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We send away by some Guy because it is een special area for dears. If you stay in the parking lot there will be a chance that the police will send you away.

Trailhead for Sendero Las Horquetas -45.98005, -71.95493

Wilson y Paulina reciben sin costo a viajeros de todo tipo en el parque que tienen junto a su casa.
Muy bien dispuestos a ayudar en todas las necesidades.
En el predio hay varias tomas de electricidad y una canilla con agua.
Es necesario llamar antes de ir para coordinar con ellos.
Telefono de Wilson: +593 99 984 4744

Casa de Paulina y Wilson 0.18432, 78.36803

Nice little campground. Close to the road but the traffic is not bad so pretty quiet. We stayed 2 nights because it is close to the contrabando trail heads for mountain biking. There are 2 composting toilets and every site has a shade structure and table. Site 15 is close to the river but the others are further away. $12 per site and 1/2 price if you do multiple nights. You can book online or directly at the Barton Warnock center.

Grassy Banks 29.28280, -103.88621

Mitsucar is a small parts shop that specialises in mitsubishi and hyundai parts. They supplied me with airfilter, ball joints, bumpstop, steering rod ends and a special reverse switch on the gearbox. Needed for a mitsubishi L300 4wd.

Mitsucar 0.35019, -78.12573
A sudden leap into boondocking

A wonderful free campground on the Natchez trace. Paved roads, paved sites, picnic tables and fire rings.
Stop # 111 .. 13 months of full time life in my motorhome. 18 spots mostly pull through. A bit confusing of a layout but just park near a fire pit and you're in a spot. The best one I found for my 32ft motorhome was the very last pull through. Level and had a good picnic table and fire pit. Nice trail to overlook. Decent bathrooms with running water. Grateful to have free places to park an rv for a few days. Find me on fb for videos and details of everywhere I've been and everywhere I'm going. So far 15 states and over 12000 miles. IOverlander has been such a blessing to help find all these great places ! Group name A Sudden Leap Into Boondocking

Jeff Busby – Natchez Trace Parkway 33.41652, -89.25860

Stayed here at night. Guard checked with us as he locked us in. We had asked and got permission to camp out here, even with a tenter addition.
No problems at all, even had four street dogs hanging with our three dogs.
Parking lot could use some love cleaning, we do what we can

Mitla Ruins Public Parking - OK, FREE 16.92918, -96.35841
Journey Dog Training

Made it up the road in the dry season with a 2006 Sprinter. Quiet, cool, and amazing views. They were tolerant of our dogs, but it required a bit of management to keep their dogs away from ours (one husky and one golden mix weren’t happy about our border collies). Just had to be aware. Worth the drive!

Camping at Rancho 13.27435, -87.83918

Very nice shady aera to camp. Clean toilet and warm shower. Very friendly owner. 100 Quetzales per night and new 25Q for electricity.

Camping Ecological Park Casa Tzocomá 14.95004, -91.11014

clean but busy spot. Well-lit but didn’t bother us during our stay. On the pricier end, usually about $40 to stay overnight. Great for a spot right on the beach!

Oceanside Harbor Beach Lot 12 33.20679, -117.39461

Service area for campers. With dumpstation and water. You walk straight into the town with shopping and restaurants close by.

Area de Autocaravanas Riopar 38.49632, -2.42159

Hostal La Union

Banho quente por 15 soles para 2 pessoas. Ainda conseguimos encher um galão de água na torneira.

Hostal La Union

Hot bath for 15 soles for 2 people. We still managed to fill a gallon of water from the tap.

Hostal La Union -13.46808, -72.13642
La Famille POOS

we spent one night in the parking lot of the MacDonald. It is no longer possible to go to the land between the Mac Donald and the Max because the land is fenced. we asked the manager of the Mac Donald if it was possible to sleep in the parking lot. He accepted. We ate at MacDo. Night slightly noisy but acceptable for the city.

Quetzaltenango McDonalds 14.90879, -91.44035
La Famille POOS

no sanitary control, the place seems unusued for a long time.

Fruit/Veg Quarantine (northbound) 15.24216, -91.49275

Um lugar bastante amplo, mas não pareceu muito útil para quem está em motorhome. Não é 24h, não tem banho, banheiro fica dentro da loja de conveniência, loja pequena. Não testamos o Wi-fi.

Un lugar bastante grande, pero no parecía muy útil para aquellos en una casa rodante. No está abierto las 24 horas, no hay duchas, el baño está dentro de la tienda de conveniencia, una tienda pequeña. No probamos el WiFi.

Auto Posto de Guarapari -20.62750, -40.52706

we went on a Tuesday at noon and they were out of diesel and gasoline. but we said wait 15 to 20 minutes and a delivery truck should be there. 45 minutes later we were fueling up for 6 per liter.

YPFB - Grupo Colque -20.46978, -66.82004

this spot on the corner directly across the street from the station was awesome. we asked for the wash and to spray the used oil for the Salar and that we would be back the next day to clean it off. the van was filthy and they spent maybe 10 minutes washing and and maybe another 10 spraying the oil. I felt like they did a really good job but they did get some on my brakes so be prepared for them to not stop as good afterwards. buuuuut that stupid brake squeal was gone so that was nice. I was expecting 70b but when it came time to pay he only charged us 40. we came back the next day filthy again with salt and they spent about 30 minutes cleaning and drying. it looked better then it has this whole trip. when it came time to pay they asked for 80 this time. we are a large van and I think they did a good job.

Lavadero SALAR CAR WASH -20.46915, -66.81951

not open on a Tuesday when we went to visit. the sign outside says 5 to 9pm for drinks and the kitchen only open from 5:45 to 8:45 but doesn't list the days open.

Minuteman Pizza -20.46516, -66.82526

what a great place! unlike other hotels that let you overland on their property who just see dollar signs, this place is generous and friendly! best shower in Bolivia! you actually have to turn the water temp and pressure down!! after the guests had eaten breakfast they offered us what was left of the continental breakfast. I don't know if they go over the top every time but it was practically a buffet of food still. potable drinking water from the spigot at the front door. there is a tour guide that works here, Claudia I think her name was, that spoke good English and helped us with planning our route through the Salar and the lagunas route. super fast WiFi. dog friendly. no size restrictions but there is only room for one overlander inside the gate and I would imagine if they had guests with vehicles they would ask that you park outside of the gate, which is fine as there isn't anything else out here anyways.

El Nido del Flamenco -20.46802, -66.81613

basically no water left here. we came for sunset and there were at least 30 tour cars fighting over maybe a football field size puddle. we camped like a km to the west, outside of the slushy area, and came back in the morning at like 8 and had it all to ourselves for like an hour.

Mirrors -20.38639, -66.98872

this is the spot! you can get off the salt and up onto the beach, or go up a bit and you can make it onto the ridge. if coming from the track to the north, aim for the low spot between the two islands and you will see an obvious track. definitely scout this out before attempting! we parked about 200m away and walked the road to the beach. the salt is cracked here and you can see the bottom. the dirt is damp, but firm so we drove onto the island. we are 4 tons so we crashed through the last 5m of salt but it was not muddy this time of year and was able to make it up onto the ridge without issue. you can see sunrise and sunset from the same place.

NE Isla del Pescado, above Salt Flats -20.13288, -67.80887

for being the driest part of the year, still a ton of water. we attempted to get out this way and came across a truck, lighter then ours, that had crashed through the salt. I attempted to help the best I could, and failed, but there was no way I was getting my vehicle involved. very dangerous exit/entrance to the Salar. we turned around and did not exit here.

Tanil Vinto Salar Access Point -20.60580, -67.58324

filled up here for 5 per liter without discussion. even offered to fill up our Jerry cans even though there were several cars waiting. asked if we had a sticker for the window.

San Cristobal Gas -21.15701, -67.16843

same as the last comment, cruising at 80km on most of the dirt sections and then beautiful new 2 lane tarmac. this road is about to be a legit highway one day. however, the section between villa alota and just before the turn off for the lagunas route is terrible! very deep silt holes, some 30cm or more that hide rocks in the road. one section was particularly bad the was like 5km long. if it rains enough to saturate the ground here this could be become impassable without 4x4. at least until they finish construction.

Muddy dirt road after storm -20.66449, -66.87623

no one here today. gate was open. we camped on the beach within eyesight of this place and didn't see anyone here all day.

Toll /Peaje -21.50111, -68.00824

no one here. this building is locked and there isn't anything inside.

Comedor laguna Cañapa -21.50081, -68.00835

didn't want to add another pin, but we camped near the beach on a flat spot between this pin and the toll booth. got here at 3pm and left at 10am and didn't see anyone the whole time.

Wild Camp 1 km W of Laguna Cañapa -21.49760, -68.01774

really nice spot. nice to get out of the wind. nice to see the viscachas if you didn't see them in Machu Picchu. tours do stop here to eat if you didn't guess from the 7 picnic tables made from rocks.

Rock protected camping -21.92339, -68.00847

easy pull off to rest if you are taking this route anyways, but definitely not worth the worst section of this road to see this rock if planning on taking the other route.

Rock Tree -22.05183, -67.88162

this is the best place to take a picture of this lake. the other mirador view isn't as good and you don't get any closer to the water via the road.

Mirador Aguas Calientes / Laguna Colorada -22.17027, -67.80428

a sight for sore eyes... and bones... not much less windy then outside of the canyon, but less, and out of eyesight of the road. nice sandy flat spots. definitely a recommended spot!

Canyon Camp -22.29169, -67.77972

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