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Smart as a Goose

This is a Earth friendly place. They have built this place to conserve 80 hectres of land for the Puma and other animals. On the land they have Eco friendly "glamping". There are 2 places. An A frame cabin (900 pesos/nite) and a lovely place for 1500/nite with flush toilet and jacuzzi tub. They also have a place to just car camp or tent with use of a shower and composting toilet. They are just getting started so please support their efforts.
Know as anywhere in this forest are really rotten black flies. bring bug spray and long protective clothing. It's worth it to experience this beautiful forest. It's cooler up here than down at the beach.

Linda Asencio

322 3218856 for further information. She speaks English or her partner, Spanish. You can look up Facebook of the same name.

Agua Fria Reserva Ecologica 20.33697, -105.35898

Nos gustó tanto el lugar que nos quedamos 2 noches! El sonido de las olas y la vista.. está increíble! Algunas personas aparcan aquí por el día para tomarse fotos, pero el lugar permanece muy tranquilo. La playa Punta de Tralca está a 15min caminando para ir a pasear. La segunda noche (viernes) a las 4h hubo un carro con música, pero avisamos a los jóvenes y bajaron la música sin problema, se fueron poco tiempo después.

Ocean View -33.43100, -71.69718

Seguro, mas barulhento durante à noite.
Pode ser que estava pior por ser na sexta-feira.

Plaza San Martin -39.95137, -71.07065

Jones Street is free parking all day. A tad noisy with traffic but there is a church and empty lot surrounding so nobody will bother you

Free street parking 24/7 27.96908, -82.79906

Nice waterfall, BUT: way too expensive! Paid 84.000 GS / US$ 12 per Person just for entry, the elevator would have been another 30.000 GS. And there is no other way to the bottom level of the falls, you’d have to take the elevator. Our camper is too high for the gate at the parking- fortunately, otherwise we would have paid for that, too. Just parked a bit up the street.

Salto del Monday -25.56204, -54.63270

While parking in the city is pretty reasonable overall, this is the cheapest lot we found. Feel free to move the pin if you find cheaper.

Mon to Fri: 5a-5p $2 (total, not per hour)
Sat and Sun: 5a-5p $5
5p-5a $5

City of Dallas lot 8901 32.78287, -96.80917

Adding a camping site now, because we almost missed the place .. Still 20q/p!

More info on the hotel-sign in iOverlander on the same place!

Santa Marta Hot Springs 14.99691, -89.54856

A typical Walmart parking lot, but very busy throughout the day. Wi-fi is available in the parking lot if you are close to the store. I saw a pig wandering the lot this morning.

Walmart Nogales AZ 31.36082, -110.93214

only pic nic!
shows and bar during the night

Municipal Camping -30.63289, -67.48258

Wonderful place, highly recommended. Clean, friendly, beautiful, gorgeous beach, tiny fishing town, super laid back vibe. 300 for 30 amp, 250 for 15 amp. Spaces would be tricky to get anything very big into. If your rig is large, I would double check before coming. This place does fill up, so you may want to confirm availability.

Casa Rayo De Sol 17.41223, -101.18174

Wifi coming soon. We did not see any sani dump capability, but maybe it's only in some sites.

Casa Rayo De Sol 17.41223, -101.18174

24 hours with clean bathrooms, coffee shop, right in from of the highway. About 20 min from the toll (leaving Punta del Este)

AXION ENERGY Ruta 9 y Ruta 15 -34.49615, -54.32721

Ground not very level but good enough for a one-night stop. Beware the ground near the cliff edge is not very firm, so don't park too close to it. Everything else as described.

Small mirador at the lake -41.06418, -72.91084

spent the night here
clean toilet and cold showers
there are faucets to fill water jugs
no cell service
it's on PanAm so there is traffic noise at night
no charge when filling gas at station

Estacion de servicio Primax -16.59209, -72.70650

Free to park and spend the night at the park on Coliseum Street

Coliseum Square Park 29.93595, -90.07414

Great food. Friendly people. As others have mentioned…330 p gets you private hot showers, WiFi, clean bathrooms and a safe beautiful location.

La Cueva Del Pirata 30.82224, -116.08887

In Casa Lego you can find water, electric connection and a place where repair that you have to repair before continue travel. You can sleep in our front house if you need. Just please do not leave garbage or dirty water in our neighborhood.

Casa Lego -41.07919, -71.17086

La route est extrême. Après une journée de pluie diluvienne, nous avions besoin de nous arrêter. super accueil. 200 p/ personne pour accès et stationner notre roulotte. Bon restaurant. Bar et plein d'activités offertes. A côté du village si besoin de faire des commissions ou selon!

Centro Ecoturistico Siempre Verde 17.14428, -92.88738

parking en Gravel mais plat. pour 150p vous êtes super bien placé et avec les wc si vous le souhaitez. il n y avait personne quand je suis arrivé mais une jeune fille super gentille est arrivée après 15 min.

Cholula pyramid parking lot 19.05689, -98.29900
Uncle Rich Explorers Club

We parked in the spaces to the far south/east section of parking lot next to the opening to an open lot. I’d advise NOT driving into that lot to turn around. It is saturated with water and very muddy. There was a pickup blocking the entrance probably because of that reason. A little noisy because of the I-12 freeway running next to it, but the price is right. Thank you CB for allowing us to spend the night

Cracker Barrel 30.44392, -90.12784

Beautiful spot and it is EMPTY this time of year! I had unlimited choice in campsites and chose one with a gorgeous backdrop of the mountains. Heard only two other vehicles and saw one person walking a dog, other than that, just me and the coyotes for a few days. The snow has left some deep & soft mud ruts at certain sites. The main road is fine but I needed 4x4 to go back a bit.

As others have said, I’m sure this place is madness in the spring and summer. Definitely worth it to check out, though. I surprisingly didn’t see any trash.

Walnut Canyon. BLM 35.18107, -111.49510

We stayed at the bottom of the sand dunes. We drove about 5 minutes passed this location and found a flat spot sheltered from the wind. You can access the beach about 5 minute up the hill. You can get some cell service

Sand Dunes close to La Paz 24.17823, -110.44330

i hav been there to get water many times and i found the best time to get water is after 10:30pm or 11:00pm after any events that might b going on there and the lot is empty

Johnny Bright Playground 30.00611, -90.17188

This TIP checkout point doesn't exist anymore. TIP checkout is now at the next roundabout RIGHT, where the Trucks are.

Leaving El Salvador 13.58538, -87.79817

The Passport checkout El Salvador is before the River! make here at a copy shop 2! copies of the checked out El Salvador TIP! 1 takes a policeman behind and the 2nd is for the "Aduana" in Honduras!
New Honduras TIP costs 35$ cash. Passport Check-in costs 3$ pP Cash.
both in the same building. not necessary to change into Honduras currency.

No more health things necessary!!!
We were Friday noon here, all together (incl. checkout El Salvador) less than 90 minutes! did the online pre check a few days before and gave a print to the passport costumer.
update: 1 day later friends of us were ask about health things...

El Amatillo, El Salvador to El Amatillo, Honduras 13.59664, -87.76519

exelent space for motorhome and moto camping, they have River, whaterfull AND full trekkin codo de los andes, fillmation white drone i like, José Luis it's very friendly +59171089683

Camping & Hospedaje La Bolivianita -18.19277, -63.73910

Nice rest area. In Minnesota parking at a highway rest area is limited to 4 hours, but I have stayed overnight a few times at this particular rest stop.

Watonwan Rest Area 43.97847, -94.51816

Signage can be a bit confusing here, so I have included a picture confirming $6 for camping and petroglyphs with the "America the Beautiful" pass. That is the normal pass people under 62 have.
There is no signage about this discount at the campground, only at the day use area. I only looked around for it because other overlanders indicated this discount.

Wide open desert campground, but well spaced and not very busy on a Friday.
Looks like there is some BLM free camping across the main road, although with 4x4 entrances.

Painted Rock Petroglyphs Campground BLM 33.02100, -113.05127
De Chapa em Chapa

They stopped us but no problem at all. Just few minutes of random but very nice and kind conversation. We didn't need to show any document.

Corrupt police -6.94945, 37.33710

Great tourguides with perfect english speaking crew.
You can book online, really easy and was a great snorkeling with the whale sharks. They have a choice of different tours, the sealions snorkeling is possible, too. We booked three days in advance, but they have a lot of slots. Visit their page:

Tuna Tuna Tours 24.15470, -110.32529

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