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Still here, amazing place for the night!

Near Macaya -18.55015, -68.97293

Nice lady, unfortunately only cold water (like in the other 2 laundries in town), paid 200 MXN for 2 loads incl. drying and folding.

Lavamatica ..Clean Clothes yes! 27.97191, -114.02875

As described. you can go by foot to the nearby village with some nice restaurants. some ATV and cars passing but in the afternoon it becomes quit. good sleep and the sunset is just in front of you.

Open Beach Area 23.67125, -109.69833
Uncle Rich Explorers Club

Place is still going like gang busters. Lots of snowbirds vying for spots. Even have camping rules signs posted at the main entrances. The place is pretty clean considering how many people are camped there and the fact there weren’t any trash dumpsters in sight. There are a few long term campers around. Should remain ok as long they don’t take over. We were just passing through, and needed a place to crash for the night. Great alternative for the other high price RV parks in the area. It is noisy from the adjacent highway

BLM 32.16072, -111.10442

price asked 8000/person
The kitchen and the toilets were very duty, no hot water. The woman was unpleasant. We didn't stay and went to the camping Los coigues 4 km up the road which is a nice one.

Camping Ventisquero León -46.74208, -72.86794

very good welcome.
The owners are sympathetic, the kitchen and the toilets are very clean. hot water. wood for the stove.

Los Coigues -46.75702, -72.89649

good spot to restock and fill with water as everywhere around yuma costs money. use your national parks annual pass and it's 7.50$ a night. $15 regular. the cheapest we could find around yuma that wasnt booked or long term campground. you get the pass down at squaw lake and you drive back to the long term camping you passed to fill with water. you need to ticket because there's usually workers there to make sure you paid.
it is basically a parking lot but we found it peaceful, people around but not too many on week day. showers were okay, hot water so that was nice. 1$ to shower. very warm there in winter and the water with palm trees is beautiful but there's lots of burrow poop and the area isn't too clean. would stay again if needed to do something around yuma.

TK Jones recreation site 32.90353, -114.47665

At the moment: 1.000 Arg. Peso per person.
No hooks to hang up a towl or something. And not much other storage place. We needed to put our stuff on the ground. 2 cabins in each (man/ women) bathroom, not lockable.
BUT: Very hot and we were there by ourselfes, so not a problem.
We showered here once and twice at the ypf. We still found this shower nicer, because at the ypf the women-shower didn‘t even work properly 🙈.

Hostel Amanacer -54.80676, -68.30098

it is a safety place. is near a small river and is on a concurring street during the day.

on the street in San Martín de los Andes -40.15318, -71.34378

side of the track away from the road. you are calm with a few passers-by.

runway edge 9.82497, -13.21681

East side of highway, pull off from 95. Park behind the mound. Some traffic noise but convenient, flat and the views are very nice. I have 1 bar of ATT service.

10N Hwy - North of McDermitt 42.07351, -117.73023

Excelente serviço e atenção, pagamos $ 8 mil pesos para remover nosso parabrisas e recolocar no lugar.

Parabrisas Cenoa -24.80628, -65.42065

very good and friendly mechanic. we had a car breakdown on ruta 1 (loose screws on the driveshaft) and had our car towed to the YPF where we stayed the night. The workshop is just across the street and they fixed it the same day. they were very helpful and friendly. Can definitely recommend Guillermo and Ezequiel!

TC Taller -40.82465, -62.97143

At the moment this is one of the few automotive GLP stations in Colombia, and the only one south. Perfect to charge your fixed LPG tank if you arrive in Colombia or leave for Ecuador.

Terpel GLP LPG Pasto 1.21108, -77.29182

a guy came and ask for 200 Pesos, we paid 100 Pesos and he was laughing and went back, it was ok, very busy time, nice views, many dogs, lots of people around, on the second day their are not friendly, pay 200 P or leave, speak spanish if you are in mexiko, very unfriendly

Beach 26.63646, -111.82907

ótimo acampamento. tranquilo, arborizado, com muitos pássaros. ficamos dois dias aqui. custou $800, pesos para 2 pessoas + motorcasa. super recomendado. só é distante do centro.

Camping Municipal . General San Martin -31.36053, -64.26353

Local seguro e muito próximo ao centro histórico. Cozinha funcional, banheiros limpos. Atendimento atencioso e cordial. Wi-Fi não funcionou bem (inclusive dentro da cozinha), tentamos as duas redes e nada, mas estava chovendo muito, pode ter ocorrido algum problema.

Espaço Overlander -22.50655, -43.19815

excellent place.
a bit far from town, 15 min walk.
very recommended

Camping Maria 9.74495, -82.85411

Nice place to stay for 1 night. Lot of seastars in the tidalpools. Even could snorkel a bit. Little village nearby has a shop for essentials.

wild camping at the ocean -22.42100, -70.26019

Familiar camping un a beautifull área near the River.
Posible buy eggs, bread, jam vegetables. Also lunch, asado, salad, sopaipillas.
Camping with showers, kitchen, fire places 6000 pesos pp.
Nice familly

camping el puesto patagon -47.35522, -72.61421

Ótimo camping 2mil pessos para acampar com internet piscina e sanitária!
Proprietário são ótimas pessoas a Sr. da parrilla no camping foi ótima companhia além de fazer uma parrilla.

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

Se puede dormir, lugar agreste. A la tarde noche no queda nadie

Mirador Salto Del Agrio -37.81041, -70.92373

ask for Rollos de Pan, sehr leckere Brötchen mit Substanz

"French" Panaderia El Boleo 27.33652, -112.26952

it was closed, sign said open, looks awful lots of clothes around the maschines, at the bottom, everywhere, parking possible also for big rigs, at the street, some dogs

lavenderia la espuma (laundry) 26.63648, -111.82903

parking not possible, to busy the street

Lavandaria Burbumax 27.34235, -112.26894

water belongs to City, not to the pemex, is next to the Toilette and Waste Buliding, parking possible for big rigs (also good place to go to the town). it is free, but not portable, we ask if it is not

Water spigot at the VP fuel station 27.34156, -112.26624

Dormimos uma noite no deck de Itaoca local bom tranquilo e seguro só bem movimentado a noite e na madrugada também. Estávamos em dois MH. Não tem água e nem energia mas tem uma sombra boa dos coqueiros.

Praia de Itaoca. -20.90326, -40.77755

Stayed 1 night, slept great surprisingly. A handful of other campers there as well. No issues.

Walmart 32.18732, -110.95298

we passed the control check and there was nobody there.

Fruit Check - Santa Cruz -28.46885, -67.69003

lugar cercano a la autopista y en l aloma de un pequeño cerro es propiedad de la señora Wilma nos cobro un dolar es amable

Pirca protectora -16.10938, -69.60500

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