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Ótimo lugar para lavar roupas, lavagem pequena 800 ARS, secagem pequena 800 ARS, lavagem grande 1100 ARS (preços de janeiro/2023). A lavanderia fica do lado oposto ao apontado no Google Maps.

Great place to wash clothes, small wash 800 ARS, small dry 800 ARS, large wash 1100 ARS (January/2023 prices). The laundry room is on the opposite side as pointed out on Google Maps.

El Lavadero -53.78959, -67.69800

Wasn't so clean when I visited, I had to share my room with a lot of ants.
Tiny room, bad bed, private bathroom but with no running's a budget place, which is fine, but the guy initially wanted 20k and I had to negotiate hard to get him down to 10k (which is still too much IMO).

Ngwanayesu Guesthouse -7.11747, 31.13862

We found this store and the employee helping us to be very helpful when we needed a suspension bolt for our sprinter van. Ours snapped on the rear upper shock. Anyway, they have the proper grade (10.5) for automotive use, and we found the correct length (150mm). Awesome service.

Pernos San Martin -38.74143, -72.59834

As previously described, easy enough to find. Some traffic on the road during the evening. Lots of litter strewn about. Fresh wood beside a campfire. Quiet and dark spot for the evening on the way to Spruce Knob. No cell service whatsoever.

Pullout with fire pit at defunct road 38.96753, -79.23627

A good safe place to spend the night directly at the river. People were all friendly and nobody bothered us.
Careful when it is raining there will be a lot of mud that requires a 4x4!! In dry conditions everything is fine. No amenities.

Playita junto al rio 18.21004, -91.51303

It's a very nice place. The owner helped me organzinig trips even before I stayed there. You can use the kitchen which is fully equipped and clean. Area to relax and nice lounge music. The dorms are excellent. Place to store the bike in the backyard. I recommend it.

Yaganhouse Hostel -51.72942, -72.50274

As others have said, this is the place to stop without 4x4. We have a 2005 Sprinter that is heavy and made it here without issue. The next curve has some fun rocks to climb over with 4x4 to get to a ‘slightly’ better spot. The view from here is indeed spectacular. I liked this spot better because we were all alone here, tucked back in the corner of the lot where it’s flattest, and could walk up into the meadow next to the lot for an amazing view over the vegetation up onto the volcano, as well as the other direction toward the lake. The almost full moon lit up the volcano, the stars were in full effect, and the volcano was glowing and shot a jet of lava into the air while we were watching. To top it off, we captured a shooting star right next to it all. Stay here! 😉 I recommend a hike up the trail for the views too. Had to dig a hole and pack out our papers. Bathrooms we’re closed during our overnight and during the day as well.

Very close to spectacular view -39.37579, -71.94911

Not a bad place to stay for the night. Loud cars drove through the neighborhood and one car pulled in next to us for several hours playing music before leaving. There is a camera monitoring the lot. We arrived right before dark and left at 7:30am. Good Verizon

Stewart Park 33.93421, -116.97417

Small laundry service. Prices are reasonable (you pay basically per piece)and they washed and dried your clothes in half a day (115c for a quite big bag of clothes). Pricelist in the photos

Total Clean 13.09604, -86.00390

FREE. No facilities.
Western end of dead end gravel road. Level ground, no street lights, no shade nor privacy. Quiet. Not ideal for ground tents but possible.

Woodward Avenue 30.58947, -103.90647

tent camped among a small grove of live oaks here. $10 per person. they have 150 acres to roam and had two dogs at the house.

there's s bath house with showers and toilets closer to the main house.

didn't have any cellphone reception.

there were probably a half dozen trailers in the side with electric.

Oxford Ranch Campground 30.60981, -98.69631

You have to register online before you arrive. So we had to turn back

Los Lagos Sendero -39.15615, -71.71618

Nice place! Safe, plane and wonderfull...

Wild Camp Lavras Novas -20.47147, -43.51331

Lovely campsite with amazing soft grass. 1000KSh pppn. Excellent 1kg mutton, with potato wedges and veggies served at our camp feeds about 4 people, KSh1450.

ONA Campsite -2.53295, 36.81651

Looks nice but too expensive. 4.000 pesos plus 1.000 per person, even children. Didn’t stay.

Balneario Municipal Parque Norte -38.05323, -62.25233

If your camper is heavy and 2WD without high clearance, then you have no other option than staying here within the hotel fences. They charge 200 pesos per camper, no matter the amount of people but you are not allowed to use any facility (not even the toilet) except some electricity for a while (not the whole night). If you are prepared to add 250 pesos p.p. Then you can use all facilities, which includes shower, toilet, swimming pool, WiFi, bar and play room. There is a night guard.

Dirt road camp Playa Brasil 16.13384, -95.25483

Huge level dirt parking lot. Big field for a dog to run in. Excellent hiking trails. Good Verizon cell service. My fav overnight spot in Central Florida.

Little big econ barr street trailhead 28.68657, -81.15920
The Flyway Effect

Slept here for 2 nights. It was easy to find and there was plenty of parking available. We parked in our 23’ school bus. We had to park with our tail end hanging over dirt but with that extra bit we easily fit inside the lines. You HAVE to have a TAP card and we did not see anywhere to buy one here. I put money on the TAP card but couldn’t pay with the tap card. So don’t make that mistake. You just have to have one to show that you’re “going to use the metro” because it is a park and ride. So we got our TAP card prior to arriving, once we parked we walked over towards the big escalators where there were parking meters. We put on our license plate number and tap card number and had to pay $3 a night. Once finished it did not give us a receipt. I was concerned that would be a problem so I called the number on the meter and the woman informed me that they can see if you paid by entering your license plate number into the system and that we didn’t need a receipt. There was security roaming around consistently. We felt safe here. We left the bus for 10 hours one day to go explore and nothing bad happened while we were gone. We did not see any homeless. Would definitely recommend staying here.

Metro Park and Rise Station Car park 34.14016, -118.36405

Like others reported great tent only site campground but a small van like mine was not an issue. The single pit toilet was one of the cleanest I have seen. Cell reception good on Verison. If you can located Old Jennings road and turn right on Live Oak Lane you will have no problem getting to the campground.

Jennings State Forest - Hammock Campground 30.14452, -81.90828

Cachoeira com varias poças , espaço para van o vehiculos medios. Acampamento selvagem .
Waterfall with some holes to take bath , space for a vans and medium vehicles .
Wild camping

Cachoeira d Camargos -20.26672, -43.40628

Not a horrible spot. There was a lot of highway noise and sirens ect but other than that no knock and slept through the night.

Park n Ride 39.50346, -105.32265

The path is very narrow, with a lot of vegetation, we could not go with our 7m long camper.

Next to the river and the sea -41.97376, -73.51661

Ideal for rest for a night. Quiet night. Enough space.

Terpel gas station 9.96939, -75.08115

Pulled up late at night, found an open space in front of an apartment building. Not a bad spot, only about a block from the ocean. Mostly quiet, had a restful night of sleep & left in the morning.

Myrtle Beach Street Parking 20 Ave N 33.70117, -78.87254

all descriptions about the surroundings and offerings are accurate. There were at least 3 open spots when I arrived around 10pm. noise from the plant started about 6:30am, not loud, just present occasional truck noise. Worked for me as I was passing through.

Overton Wild Life Management Area 36.51545, -114.42307

Basic truck stop pullout, good for a solo night if you to pull off. Lots of garbage around all the grassy area, toilets: male were in very poor condition, ladies a bit better. Had to use cash for gas, everyone very friendly though. Free.

Pemex w/ toilet + showers 17.75275, -95.06115

Last petrol station before crossing to Argentina. Next one is approx. 130km after (in Argentina)

Last petrol station - Copec -32.90758, -70.29392

One of the best campgrounds with perfect infrastructure we‘ve had within 3 month of traveling. Description as mentioned first. Hot showers all the time.
Pretty wooden viewpoints over the lagoon to relax in wooden chairs and to watch birds and beavers.
Enough space for bigger motorhomes, very clean, quite expensive, 20‘000.- per night but worth it.

Laguna del perro -34.45284, -72.02753

Spent one night with another van, wonderful view overlooking Sausalito.

Sausalito residential 37.86254, -122.49952

Stayed one night, no issues. There is a signed lot for trucks and trailers, this lot was filled with semis, not flat for parking. We stayed in the lot where the Welcome Center is located, seemed more flat for parking. Arrived after 9pm, quiet during the night, but started to get busy around 7am.

Danville Welcome Center 36.57264, -79.36431

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