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Family Off The Map

Little place right at the off ramp with amazing food. I had the Denver omlette, it came with home made refried beans, potatoes, and toast but ask for the tortillas, they are home made and perfect. The green sauce is deceptive, it will sneak up on you, cleared my sinuses and made me sweat but I couldn't stop eating it. My wife had chicken chiliquiles and my daughter had ham and eggs, along with 3 drinks and 6 extra tortillas to go, the bill was only $34 We were camped about 1 mile away at Alamo River Rv campground and the recommended the breakfast here.

Route 35 Diner 29.29107, -98.64170

Really nice place and good vibes
150 pP and the grutas (beautiful and endless) has water in it >> you can bath in it like a cenote

Grutas de Candelario 20.72875, -89.27458
Baguette et zezette

Superbe endroit propre, calme, spacieux,un vrai coin de paradis, accessible pour presque tous vehicules, long chemin de terre

Playa las Tortugas (Playa Jejenes) 21.33908, -105.24159
Family Off The Map

updated information coming in a couple days

Alamo River RV Resort 29.29918, -98.65136

Too much noise from the atvs zooming all day around camp, up and down the roads with lots of dust. It is the weekend, but really? It’s every 10 minutes snd theres a big group. There’s a popular bar in a container down the road and they all come through. Last night was quiet, waiting to see how long it lasts. Sites are pretty unlevel, it is crowded.

The good part is there is a great view to the south. It’s close to shopping on the north side of town. Easy access.

Lone Tree BLM Campground 34.62656, -114.32883

No longer open to non-residents. You must show proof of residency, a current military ID, or have a handicapped license. The other public beaches on Amelia Island do not allow overnight camping on the beach.

Peters Point Beach 30.59978, -81.44216

Chile to Argentina border crossing: really easy and quick. No queue, friendly officers, quick processing. Great!

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Río Don Guillermo -51.25913, -72.33529

Chile to Argentina border crossing: really easy and quick. No queue, friendly officers, quick processing. And nobody investigated the car. Great!

Argentinian Immigration and Customs – Paso Río Don Guillermo -51.25584, -72.23535

Border is permanently closed. Next open border is Cerro Castillo.

Paso Laurita Casas Viejas -51.69933, -72.32815

Border is permanently closed. Next open border is Cerro Castillo.

Chile Border -51.68389, -72.30511

Border is permanently closed. Next open border is Cerro Castillo.

Paso Lauritas - Argentina Border -51.69026, -72.29745

Border is permanently closed. Next open border is Cerro Castillo.

Chilean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea -51.58615, -72.34808

Border is permanently closed. Next open border is Cerro Castillo.

Argentinean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea -51.57449, -72.35019

Small petrol station. Slightly higher rates than normal, but it's the only one in between Puerto Natales and Esperanza. No 'Diesel comun', just the supreme one 😬

Torres del Paine -51.05792, -71.80509

Don't take this road. It's gravel. The one via Esperanza is longer, but faster. Also recommended by the locals 😊

Bad gravel road -50.88212, -71.54825

Quite good coffee, cakes and free WiFi. No bad for a stop in the middle of nowhere ☺️

Restaurante confitería La Esperanza -51.03025, -70.77918

Normal prices. And they have, Diesel comun'. Bar with WiFi attached. But for good coffee go to the hotel/ restaurant across the road.

Esperanza -51.02996, -70.77782

Nice campsite, with a lot of green and some privacy. Clean bathrooms and showers. They have a heated bathroom (haven't had that for months 😃). WiFi available, but not on site. Unfortunately the community room is temporarily closed. Price is 2.000 pesos ppn plus 500 for the car.

Camping El Niriguao -50.33342, -72.25874

Lugar super tranquilo dormimos na rua da represa. na pracinha da igreja tem água potável e banheiros limpos.

Lakeside -22.44302, -48.00828

Walmart parking very quiet. There is sign "no overnights rv parking" but some rv stay for the night. We have a van and nobody come.

Parking Walmart calme. Il y a des panneaux qui interdit les cc mais il y en a qui sont restés toute la nuit. On a un van et personne n'est venu

Walmart perry 30.10110, -83.58129
sonny jadun

just asked me where I was heading to. Check point reduced to one lane. All good

Military Checkpoint 26.17971, -111.43753

Nice restaurant, with a lot of regional food. Friendly staff and good atmosfere

Heriberto -23.74569, -65.50074

There is a few better spots along the road on the way there, imo. This actual spot at the gate is not bad, until they unlock the gate at 5am and then trucks traffic starts... even on Dec 31.

Quiet Spot with Easy Access next to a frequented logging gate 49.03762, -123.90271

Beautiful spot in the desert. Easy to get to, good Verizon LTE.

BLM road - Big Horn Peak view 33.55632, -113.16141

fruit and veg check, plus military, heading southbound they just asked where we were going and looked in the van window and waved us on. all very friendly.

El Doctor Military check point 31.96240, -114.74767

Nice little spot for the night, especially if you have a dog to walk :).

Small parking lot at dog walk trail 49.06407, -122.17229

Pulled up this afternoon with a few spots still available. Gorgeous lake view and final sunset of 2022. Might try a dip in the lake in the morning. Happy new year all.

Governor’s Landing 29.47893, -101.02849

This eastern road off Highway 1 is not nearly as well travelled as the one directly across the road to the west, as it’s a two track with some mild sandy rocky sections, but any 4x4 or motorcycle with clearance can handle. It was a perfect spot for my motorcycle and I felt very safe and secluded.

I rebuilt the fire ring and there are boulders to climb for sunrise/sunset views among all the cacti and Boojum trees. Also, the large boulders shield you and your fire from being seen from the highway to avoid any unwanted attention. It also eliminates any noise from the truckers passing by.

I hid my bags behind some boulders and then went into town for supplies. Abarrotes Tonche is the place to get firewood (leña). It’s on the east side, 1000’ north of the mini mart. The mini mart has anything else you need: made to order food, beer, ice and much more. 1 hour of WiFi was like $130 MX.

Pro tip: be prepared for the chance of a lot of condensation. This spot is higher ground but this morning I could see the surrounding areas enveloped in fog, which could be super cool too! Just be ready to dry your tent in the morning.

This whole are is magical! If it’s on your radar and you’re passing through, don’t miss it. There are lots of roads and sites in the area to choose from. Happy travels…

Valle de Los Cirios - East of Hwy 1 29.81315, -114.79595

This is a great spot to park overnight for off grid rigs that requires sky clearance for both Solar charging and Starlink satellite internet! Its close to an industrial park, so could be busy during the business hours. It’s super quiet after 5. Only 7 minutes away from grocery stores and restaurants. Stayed here a few days at a time for several times no problem

Shell Rd and Dyke Rd 49.11692, -123.10362

Nice, quiet spot. Very big area. Not many campers here. Easy acces. Wonderfull sunset.

Cibola Nat. Wildlife Refuge 33.36276, -114.66185

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