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Amazing place to sleep and shower - 10 reals bath

Posto Ipiranga Hoff -29.67794, -51.24567

We spent two nights here, right on the lake. There is a police station next door. A good place to walk to Flores.

Parking lot at the Centro Cultural y Deportivo 16.92157, -89.88787

Self service laundromat with change machine

Catalina Laundry 32.49923, -110.92500
Radio Baobab

Uploaded a picture with the prices (5000$ for motorhome). We came by bicycle from Puerto Aysen. Beautiful beach, but popular. Didn’t stay here and don’t think I would

Bahia Acantilada -45.38591, -72.79509

We loved this very cute campsite in the foothills of Mt Kenya. Gorgeous views of the mountain, grassy site, super clean and hot shower. It is a smallholding with some sheep, a cow, vegetable patch, all really well looked after plus 2 gorgeous dogs! Mike the manager is charming and helpful and even provided us with potatoes and veges from the plot. At over 2600m it gets chilly at night but gorgeous through the day! Great access to hiking around the area.

The Wonky House Camping Ground 0.03806, 37.28719

Great spot to put a few tents. Hidden from the dirt road. Peaceful and cell connection.
Accessible by bike and 4x4 only.

Sand dry stream 34.41265, -3.05631

Possible to sleep inside, plenty of space

AbandonedHouse(139km E of PorV) -53.32107, -68.66159

didnt find this spot. i think its private now

Natural spring 20.36935, -104.59402

slept there for two nights. felt safe, but there where locals playing music until 11pm but this was fine for us. there is also a (not so clean) toilet inside the park. dont follow your navi, come here from Independicia road, otherwise its way to bumpy

Alameda Metropolitana 20.51953, -104.79128

Nicest shower rooms in Baja. You have a toilet, sink and shower all to yourself. It would benefit by having hooks for your towel and clothes and a shelf for your shower products. But hey. Nice and clean. This is a great place to recharge and clean up. Gravel pads so no mud. Close to La Paz. We ubered into town. Will stop again.

Campestre Maranatha 24.09778, -110.38737

Great place, paid 25 $ for a camper with hook up and water. Laundry is 2.00 $, dryer, 1.50$. Very quiet campground, everyone quiet and respectful. Everything works great and clean. Shower, laundry, bathroom… ducks wandering around. Great place to stay overnight or longer. Thanks Jimmy.

Anahuac RV Park 29.75774, -94.67032

cops and sams club manager cleared all campers so we did not stay the night. drove north to the walmart in hialeah gardens and had no problems there.

Walmart/Sams Club 25.78494, -80.33427
Blue Sky Adventures

Picnic ground with overlook of Inks Lake. Overnight parking allowed.

Burnet County Picnic Ground 30.69661, -98.37407

stayed here over night no problem, there was a long stretch (right before marked spot) with no cars and no 'no parking signs'

Street Parking 40.51387, -111.90941

We were about to set up camp here but a ranger who was patrolling asked us to go away and camp at the national park's camping site 30km from there... Beautiful though, but visible from the road.

Mirador -30.13768, -68.01584

We checked in here after being told by a ranger not to wild camp in the park. We arrived at 20:00 and the office was closed so we camped for free ! Hot showers + camping spots protected by a roof. Possible with a tent or a camping van. Beautiful sky by night. For the excursions : the first one leaves at 9:00. The car excursion is 3,500 pp and the hiking excursion is 1,000 pp (leaves at 9:00 as well, only one/day).

Campground Prov. Park Ischigualasto -30.16355, -67.84129

Nice landscape, the road to get to the campsite was quite good but difficult access for big rigs. there is a river and the lake however it is windy most of the time and therefore a dusty environment all day long. Hot shower but not very clean toilets. Full of young people who party all night.

Camping Lago Hermoso -40.35652, -71.47262

I did not like it the fact that they charge you $2000 for the car plus $2000 for the miniroad and there it no electricity for the rigs but they charge you anyway. price per person $4000, the most expensive campsite so far.

Camping Lago Hermoso -40.36454, -71.45160

Called and they said they allow overnight parking as long as it’s in front of the store and not on the sides or back—and as far back from the store as possible.

Walmart Supercenter 35.46947, -95.53637

Excellent spot—reviews were correct. Electric still not working and it took us checking a couple of water spigots but we found 2 that worked. Friendly staff and we won $6. Free soda, coffee, restrooms. Would stay again. Get a free players club card at the casino desk then go to the hotel to register your RV (they’ll need the players card). We used the free hookups to refill our tank after storage.

Cherokee Casino 35.40831, -94.52607

Hard packed surface, pretty level, lots of space, easy entrance and exit.

Dirt Lot 33.71319, -115.40050

Tried to camp for the night. All the spots seemed to be taken by broken down trucks. No room for my 40’ skoolie. Ran down the road to the eco park and stayed outside the campground free overnight left in morning. I’m assuming they don’t let anyone camp there now. But could be wrong.

Shell Station 16.87509, -89.81037
[email protected]

We wanted here in the van 350Pesos per person so 700Pesos for both of us. Much too expensive, we did not stay. I think they are not interested in us overlanders.

Cabanas El Triunfo 23.80418, -110.11051

Don't let the "4x4 recommended" sign scare you. There's solid ground and smooth roads for about a mile in from the main highway. It's less crowded than Poverty Flats. FYI the 1st fork to the right will dead end at a gate. Unless you're in an OHV I wouldn't go past this gate (I walked it). However, the 1st fork to the left has a LOT of spots for setting up camp, along with rock fire rings. Great cell service. Watch the weather as it can get pretty windy here.

Sand Mine Rd. BLM 36.47152, -114.43877

Really nice spot - pretty quiet. Toilets are quite clean. Started to fill up in the morning with Nordic skiers/hikers. Entrance is a little snowy.

Herman Gulch Trailhead 39.70241, -105.85530

ok to spend a night but noisy and a lot of poor homeless sleeping on the bench around in the morning

Puerto Madero - Buenos Aires -34.61742, -58.36077

Really awesome spot sheltered by rolling green hills. We were completely alone at the trailhead, plenty of room for any type of rig. If it wasn't raining we would have hiked to point Sal, looked really awesome. Ideal spot.

Point Sal Trailhead 34.91255, -120.61912

Wonderful place. Algae collectors in the morning.

Playa La Cebada -31.01313, -71.64569
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Super fast. Super friendly. Had adapter for USA bottles. Awesome!

Propane Gas - Sartini -54.79077, -68.22902

No nos pudieron vender, ahora es con chequera o algo así. Tienes que depositar al banco y al día siguiente te recargan el gas. Estaban estacionados los camiones que reparten los cilindros y no quisieron apoyarnos para vendernos.

ENI Gas 0.39421, -78.10706

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