Argentinean Immigration and Customs – Paso Dorotea | Customs and Immigration



Last Visited: almost 2 years ago
GPS: -51.57449, -72.35019
Altitude: 255.8 masl


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ichbinkreativ – Outdoor Photography

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The crossing is open 08:00 to midnight. Non-thorough vehicle search.


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Argentina to Chile: very easy, fast and friendly.

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easy border passing. 5 minutes and nobody checking our car for veggies or fruit.

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Chile to Argentina:
Migration and customs check was done within 5 mins, but then the Veggie dude came into the picture and had his great moment of the day. He actually checked our fridge and made us throw away several things, mainly fruits, veggies and cold cuts... while waiting for the paper work to be finished I spoke to the customs manager (German speaking), and he basically told me in German that the control is BS and we were super unlucky that the veggies dude got a work attack and actually check us. Otherwise a smooth border crossing, even the veggies dude showed mercy and didn’t make us throw away all of our stuff...but it took an hour of our time :(

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Arrived to exit Argentina at 1:30 so they do not close for lunch (at least this time of year). Had to show both Immigration and Aduana our vehicle title and registration (?) to get stamp and turn in TIP . Took 5 minutes.

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from Chile to Argentina.

first the road is paved. no gravel road!
Chile check out two minutes. only stamped pass and took the sheet for the camper.

Argentina boarder 10 minutes. Stamped pass and mad a new declaration for the camper. It helps if you have a copy. The man at the counter spoke very well German!
not ask about fruits or vegetables, no control.

The fastest way to get into Argentina from Puerto Natales.

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Open 08:00 to midnight now. Very quick and easy.

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Open today , opening hours are 9-1 and 3-6, very fast , no hassle

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Border is open!

No problem whatsoever to cross here. Also, didn’t check my luggage.

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The office was closed during the day because of a strike. We crossed the border further north instead.

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