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as written below, having someone local to navigate is recommended. roads very sandy, cars should have 4x4, motorbikes at least deflated dual sport tires. also, motorcyclists, watch out for the soft sand, i got stuck in there and had to find help to get out.

the entire land strip offers lovely and beautiful camp spots, just pick the one you like most and doesn't come with too much trash. the sand is soft and white, the water clear blue.

Bur Al Hikman 20.37361, 58.26684
We are Sane, Everyone Else is Crazy

Nice. There are some grassy areas to pitch tents. Full hookups with 15, 30, and 50 Amps available for $15 per night. There is a large pump next to the toilet block that is a bit irritating when it runs, so don't camp next to it. No T-Mobile service, strong Verizon service.

Burns Campsite 29.57317, -91.53764

overnight parking is $15 located at P5 in the winter months. couldn't find the dump or water fill, so it may be summer months only.

Sun Peaks RV Lot - Winter Use 50.88260, -119.86800

Nous avons rencontré Gladys et aflredo en ville, ils nous ont proposé spontanément de venir dormir chez eux, ils ont une ferme avec des vaches, des chèvres , des poules.. Ils nous ont gâté de fruits et surtout d'informations sur le Belize et leur culture. Un magnifique échange. Nous avons même été invité à manger chez eux après une balade dans la jungle pour nous expliquer la faune et flore locale. Une rencontre incroyable !!! Ils ne demandent pas d'argent et pourtant ils en ont besoin, notamment pour les études des leurs trois garçons, n'hésitez pas à leur laisser un petit quelque chose pour les aider.

We met Gladys and aflredo in town, they spontaneously offered to come and sleep with them, they have a farm with cows, goats, chickens... They spoiled us with fruit and especially information about Belize and their culture. A wonderful exchange. We were even invited to eat at their place after a walk in the jungle to explain the local fauna and flora to us. An incredible encounter!!! They do not ask for money and yet they need it, especially for the studies of their three boys, do not hesitate to leave them a little something to help them.

oasis ranch 18.34422, -88.44404

We sleep here just for 1 night. We asked for the people who are working in a tent if it’s security to be there. He show us the cameras front the police, a de we se other mh in a 100 mts of distance. In the morning we have a great view from the ocean. The noise what’s a problem for us.

Children's playground - Estación Buque Varado -20.23857, -70.14893

Fine. Good for catching the sunrise in the park. Little Prius didnt want to go beyond the main pullout since arriving in the dark. Street sweepers(?) went by twice during the wee hours, other than that all cars clear out by an hour past sunset.

Near Valley of Fire State Park 36.41256, -114.61790

calm street parking besides apartments and planned parenthood. had quite a quiet night besides some briefly loud pedestrians (who probably live in the apartments). very chill. probably can't fit big rigs but did see a van here.

Street Parking 33.50718, -112.04977

It's uphill of the lake and opposite of the rock paintings. There is a small project to build old local houses. But around plenty of space to camp with a fantastic view over the lake. We stay 3 days very quiet. And a lot options to walk around. Econet is very slow.

Chesvingo Karanga Village -20.26135, 31.01633

It's a nice, small and cheap camp.
We paid 1400 pesos for 2 people + 1 car + 1 tent.
Nice bathrooms, hot shower, electricity on every site and good wifi. Very hospitable firemen as well.
Only 2 downsides: 1) There's a lamppost on every site and the night is ON all night, not negotiable. Bring your shades. 2) The camp is by the river, so expect more mosquitoes than usual.

Camping Bomberos -43.29041, -65.48747

Good place to see turtle laying and birth. Natural birth is better after massive coming (“arribada”). Up to 7000 titles can come in September or octobre in 24h!!
Libération is from June to January. From 17h30.

Flor Turtle sanctuary 11.14393, -85.79277

Mt Suswa is incredibly beautiful and we did a fantastic hike to the highest peak around the crater, 4 hours in total, a bit of up and down but not too challenging and stunning views. It is possible to do this as a day trip from Nairobi but we stayed 1 night in the basic conservancy camp. There is a long drop toilet and a great view over the escarpment but nothing else! We had our own firewood and are self sufficient and loved it, it was very windy in the night but we were literally perched on the escarpment. The next morning we went to the lava caves, a 3 hour trip, 40 mins to drive, an hour or so in the caves and 40 mins or so back to the main road. It is quite pricey to do all this but the money does apparently go to the community. Costs for us as non residents were in Ksh
1500 motorbike fee for guiding up to the campsite (where you start the hike) and then the next day to the caves and down to the road
1000 pp per day so 4000 for guides
1000pppn camping
500 for vehicle
3500 pp conservancy fees one off payment
The guides were very very nice and knowledgeable, a great experience, but please note the tracks up and down are very rugged and require a decent 4x4 vehicle with good tyres.

Mount Suswa Conservancy Campsite -1.15022, 36.32827

Amazing place with great tasty fresh food and cozy atmosphere ! You have to stop here when in Chilecito 🤗 The owner were super nice and he even speaks fluent French !

Georges - Comida Arabes -29.16604, -67.49417

We spent a quiet and safe night here, but not on the campsite, but next to the driveway, as BigRig (2.4x8x3.8m) cannot drive into the campsite due to the location of the gate directly in front of a tree.

Ondombo West -21.02133, 16.06647

150 vedi for a bed in a good room 8 beds and AC. very good breakfast included, safe park and good wifi. swimingpool and very cool Place.

Somewhere Nice hostel 5.57723, -0.20596

Dry camping, single site for any size vehicle, small fire ring off road though it is close to road. ATV traffic on the road with many campgrounds on past this site.

Mittry Lake Rd 32.86024, -114.44833

very quiet place cost 500 pesos for camping no running water so bathroom and shower was bucket only... right on the river with great views!

La Purisima RV Park 26.18560, -112.08040

Big parking where you can stand with a beautiful view. It is next to a big road which does make quiet some noice.

Jawbone 35.30103, -118.00129

Great site. Beautiful views. If you're on two wheels as I was, the ride in is gorgeous.

Big Fir Campground 34.60522, -93.40805

dorm room is now 50 mil the WiFi now is fibre so very fast enjoyable stay

Hummingbird Hostal -25.51084, -54.63329

This is a beautiful waterfront view for Overnight Spot. Pull off the road, to park. It’s west of Pier 22 Seafood Grill parking lot. Parallel with the Bridge. Noisy, lots of traffic until 11pm RVs Camper RVs staying here. Park at any time of day.

A. Max Brewer Bridge 28.61851, -80.80192

16.000 per night. Most sites are accessible by car, although a few seem to be tent only. Fits truck campers, but anything bigger probably won’t fit. The bathrooms are communal, meaning they are a bit of a disaster. The showers are extremely cold - probably the coldest we’ve experienced camping in Chile so far. It can be hard to find a spot in the high season. Each site has little wooden huts with a table and seating and also a trash bin.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite El Volcanó -42.78144, -72.64436

Also has a small mini market with basics!

Almacén La Estrellita -42.84533, -72.79343

The most quite place we had in Sierra Leone. They didn't have prices for camping, but they ask for donation of about 80 to 100 Le. We didn't got a recepie for that. Roms are 200 Le. You can park at the staff parking and use the shower and the toilet there.

We went to the Paloma Hotel to eat a burger for about 70 Le to 75 Le and it was the best one we had since a long long time ago.

Pastoral Centre - Catholic Mission 7.86267, -11.18623

100 COP for private room with bathroom. Access to the kitchen with terrace. Clean and hot water. Close to the shop.

Hospedaje Guatape 6.23359, -75.15992

Good spot to spend the night, safe and they have bathrooms! Nice easy hike to stretch your lags

Dolores Camp -19.67645, -69.94586

Access by a narrow bridge off the main road. Good for motorcycles. 5 min down the gravel road, nice flat area by the river.

Camping by the river (no vehicle access) -45.23358, -72.23655
Josué Sanches

Torneira com água na estacion de servicios. Autorizou utilizar problemas.

Water at YPF -48.74688, -70.26011
Josué Sanches

Excelente atendimento. O proprietário é muito atencioso e nos ajudou com muita disposição a dar um jeito na mangueira do intercooler da van que se rompeu na estrada. Rodamos toda a cidade atrás da peça e como não encontramos, resolveu adaptando uma solução adaptando para que chegássemos a Bariloche. Eterna gratidão. Valor honesto! Recomendo.

El Garage (Caesar) -46.59315, -70.92105
Josué Sanches

Torneira livre no canto do estacionamento do Axion Estacion de Servicios. Segue foto pra localizar.

Axion Station -46.58282, -70.92823

Really beautiful place, quiet, safe, great location, private and clean. Nice kitchen area with table and resting area with hammocks. We stayed 2 nights and arrange a day trip to Tortuguero with Dixon on his boat. We watched lots of aninals and took many pictures, visited San Francisco village and Tortuguero, hike and the national park. Dixon provided us with rain gear, water and binoculars. The whole trip was tailored to what we wanted and more. We left early morning at 6 and came back at 6 in the evening. Really a place and trip to recommend.

Dixon' s Place 10.35421, -83.73514

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