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This is now Dave's Tyres who used to work for Supa Quick who occupied this space. Great service!

Dave's Tyres -17.80706, 25.24267

they do not accept motorhomes, the place has no trees

QUELTHUES ECO-CAMPIMG -36.07285, -72.77676

it was impossible to find this place, it must be close

Akeyan -36.07293, -72.77679

Very cosy laid back backpackers with a 420 friendly crowd. Paid 230 ZAR for a dorm bed. Close to beach and in save neighborhood. Clean rooms, fully equipment kitchen, decent wifi, pool, braai facilities.

Aweh Africa Backpacker -29.79858, 31.02319

Julia welcomed us very friendly and invited us to stay more than one night. She and her husband are super lovely. And it feels like visiting friends. They offered us electricity, bathroom and a shower. It’s also possible to eat or drink here.
Highly recommend!

Comedor Julia's 11.51345, -85.55500

closing, including ATM at 2pm. But you get money without extra Charge

Scotiabank - ATM no extra charges -45.57241, -72.06152

We stayed one night at this lovely place. Benni and his family are all lovely persons and we enjoyed to hang up with their very friendly and open and sweet kids, cat and dogs. It was uncomplicated and very welcoming.
They offered us a toilet and a shower and also nice talks.
We recommend to stay with them. Just be aware that the street can be difficult, depending of the season.

Casa Nohelia 11.51341, -85.55499

It is not possible to stay here with a car.

Zopilote Permaculture Farm 11.51339, -85.55498

This place is closed! It is not possible to stay there anymore.we talked with the owner

El Jardin la Vida 11.51339, -85.55500

Secure parking for all sizes. Paid 30 BOB for a very well equipped private room shared bath. Wifi is decent. There is not a kitchen to use but they boiled some water for me to make my ramen (I’m so poor). Clean. Cold shower but it felt nice. All in all a very solid place would recommend.

El Pescadito -21.26831, -63.46028

As soon as we parked an employee walked over followed by two police cars and said we could not park here. He followed by saying that the tow truck would be here within an hour or so. We parked towards the very back where other cars, vans, 1 RV & trucks had parked. We did not see any signs but please contact the store to confirm this. We were also told that the police would be driving around again in 30 mins and we had to be out by then. As reference, we are in an extended Promaster.

Walmart/Sams Club 25.78480, -80.33383

The location of the place is nice, but still no relation between price and service. They charged us 3500 pp and added 2000 (!!!) for our motorhome and then we only got a bad and noisy place in front of showers and toiletts. Only 2 showers (dirty) available with hot water only in the evening. Just imagine the waiting time....
We were very disappointed and even had to check out before 12 the next day. As it was already very late in the evening we couldn't move on, otherwise we would have done so.

La Estacada -40.83915, -71.53804

un lugar excelente para acampar, solo con mucho viento aveces

Beach of Llanquihue Lake -41.00755, -72.72684

excelente lugar para pasar la noche. tiene fogones y mesas. mucho gente el día viernes. Se puede cargar agua a 200 metros en el kiosco

GUALEGUAYCHU - Parque Unzue -33.00971, -58.49122

I’ve parked in the parking lot a couple of nights with no problems. There is a road that goes into the national forest and curves around, then a small turn off on the left and a small gravel parking lot.

Big Ivy - National Forest 35.75848, -82.37929

A great place to spend the day and also the night, in a charming little town without many commercial options. Camping costs 1500 ARS per tent, or in our case, we slept in the car and were charged the same amount. Next to a municipal pool they charge 400 ARS per person, unfortunately there were some teenagers acting crazy and this spoiled our experience at the pool. But the camping, in general, has a great structure with hot showers, clean bathrooms, 220v sockets, grills and tables, with plenty of shade and security.

Um ótimo lugar para passar o dia e também a noite, em uma cidadezinha charmosa e sem muitas opções de comércios. O camping custa 1500 ARS por barraca, ou no nosso caso, dormimos no carro e foi cobrado este mesmo valor. Ao lado uma piscina municipal que cobram 400 ARS por pessoa, infelizmente tinha alguns adolescentes agindo como malucos e isso estragou nossa experiência na piscina. Mas o camping, em geral, tem uma ótima estrutura com duchas quentes, banheiros limpos, tomadas 220v, parrillas e mesas, com bastante sombra e segurança.

Camping Municipal "Atalivia Roca" -37.02832, -64.28701

There is a road going into the national forest that curves around and then a small road on the left that curves around into a small dirt parking lot. I slept here two nights with no problems.

Big Ivy - National Forest 35.75870, -82.37946

access not possible anymore as the road is renewed (we have a jeep with 4wd and it was impossible to get there)

River Coipocahue -38.88974, -71.27916

Called them just to confirm. They said as long as its not a truck/huge camper, I am good to park overnight and suggested me to park bit far from the main entrance close to McD. Pretty quiet place and well maintained lot.

Walmart parking lot 39.70034, -105.32925

Still correct. I was able to sleep in an available bed in Omar’s cafeteria. Sweet donuts upon waking <3

Cafeteria 18.50403, 30.62259

a village square in a residential area, quiet, with games for children and a mosque with water and toilets.

A Square in the city 25.69355, 39.29213

Little work on the new road is currently underway. 68 km gravel till tarmac returns.

tarmac ends here going north -13.62672, 12.62164

place is dirty and on some parts washed away. a lot of people (beduins, refugees) in tents around. we didnt stay.

Wadi Numeira 31.13174, 35.53201

Now that the place has been abandoned for more than 3 years, there are some wild camping opportunities.
Once you enter the site, 20m on your left there is a path that you can take in vehicle. After some time you arrive at location 3.43090, 102.92139
There is a flat, level area for about 6 vehicles.

Though abandoned, the former Lake Chini Resort seems to be still liked by locals who come to fish or chill by the lake. Don’t be surprised to see people then.

Lake Chini 3.43085, 102.92136

amazing pull off just off the road. no cars pass by so extremely quiet and peaceful. lots of room for multiple cars. flat. easy to access. no 4wd needed. Great views of the bay and awesome sunset. internet is good with vodaphone

sunset over the bay. amazing views -43.74532, 172.99411

they were very nice and helped us love our French gas bottle. there is a gas accessories shop next door so everyone comes to help you find a solution.

Propane 25.70733, 39.29673

Good place to replace/ reinforce your leaf spring suspension. Quick service, friendly and experienced workers.

Al Saif suspension 24.63268, 46.75107

There are plenty of guesthouses in town. This one is particularly well located and perfect if you want to park your bike here before cycling up to Gueghart monastery 10km uphill. The guesthouse as WiFi, adjusted heater for winter, in the room, furnished kitchen and a solar-heated bathroom. The owners are friendly, so I would recommend. We paid 8000drams for 1 room 2 beds with breakfast.

Larisa guesthouse 40.11596, 44.72999
De Chapa em Chapa

It's a restaurant with campsites. They let us stay by 15.000 tsh ppn, which is a very nice price.
It's probably better for tents, because us, with a campervan, had to sleep in the park. It was good for one night.

They have a fairly big and very nice bar/restaurant, very pleasant place and nice to work on computer.

There are no ablutions, but they plan to build it in the near future. They told us to use bathrooms from the restaurant and they opened one of their rooms for us to take a shower.

Mto Mawe -6.84613, 37.67333

Sleepe here, people very friendly, but not lucky with clean... very very dirt! attention to the restaurant near here, there is another check in the app! its really good!

YPF -25.61771, -63.27283

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