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Between the Canyon and the street there is a big construction of NEOM. They told we can drive trough, but we didn’t try.

Grand Canyon of Saudi 28.06482, 35.92065

just added another picture. our 10m hose was long enough

Water at Play Ground 27.96268, -114.05699

Just a heads up, they DO NOT accept US dollars, only pesos.

Parque Nacional Tierra Del Fuego -54.83504, -68.44496

Dump is now 20$!!! Not really worth it for us, we're going to Medford!

Ashland Creekside Campground 42.15531, -122.62881

Arrived just in time for the hot springs at correct tide. Most were too hot, some too cold but I found a pool that was just right. $200 pesos for dry camping. Felt safe.

Puertecitos 30.34976, -114.64052

Here you can buy the tickets for the Cosama ferry to Casamance, that departs at Fridays and Tuesdays at 8 pm. It will arrive in Ziguinchor around 11/12 am next day. The morning view, when you are on the river, is very beautiful, we saw dolphins joining the boat.
You have to buy the tickets in advance, at this place. They also have a reserve list for every ferry. We managed to get on this way and we saw many others managing it too, but maybe its less easy with a big car. You can take your vehicle, and you can choose to have a chair or a cabin (2, 4 or 8 persons). We don't recommend to take a chair, it's very tight. The cabins are okay.
We payed around €120 for two motorbikes, 2 persons in a 8 p cabin.

Ferry to Casamance/Ziguinchor 14.67460, -17.43060

Pileta, cabañas, opcion de camping. Posee sanitarios y bar.

Camping Las Donas -26.47399, -54.69194

Super clean and organized campsite at the very center of Cochrane, close to shops, atm etc. Patricia and her son were very friendly and accommodating. This is a really tranquil place to rest for a couple of days or longer. Great communal area, fast wifi, hot showers, also toilet paper and hand soap.

Camping & Laundry Cochrane -47.25457, -72.57515

very nice Campsite with very good showers. but shocking 30.000 Pesos for 2 Persons and 1 campervan. Mini marked was closed. maybe foreigener price?

Camping Los Pioneros -53.64193, -69.64888

this is the correct location for this workshop.

CFAO Bissau Mechanics Workshop 11.86557, -15.58151

Right outside of Belmont Park, Ocean side.

Mission beach Main parking 32.76926, -117.25174

We arrived here but we were not allowed to camp here. Maybe wrong coordinates but it also now here stated 'hotel tech '.

Hotel Tech -1.97247, 30.12117

We stayed for 3 nights. Beautiful beach and bay. Fraans and his wife are very helpful and nice,but he comes across as someone who is grumpy a bit and loves rules. He doesn’t even let you finish your question. He interrupts rudely when he assumes what you want to ask.
There are a LOT of rules here. You feel like you’re staying in someone’s backyard as a favour, rather than a camp you paid for. You are always watched.
It can get crowded too.
Very clean toilets and showers, running water, open kitchen,but the no smoking sign (under a roof) is not enforced. The one rule that makes a lot of sense is ignored.
No clear pricing and you cannot fill up with water. Electricity hook up is extra 50 pesos per night.

Camping Don Taco 15.69041, -96.23703

You can have ALL types of gas cylinders changed or filled. If he doesn't have a suitable bottle, he will bring it to be filled and the bottle can be collected after 24 hours. Super friendly owner and good English.

Tsasis Gaz 37.03240, 22.11602

I left my vehicle at this place for five months. When I came back, the vehicle was in the same conditions how I left it. Eduardo is a great guy and his wife is very kind. He told me he has another parking lot that he also uses as a long term parking. I would leave my vehicle in this place again. This place is just a few minutes from the border. It worked well for me.

Parqueadero La Amistad 0.82576, -77.62993

first stop on my way south from Ontario Canada. little bit of road noise bright and lit. lots of things around. feel pretty secure

Cracker Barrel, Mansfield, Ohio 40.69322, -82.51110

Very nice campsite. The man wanted 8,000 CFA but quickly dropped down to 6,000. We spent New Years here. The facilities are good, running water in the shower and toilets with toilet paper. Felt like we had it to ourselves as we were the only campers and the people staying in the huts have their own bathroom. The owner is incredibly nice and hospitable. We enjoyed speaking with him and he’s been super helpful. There are a few shaded tables on the beach and the wifi signal works very well if you need to get some work done or want to back up some photos etc Only downside is that the beach was full of plastic. As we were staying a few days I cleaned some of it up but looks like no oft bothers to keep it clean.

Chez Laura, Jacqueville, Côte D'Ivoire 5.20015, -4.42942

This RV allows nomads to use their showers if you’re not staying here. The change is $10.00/shower. The showers are clean, roomy, private with lots of hot water. The people who run this place are really nice and hospitable. There are only two showers here, one for men and one for women. I’d use the showers here again.

Aztec Village RV Park 33.97153, -112.72420

Just stopped here to use the free dump station.

Maverik Gas Station 38.79730, -104.78051

This place is located in General Pico, La Pampa. We have space for 2 campervans with electric connection and water. It is an storage shed located in the heart of the block. A private street entrance, the space ia completely closed, good roof within 2 safe gates. The shed is actually not in use so we want to offer it for those who are looking for a safe place on the countryside for a long term parking. A small fee will be charged depending the use to mantain the place or pay the services used. Phone number +1 319 202 5758

Llanos Galpones -35.65368, -63.75615

Mountain spring next to Peleta. Looks really serious. Spring is reall fast.

water source in the mountains 37.07972, 22.87885

Very clean and super friendly. You can buy fresh fish to prepare yourself or eat in.


Sealand fish restaurant 24.63891, 46.84459

Parked in the additional car parking area. Had no problems at all. Nice restrooms. Used the picnic tables in the morning. Great spot overall

Alabama Welcome Center 30.47772, -88.38783

Great overnight spot. Flat and quiet! Would definitely stay here again.

Black Rock Mining - Balsamo Road 35.05746, -117.57101

Really good beach space, quiet and others van lifer when we were there. Can easily get stuck in the sand if you don't stick to the path.

Beach Camping 16.13366, -95.25208

still very easy to refill our fix tank with our own adapter!

Gas to PetroPeru -13.54264, -71.89877

Open Monday through Friday. There is a small
Tour and ice cream for $1

Blue Bell Creamery 33.17290, -86.26651
Gerardo Rodríguez

Our place is an organic farm of 2.5 hectares, it is located in the rural area of ​​the city of Paysandú, 1500 meters from Route 3 and 10 minutes from downtown.
We have the following facilities:
Space for camping and parking for travelers (motorbikes, Campers, trucks) there is space for large vehicles.
1 one bedroom apartment, living room, kitchen, WIFI, TV, Hifi sound, barbecue and large garden space.
Space for events with tables, kitchen, bathrooms, barbecue and pool.
Kayak tours on the Queguay river, navigation on the Uruguay river by motor boat or sailing catamaran.

La Postergada -32.34573, -58.04036

Large turnout off Briceland Thorn Rd between Garberville & Shelter Cove. Big enough for a couple vans and/or small RV. Small creek down below. Forest around. Little traffic noise at night. No signs stating no camping. Good for one night. Level space all around.

Briceland Thorn turnout 40.09580, -123.93132

The bathrooms were non-functional - no water.

Jardine Rinconada 24.59888, -107.30089

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