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For anyone wanting to enter with a vehicle.

Embassy of Ivory Coast 5.56197, -0.18044

Best place to fill up water. Bring your hose.

Agua Purificada 23.13743, -109.70631

Very clean nice park, had to park in the 2 hour parking places (but less level) as there are more "transient-style" rigs taking up all of the longer term spaces. Rigs seem self contained enough to not bother the locals, kids playing in the park even in the rain. Bathrooms are closed but there are Porta potties here.

University City Park 44.03450, -123.07541

Beautiful boondocking with rock formations and mountains all around. One pit toilet that is clean and has toilet paper. Lots of area to explore and cows to see! The further up the road you get the more sandy/uneven the road gets.

Indian Bread Rocks further down the road 32.23907, -109.50087

Even the convenience stores are cheaper than this place.

El Pescador Supermercado 26.00961, -111.34293

Wide open BLM land, did not have to drive far to find a good spot. Location in app was right on for the turn.

Olgiby Road BLM 32.83655, -114.83305

parador libre ! no hay sombra en todo el día!

Parador -38.90309, -60.34529

safe Parking right beside the water park São Lourenço. A gem!

Mercadinho de artesãos -22.11260, -45.05926

the owner of this place is the mother of a host we stayed with near Santa Cruz at a pin called Casa Grania, we met her there, and she invited us to stay here. super nice lady with lots of suggestions for things to do and eat in town and a really a nice location as it's just out of the city limits to be pretty quiet but still super easy walk into town. she has dug out one flat spot to park in as much of the area is on a hill and no amount of blocks is going to get you level. she loves dogs and offered to dogsit for us when we went off to go do some tours during the day. because we were hunkering down for the new years and because it was very convenient we ended up staying 6 nights. absolutely must contact on WhatsApp as the gate is very far from the house and she won't hear you knock. including some more pictures to show off the property a bit more. 70 per vehicle without plugging in. the flat spot is not in the shade so solar is good, when it's not raining. mediocre wifi.

Las Lavandas Josiane -18.18561, -63.87294

Parking lot is very busy in the day (we arrived here about 5pm and it was still pretty packed) but clears out for the most part by 6:30pm. RV parking is around the one way U-Shaped lot, near the exit. Easy walk into bathrooms. They do the job but are pretty dirty. We were also able to walk our dogs around the buildings to potty in the greenery, and of course clean it up afterwards. This is a good place for an overnight, but don't set up camp. Keep clean, quiet, and respectful and you should be good to go.

Vista Point San Francisco 37.83298, -122.47981

el lugar es muy lindo con sombra, protección del viento , asadores, baños limpios, luz y ducha con agua caliente. nos cobraron por el día con nuestro camper 1200 pesos. también hay mesas y reposeras frente al río. muy agradable.

Camping Isla Pavon -50.00453, -68.93591

I wasn't able to find this place.

Hostal Profunda 11.55129, -72.90883

This place is permanently closed.

Condado Cucolandia 13.17188, -88.08770
VAM Life 25

Not a camping but a parking with no service. Paid 100 pesos to park a night. It’s a restaurant with some places to park cars. À camping you can put chairs outside access to water to wash your dishes.
Good family but boondockers want true, the realty

Marisqueria el Busito 15.96943, -97.53671

NC Azimut 270: small campsite, very good reception, clean sanitary facilities with hot water for the shower.
small emergency power supply. pool.
possible small motorhomes.
View Tromen

Camping Raíces - Camping Tronco de Oro -37.05836, -69.90418

Got charged 2500 pesos for 2 people and a camper for 1 night - probably should have haggled and I’d suggest giving it a go. HOT showers although no shower heads and salty water. Really lovely campsite.

Camping Laguna Kakel Huincul -36.79302, -57.79293

NC Azimut 270 : NC Azimut 270: small campsite, very good reception, clean sanitary facilities with hot water for the shower.
small emergency power supply. pool.
possible small motorhomes.
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Camping Raíces - Camping Tronco de Oro -37.05829, -69.90419

NC Azimut 270 : petit camping, tres bonne reception, sanitaires propres eau chaude pour la douche.
petite alimentation de depannage. piscine.
possible petits camping cars.

Camping Raíces - Camping Tronco de Oro -37.05887, -69.90366

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -51.05670, -71.80479

Near Tapi Aike -51.05670, -71.80479

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -51.05670, -71.80479

Near Tapi Aike -51.05670, -71.80479

This place is very clean and helpful!!
3 Contenters with 2 beds. Shower, kitchen wifi.
Daniel is very sweet. Offer us a beer 😁

Tapi Aike AGVP -51.05666, -71.80484

lugar seguro y cómodo para estacionar los motorhome

Waterfront Parking -53.16075, -70.88857

Nice hotel in Tiwanaku- all other hospedajes on iOverlander shut when we stopped over. We were able to negotiate 100Bol for a tiny simple room(think it’s actually a single!) but was quoted 200Bol at first(includes breakfast)
Man on reception was v nice, and they let us keep our bicycles in the closed function room downstairs.
Most food options closed in the afternoon, but the plaza is a little walk away which had a good del día restaurant

Hotel Akapana -16.55705, -68.67684

Nice place to set up camp; found myself not reaching sossusvlei from swakopmund by a stretch, and so was forced to find a place to camp. This road goes to the infamous waterhole with webcam, but that was gated. From the main road, there was also a gate but there were no signs indicating private road and the gate was open. There was no fence along the gate so in case of emergency going out one could always drive around it. Saw one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life here.

Wildcamp -24.04666, 15.87308

site 21, level, a bit narrow, walking distance from bathhouse

Lake Corpus Christi State Park 28.06315, -97.87825

Bonne place pour un soir de dodo tranquille

Boca Chica Beach. Wild life refuge. 25.99698, -97.15171

Nice showers and clean bathroom. Can get crowded and noisy in high season

El Yeti -41.12304, -71.37069

cool nice place for overnight staying, enough shadows

Rest area with bathroom -32.15521, 152.32242
Contador chafa

Family house, where the owner Marco lends you his bathroom for a shower and helps you with recommendations to visit the surroundings of the city, it has Wi-Fi. He has a combi (T2) club
- La que se quedo
- Chocos en combi

La que se quedo House 18.01120, -92.95527

This place is permanently closed.

Residential area 36.97535, -121.96087

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