. Arrived at night and woke up to gorgeous sunrise over the rocky cliffs/ocean! Just epic, a little windy later in the night, but otherwise no issues. A few fishermen in morning quietly fishing, otherwise just sound of the ocean. Highly recommend. Lots of spots along the ocean earlier in the road too if desires. Rocky beaches.

Playa Lubby 23.44595, -109.42435

The place is an option for one or two days, because the other places are closed.
The only toilet/shower is poor and not very clean.
I guess the owner doesn't like overlanders, but likes the easy money.
Price is now 70 for 2 in a rooftent, enery costs extra. To much for what you get.

Camping Pousada Vila Láctea -4.52310, -37.70415

There are so many dogs around everywhere, barking all night long, that sleeping in a tent is completely impossible, even with silicone earplugs. I do not recommend it to anyone who is a light sleeper, a nightmare in the environment of dozens of dogs. The most horrible night on my 11-year-long trip around the world. The horror of barking. aAnd you have to pay 200 mxp for that?!

Rincón de San Agustin 17.18064, -96.76386

torneira de água com mangueira, na cerca ao lado do posto

estacionamento ao lado do posto Axion -42.90714, -71.28842

we arrived late on New Orleans ans we wanted a place to sleep ans chill! perfect place, quiet and safe!

Lake Ponchartrain beach lot 30.03192, -90.07319

The superviser came to Tell us we cant full Up our water

Johnny Bright Playground 30.00604, -90.17196

parking lot behind hotels. very quiet and dark, grassy area to walk your dog. arrived around 9pm and left at 9am. Nobody disturbed me! great find!

Overgrown Parking Lot 26.13993, -81.78153

Nice camping spot, free and clean
it's possible to "swim" in the river (confirmed by the gendarmeria)

If your travelling in motocycle or bicycle it's possible to park at the gendarmeria. They were really nice and looked after my

Laguna Verde Camping -54.84537, -68.57932

Free water it between McDonald's and truck fuel pumps, high pressure. There are other pumps, but this was the only functional one according to the cashier (at this time , Jan '22) they let me use it without issue.

i70 Rest Stop 39.01951, -95.13598

Peaceful night. A couple other vans here. The cleanest Walmart bathrooms I have seen.

Lots of police activity, at one point four police cars were sweeping the lot at the same time. I think they were scanning license plates.

Walmart 35.31887, -106.57295

Stayed here for one night. Arrived around 10:30pm and left at around 7. Walmart didn’t ask questions when we went in to use the restrooms. And then showered in the anytime fitness! There is a rental car place in the shopping center and cameras through out the parking lot. Felt very safe!

Walmart/ Anytime Fitness 26.70910, -80.15039

Quiet spot on the side of the road. Ringing church bell until maybe 9 or 10pm, and starting at 7am, but still very convenient and quiet to sleep. Bathroom at the end of the road, where there is parking spot, pass St. Helens - Sand Island Camp Ground and parking is allowed only sunrise to sunset. We move there when we woke up, to cook our breakfast before leaving. It was perfect.

N River Street 45.86560, -122.79842
Opini Family

shepherdesses passed by with their herd to greet us, the site was nice

nice place around nothing 34.93173, 10.05798

Little shop. Tea and chicha. Drinkable water available.

Cafeteria 20.52492, 30.33624

Great burger 🍔 and chips 🍟. Friendly owner. Nice to meet him and chat. Definitely worth a stop on your way through.

Klein Oqis Restaurant in Koingnaas -30.20024, 17.27946

We came here around 9:00 in the morning. The staff are absolutely wonderful and while we were just planning a coffee, we decided in the end to stay a few nights. As I work on the road, it was great how they accommodated my need for just a small space, good Internet, and a cup of coffee every once in a while. I highly recommend this place for a stop or a stay to anyone passing through!!!!

Refugio Rio Cisnes -44.70361, -72.23038
Explore Beyond Limit

Lazaras bakes his own bread and make wonderful filling sandwiches. He's very friendly and even helped me to find a mechanic to fix my car. Nice place to have a coffee too! Thank you Lazaras :) Marc

Project Luangwa Cafe and Craft Shop -13.11074, 31.79772

We drove a bit further down the road and pulled off, but same spot. Beautiful wild camping. Flat desert plain full of Guanacos and Rheas. Watched the sunset while we painted and saw Guanacos grazing. Very little evening wind. Windier in the morning. No cell reception. No services

wild camp near Pali Aike park -52.13768, -69.76594

Large grassy field along the Rio.
Very very muddy when it's raining.
Clean basic showers and toilets. No hot water.
À lot of Monkeys and Aras

Biohidroselva 16.25632, -90.86065

if you're looking for a cheap, vut nice place stay, this is it. very friendly, fast wifi, no breakfast, air-condition, 3000 for a bed in the dorm, private rooms cost more... i parked my bicycle indoor, had a good time

Destino San Juan Hostel -31.53770, -68.51163

Very nice and clean fish market. You can buy fresh sea food and also have a lunch.

Mercado de Pescados y Mariscos 11.24446, -74.20568

Unrestricted parking at this spot and around the Hope Mausoleum, i hav stayed overnight a few times, there is a bar & grill and Shell gas convenience store on Canal St

N Anthony Street 29.98073, -90.10809

Super quiet night here! Only a handful of cars passed the whole time I was there, and none at night. The views really are gorgeous and it's a fun spot/road to walk your pet on. Really nice to go to sleep with the sound of the river. Also nice and flat! Definitely no service though.

Pull off next to river 47.82565, -121.51682

They didn’t let us fill RV propane tank. But if you have a removable tank it could be posible.

Panagas 9.13398, -79.61829

Clean hostel with modern furniture.
Free wifi and printing.
Parking in the street.
Small common area with small kitchenette and very little shelf storage in the refrigerator.

My wife, I, and our two small boys stayed in a 3 person private room with public bathroom for $55.000

Our friends stayed in a 4 person with private bathroom for $65.000

Refugio Hostal Coyhaique -45.57545, -72.06908

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