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Still a really nice shelterd place to sleep for cyclist. Door was open en the floor was clean enough to put out only our airmatress. There is a shop next to the bus shelter for food and water if you need.

bus stop -52.42711, -71.41353

road is wide and grated. you can get in here with any vehicle. bars of signal are spotty so just track it. four bars right here.

BLM 32.26163, -112.86926

We slept here one night. Beautiful and quiet place.

Parque Municipal Las Acollaradas -36.22113, -61.12941

still a quiet and safe place to spend the night. We slept in our van on the small grassy field. There's not much room to park a car at the view point ant there's also a no parking sign. But the field was fine for one night.

Riverside. Rio Guaitara 0.80441, -77.58447

There were 6 trucks and at least 20 campers, RVs etc Security was knocking on everyone’s window and getting all out. That was 1:30 am

Beside Home Depot 25.93114, -80.17077

Autolavado. Después de un tour de ripio necesitaba nuestro furgo un lavado.
Buen trabajo, después como nuevo, precios raconables. Atención inmediata.
Estábamos muy contentos.

Lavado de Auto vieradar -42.46332, -73.76779

Autolavado. Después de un tour de ripio nuestra furgoneta necesitaba un lavado.
Muy buen servicio, precios razonables, atención inmediata.
El coche como nuevo. Estábamos muy contentos.

R&G Carwash -42.46330, -73.76777

Off road great spot, no 4x4 needed , beautiful Mountain View’s!

Awesome little camp spot off the road -32.82001, -69.94888

This campground feels abandoned, not taken care of, full of spikes everywhere, the toilet and shower are nasty, the internet barely works. The 15 amp outlets are not grounded and wired wrong, so watch out,

Sherry the owner is never there, and she really doesn’t care about the place. Locals hate her as she is done shady things to them in multiple times. If she offers you real estate just run away fast. Neighbours next to campo sirena hate her so much that they are building walls so they can block the ocean view from her “campground”.

Good news is a nice young couple is developing a new campground in the area and is going to be the one to go in Bahia.

Camp Sirena 27.14399, -114.29095

No longer has a dump. Or if they do the cashier lied to me.

Chevron Gas Station 40.08611, -111.59302

CLOSED. Too bad this place was awesome. Dump, propane, and potable water hose.

Chevron 40.11926, -111.65432

La description première est toujours correct.
Les gens sont accueillant. Et les services sont fournis comme décrit. Merci

Smugglers' Roost 31.95312, -108.81126

local excelente, seguro,barato, silêncioso e próximo a inumeros comércio. perto do metrô e próximo a todos os pontos turísticos da cidade lugar realmente impressionante é um achado na cidade do rio de janeiro. local cobra por veículo e não por pessoa..
diferente do que conta no app o local possui disponibilidade de ÁGUA e ENERGIA ELÉTRICA para os motorhomes. vale muito a pena

Car park Praia Flamengo -22.96533, -43.18076

Stayed here on route from White Sands to Tucson, good stop, quiet weekday night, security cameras in use in the parking lot, must be a reason for them.

Walmart Las Cruces 32.31512, -106.75108

Slept there a first night. Lot of cars passing by but quieter at night. Went to Kelly’s park during the day and came back for a second night. Around 9pm a cop came telling us we can’t be in the park at night but didn’t ask to leave. He was looking for a 73 years old lady with dementia that ran away in this are and asked us to keep an eye out for her. Maybe that’s why he didn’t ask to leave. Really nice spot why a sunset view. I don’t think the cops bother a lot.

Dream Lake Park 28.68423, -81.50987

Typical Cracker Barrel. Lots of road noise, but still better than a truck stop.

Cracker Barrel 32.69533, -114.60338

surrounded by cool rock formations. arrived late, there were several spots to choose. pit toilet was out of paper.

Sawtooth Canyon BLM Campground 34.66685, -116.98039

Très bonne place pour la nuit, calme et sûre, à côté du parc, fermé la nuit. A 15 minutes de la frontière pour le Belize. Beaucoup de place, big rigs sans problème. Nous étions à 2 véhicules.

Parque Ecologico 18.50786, -88.31977

Very conveniently located just after/before the border post in SA. Rooms available. We wild camped with the use of ablutions. The staff are lovely and the restaurant very affordable and our steaks excellent. Perfect spot for an overnighter.

Stockpoort Border Lodge -23.42094, 27.34482

I never saw the dump station. I ask to attendant, he have no idea where is it.

Mr Fuel 32.28451, -88.80143

Lugar ótimo . Em frente à delegacia , possui ponto de energia e água , super silencioso e seguro

Parking of Prainha Vila Velha -20.32813, -40.29116

I wasn't able to find this place.

Next to main Plaza -18.42534, -64.10587

as described a feel-good place. we paid $12 per person, children had to pay the same price. in the morning until 4 o'clock volume from nearby bar warm shower campfire nice breakfast 👍👍

Villa Katwe B&B and Camping -0.32721, 31.73947

The good: it's still open and has a river with good birdwatching and there is water in the campsites

The bad: Physically decrepit buildings with horrid bathrooms. No water to flush toilets - use your imagination. Looks like they gave up on this place years ago and are just milking it for whatever they can get.

The really bad: $500MX per night.

Jardine Rinconada 24.59906, -107.30064

stayed here .. lots of homeless in the back lots but super easy up front. got here at 2 great beach spot .. fresh cold water shower to rinse off. lots of bars and restaurants noone bothered me.

Singer Island 26.78300, -80.03489

What a disgrace that a caravan park can be in such a shocking state. Bathrooms disgusting. Not seeing us again. Could barely manage the one night

Dwarskersbos Caravan Park -32.75370, 18.16982

I wasn't able to find this place.

Harriman State Park Pull off and lookout. 41.61587, -74.08157

Got referred for a small panel beating job to Vincent +265 888 15 46 00 from Mzuzu Panel Beaters. Done a good job but were on the expensive side.
But anyway the garage will do any other mechanical service.
Good references from Luca from Macondo Camp and Andre from FloJa Foundation.

Mzuzu Panel Beaters -11.46530, 34.02290

This place is permanently closed.

Asadero Los Werozz 25.03432, -111.67013

Estrutura muito boa. Internet, água e estacionamento grande.

Posto Petrobras -3.75825, -41.02311

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