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there is a spigot at the campground and 2 at the visitors center BUT they are turned off in the winter. a park ranger let me fill up my motorhome from the only spigot turned on in the “residential/staff only” lot.

ask in the visitor center if they have a spigot to fill up your rig! if you just need drinking water, there is a free, potable faucet in between the men and women’s restroom at the campsite!

Gallo Campground 36.03470, -107.89268

Regular fuel station, price is 23.00 pesos per liter

Pemex 27.65182, -113.38714

A beautiful place! Even though there is no electricity or water on the sites, the view from the site is AMAZING, directly to the sea!

The road that gets to the campground is 48 km paved road and the last 17 km is gravel road.

The host was very nice, her English is very good, she’s a marine biologist so she has a lot of knowledge.

100 pesos per person, you can also pay in PayPal.

The toilets are pit toilet but very clean, the showers are bucket shower but also very clean and plenty of hot water.

Wi-Fi, surprisingly is pretty good but works better at the office.

In the morning there’s a whale watching tour,

(60 USD per person)

we saw some whales, dolphins
and had SO much fun.

Highly recommended! we would definitely come again😁.

Antonio's Ecotours 26.82893, -113.16775

Came in late last night and there were a few other cars and trucks. Stayed till about 8 this morning and no one bothered us. Great place to walk my dog in the morning and plenty of open spots.

Archway Monument 40.67069, -99.04078

I pulled in at 18:15 in my Jeep Cherokee Overland Rig, Fired up my CDH, blocked out my windows, crawled in. Their were 6-7 other vehicles at the trail head after dark. I am passing through and plan on snowboarding Breck tomorrow. The community should encourage more economical overnight parking with no amenities vs expensive campgrounds or feeling like I'm sneeking arround.

I practice no trace overlanding / camping and have a federal retired & disabled veteran all access pass for federal land.

Up the Road 39.43709, -106.05054
Lismarq - explore the world

Great place. Love the atmosphere. Enough space to store two bicycles. Basic rooms with everything you need. Parking lot for 4WD, motorcycle. Not enough space to park your expedition truck.

Hotel Posada El Viejo Oticón 6.03939, -72.63596
Victoria Barber

Bought diesel in the truck lanes and then propane. Employees were all very prompt and polite, and location was nice and clean. If you're headed west on 58, don't make our mistake and turn right onto the frontage road. Take the cloverleaf to the left to get back on the Hwy.

Loves 35.01140, -117.64460

This place is permanently closed.........

B&B Burger -49.32734, -72.88911

This place is permanently closed.........

Estepa Resto&Bar -49.33069, -72.88909

during the day passage to the beach of the trapiche, feirinha touristic place...etc... at and people drinking a certain noise, so not suitable for sleeping, but very safe.....

Praça Praia do Trapiche -26.78814, -48.60493

Camping municipal muy bien cuidado, con parrillas, mesas y bancos. Parque de juegos para niños y baños con ducha (solo agua fría). También tiene algunas tomas eléctricas. Es abierto (sin rejas, pared o similar). Al costado de la ruta. Pasamos 1 noche muy bien

Gas Station - Camping Municipal -31.20926, -66.31343

class B van stayed 1 night just fine, no problems. Parked all the way in the back left corner with 2 other vehicles. Have to drive by all the truckers to get there. The services building was awesome. TV rooms, food, and awesome hot showers for $15. Did laundry too.

Little America Flagstaff 35.19096, -111.61916

Stayed here for one night. Friendly staff.
The showers are really rudimentary although they are ok if you measure under 1,6m
The gate is closed during the night.
price 300 pesos

Angastaco Campground -25.69226, -66.16771

Our favorite spot of the trip so far. Wind shelter. Beautiful forest. Many places to camp along this road with a tent or a camper. No service unless you go back to the water. Road was just fine for our little 2WD van. Saw tons of birds (including parrots!) and Guanacos and Armadillos and even some farm animals like cows and pigs. We foraged for dinner and had some yummy local sage, local Calafate berries and puffball mushrooms. Stayed 2 nights. Forgot to take a photo!

forest south of camerón -53.74867, -70.04115

Very interesting. English tour available. new price 2000 pesos.

Museo National del Petroleo -45.83717, -67.48106

Stayed here on Jan. 13, 2023. Usual signs for RV and Bus area parking, and counted a dozen vans and two campers in tow. NO SIGNS for no overnight parking. Place should not be marked as closed. I didn’t call, but maybe they have a new manager.

Cracker Barrel 26.51544, -80.07806
Alexander Wolf

the previous pullouts we're too steep to sleep comfortably in my SUV. This spot, with a couple of flat rocks under the tires was nice and flat.
2 bars Verizon 4g good for remote work
no shade
highway in the distance barely audible like a faint river
planes coming in to land north of site are louder in comparison
star gazing limited because of city lights illuminating the sky at a distance.
some fire rings and broken glass show sign of previous use.

flatish sites 35.94209, -114.62351
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui de quinta feira a segunda feira, um grande estacionamento em frente a praia. Tem 2 grande sombreiro que em um montei minha rede e ficou top.

Aqui é um grande estacionamento público em um bairro de família de pescadores, quando chegamos o Sr. Laurindo que nos recebeu e disse seja bem vindo. Falou que é comum motorhome estar por aqui.
Tem um pequeno mercado aqui do lado, tem bastante coisa, a dona super atenciosa.

Um bom lugar pra descansar e bem seguro.

Sinal da claro não pega aqui e Vivo pega 3G, foi o único problema. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1 ano morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

💕Amar e viajar sm 💕

Praia Barreiras -4.67597, -37.40536

Endroit très tranquille. Stationnement entre deux resto au bord du lac. Le lac est un ancien cratère de volcan c'est donc super creux rapidement. Quelques vagues, agréable de s'y baigner. Tranquille même un vendredi soir

Very quiet place. Parking between two restaurants by the lake. The lake is an old volcano crater so it gets super hollow quickly. Some waves, nice to swim in. Quiet even on a Friday night

Public parking for beach 11.93656, -86.05266

Ótimo local para pernoitar, banheiro, ducha fria, não tem wi-fi, pode tomar banho na praia do rio, bem iluminado e tranquilo. muitos aventureiros. Paisagem linda.

costa sur -27.41944, -55.87939

Beautiful scenic cobblestone drive up to the mirador, then dirt trail to the gps location. Just driving up to the mirador is 100% worth it! I did not stay overnight but it looks suitable. A few overhanging branches on the dirt section may limit tall vehicles.

There are two possible routes at the base of the hill, take the one on the left, street name Sta Maria, for a much smoother ride.

Cerro del Estribo Grande 19.51425, -101.64375

Nice sunset. Stayed here the night since the river wasn’t crossable

Broken bridge at Riverbed -44.79797, -65.71058

be aware that there is deep sand that isn't highly visible in this campsite. we got stuck once and helped someone else out of a sand trap a few days later. lots of surfers at the river mouth. great stars.

Free camp on the river near El Mezquital 26.21711, -112.36608

Price is now $4.25 for up to 250 gal. I don't mind paying for water but this is a bit steep to take on 23 gal.

Buena Vista City Maintenance Yard 38.82489, -106.13892

Nice spot to stay with showers and toilets. no Wifi and bad connection with Claro. Welcoming team from the Cerro Negro. No mosquitos and fresh air in the night really appreciated!

Cerro Negro Entrance 12.49424, -86.70279

Small area of BLM land along the High Road to Taos. There is some space right next to the road and some short tracks that lead up a hill to a relatively flat spot. I went up slowly in my FWD Promaster but would recommend walking it first to confirm as it may change with rain. 1-2 bars Verizon LTE. Works well for an overnight in the winter when many roads and campsites are closed

BLM near 98 and 503 intersection 35.95455, -105.93780

Tent 20k pp. Great views and good food in restaurant (20-32k). Worth even without entrance to the park. Electric hot shower difficult in use.

Cabanas Kanwara 6.47250, -72.35417

French Guyana. Big flat grassy place. Located on D8 Highway, 2,5 km from the N1.
Shade and quiet. Here is a National Park and you can make some trails trekking. Lots of birds.
We camped here with our rooftent.

Camping at Sentiero Sur Sables Blancs 5.53348, -53.56574

It was a nice campground to stay the night with a pretty view. We just arrived in Mexico so this was a nice spot to acclimate. We stayed 1 night for 20 dollars.

Pete’s Camp 31.13541, -114.88772

Great spot. Signs direct you to RV parking. Arrived at 7pm. Quiet only 2 others here. Feel very safe.

Twin Arrows 35.16713, -111.25592

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