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in the middle of road construction. We were waved through


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waved us through after the typical question where we come from (South) and where we want to go (Tecate)

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The most invasive checkpoint we’ve come across, we both got out and waited by the car while he searched every inch of our truck. He opened and went through every bag in every cabinet, it took a little while but was otherwise straight forward and we went on our way

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We just drove this checkpoint going east. There was nobody on the eastbound side checking. Westbound is a different story. It’s a much larger checkpoint with a long line. If you’re going westbound, prepare for this to take some time

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I had no difficulty passing, the line was less than ten cars and when the inspection line was full, several were allowed to pass without inspection. it was faster than a toll

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Intense military checkpoint. We went through on a Friday afternoon; they were checking every crevice of every vehicle. There was a huge lineup on the westbound highway leading to this checkpoint. You may have to drive off road to get to the autos line because the trucks are lined up for many miles... just follow the others who are doing so. They asked about guns and drugs, we said no. They opened almost every drawer, bag, and box in our van including the bag of dog food. Took 25 minutes.

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in the middle of road construction. We were waved through

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